Cheshire Cat Tattoos

You can barely find a person who doesn’t like fairy tales and fantastic stories. I’m talking about both kids and adults because everybody likes to read these exciting tales that move them into the imaginary world. “Alice’s adventures in Wonderland” is a fantastic story which was written by Lewis Carroll. The narration is about the girl Alice and strange anthropomorphic creatures which she met after her entering through a rabbit hole.
There’s an interesting character in this book – the Cheshire cat that always smiles and hides a secret behind its grin. This cat is balancing between sanity and insanity. It can also disappear fully and partly leaving only its shiny teeth with eyes or a face.
The meaning of Cheshire cat tattoo can be varied. Firstly, this smiling cat signifies optimism and positive attitude to life. Secondly, these tattoo designs are for those who can be mad in a cool way. People, if you can find this slight line between madness and sanity of this crazy world, these Cheshire cat tattoo ideas are for you! The amazing Cheshire cat tattoo designs not only serve as a great decoration but also make an accent on your joy of life.

Cheshire Cat Tattoo Designs

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The diversity of tattoo styles gives you an opportunity to come up with a unique Cheshire cat tattoo, the one which only you have. Cool, huh? However, some styles come and some styles go, but Old School doesn’t go anywhere. It is time-tested. The recipe of a great Old school tattoo is simple. All you have to do is to find a good tattoo master, determine a tattoo design, add some roses to your tattoo image, perform an image in traditional colors with clear outlines and here it is! Your badass Cheshire cat tattoo is ready! Besides, since Cheshire cat is a book character in the first place, you can add your favorite quotes from the book to your tattoo. Such an addition will only make your ink better.

The Best Cheshire Cat Tattoos

The Best Cheshire Cat Tattoos 1

The Best Cheshire Cat Tattoos 2

The Best Cheshire Cat Tattoos 3

The Best Cheshire Cat Tattoos 4

The Best Cheshire Cat Tattoos 5

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Tattoo sleeves are really popular nowadays. If you are a fan of big size tattoo, have a positive personality and still searching what tattoo idea will be the best, here are a lot of amazing Cheshire cat tattoos for you. At the same time, we’ve done our best to find small tattoos as well so you’d have a lot of options to choose from. What is more, it doesn’t matter whether you take an image of Cheshire cat from the books, Disney cartoon or Tim Burton’s cartoon, any of them will work well for a tattoo.

Cool Cheshire Cat Tattoo Ideas

Cool Cheshire Cat Tattoo Ideas 1

Cool Cheshire Cat Tattoo Ideas 2

Cool Cheshire Cat Tattoo Ideas 3

Cool Cheshire Cat Tattoo Ideas 4

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Abstraction tattoo style is the style with no well-defined shapes and images. And you know what? This style is just perfect for Cheshire cat tattoos. When it comes to abstract depictions, the only thing that can give the Cheshire cat away is its sly smile that is stretching on its face. The rest is blurred. The same can be said about Watercolor style.
Here’s another idea for your tattoo. As we all know Cheshire cat could disappear leaving only shining bared teeth and eyes, sometimes its colorful stripes are also visible. So how about getting inked with special paints which are invisible at daylight but you can see it with a neon lamp? Part of the tattoo image would be inked with regular paint and the other part, the cat’s body, for example, would be performed in fluorescent inks. So, as a result, you’ll get the full image of Cheshire cat at night and its eyes and grin at day. Yes, we’re talking about neon Cheshire cat tattoos.

Alice in Wonderland Cat Tattoos

Alice in Wonderland Cat Tattoos 1

Alice in Wonderland Cat Tattoos 2

Alice in Wonderland Cat Tattoos 3

Alice in Wonderland Cat Tattoos 4

Alice in Wonderland Cat Tattoos 5

Alice in Wonderland Cat Tattoos 6
The story about Alice, the Cheshire cat, and the Hatter makes the impossible real. It can bring you into a magic world of fairytale, fantasy, and wonders. That is why it is so popular among grown-ups. There is a little child in every adult and we want to believe in miracles. Come you can go for the composition taken from the movie which was directed by Tim Burton. The images of the characters differ from the ones you are used to seeing in the book.

Cheshire Cat Smile Tattoo

Cheshire Cat Smile Tattoo 1

Cheshire Cat Smile Tattoo 2

Cheshire Cat Smile Tattoo 3

Cheshire Cat Smile Tattoo 4

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You can show your positive nature with a cute smiling Cheshire cat tattoo. Bet you are already on your way to a tattoo shop where you can get inked.
Most of the images with Cheshire cat are cartoon-like but you might easily find a realistic one. Depends on your tastes.
As it was mentioned before, the Cheshire cat could evaporate leaving only his bared teeth and sly eyes that can shine in the darkness. A wide smile of Cheshire cat symbolizes a good sense of humor and positive attitude for the life of tattoo owner.

The final thoughts:
We’ve seen a lot of different Cheshire cat tattoo designs. Some of them illustrated a cat as a good character, some did the opposite. But all of them are badass, without any exaggeration.
There’s no chance to meet this cat in real life, so why don’t you leave it on your body as a decoration?