40 Best Wolf Head Tattoo Ideas

  1. This old school ink represents the head of the wolf with additional elements: the yellow moon above the head and blue flowers at the bottom. The pattern on the lower arm reveals the idea of many nations about the loneliness of the person, who wears wolf tattoos.Wolf Head With Moon And Blue Flowers
  2. This tribal wolf tattoo on the hip looks magnificent and in this case, Asian traditions may be traced. The wolf in Asia has been an outstanding ruler – very brave and disciplined, perhaps, the person wants to show that he has all these qualities.Wolf Head With Different Background
  3. For many nations, the wolf was a mystical sign as it pointed to the astral double of the man. The lower arm is decorated with the dark wolf with vivid eyes, in its mouth, there is the skull with the blood. Significations of the wolf and the skull coincide and they symbolize the faith in the afterlife.Wolf Head With Skull In Month
  4. For Vikings, the wolf was the emblem of hostility and violence, fierce warriors wore this tattoo. The bright tattoo on the biceps depicts the wolf with a grin, which may signify that the human rejects the established rules of the society and neglects communication with people.Anger Wolf Head
  5. There is a notion that the bigger a fist – the stronger and braver the heart of the person. Long since the wolf was a symbol of courage and dedication, this belligerent smoky wolf with yellow eyes on the hand defines the valiant man, who solves problems alone.Wolf Head With Red Colors
  6. This extremely stunning ink embellishes the tummy and portrays a gray wolf with bloodshot eyes, which is surrounded by a wreath of flowers. In Chinese culture, this ornament had the unfavorable connotation and has been associated with bellicosity. Here the picture symbolizes the fury to society in general and to individual enemies.Wolf Head With Yellow Eyes And Flowers
  7. The wolf head, executed in black and white colors, is the perfect decoration of the chest. The wolf looks menacing, but alluring at the same time. The feasible denotation is that the human is fearless in the face of problems and the series of misfortunes.Anger Wolf Head
  8. Romanians believed that evil sorcerer turned into werewolves and instilled fear in the whole district, so the wolf image carried a negative connotation. The side of the body is adorned with a monochrome wolf head with the open mouth, it shows that oftentimes the dark side of a person prevails over the light one.Forcing Wolf Head On The Body
  9. The gorgeous ink represents a blue wolf head, pierced by the dagger. In Celtic beliefs, this creature has been the synonym for misfortune and death, sometimes cruel and violent. Probably, this image can be the reminder of a tough period in life or the demise of a close person.Wolf Head With Knife In It
  10. This terrifying wolf tattoo looks very realistic on the chest, the prevalent colors are black, gray and red. The whole picture shows rebelliousness, anger, perhaps even a deep hatred, the owner of this tattoo is a recusant.Wolf Head With Blood In Month And Yellow Eyes
  11. In Western culture, a white wolf was the sign of the approximation of changes in life and the person evaluated them positively or negatively. This white wolf on the shoulder blade is covered with tribal patterns and indicates an extraordinary personality.Wolf Head On The Background
  12. Watercolor tattoos became sought-after despite the fact that not every artist can apply the tattoo properly and it will cost a lot of money. This wolf head is made in a blue color and there is the inscription “Never fall in the darkness” above its head. The overall connotation of this ink is the human desire to achieve professional success and not to lose himself as a person.Wolf Head In Watercolor Style
  13. Indians reckoned that the wolf accompanied the souls and could communicate with the world of the dead. This tattoo on the head demonstrates a wolf head and the image of the universe is also traced here, so the design may indicate that the person is trying to understand the unknown.Wolf Head With Star Union
  14. This geometric ink is the best decorative element for the hip, it displays the head of the wolf, at the top of which is the pyramid, surrounded by radiance. For ancient Egyptians, the pyramid meant a connection with the cosmos, and the wolf was a symbol of wisdom. Thus, the connotation is the striving for spiritual and intellectual enlightenment.Triangle Wolf Head Style
  15. The lower leg is adorned with the realistic wolf head and the razor, which is dipped in the blood. In Scandinavian myths, the wolf was the personification of evil forces, so this picture speaks about the human victory over himself and the eradication of his frailties.Wolf Head With Knife
  16. In many cultures, the wolf was the embodiment of faithfulness and adherence to family traditions. This vibrant wolf head on the girlish back expresses woman’s loyalty and love for her partner.Wolf Head On The Back
  17. In Eastern culture, a wolf with an open mouth says about the renunciation. Here the gray wolf with the grin is depicted together with two red roses, the one is fully opened and another rose is a semi-open bud. The image on the chest spells out the idea of abdication of all for the sake of love.Wolf Head With Roses On The Background
  18. This tribal wolf head with sharp teeth and the inscription “Wolf” is located on the thigh. The ink looks awesome and expresses the idea that an individual with honor and dignity endures all the trials, which the fate has sent to him.Wolf Head With Words
  19. This neotraditional tattoo on the hip represents a black wolf with the third eye on its forehead. The third eye is the symbol of a new understanding of the world, achieving a new level of a spiritual development. This point of view is revealed in this tight tattoo.Wolf Head On The Leg
  20. In many tales, this animal was a werewolf, which could save innocent during the day and at night it killed people, later, the dual nature of the wolf has been disclosed in various tattoos. Here, the head of the wolf, which adorns the half sleeve, is divided into two parts: the gray part and the blue and pink part, which can indicate the combination of bright and dark beginnings.Watercolor Wolf Head Style With Blue And Yellow Inks
  21. The image of a frightening wolf is not typical for women as this tattoo carries the denotation of destructive processes in life. This vivid black wolf head on the tummy indicates the moral degradation of the owner.Wolf Head With Blood On The Stomac
  22. This tribal wolf head with arrows on the ribs looks marvelous. In ancient times, the arrow was a mandatory attribute of a hunter and the wolf was the emblem of the leaders of the tribe. In this case, a courageous protector wears this ink.Wolf Head With Arrows
  23. The decorative element on the lower leg incorporates the wolf, a maple leaf and pine cone. In Slavic culture, a maple tree was sacred and its leaves signified the parting with beloved people, as for the wolf, it denoted loneliness. This point of view is disclosed in this tattoo.Wolf Head With Leave And Branch
  24. Many nations associate wolf, howling at the moon, with loneliness and sadness. The wolf is located on the half sleeve and it connotes that the person has lost a loved one and deliberately condemns himself to solitariness.Howling Wolf On The Shoulder
  25. For European peoples, the wolf was a symbol of aggressive male sexuality and even a certain brutality. This tribal vivid ink on the lower arm displays a wolf head and is the sign of the confident man.Wolf Head On The Hand
  26. The Celtic myth stated that once the wolf has eaten the sun and pitch darkness has come. The black wolf is holding the yellow sun in its jaws and the whole pattern on the half sleeve denotes that the black stripe has come into the person’s life.Colored Wolf Head With Sun In Month
  27. In many cultures, the wolf image on the female body connoted love at a distance and eternal fidelity. This feminine hip is decorated with the black wolf head and says that monogamy is a priority for the woman.Wolf Head On The Hip
  28. A dagger in the Middle Ages was the last line of defense, it gave the ability to fight for life. The dagger symbolizes the determination and freedom, this ink on the lower leg shows the brown wolf head, which is impaled by this cold steel. The signification is freedom from rules and prejudices.Wolf Head With Knife In The Head
  29. The skin on the neck is very thin, so the tattoo at this place brings a lot of pain. The pattern on the neck below represents the wolf, which with the whole appearance expresses aggression. The tattooing area and the image show that this person isn’t afraid of pain and he is ambitious.Anger Wolf Head In Different Color
  30. The ornament on the side below is a classic example of the neotraditional style. The woman with bandaged eyes has the wolf on her head, the picture looks surreal, and denotes an extraordinary personality.Wolf Head On The Girl Head
  31. Insane people, who live by their own rules and who like to be in the spotlight, wear wolf designs. This new school ink on the nape portrays the wolf with three eyes, the sense of this picture is that the human has a well-developed intuition and a logical thinking.Wolf Head With Third Eye
  32. The wolf tattoo has a special meaning in the criminal world as often criminals, who do not cooperate with Corollary or do not comply with the rules of conduct, wear these tattoos. This fantastic wolf head on the half sleeve may indicate a person, who does not want to obey the rules.Wolf Head
  33. People assume that the grinned wolf meant anger at a particular person or the world at large. The lower arm is decorated with the blue wolf, it is demonstrating its teeth, which conveys the human’s ability to stand up for himself both mentally and physically.Wolf Head In Blue Colors With Moon On The Background
  34. In some beliefs, feathers symbolized the deceased person, and the wolf was a guide to the other world. The fusion of the wolf and the feather on the shoulder blade creates a holistic picture and this ink has been made in memory of a bygone relative.Wolf Head With Talismans
  35. In nature, if a wolf loses its partner, it remains alone for a lifetime and bears the burden of solitude. This smoky wolf on the back is the personification of a woman, who was disappointed in love and failed to find the love of her life.Wolf Head On The Back
  36. Indians assumed that the dreamcatcher protected from the evil and the wolf pattern performed the same function. The tight wolf ink embellishes the tummy and defends the owner from the evil eye.Wolf Head With Keeper Of The Dreams On The Back
  37. Aztecs used the dagger for sacrifices and the tattoo of a dagger signified the divine power and authority. The image of the dagger, which stabbed the wolf head, is on the belly. This ornament is about the influential and principled personality.Wolf Head With Knife In It And Roses And Skull
  38. The figure on the chest covers the image of the wolf with three eyes and two anchors above the wolf’s head. This ink illustrates an individual with a strong moral spirit and willpower to overcome all the difficulties.Wolf Head With Moon Cycle
  39. In America, people believed that the wolf was the leader of the pack, it maintained the discipline and protected all members of the pack. Thus, the wolf is a noble beast, here the wolf is depicted with feathers on its head, that says that a man used to guide. The picture on the half sleeve looks stunning.Indians Wolf Head
  40. Native Americans with pure souls and brave hearts wore this tattoo, furthermore, they made totems, depicting the wolf. The half sleeve here is decorated with the smoky wolf head and the semantic load is a brave and responsible person.Indians Wolf Head Style

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