Phoenix Bird Tattoo Ideas and Meanings

Phoenix bird is a symbol of rebirth, a return to being, and a new spiritual path. Phoenix tattoos carry diverse meanings and they have a very rich history, they can be done in diverse styles from traditional to contemporary, and the color palette is really amazing. The places of application incorporate the back, chest, legs, and sleeves.

Phoenix Shoulder Tattoo Idea

In Egypt, the phoenix embodied god Ra, this design meant the resurrection and the new solar start. This gorgeous tribal phoenix bird tattoo extends from the shoulder blade to the neck and spells out the idea of a new and happy stage in life.gorgeous tribal phoenix bird tattoo
One legend states that a phoenix can anticipate its death, it builds a nest and burns there and after some time resurrects from the ashes. Thus, this wonderful bright blue phoenix on the back indicates that the person has reviewed his system of values and has started a new life.wonderful bright blue phoenix on the back
These two red and orange phoenixes adorn shoulders and an inscription, which runs down the spine, visually separates these two figures. The overall picture looks awesome and expresses a longing for love, freedom, and self-expression.two red and orange phoenixes tattoo on shoulders and an inscription
This rainbow phoenix bird tattoo is a wonderful accessory for women and it emphasizes the roundness of the female body. The pattern starts on the shoulder, covers the part of the back and ends at mid-thigh. The figure shows that a person believes in the cyclical nature of life and that people leave a piece of themselves in their descendants. rainbow phoenix bird tattoo
This extremely vibrant ink on the back represents a phoenix in warm tones and attracts attention. This design discloses Egyptian traditions, according to which the phoenix was a lucky charm, which was presented to mankind by the sun.extremely vibrant phoenix tattoo on the back in warm tones

Japanese Phoenix Full Body Tattoo

This fantastic phoenix ink is made in a Japanese style and the pattern covers the whole elegant back and the part of the hip. Jews reckoned that this bird got its immortality as a reward for the refusal of the forbidden fruit. So, this phoenix bird ornament may indicate longevity of the owner.7-fantastic-phoenix-ink-in-a-japanese-style-and-the-pattern-on-the-whole-back
This half sleeve is embellished with a phoenix, performed in brown, blue and pink colors on the monochrome background. This pattern supports Slavic point of view, according to which a phoenix is the sign of prosperity, kindness and exceptional luck.8-half-sleeve-tattoo-with-a-colored-phoenix-on-the-monochrome-background
A fiery phoenix on the woman’s shoulder blade looks very organic and surely attracts the eye. In China, this bird connotes female energy, so this ink may reveal this idea and the owner wants to emphasize her attractiveness and sexuality.9-fiery-phoenix-on-the-woman-shoulder-blade

Black Phoenix Tattoo on Female Hip

Not all people choose phoenix bird tattoo, this pattern is worn only by those, who want to become stronger and more tenacious. This phoenix black and white ink looks magnificent on the hip and may carry the meaning of resistance to difficulties and the ability to survive in any environment.magnificent phoenix black and white ink on the hip
A phoenix is a fiery bird, the fire kills it, thus giving it a new ability to live. This dope tattoo on the back represents an orange phoenix with open wings, the pattern may be about an optimistic personality with inexhaustible energy.fantastic orange phoenix tattoo on the back
In eastern culture, a phoenix is highly esteemed, this pattern is in demand among the girls since it signifies virtue, innocence, and kindness. This wonderful orange phoenix with a green tail is on the woman’s back reveals this very idea.wonderful orange phoenix with a green tail
Many religions state that fire brings a cleansing of the body and the soul, a human is purified from sinful thoughts. A phoenix burns with fire and it ends one life, then revives and begins a new one. Perhaps, this dope tattoo on the side of the body can talk about the beginning of a new stage in life. tattoo with phoenix who burns with fire
Phoenix bird tattoos have diverse denotations: longevity, the best qualities of the soul, or the introduction of a new meaning to the existence. This tramp stamp tribal tattoo with phoenix  looks very vivid and may illustrate one of the mentioned significations.superior tribal black phoenix tattoo
This fascinating bird is displayed in a multicolor fire category and is located on the side. It is well known that the phoenix design is equal to the sign of rebirth, so for the owner this ink has a very deep connotation. This pattern says that the future of a human grows from the roots of the past.fascinating phoenix tattoo in a multicolor fire
Many people assume that in the image of the phoenix religious notes are traced since the miraculous resurrection from the ashes of this bird is associated with the resurrection of Christ, so this tribal tattoo on the half sleeve can be a sign of a deeply religious person.great grey phoenix religious tattoo
This colorful phoenix on the chest radiates warmth, the colors of the warm palette create a wonderful picture. In its expressivity, this tattoo is similar to paintings by Van Gogh, and certainly this ornament is an attribute of a bright and creative individual.pleasant colorful phoenix tattoo on the chest
This phoenix ink spreads over almost the whole back; the head and feathers of the bird look like flames. The bird is depicted in the combustion process and may indicate the human victory over himself and his iron willpower.gorgeous phoenix ink spreads over almost the whole back
This monochrome rising phoenix decorates the half sleeve and looks alluring. In Western culture, a rising phoenix is connected with the striving to achieve professional and spiritual heights despite a series of misfortunes and failures. This point of view is disclosed in this amazing tattoo.perfect monochrome rising phoenix on the half sleeve

Rising Phoenix Chest Tattoo

The chest is embellished with a gorgeous bird tattoo, which displays an orange bird with spread wings and the inscription: “Bless your doubts”. This dope tattoo is about a difficult choice in life: sometimes doubts help to prevent an unfavorable decision, and sometimes vice versa – they are obstacles on the path to success.wonderful orange phoenix bird tattoo on chest
Phoenix tattoos attract females, as they are not only pretty decorative elements but also carry the denotation about kindness and virtue, a beautiful and responsive soul. This phoenix on the hip is made in black and red colors it looks very stylish and can illustrate the mentioned idea.astonishing phoenix on the hip in black and red colors
In ancient times, birds were explorers of the sky and could control the air. This remarkable sky-blue phoenix is on the back, and its colorful tail goes down below the tailbone. This figure not only emphasizes the feminine elegance but also speaks about pure intentions of the owner.remarkable sky blue phoenix on the back with colorful tail
This tight ink on the back represents a blue phoenix, which comes out of the fire, the meaning is quite clear – the pattern is about the moral revival. Perhaps, this picture signifies the human ethical degeneration through the moral shock.splendid blue phoenix in fire tattoo on back
There is a tale, which states that in China was the Empress, who wore the image of the phoenix, she was fair and good, so later the picture of this bird was associated with greatness, power and justice. This bright phoenix tattoo on the back says that the owner has the best feminine qualities.bright phoenix tattoo on the back in geometric style
Translated from the Greek language, a phoenix means red – this is the color of fire, happiness, love, and success. This design on the hip is made in orange-pink colors, it is very vibrant and suggests a purposeful person with a strong motivation.excited orange pink phoenix tattoo on the hip
A phoenix is a mythical bird, which is interpreted differently in various countries, but the overall denotation of the phoenix figure is person’s belief in the cyclicity of life, that events are repeated after a certain period of time and they differ only in the scale and conditions. This tight ink portrays a black phoenix with red feathers, the picture covers the half sleeve and the part of the lower arm and supports the mentioned point of view.dreamy black phoenix tattoo with red feathers
This awe-inspiring phoenix bird tattoo extends from the hip to the ankle and the whole leg looks like a masterpiece! This colorful phoenix reveals the idea of a person with inexhaustible patience and strong morale, who throughout life faces challenges and overcomes them.awe-inspiring phoenix tattoo on whole leg
In Rome, a phoenix has been depicted on the coins, it was a national symbol, a sign of permanency of the great Roman Empire. This green bird with purple feathers adorns the lower leg and says about the immortality of the specific values for the individual.delightful green bird with purple feathers on the lower leg
All agree that the phoenix tattoo has a fairly complex symbolism, and every person, who wears this figure, puts his own individual sense in it. This black and white phoenix is on the whole back, it looks very impressive. Perhaps, this ink can be the sign of a person, who is not scared by difficulties and has a potent character.beautiful black and white phoenix is on the whole back
In some tales, it is described that it is a great success to see a phoenix and people will be rewarded for their efforts. This black and yellow phoenix encircles the side of the body and shows an industrious man and that his works do not pass in vain.trendy black and yellow phoenix on the side of the body
In Greece, images of the phoenix and poppies were very popular. Poppies symbolized strong and mutual love, and the poppy ink was often regarded as the oath of fidelity. A phoenix conveyed immortality, so this black and white phoenix with red poppies on the side is a symbol of immortal and white phoenix with red poppies on the side
Celts believed that the phoenix bird tattoo had mystical properties, it could protect people from harm and extend the life on earth. This black phoenix adorns the neck and the part of the back and discloses Celtic traditions.
celtic phoenix tattoo on the neck and back
For alchemists, a phoenix symbolized the sulfur – an element, which helped to turn base metal into gold. This golden phoenix on the lower arm may indicate that the man has achieved everything in life by his own strength.excellent golden phoenix on the lower arm
In Slavic culture, a phoenix embodied wealth and good fortune. On the girlish back, a dark phoenix with spread wings and released claws is visible, it may signify that a woman is the architect of her happiness.nice dark phoenix with spread wings on girlish back
A phoenix is a vivid bird, which is remarkable not only for its bright appearance but also for the noble soul. This concept resonates with the female essence: a woman combines both internal and external beauty. This idea is disclosed in this tribal phoenix figure on the side of the female body.refreshing tribal phoenix tattoo on the side

Watercolor Phoenix Bird Picture

This watercolor phoenix ink is a gorgeous adornment of the side of the body. In some cultures, this bird is a female sign, which denotes that a woman is the guardian of the family hearth. Maybe this dazzling pattern on the side is about a loyal woman, who is dedicated to her family.modern watercolor phoenix ink on side
Phoenix life goes in circles – it is born and dies and then it is resurrected again, but this bird never stops. Thus, this red phoenix on the lower leg is about a spiritual, emotional and mental development of the human and his aspiration for the ideal.delicate red phoenix tattoo on the lower leg
A human life consists of ups and downs and not everyone can get up after falling on the ground. This flying phoenix on the ribs looks very menacing, perhaps it connotes the readiness to overcome obstacles, which will only strengthen the character.perfect flying phoenix on the ribs

Tribal Phoenix Tattoo on Arm

Native Americans reckoned that a phoenix could see at night as clear as during the day, and it could read good and bad thoughts of other people. This tribal phoenix is observed on the lower arm and it may be an emblem of a discerning personality.good schematic tribal phoenix tattoo
In ancient times, this bird marked the start of a new life, which gives the fire. Only fire returns everything on its places and helps to start a new life. This magnificent fiery phoenix tattoo adorns the side of a woman and says that it is never too late to live the life a man has been always dreaming of.magnificent fiery phoenix tattoo on the side of a woman
For men, a phoenix connotes wisdom, bravery, and responsibility. The phoenix rises from the ashes, but it lives no matter what as well as a human with nothing but faith in himself and a tempered character can create his life and become the head of the family. This motif of a strong man can be traced in this orange phoenix pattern on the phoenix pattern on the chest
Phoenix inks are admired by many women being that they emphasize the sexiness and playfulness and oftentimes they are performed in brilliant colors. But this tramp stamp phoenix bird tattoo is done in black and gray colors, which indicate that for this person, not the appearance, but the internal content is black and gray phoenix tattoo
This unusual pattern on the shoulder blade represents a black phoenix with blue and red feathers. Many nations suppose that a phoenix design spells out the idea of unwillingness to cede the place to someone else. So, this tattoo says that in life this human is a fighter.unusual black phoenix with blue and red feathers on shoulder blade
The phoenix tattoo on the back looks very graceful because the owner preferred the noble colors and soft, rounded lines. The bird does not look defiant or even aggressive, likely, it expresses the inner harmony and the total satisfaction with life.colorful phoenix tattoo on the back

Half Sleeve Phoenix Tattoo Design

Sometimes, a phoenix tattoo can be found in the criminal world, in this case, it denotes the human, who constantly struggles with life’s hurdles and is in the confrontation with society. This monochrome ornament on the half sleeve can be an example of the above-named concept. incredible black phoenix tattoo
It is assumed that phoenix tattoos are not only the images, which please the eye, but they charge the owner with a powerful positive energy. This stunning phoenix is made in black and red colors, which is a quite voguish combination, this ink on the back reveals the mentioned idea.stunning phoenix is made in black and red colors

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