Beautiful Tribal Tiger Tattoo Ideas

  1. The awesome tribal tiger tattoo adorns the forearm. The refined black lines gracefully shape the tiger and convey its majestic nature. Such tattoo design is preferred by self-confident, determined and strong-willed individuals.Lined Tribal Tiger Tattoo
  2. The splendid tribal tiger tattoo inked on the forearm. The fabulous tiger’s head performed in the black bold color has an enigmatic and mysterious look. The furious feline with the knife-sharped teeth and the violent eyes reveals the wild nature of the wearer.Black Lined Tribal Tiger Head
  3. The fascinating tribal tiger tattoo extends over the male’s back. The fierce climbing up beast depicted in the black-white technique has a sleek appearance. The black lines next to the tiger imitate the grass and add some natural touch.Lined Tiger With Branch
  4. The inky-black tribal tiger tattoo embellishes the male’s side. The sophisticated curves and swirls artistically imitate the tiger. In ancient times, it’s believed that tribal animal tattoos conveyed to the bearer their positive traits of character, that’s why you can inherent courage, brave and strength if you get inked this tiger tattoo.Lined Tribal Tiger Tattoo on Body
  5. The cute tribal tiger tattoo inked on the female’s side. The tiger is performed in the traditional to the tribal style black color, but it looks very graceful and stylish on the woman’s  body. This majestic animal with its composed and piercing look is a symbol of femininity, wisdom, and it’s considered to be the protector of the hearth.Black Lined Tiger Head
  6. The inky-black tribal tiger tattoo extends over the male’s back. The beautiful tiger with the severe face expression can become a wonderful decorative element of your body if you were born under the tiger zodiac symbol.Tribal Tiger With M
  7. The badass tribal tiger tattoo inked on the forearm. The aggressive roaring beast done in the bold black color looks totally amazing. The wavy lines convey realistically the tiger’s face expression and make the tat very impressive and lifelike.Lined Tiger Head On The Hand
  8. The striking tribal tiger tattoo wonderfully adorns the shoulder. The furious black-colored predator with the open-mouth points out on the passionate and impulsive nature of the bearer. A little bit red color lives up the tat and makes it catchier.Black And Red Tribal Tiger Head
  9. This astonishing tribal tiger tattoo design attracts by its aestheticism and mystery. The tiger’s face is portrayed in the surrounding of the black bodies of flames.The noble animal stares at you with its amber-yellow eyes and the blood goes cold under such look.Orange Tiger Head in Fire Style
  10. The awesome tribal tiger tattoo covers the male’s forearm. The bloodthirsty beast looks furious and hungry as if it will attack its victim right now. What makes this tattoo design unique is the combination of the tribal style with the traditional depiction of tiger appearance.Tribal Tiger in Red With Orange Colors With Forward Lines
  11. The exciting tribal tiger tattoo inked on the sleeve. This tattoo piece stands out due to the beautiful infusion of the black tribal elements into the regular tiger image, which add inscrutability to the motif.Orange Colored Tribal Tiger
  12. The neat tribal tiger tattoo gazes at you from the man’s shoulder. The enigmatic tiger inked in the coal-black color can highlight the duality of your persona: the sensuality and wisdom on the one hand, and aggression and cruelty on the other one.Tribal Tiger Lined Head
  13. The stunning tribal tiger tattoo adorns the sleeve. The inky-black feline with the calm face outlines that the wearer is the wise and reasonable individuality with the bold character.Tribal Tiger Lined Head
  14. The tribal tiger tattoos take popularity not only by men, but women have also a fascination for them. Here you can observe the black-grayish tiger’s head tattoo decorating the female’s belly. The blue eyes and the red nose add some color to the image, and the black lines make the motif mysterious.Tiger Head With Colored Nose And Eyes
  15. The marvelous tribal tiger tattoo embellishes the male’s shoulder. The black swirls wonderfully imitate the tiger’s head making it look glorious and majestic.Crazy Lined Tiger Head
  16. This cool tribal tiger tattoo design inked on the sleeve can attract those, who are in search of something creative and innovative. The tiger’s face portrayed in the form of the curves looks very charming and cryptic.Symbol With A Tiger Head Fill
  17. The fabulous tribal tiger tattoo design made in the bold black color. The fine curves create an intricately-detailed tiger’s head and skillfully convey the violent and wild nature of this animal.Crazy Lined Tiger Head
  18. The brightly-patterned tribal tiger tattoo extends over the arm. The traditional orange-black color gamut has been replaced with the green-black one. Due to this, the tiger looks creative and snazzy.Green Tribal Tiger
  19. This lovely tribal tiger tattoo sits on the back. The gorgeous predator with the kind eyes and the calm face expression is performed in the orange-black colors. What particularly cool about this tat is the long whiskers which make the tiger image look lifelike.Tribal Tiger in Lines With Orange Shadows
  20. The charming black tribal tiger gracing the female’s thigh. The thin black lines give to the tat feminine and elegant appeal and make the tiger look imperial on the skin.Lined Tribal Tiger Head on Hip
  21. Are you fed up with the conventional tribal tiger tattoo designs? Get inked this sensational black-colored tribal tiger tat on the back. The amazing huge beast with the peaceful face expression looks piercingly at you. This majestic predator expresses the strength, courage and bravery.Tiger Head in The Grass
  22. The nifty tribal tiger tattoo fits in wonderfully on the back. The coal-black swirls make up the magnificent tiger image. If you want to show off your power and might, this tattoo piece is a great variant.Lined Tiger On The Back
  23. The awe-inspiring tribal tiger tattoo covering the shoulder resembles the totem. This tattoo motif fascinates with its intricate design: the interwoven geometric shapes imitate beautifully tiger’s head and create a mysterious atmosphere.Tiger Head With Yellow Eyes In Ghotic Style
  24. The nicely-done tribal tiger tattoo performed in the deep-black color. This savage open-mouthed predator highlights the impulsive and quick-tempered character of the wearer.Simple Tribal Tiger Head Tattoo
  25. This badass elaborately-done tribal tiger tattoo inked on the shoulder will grab many eyeballs. The artistic shading work and the wide range of the geometric elements make this tat look snazzy and enigmatic. This noble animal wards off the troubles and misfortunes.Very Big Detalisation of The Tribal Tiger Head
  26. This tremendous tribal tiger tattoo design stands out due to its originality and innovation. The violent tiger depicted with the red diamond in the mouth and some jewelry on the head represents the aspiration to the richness and the beautiful life. The awesome shading and the black curves convey accurately the tiger image.Detalised Tiger Head With A Chain At The Fangs
  27. This astonishing tribal tiger tattoo covering the back has an exceptional appearance, due to the blending of the multifarious geometric elements. The intricately-designed black-white tiger gazes viciously and hostile. The main zest of this tattoo piece is the third eye in the forehead, which can point out that the bearer is a very intuitive person.Tiger Head With Three Eyes
  28. The offbeat tribal tiger tattoo design extends over the hip. Here we have the striped tiger looking like a zebra. This tattoo design combines beauty and originality and has an awesome look.Lined Tiger Back
  29. The cute tribal tiger tattoo design can be mostly preferred by the fairer sex. The cuddly brownish-black tiger cub looks so innocently and sweetly that you can’t help but love it.Tribal Tiger Baby
  30. The nifty hunting tribal tiger climbing out of the jungles. The beast is made in the deep black color with the leaves elements which nicely complement the motif and add a bit of realistic effect.Tribal Tiger With Branches
  31. The delightful tribal tiger tattoo extends over the beefy male’s sleeve. This tattoo piece impresses by the interesting depiction of the feline: the tiger’s head is combined with the black curves and lines which imitate the tiger’s body and grace brilliantly the whole arm. If you want to attract attention to your well-built body you can get inked this tribal tiger.Tiger Tattoo On All The Hand
  32. The entrancing black-grey tribal tiger tattoo embellishes the sleeve. This powerful roaring predator will outline your masculinity and the wild nature, and the grayish swirls will give some gracefulness to the image.Tiger Head On Tree Branch Background
  33. This enigmatic black-colored tribal tiger tattoo inked on the male’s breast.The Japanese warriors used to get inked such tattoo design before the battles because the tiger is believed to help during the war and protect from the evil ghosts and misfortunes.Tribal Tiger Head On The Body
  34. This charming tribal tiger tattoo design is performed in the inky-black color. This pensive predator with the acid-blue eyes characterizes the bearer as a wise, calculating person and a wonderful strategist.Tiger Lined Head With Blue Eyes
  35. The horribly awesome tribal tattoo design adorns the sleeve. The coal-black tiger with the furious look and the severe grin can become your talisman and a protector from the evil spirits and a bad luck.Roar Tiger Head On The Hand
  36. The fierce black-toned tribal tiger inked on the arm has a mysterious and sleek look. The smooth interwoven lines fantastically convey the wild and hot nature of this animal.Tribal Tiger Head Without Apple of The Eye's
  37. The superb tribal tiger tattoo covers the man’s shoulder and the breast. The black-colored tiger’s head is depicted in a tandem with the various geometric elements which add inscrutability to the motif and make it catchier.Tribal Tiger Head WIth Lined Tattoo on The Shoulder

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