3 Little Birds Tattoos in Different Styles

In numerology, a number three is the number, which gives joy. Birds in the majority of cases have favorable significations, they denote optimism, ease, joyful life and family values. Three little birds tattoos are put on feet, half sleeves, backs and necks.

  1. These three tiny birds are depicted on the foot, they are sitting on a thin branch. In nature, birds fly in the sky, they are not restricted in their movement and they go wherever they want. This pattern may indicate a human passion for traveling.interesting three tiny birds on the foot
  2. These three little birds of yellow, blue and pink colors are sitting on a branch, they are surrounded by pink and black flowers on a blue background, the tattoo is on the half sleeve. These sparrows disclose Indian traditions, in which they symbolized wealth and prosperity.fantastic three little birds of yellow blue and pink colors
  3. These three blue tiny birds are on a thick branch of a sakura tree. In Japan, the image of the sakura tree is a mandatory attribute of young girls, as it has been long associated with youth, health and beauty. Thus, this bird ink may be about remarkable, but fleeting beauty.three blue tiny birds on a branch of a sakura
  4. These tree tribal birds on the back are displayed with a curly twig. In the Roman empire, dark birds were the portents of misery and demise, as people believed that black birds were always present in wars and at executions. This design may be a reminder of a sad and tragic stage in life.three tribal birds on the back with a curly twig
  5. There are two bird tattoos on lower arms create a holistic picture: on the right lower arm three birds with the inscription are visible, on the left one three colorful birds with the continuation of the inscription are observed. Definitely, this tight figure carries a favorable denotation – it is about an optimistic and cheerful personality.romantic two bird tattoos on lower arms
  6. There are three colorful small birds, which sit facing each other on a branch in the form of a crescent. The number three is not accidental here, as it is suitable for creative people, who want to express themselves. This dope tattoo on the foot can be a sign of an extraordinary personality.popular three colorful small birds tattoo
  7. Three cute monochrome birds are portrayed on the ribs. In ancient Egypt, bird images adorned the walls of the tombs of the pharaohs, as Egyptians assumed that they guided souls in the afterlife. This fantastic tattoo can be a talisman, which helps a human to pick the right path in life.glamorous three cute monochrome birds on the ribs
  8. This stunning tribal ink on the foot represents a pack of three birds and the inscription about tranquility. This pattern incorporates an allusion to the song by Bob Marley about three little birds and connotes a positive attitude towards life.stunning tribal ink of three birds and the inscription
  9. This tribal bird tattoo with bright accents in the form of pink flowers embellishes the collarbone. Birds in nature are faithful and devoted creatures, they build tightly-knit families and they are selfless in love. This ornament may indicate a romantic, naive and amorous person.tribal bird tattoo with bright accents
  10. Christians reckoned that the souls of people turned into birds and flew over the earth. These three tiny birds are displayed in dynamics and decorate the wrist. Perhaps, this design can be done in memory of a deceased relative.elegant three tiny birds tattoo
  11. In Slavic culture, some songbirds with their songs gave hope to soldiers before the battle, and they healed the sick children. Here three black birds are depicted on the back with music notes, the whole picture shows that for this person music holds a great place in his life.three black birds on the back with music notes
  12. This old school tattoo on the collarbone is very simple, but at the same time, it is very stylish and elegant. Birds in flight are associated with the element of air, in ancient times, they were regarded as mediators between the human world and the world of the gods. Probably, this human believes in divine intervention into the human life.old school tattoo with three birds on the collarbone
  13. In nature, birds care for their children, they are loving parents, and always protect their relatives even at the cost of their lives. This ornament on the foot encompasses three black birds, each little bird here may symbolize a child or another blood relative.smooth three black birds on the foot
  14. For many centuries, the image of a dove was identified with the good news, it was the sign of goodness, peace, happiness, understanding and harmony. Here three awesome tiny doves adorn the woman’s chest and spell out this very idea.three awesome tiny doves on the chest
  15. In ancient Greece, the birds were companions of heroes, they helped them to perform feats. This image of small birds on the neck could signify a human’s motivation to conquer new heights.stylish tattoo of small birds on the neck
  16. In many cultures, a bird was associated with the vast sky, joy, and a pipe dream. Three birds are on the back, they are totally black and this image connotes a dreamy and romantic girl.delightful three birds on the back
  17. This fascinating ink on the shoulder incorporates three birds: a green bird and yellow bird are sitting on a brown branch and the red one is flying away from them, the picture is complemented by an inscription about a calm life. The overall pattern signifies that one of many dreams of the owner has come true.fascinating three birds tattoo on the shoulder
  18. The sparrow for sailors denoted the approximation of a land and the successful completion of the voyage. Thus, these three sparrows with a pink ribbon on the biceps convey that the person is accompanied by good luck.three sparrows with a pink ribbon on the biceps
  19. For Vikings, birds symbolized the victory over the enemy, might, power; often they decorated bodies of the most excluded and brave warriors. Three small tribal birds on the foot may indicate a man with an iron character.pretty three small tribal birds on the foot
  20. These three tiny colorful birds are the adornment of the lower leg. The red bird discloses Polynesian traditions, when the red color was synonymous with love, a yellow bird can carry the Slavic idea of the yellow color as a symbol of separation and the green bird in India is the sign of peace and hope. So, despite the simplicity, this ink has a very deep signification – it is about an individual, who has experienced love and betrayal, but still hopes for the best.hot three tiny colorful birds tattoo
  21. For European nations, birds were identified with strong family ties and with relatives, who are always ready to help each other. These three sweet birds on the ankle are the emblem of a sturdy and united family.gentle three sweet birds tattoo on the ankle
  22. Birds are the embodiment of the spring, the flowering of all senses, and warm-heartedness. These three little smoky birds with flowers can say that a human life is filled with joyfulness and blessedness.terrific three little smoky birds with flowers
  23. These attractive birds are performed in a new school style. The purple bird has a cross on its chest, the blue bird is holding a mauve rose, all three creatures are displayed in dynamics. The connotation of this pretty tattoo is religious, perhaps, it is about a virtuous human.attractive birds tattoo in new school style
  24. The neck is adorned with an infinity symbol, which is diluted with three black birds, the image of an elephant and the inscription “Love”. In Eastern traditions, the elephant was the personification of eternity and the immutability of power, birds embodied love. So, this ink stands for the idea of the immortality of love.tattoo with infinity symbol from three black birds elephant and the inscription love
  25. In ancient Rome, the bird could mean the onset of adverse changes, and black birds were harbingers of death. The foot is decorated with three black birds and a lettering “Let it be”, which says that the man has learned to let go of bad memories.foot with three black birds tattoo and a lettering let it be
  26. Bird tattoos always reflect the inner state of a person, for some people bird inks signify a desire to be free from external pressure, for others it is an ambition to achieve success. These three little birds on the lower abdomen may illustrate one of the mentioned ideas.fabulous three little birds on the lower abdomen
  27. Three small colored birds are the harmonious decoration of the wrist, they are done in bright tones and performed professionally. This dope tattoo may be a lucky talisman, which attracts good luck.remarkable three small colored birds tattoo
  28. For residents of Africa, birds are conductors in the world of spirits, they have magical powers. Birds helped people, who lost relatives, to survive the loss. Perhaps, these three small birds on the half sleeve were made in honor of the deceased person.unbelievable three small birds tattoo on the half sleeve
  29. Many nations assumed that birds were the personification of freedom, the divine principle, and the commemoration of a new stage in life. This old school bird design behind the ear looks great and may indicate a freedom-loving personality.old school bird tattoo behind the ear
  30. Three attractive birds cover the ankle, they are depicted above the inscription about optimism, which can be a good motto for life. Thus, this dope picture is a sign of an open-minded and positive person.refined three birds tattoo on ankle
  31. Small birds on the thin branch are put on the girlish chest, with them, the heart, the note and the peace sign are shown. The denotation is obvious – priorities for the owner are peace, love, and music, which is a source of inspiration.stunning small birds tattoo on the thin branch
  32. A blue color means the sky, it is a symbol of purity and infinity. The tattoo of blue birds with colorful flowers and the words that everything will be fine looks very organically on the lower arm. This pattern expresses a human freedom in creativity and self-expression.magnificent tattoo of blue birds with colorful flowers
  33. In astrology, each color corresponds to a diverse planet, red is the color of Mars, the red planet, which is full of mysteries and which is the personification of love and passion for astrologers. These red little birds on the wrist look cute and emphasize the sensual nature of the holder.startling red little birds on the wrist
  34. In ancient Egypt, a swallow was an attribute of a goddess Isis, women asked her for the protection for their families and their children. Here are three black and white swallows on the back create a circle, they indicate a devoted and loving mother.awesome three black and white swallows on the back
  35. Despite a number of unfavorable meaning of owl tattoos, which are accepted in Western culture, for the Slavs, the owl image signified an intelligent, erudite and sapient person. These three little owls with big black eyes on the shoulder disclose the mentioned Slavic idea.breathtaking three little owls with big black eyes on the shoulder
  36. The watercolor bird tattoo extends over the shoulder and demonstrates three little birds on a green sprig. Two blue birds are displayed in the lower part of the tattoo, a bullfinch is located at the top of the figure. The overall picture is about a persistent and confident person.zingy watercolor bird tattoo