3D Butterfly Tattoos For Fair Sex

#1. Gaudy 3-D Butterfly Tattoo on Shoulder-Blade

The tender butterfly tattooed on the left shoulder-blade in a tridimensional manner reveals the boundless freedom and independent. The image was completed with gaudy colors: lilac, green, blue, black and purple. The fluttering light-winged creature shows the desire for change and transfiguring.Gaudy Tridimensional Butterfly

#2. Graceful Butterfly with Inscription on Foot

The light-winged creature sitting on the foot near the ankle from the left side looks touchingly and lovely. The butterfly ink was designed in a 3D manner with dark lilac color and black outline on the ends of wings. The ink comprises the inscription to highlight the owner`s striving for lightness.
Dark Lilac Tender Creature With Inscription

#3. Colorful 3-D Butterfly on Shoulder-Blade

Placed on the left shoulder-blade gaudy image fits perfectly to reveal the bright womanlike character. The tattooing created with various gaudy colors: light blue, green, yellow, lilac, white drops and black outlines on the ends of wings. The tattooing spotlights female inner harmony and lightness.
Hued 3D Butterfly

#4. Butterfly Flock on Leg

The butterfly flock stretches along the left leg from the ankle to the knee. The 3-D butterfly image suits well for the people who prefer to stand out from the crowd. The ink comprises the butterflies of different size: two huge and five smaller ones. Some creature is tattooed with opened wings and other with semi-opened to demonstrate some inner contradictions in owner`s soul.
Butterfly Flock

#5. Tree of Light-Winged Creatures

A trio of tender creatures tattooed on the right shoulder and chest seems brilliantly in a 3-D style. All butterflies are designed with gaudy colors to emphasize the lightness and vividness.
Such tattooing is placed as a sign of the family happiness and prosperity.
Triple Of Light-Winged Creatures

#6. Air Butterfly Troop on Half-Sleeve

The triple of tridimensional butterflies stretches from the wrist to the elbow. The images are made with the gaudy paints. The impressive tattoo in a 3-D manner looks like a watercolor picture as it shows the skittish and playful character of the owner.
Air Butterfly Squadron

#7. 3-D Striking Tattoo on the Shoulder-Blade

Created in a 3-D style flash was tatted on the right shoulder-blade. The effective tattoo is highlighted with the inscription designed on the shoulder like a spiral. The tattoo demonstrates the life as a spiral and underlines the cycle of our existence.
Zappy Imago With Inscription

#8. Elegant Butterfly Tattoo on Shoulder-Blade

A very good place was chosen for so stylish tattoo – right shoulder-blade. The butterfly designed with dingy colors spotlights the mystique nature of such tattoo. It shows the yearning for revival and transformation.
3-D Butterfly Flash

#9. Gorgeous Butterfly on Shoulder-Blade

The lilac light-winged creature is tattooed with wide-opened wings on the right shoulder-blade. The gaudy tridimensional flash highlights the smart owner`s character. The tattooing extensionality replenishes the lightness and a sense of independence.
Mauve Triaxial Flash

#10. Triplet of Diminutive Butterflies on Hand

The triplet of 3-D small creatures tattooed on the right hand with the throw-opened wings looks uncommon and attractively. The images were designed with dark and light lilac colors to add the brightness to the ink. The tattooing reveals to the people and connotes the openness to the surrounding world.
Triplet Of Diminutive Imagoes

#11. Two Butterflies with Rotor on Leg

The duet of gaudy diminutive creatures was placed near the large anchor on the leg. The tattoo was completed with lilac, blue, purple colors, black outlines and white drops on the wings. Such unusual design demonstrates the owner`s desire to change and leave the past in the past.
Twain Gaudy Imagoes With Rotor

#12. Trio of Butterflies Fluttered around Claret Roses

The divergent butterflies fluttered around claret roses were created on the left shoulder-blade with so bright colors: lilac, blue and yellow. The roses add the extra meaning to the tattoo as they mark passion, love and transformation in the combination with the butterflies.
Trio Of Imagoes Fluttered Around Claret Roses

#13. Light-Winged Creatures and Lilies on Back

The gaudy tattooing comprises the flashes of burly and diminutive butterflies. The tattoo stretches along the whole back: from the neck to the tramp stamp. The flash connotes the eternal female youthfulness and beauties.
Light-Winged Creatures Amidst Lilies

#14. Gaudy Red 3D Butterfly Sitting on Shoulder

The red expressive butterfly was tattooed on the left shoulder in tridimensional style to replenish the sense of lightness. The fluttered creature demonstrates as a sign of liberty and independence but red color underlines the hot-tempered character of the owner.
Gaudy Claret 3-D Butterfly

#15. Affectional 3D Tattoo on Shoulder

The tridimensional flash was designed on the right shoulder. The perfect image highlights the femininity and refinement of the character. The effigy bespeaks the feminine attraction and female beginning. The ink was engraved as a talisman for the slinging skin.
Affectional 3D Imago

#16. 3D Tattoo with Dateline

The lilac ink made in a tridimensional style expresses the lightness and striving for the liberty. The striking tattoo was placed on the arm and was nicely decorated with the dateline along the wing.
3-D Flash With Dateline

#17. Girl with Butterfly Wings on Back

The butterfly wings were tattooed on the shoulder blades symmetrically to highlight the delicacy of the flash. The gaudy 3D ink expresses with its proportions. The ink slinger engraved the tattoo with black, green and light blue colors. The pounding skin looks as an angel striving to fly.Girl With Butterfly Wings

#18. Fluttering around Foot Butterfly

The tridimensional gaudy image was designed on the right foot. Decorated with black outlines ends of the opened wings looks amazingly attractive. The tattoo fits well to the representatives of the fair sex who have a desire to show their tenderness and sexuality.Fluttering Around Foot Imago

#19. Relaxing on Shoulder-Blade Butterfly

The affectional flash created on the right shoulder-blade draws attention at once. The tattooing mirrors the subtle and perceptible owner`s inner world. The effigy designed with gaudy colors to replenish femality. The 3D flash amplifies the lightness and lack of care.
Relaxing On Shoulder-Blade Insect

#20. Dark Blue Butterfly among Flowers on Leg

The 3-D butterfly flash surrounded near the lilac flowers stretches along the right leg. The tattooing underlined a red background seems stunning. The butterfly tattooed in the combination with the flowers bespeaks the everlasting female beauty.Blue Butterfly Among Flowers

#21. Watercolor Light-Winged Creatures

The trio of butterflies was placed on the arm to demonstrate such a perfect tattoo to everybody. The flashes look like the watercolor piece of art. Uncommon tattoo but very popular among women. The ink mirrors the transformational periods of life, the striving for revival and permutation.
Watercolor Light-Winged Creatures

#22. Subtle Butterfly with Semi-Open Wings on Belly

The tender lilac flash stretches along the ribs from the right side and made in a 3D manner. The effigy was tatted sitting on the branch with the lilac diminutive flowers. The semi- open wings connote the standoff from the crowd. The tender effigy highlights the eccentric lady`s character.
Subtle Butterfly With Semi-Open Wings

#23. Flying Huge Butterfly on Back

The butterfly with jumbo wings was tattooed flying away from the back. The inker used the dingy turquoise color and black-gray color for the end of the huge wings. Such tattoo amazes everybody with its proportion and gathers just admiring gazes.
Flying Burly Butterfly

#24. Affectionate Butterfly with Lilacs on Shoulder-Blade

The tender insect fluttered around a duet of lilacs placed on the left shoulder-blade suits perfectly for the representatives of the fair sex. The tattooing highlights with delicate colors. This affectionate creature mixed with the flowers is a sign of eternal female beauty and purity.
Affection Insect With Lilacs

#25. 3D Cool Butterfly on Foot

The 3D image on the right foot reveals to those around us to astonish them and catch the delighted looks. It designed with the gaudy colors: bright purple and blue. The tattoo demonstrates the female tenderness and elegance.
Tridimensional Affectionate Butterfly

#26. Dozen Butterflies Carrying Balloon on Shoulder-Blade

The extraordinary but impressive tattoo appeared on the right shoulder-blade as a symbol of harmony and spirituality. Oodles of diminutive butterflies are created as they carry the balloon. Such tattoo can be called extravagant, unusual and splendid.
Dozen Butterflies Carrying Balloon

#27. Watercolor Tattoo on Chest

The flash was placed on the chest from the left side as the properly non-perfect insect. The ink contains oodles of smoothed lines to highlight the tender character. Such an interesting tattoo was designed in a specific manner with the delicate colors to spotlight a sensitive inner world of its owner.
Watercolor Imago On Chest

#28. Light-Winged Creatures with Roses on Half-Sleeve

The 3D butterfly tattoo stretches along the right half-sleeve. Three butterflies were combined with the red roses to spotlight the owner`s passion and love. We notice several dew drops on the rose as a mark of female purity.
Tridimensional Light-Winged Creatures With Roses

#29. Black 3D Butterfly on Shoulder-Blade

The black tridimensional effigy with diminutive in the mixture with small stars was placed on the left shoulder-blade. The dingy colors increase a sense of the connection with nature and the stars add some mystical meaning to the tattoo.
Ebony 3-D Butterfly

#30. Butterfly with Star Train on Shoulder-Blade

Designed on the left shoulder-blade 3D butterfly with star train looks creatively and tellingly. The semi-open wings were tattooed with a blue color and the ends of tender wings were made with the help of pearly droplets. This gorgeous ink symbolizes the close connection to our nature.
Butterfly With Star Train