30 Powerful Lioness Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo of the lioness is more common for females. It is explained by a desire to show own femininity. The woman thinks: “I’m a mother (or future mother). So what kind of tattoo will be the best for me to show that?”

Nature gave us strong animal instincts: surviving, caring of our inheritors. As lioness takes care of its babies a woman cares of hers.

But it does not mean that a man can’t choose a lioness tattoo for himself. You can take a look at some great examples of lioness tattoos on men and women below.

Lioness Tattoos for Females

The first picture shows us a lioness tattoo which is made in realistic style on the left shoulder. It’s simple, neither bright nor small. But it’s beautifully done. All that you can see are thin lines, gray color but you have a feeling that this lioness is right here, near you. It hunts.Tiny lioness tattoo in sketch style on shoulder
If you wanna be needled with something unusual, choose sacred tattoo style. What’s that?-you ask me. That’s a geometrical ornament which you can combine with another style. This ink looks like a master did not use a tattoo machine but a divider, a pencil and a ruler to make it perfectly accurate. These tattoos used to be meaningful and every element was a symbol. So it’s not just a beautiful picture of a lioness on the inner arm, it has a deep symbolism in every line.geometrical lioness tattoo with ornament on hand
I think this is totally custom work. We can see absolutely different styles that are combined in one great image of a lioness. It is inked on the inner arm. One-half of the picture is made in realism and another one in ornamental style.One-half lioness tattoo in realism and another one in ornamental style

Lioness with Crown Tattoo

Still the best style to picture a lioness is realism. There is no way better to show all of its power, confidence, strength and might. We can see every hair on its fur. And the crown indicates that the lioness is a queen. Men are aware of a woman who has such ink! She is powerful enough to tell you what to do.lioness tattoo with crown in realism style
If small tats are not for you, there is an option. You can get inked your outer arm with full sleeve.  Black and white colors of this leo tattoo contrast with a beauty of its blue eyes.Tender black lioness tattoo with blue eyes on hand
Here’s one more example of lioness ink on the outer arm. The lioness wears a crown proudly and holds a rose.Black lioness tattoo with crown and roses on the outer arm
Here’s a different part of the body where it’s possible to ink an image of a lioness – on ribs. The work is done in a graphic style which is supplemented with ornaments.lioness tattoo in graphic style with ornaments
There is a beautiful black and white tat on the outer arm. It combines two styles: graphic and lineart.beautiful black and white lioness tattoo in graphic and lineart on the outer arm
I have a feeling that the whole paint palette found its place on the calf. What a craftsmanship an artist has done. It’s unbelievable!Colorful watercolour lioness tattoo
The tattoo is inked partly on the back and partly on ribs. The lioness head with a flower looks pretty girly. Smooth lines, flower details, long lashes and woman sight connected in the full bright image.Pretty lioness head with a flower on back
This is a great example of dotwork style. The image of the lion girl is made with the help of thousands of dots. Depending on how far dots are from each one we can see the full image with lights and shadows. The tat of the lioness is decorated with two bird feathers. It was inked on the inner forearm. What a popular place for inking.lioness tattoo with two bird feathers in dotwork style
Rarely we can find some examples of lioness tattoos in neo-traditional style. Here’s one of it. What are the features of this style? Well-seen thick outlines, understandable images, clear colors are the most common features. Usually, tattoo artists picture either animals or faces of people. Both people and animals look at you aggressively from a tattooed body. And again, the inner forearm is.Black and grey lioness tattoos in neo-traditional style
Here’s an angry picture of lioness which is roaring. The tat is made on the shoulder and it gives a great beginning for a sleeve. Dark colors of the tattoo underline the aggressiveness of the picture.angry tattoo of roaring lioness on shoulder
From all of the palette colors, the most popular are black and white still. Don’t know about you but I can’t get enough of these incredible lion tattoos. This realistic image of the lioness is inked on the outer arm. Looks tight!Incredible lioness tattoo on the outer arm
If you want to get inked with a big tat, here is a good example of what it could be. This is a realistic image of a lioness at the sunset somewhere in the African savannah. It feels like you right there and it’s about to attack you. Terrific work! Tattoo of lioness at the sunset in the African savannah
This is a geometric sacred tattoo of a lioness. There are only thick black lines and bright colors to decorate it. The image is simple but you can see the head of the lioness that is looking at you.geometric sacred tattoo of a lioness
Probably you’ve heard a lot about Trash Polka style. It is unique, you won’t confuse it with any other. It was invented in Germany by a couple of artists and become popular all over the world. This picture partly is done in this style. Clear red and black lines, drops of paint and an image in the center – all of these remind trash polka style. But real Trash Polka artists use only black and red colors and the image they make is ripped, crossed and scary in a first place.Colored lioness tattoo on Trash Polka style
This tat combines two styles: geometric sacred style and graphic style. Triangles, circles, lines have symbolic meaning and a lioness head supplements an image.  Finally, we’ve got a tattoo that hypnotizes you from the first look.Black geometric sacred and graphic lioness tattoo from triangles, circles, lines
Sacred tattoo style which is based on the precise geometric patterns is one of the oldest and the most mysterious. The features of this style are clear lines, ornaments, a big number of details. This wildcat is inked on the outer arm. The skin of cat is decorated with hundreds of ornaments and with the all-seeing eye on the top.mysterious lioness tattoo with geometric Chinese patterns
As it was told on the top the most popular reason to get inked with a lioness is to show femininity. But we forgot about not less important reason – star sign. This tight tat on the outer and top thigh shows us believing that the position of planets in the moment of your birth may affect your personality. So many people believe in Star signs and if you are one of them and you are a Leo, you can make this cool tattoo. The geometric sacred style will make it even more meaningful.Lioness of the constellations looking at the moon
Here’s one more example of the neo-traditional style. Well-seen outlines, pale colors with some bright elements create the image of the African tribe lioness. The work is amazing.African Lioness tattoo in pale colors with some bright elements in neo-tradition style
“A lioness at the sunset!”  – this is how you want to call this tat. Yellow hues add some specialty for this image. It is so real as if it was right beside you. The tat is tight!lioness at the sunset tattoo on hand
This tat is inked on the shoulder blade. It’s a huge realistic image of a lioness that is roaring at you.  Looks aggressively but still beautiful. It’s laborious work.huge realistic tattoo of roaring lioness

Small Lioness Tattoo

Here’s an image of a lioness on the finger. It’s small black and white tattoo in graphic style.small black and white lioness on the finger
We’ve had a lot of examples of realism. The task is to copy a picture on the canvas as realistic as it possible. A tattoo can be inked in black and white or in bright colors, it doesn’t matter. The goal is to do it as it would be seen in real life.Interesting slinking lioness tattoo
Sometimes you don’t have to look for a complicated image. All you need is to find a good tattoo master and get engraved with a simple geometric ink on your inner arm. An artist used of  lines and geometric shapes almost without shades.Lioness tattoo from a simple geometric shape
It’s hard to understand where this tat is inked but it says to you: “Do not come closer or I’ll bite you!” Of course, I’m kidding. The image of the roaring lioness is incredible. It’s so emotional.Fantastic roaring lioness on side
Tattoo master wanted this ink to be as bright as it possible. And he did it! It looks phenomenal. The artist played with a paint palette and it was worth it.Glamorous multicolour lioness tattoo
This is probably the best realistic lioness ink that I’ve ever seen. Outer and top thigh gave an opportunity to make a big tattoo. It looks like real, doesn’t?Romantic lioness tattoo on thigh
Bet it was painful! But it was worth it. Professionally done an image of the roaring lioness is inked on the chest. Tattoo contains two styles: watercolor and realism. As we can see lioness is popular among men also.roaring lioness tattoo on the chest in watercolor and realism style

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