30 Exclusive Frog Skeleton Tattoos

  1. The awesome frog skeleton tattoo embracing the male’s biceps has a super-sexy appeal. The bold black lines convey skillfully the frog’s skeleton and add it a bit of realism. The coal-black curves frame gracefully the skeleton, thus highlighting the frog’s bone and make it eye-catchy1 frog tattoo on hand
  2. The awe-inspiring skeleton frog tattoo sitting between the woman’s boobs looks very saucy and adds a zest to the body. This black colored skeleton frog tattoo design can become a wonderful embellishment of your body and can reveal your creativity and eccentricity.2 frog tattoo on neck
  3. The brilliant frog skeleton tattoo made in the tribal style extends over the beefy biceps. The bold black color and the deep dark lines brilliantly imitate the skeleton, creating the lifelike effect. This tattoo design will definitely grab a lot of eyeballs.3 frog tattoo on hand
  4. This cool giant frog skeleton tattoo design inked on the male’s breast looks horrifyingly awesome. The massive limbs, the large eye sockets have been portrayed through the fantastic shading and detailing work. The frog skeleton resembles a regular one, and it seems as if it’s going to attack you right now.4 frog tattoo on chest
  5. The neat skeleton frog tattoo stands out on the forearm. The fine black lines and the tiny dots make up together this amazing skeleton frog tattoo design, and two small hearts, incorporated into the image, add a softer look to this motif, thus making it attractive to the fairer sex.5 frog tattoo on hand
  6. The cute frog skeleton tattoo placed on the foot is a cool idea for those tattoo fans who want to get tattooed something off-beat and extravagant. This black-grey frog skeleton portrayed with the V-sign can accentuate your pacifist outlook or just point out on your fun-loving personality.6 frog tattoo on leg
  7. The huge frog skeleton tattoo looks unbelievably amazing on the female’s shoulder. This tattoo design has quite catchy appeal because of it size, the black outline and a bit of shading, which shapes each frog’s bone so realistic as if the live amphibian has turned into the skeleton directly on your shoulder.7 frog tattoo on shoulder
  8. This frog skeleton tattoo inked under the bobs is a definitely cool tattoo design for the daring and pert girls, who aren’t fancy of typical “girlish” tattoo designs with flowers, hearts, sparkles and so on. The black-white skeleton frog with the huge sprawling limbs can become your personal talisman, and it can protect you from the troubles.8 frog tattoo on chest
  9. The nifty single-toned frog skeleton tattoo with the trident on the forearm resembles the Grim Reaper and associated with the death. However, this black skeleton with the trident is meant for those who served in the US Navy SEALs or who want to honor their comrades dead during the Operation Neptune Spear.9 frog tattoo on hand
  10. This frog skeleton tattoo design stands out for its color scheme: the traditional black color has been replaced with the white one and the bright-green adds the freshness and greenery to the image. The white skeleton in the cute greenish head sitting on the leaf and gazing at you looks completely off-beat and can be a good option for creative personalities.10 frog tattoo on hand
  11. The huge frog skeleton tattoo is sitting superbly on the woman’s upper back. The full-blown bush rose snakes gracefully the black-grey skeleton and adds a feminine touch to the whole design. The beauty of this splendid flower has been conveyed through the shading.11 frog tattoo on neck
  12. The marvelous coal-black frog skeleton tattoo covering the hip looks very  striking. What makes this tattoo deign exceptional is the portraying of the conventional skeleton frog on the crack dry ground. The realistic look of the crack ground imitation has been achieved through the shading and the thin black lines and spots.12 frog tattoo on hand
  13. This frog skeleton tattoo covering the beefy sleeve has a masculine appearance. The king-sized skeleton with the trident can become an embellishment of every cool guy who is craving for an out-of-the-box tattoo design, which highlights his bravery, courage and strength.13 frog tattoo on hand
  14. The tiny skeleton frog tattoo performed in the white-grayish color gamut looks totally cute. This awesome skeleton frog can become your personal lucky charm and bring you success, fortune and protect you from the evil spirits. 14 frog tattoo on hand
  15. The black-grayish frog skeleton tattoo inked on the upper back. This tattoo design looks amazing and has a deep-rooted symbolical meaning: the Celts accepted the frog as a symbol of longevity and believed that this amphibian had the healing power.15 frog tattoo on hand
  16. This funny frog skeleton tattoo makes everyone show their ivories. If you want to get inked something original and sensational on your body, this pensive grayish skeleton frog with the cigarette is definitely what you need.16 frog tattoo on hand
  17. The neat frog skeleton tattoo made in the black-white technique can become a brilliant decoration of your body. The thin black outline accentuates every frog’s bone, and a bit of gray color makes it look lifelike.17 frog tattoo on hand
  18. This superb frog skeleton tattoo design embracing the male’s calf attracts by its aesthetic appeal. The elaborately-done skeleton frog looks very massive and masculine on the body and the grayish shading highlights details. 18 frog tattoo on hand
  19. The striking skeleton frog tattoo on the arm made with the help of the black outline looks absolutely tremendous. According to the Egyptian culture, the frog skeleton represents the link between the living and the dead. If you are in search of tattoo design with the deep-rooted symbolism, the skeleton frog is the best variant.19 frog tattoo on hand
  20. The fabulous frog skeleton tattoo inked on the calf. This black-white skeleton frog tattoo stands out for its intricate design and looks pretty attractive on the body. What’s more, this frog skeleton can make you feel lucky and bring success into your business.20 frog tattoo on hand
  21. The cute frog skeleton tattoo brilliantly adorns the foot. What makes this tattoo design special is the portraying of the skeleton frog in the tribal style. The inky-black lines greatly imitate the frog’s skeleton and make it look catchy21 frog tattoo on hand
  22. This creative frog tattoo design inked on the back will definitely catch many eyeballs. It’s a cool idea to depict the frog’s transformation from the regular frog into the skeleton on your body because this amphibian is reckoned to be the symbol of rebirth, resurrection and metamorphosis.  22 frog tattoo on back
  23. The fantastically-done black-gray skeleton frog tattoo extends the whole sleeve. This amazing skeleton frog with the trident, portrayed in the motion, has a very masculine and strong appearance. The background image of the   water makes this tattoo design more interesting and sophisticated, and the dinky drops bring a natural element into the motif.23 frog tattoo on hand
  24. The great black frog skeleton tattoo inked on the arm. The monochrome frog’s skeleton exemplifies the courage, determination and the fearless nature of the wearer and adds masculinity to the male’s body.24 frog tattoo on hand
  25. The awesome tribal skeleton frog tattoo inked on the arm. This marvelous black-colored amphibian climbing up the arm is meant for those, who are in search of their own talisman. The skeleton frog can perfectly play this role because it’s supposed to be the symbol of good luck, especially for travelers, and the patron of the happy family life. 25 frog tattoo on hand
  26. This neat frog skeleton tattoo adorns the male’s shoulder superbly. The thin black outline allows highlighting every bone, thus making the skeleton look like a real one. This tattoo design is admired mostly by men, but if you fill it with the color, it can get a feminine look.26 frog tattoo on shoulder
  27. The fascinating frog skeleton tattoo design covers the forearm. This brownish-toned skeleton frog tattoo has an interesting and intricate design, due to the imitation of the stone with the help of the shading and the curves. The skeleton stands out in such background and looks extremely realistic.27 frog tattoo on hand
  28.  Take a look at this cute frog skeleton tattoo inked on the ankle. This skeleton peace frog made in the bold black color looks super on the body. In addition, this tattoo design is a good way to show your concern for peace in today’s hostile atmosphere worldwide.    28 frog tattoo on leg
  29. The nice way to accentuate your biceps is to get inked this gorgeous  frog skeleton tattoo. It’s a nice and off-beat idea to depict the black-white skeleton frog like a mechanical one. This tattoo design is for the cool and creative guys, who are used to showing off. 29 frog tattoo on hand
  30. The glorious frog skeleton tattoo inked on the leg. This X-ray skeleton frog performed in the Dotwork style will greatly embellish your body. The thick black outline gives the shape to the skeleton, and the extra bit of shading adds the X-ray effect.30 frog tattoo on hand

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