30 Best Lion and Cub Tattoo Designs and Meanings with Images

A lion has been a meaningful symbol of strength, pride, power throughout centuries. It’s no wonder that lion tattoo meaning is similar to ones that were mentioned.
Lion tattoo designs are probably the most popular all around the Globe. Most likely that man, who has chosen lion tattoo, wants to show his self-confidence, power and guts. There are different types of lion tats. Here are some of them:

  • Sitting lion tattoo points on confidence and strength of its owner.
  • Lion in attack tattoo is defined as the ability to stand for you.
  • Roaring lion tat warns you not to come closer.
  • The lion in a battle symbolizes the willingness to fight for everything that is precious to the owner of this ink.
  • Lion in a composition with weaker animal means that this man wants to find peace and calmness.
  • Lioness or lion with cubs tattoo is a symbol of maternity and family.

There are male and female lion tattoo images. It is more common for women to pick lioness tats. It could be explained by the desire to show own femininity.

Some think that this kind of tattoo can protect their family. One way or another, tattoos of lions, lionesses with their cubs carry deep symbolism. Such tats might become a talisman, a protection, an expression of your personality. Lions live in a pride and it is a well-known fact.

The lion leader cares about a protection of his family while lionesses take care of lion babies and food prey. These beautiful animals will stand for their pride till the end. They rather give their lives to save cubs. That is why lion’s pride tattoo is chosen by people who want to show their love to the family.

These inks show an endless family love as the main value in life. We’re going to find out more about lion and cub tattoos.

  1. Let me start with an incredible black and grey lion family tattoo on the back. It is so real looking that you might almost hear the sound of birds and feel the heat from the sun in the African savannah. incredible black and grey lion family tattoo on the background of savannah and mountains
  2. If you are a fan of colorful tats, you may take a look at this one. Here’s a realistic colored lion pride tattoo sleeve. This ink can make you fall in love from the first sight. colored lion pride tattoo sleeve
  3. Here’s one more realistic half-sleeve with an image of a lion with his cubs. Two little lion babies are playing and their lion father looks after them. Great lion and cub tattoo design!realistic half-sleeve lion tattoo with two playing little lion babies
  4. Black and grey lion and cub tat is made on the shoulder. This one could be a nice beginning for your sleeve.Black and grey nice lion and cub tattoo
  5. Here’s a fresh lion and cub ink on the inner forearm. I have no words to describe the whole beauty of this tattoo.Incredible lion with lionet tattoo on the inner forearm
  6. Surely it took a lot of time to get inked with this lion, lioness and cub tattoo. But it was totally worth it! Just take a look closely. What an amazing lion family tattoo design!Colored lion, lioness and cub tattoo
  7. Colored lion babies tattoo design that is inked on the chest. Maybe these little lion babies are associated with this man’s children.Colorful lion babies tattoo on chest
  8. Here’s everything you need to know about this tattoo. It is unbelievable! A tattoo image contains lioness and cubs.lioness and cubs tattoo in blured styly with straight lines

  9. This one lion and cub tattoo inked on the ribs. It is cool and sexy tattoo design, especially, for girls. And an image of a yawning lion baby is really cute!Cool lion and cub tattoo on female ribs
  10. The riot of color of this tattoo captures your heart and mind. It is a masterpiece on the man’s shoulder. The lion stands proudly under its cubs that are playing and fooling around. What an amazing lion and cub tattoo design.Glamorous lion pride on sunset tattoo on sleeve
  11. This lion and cub tat inked on the cuff. Black and grey colors, realism and lettering are main features of this tattoo design.Black and grey colors, realism and lettering lion and cub tattoo on the cuff
  12. Here’s a tattoo of a lion and two lion babies on the shoulder blade.Grey lion and two lion babies on the shoulder blade
  13. As it was said before women often choose an image of a lioness with cubs for the tattoo. Here’s a great example on lioness and cubs tattoo on the hip.Elegant lioness and cubs tattoo on the hip
  14. This woman has a tattoo with lioness and cubs on the back. It is colorful and realistic.Stylish tattoo with lioness and cubs on the back
  15. If you want to ink a lion family, here’s a great tattoo design for you. A half sleeve with an image of a lion, lioness, and two cubs inked using only black and grey paint.Delightful tattoo of a lion, lioness, and two cubs on half sleeve
  16. This lioness with cub tattoo inked on the shoulder. We can see all the tenderness and mother’s love of a lioness in this tattoo. Just look at this small lion baby is trying to get closer to its mom.Pretty lioness with cub tattoo on the shoulder
  17. We must learn a lot from these beautiful mighty animals. It amazes how tender and loveable they could be with cubs. Here’s a great tattoo image on the shoulder which shows a lioness with a cub.Gentle lioness with a cub tattoo on the shoulder
  18. Most of the lion and cub tattoo designs performed in Realism. This one inked in Traditional style. Pale colors, clear outlines add originality to an image.Terrific lion and cub tattoo in Traditional style
  19. Here’s a tattoo of lioness and cub on the shoulder blade. It is black and grey using the Graphic style in combination with Realism.Remarkable tattoo of lioness and cub on the shoulder blade
  20. We can see lion, lioness and cub tat on the inner forearm. It is performed in black and grey style.Unbelievable lion, lioness and cub tattoo on the inner forearm
  21. Looks like it is total custom work. I haven’t seen anything like this before. A mighty lion father with its cub tattoo is inked on the outer top thigh. A tattoo master used blue and purple colors to add a flavor to this ink.Blue and purple mighty lion with cub tattoo on the outer top thigh
  22. Here’s a colored half-sleeve with an image of a lioness that carries its cub in the mouth. Realism adds inimitability to this ink. This lion and cub tat is already healed.Perfect lioness tattoo with cub in the mouth
  23. Tattoos have become a culture and an art. This is not just about the decoration of your body or self-expression. This is about art and its beauty. And here’s a great example of my last words. Lion and cubs tattoo is inked on the back. Looks phenomenal!Lion and cubs tattoo on background of savannah
  24. This man decided to get inked with lion and cubs tattoo because he is a master of a house and a father. These three cubs represent his three children. We can see their names tattooed next to each lion baby.Roaring lion and three cubs with names on hlf sleeve
  25. Here’s a funny wordplay. The word “pride” can be defined as 1) a group of lions forming a social unit and a feeling or 2) deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated. This lion and cub tattoo on the shoulder show this man’s pride (family) and that he is proud of being a father of a family.Splendid grey lioness with cub tattoo
  26. This lion and cub tattoo piece on the chest shows an endless love and tenderness of these mighty animals. They can be the most dangerous and the most loving at the same time. Ink-credible!Heartwarming lion with cub tattoo on chest
  27. Here’s an ink of a lion and his cubs on the shoulder. This tat means a protection of a family and standing for it till the last breath.Astonishing lion and his cubs on the shoulder
  28. Cartoons gave us a lot of great characters that have become examples to be followed by kids. We all remember crying at the moment of Mufasa death in King Lion. What a beautiful father and son love was shown in this cartoon. No wonder so many people choose King Lion tattoo designs to express their love to family and children.Cartoons lion and cub in grass on half chest
  29. What amazingly patient lions can be, especially, in a relation to their cubs. This is exactly what this tat shows.Wonderful lion with cub tattoo on arm
  30. This tattoo represents lion’s family: lion the father, lioness and their little baby lion. Guess it was chosen by the person who appreciates the family values more than anything else.Great family of lion tattoo on shoulder

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