40 Cute Owl Tattoos

Owl pattern is a sought-after pattern, which is admired by many people all over the world. For each individual, this ink has its special connotation and it depends on the color spectrum and on the place of the application.

This owl cute tattoo is located on the hip. This image was a key in many cultures due to the diversity of its meanings. In this case, this colorful tiny owl, which is sitting on a branch, may indicate an independent personality.Owl tattoo on the hip

In many cultures, an owl is depicted with big eyes since in nature this bird sees clear at night and before hunting its eyes widen. This cute tattoo adorns the lower arm, it represents an owl together with a dreamcatcher, and these two patterns in Indian culture were regarded as talismans. Thus, the tattoo may protect the owner from the misfortune.Owl tattoo on the lower arm

In Greek mythology, the owl was a symbol of wisdom and learning, furthermore, it was believed that the owl was the favorite bird of goddess Athena. This purple owl on the lower arm expresses inscrutability and sagacity.Owl tattoo on the lower arm

In nature owls are devoted birds, they have a settled life and live in a couple, plus they are centenarians. Thus, two cute owls are displayed on a blooming branch on the shoulder and two hearts are above their heads, the overall picture says about the durability of love in life.Owl tattoo on the shoulder

This super cute owl with bottomless eyes adorns the half sleeve and looks absolutely fantastic! In Roman culture, there is a belief that owl’s eyes can look into the human soul. This tattoo indicates a person with a well-developed intuition.Owl tattoo on the half sleeve

This cutie is placed on the lower arm. It is known that in nature birds fly high in the sky, and watch the people from the bird’s flight, and they are free. So, here the idea of a free personality is traced here.Owl tattoo on the lower arm

It is known that in Hinduism the owl is regarded as a symbol of the connection between the man and the cosmos. In this case, a bird on the shoulder may denote a highly spiritual person.Owl tattoo on the shoulder

Despite many well-known negative denotations, a person, who wears the owl tattoo, may evaluate the pattern positively. Here a bright non-ferrous owl is on the foot and on its belly there is a red heart. Probably, this owl is a reminder of a strong love.Owl tattoo on the foot

Cute Baby Owl Tattoo

Many nations assumed that the owl means not only depression and sadness but also joy and optimism. This amazing tiny owl is on the wrist and together with the inscription “Never lose hope” it can be the source of the inspiration for the person and the reminder of a fact that life is beautiful.Owl tattoo on the wrist

In China, the owl was the symbol of sadness and sorrow, oftentimes it has been associated with the end of life. Here the image extends from the shoulder to the shoulder blade and it represents the tree with owls on its branches. In all cultures, the tree tattoo indicates the dynamics of life in its various manifestations and owls here may connote sad stages in a human’s life.Owl tattoo on the shoulder

In Athenian traditions, an owl has been called a symbol of high intelligence and spirituality. The human side is decorated with an owl pattern and may indicate an intelligent man, who learns throughout his life.Owl tattoo on the body

Here is a stunning example of a tramp stamp tattoo and the pattern represents an adorable owl with a key and with a keyhole instead of the heart. This tattoo spells out the idea that the key to knowledge is in the human’s mind.Owl tattoo

This appealing tattoo embellishes the shoulder. The colorful owl with flowers here discloses the Slavic traditions, according to which the man, who is wearing this pattern, has a poignant wit.Owl tattoo on the shoulder

Nowadays an owl is a popular symbol of learning and in ancient times, this pattern was the sign of deep wisdom. Here the ink on the lower arm represents a lovable owl, which is sitting on thick books, which may indicate that the person loves studying and has an acute mind.Owl tattoo on the lower arm

In Ancient Greece, an owl was the personification of Minerva – a fair goddess. Here the owl with names of people is visible on the half sleeve and the tattoo has a very deep meaning. Thus, the pattern may indicate a person, who treats other people with respect and is remarkable for his nobility and equitable relations with people in all spheres of life.Owl tattoo on the half sleeve

Cute Colorful Owl Tattoos on Back

This tattoo on the back is made in a watercolor technique, which presupposes warm and harmonious colors and subtle shading in a combination with vivid hues. Here the little owl, performed in black and white tones, is displayed on a vibrant background, which can show that the owner treats the world rationally.Owl tattoo on the back

This lovely owl tattoo on the hip may look ordinary, but it is only at first glance, actually, it has a very deep meaning. There are many Norse myths, dedicated to owls and, in most cases, in them this bird is associated with demise. Here the owl is sitting on a branch and it is holding a rune stone, which has an esoteric meaning, so the total significance is magic abilities of the owner.Owl tattoo on the hip

The half sleeve is decorated with a very unusual owl tattoo, which depicts a nerdy owl, which wears glasses and it is in a cup, and steam is visible. Definitely, this design is about a person, who is engaged in the heavy mental work.Owl tattoo on the half sleeve

Indians believed that the owl ink protects the owner and attracts good fortune, they hold this bird in reverence. A stunning owl is located on the lower arm, the whole tattoo has warm colors – colors of life and the tattoo is a mascot for the owner.Owl tattoo on the lower arm

In nature, a settled life of owls strengthens the bonds of marriage. This super cute tattoo on the lower leg expresses a mother’s love because the mother owl embraces and protects the owlet. The image is about the importance of a family in life.Owl tattoo on the lower leg

The half sleeve owl tattoo is visible here. Four little owls are sitting on a branch and each bird expresses diverse emotions, it looks like they are discussing something. Generally, the pattern of the owl is associated with wisdom, so, probably, these birds can embody close people, who always give practical advice.Owl tattoo on the half sleeve

During the reign of the Shang Dynasty in China, owls meant a favorable lifetime and their statues were placed on important places and they protected from evil spirits. Here this idea is revealed in owl tattoos on lower arms, where birds are depicted together with blooming branches. Hence, the following patterns may be protective talismans for the person.Owl tattoo on the lower arms

The modern signification of the owl tattoo is asociality in its extreme form – misanthropy, because despite their nature, sometimes these birds subsist in solitude. This cute little owl can mean an antisocial personality disorder.Owl tattoo

Girly Owl Tattoos on Thigh

Often owl tattoos express the inner world of the owner, his aspirations, and experiences. The color, size, positions of an application – all play a role in the final denotation of the pattern. This tattoo on the hip depicts an owl with a red bow and a big heart, which speaks about a kind-hearted and peace-loving personality.Owl tattoo on the hip

This is a cute neo-traditional owl tattoo on the elbow, which draws attention. In this tattoo, the idea of freedom is revealed as this bird flies anywhere and it is free in its choices, so this person is free in his creative self-expression.Owl tattoo on the elbow

Owls in Japan were considered symbols of bad omen. Cry of an owl meant trouble, grief, difficult periods in life, failure and even death, so this tattoo on the lower leg has a negative connotation.Owl tattoo on the lower leg

The Hindu assumed that the owl was the symbol of Lakshmi – the goddess of luck and prosperity. So, everyone, who wears this tattoo, is marked as a lucky fellow in life. This design on a lower leg illustrates this very idea.Owl tattoo on the lower leg

Cute Cartoon Owl Tattoos on Shoulder

This great pattern on the half sleeve looks like a cartoon tattoo, the owl is depicted with typical female attributes – the dress, umbrella, and jewelry. Actually, this tight ink may connote sensuality, female wisdom, and loyalty.Owl tattoo on the half sleeve

This owl is performed in bright colors and on its chest a charity ribbon is visible. Perhaps, this image indicates a period in the life of every person, when we assist or get help and that it is always important to remain a human. Charity is the spiritual richness of each person.Owl tattoo

In antiquity, an owl has often been compared to an eagle, in a key of the opposition of knowledge and intuition. Here the owl with wide open eyes is on the half sleeve represents a rational human thinking.Owl tattoo on the half sleeve

This tattoo has a mystical meaning as in Egypt the owl was the bird, who could live in two worlds simultaneously, who could see souls of bygone people. This pattern can indicate a person with extrasensory abilities.Owl tattoo

The shoulder and the part of the forearm are embellished with this curious owl. In some cultures, the chain is a bond between heaven and earth, and the owl for many nations is also a symbol, that unites polar opposites. This pattern may denote an individual, in whom harmoniously coexist bad and good sides.Owl tattoo on the shoulder

It is a well-known fact that owl’s activity manifests at night, so people, who are awake at night, are called owls. This owl, which is painted in pink and purple colors, is on the shoulder. Probably, a nocturnal person is the owner of this owl tattoo design.Owl tattoo on the shoulder

In Greece, the owl was considered a symbol of the goddess of wisdom – Athens, it often has been minted on Greek coins. Here a lovely owl with a pendant “Be wise” carries a clear meaning that for this person the bird is the personification of wisdom.Owl tattoo

Flowers in many cultures denote love, devotion and a family, especially roses. The half sleeve is adorned with an owl, which is sitting on the rose, the color spectrum incorporates pink, purple, and burgundy colors. The signification of the ink is that this owl is a woman, who is protecting her love and her family.Owl tattoo on the half sleeve

The owl with a cup of coffee is depicted on the lower arm. The overall picture speaks about a thoughtful and spiritual person, because coffee is a necessary drink that increases the efficiency of the brain, and the owl connotes the desire for knowledge.Owl tattoo on the lower arm

This abnormal ink represents an owl, which is put in the kettle. The meaning of the tattoo is dual, since on the one hand, the kettle represents some abstraction of a person from the outer world, and on the other hand, the owl in the kettle can point to the fragility and vulnerability of a human.Owl tattoo

In ancient Egypt, the blue color is the color of deities, and it was used during sacrifice procedures. The blue owl on the lower arm can represent a deity or supreme intelligence.Owl tattoo on the lower arm

This endearing owl decorates the lower arm and looks fantastic. These wonderful big eyes can look into the most hidden corners of the soul. Thus, the design can be about a person, who pays attention to details and is able to analyze.Owl tattoo on the lower arm

The location of this ink resonates with the design because it is put on the breast closer to the heart and the image embodies two owls and hearts between them. The connotation of the design is the strength of love and marriage.Owl tattoo