Traditional Japanese Tiger Tattoo Ideas

Traditional Tiger Tattoos

The incredibly beautiful Japanese tiger tattoo performed in the black-grayish technique covers the entire back. The massive tiger with the ferocious and violent face feels like a real king in the dense jungles. The skillful shading work accentuates all details and creates the natural atmosphere.tiger on the rock

The striking Japanese tiger tattoo extends over the leg and attracts by its beauty. The majestic tiger performed in the traditional orange-black tones looks very aggressive and vicious, and it seems as if the beast is going to attack you. The dark, smoky background highlights the animal and makes it catchier.tiger with pink flowers

The awesome tiger tattoo design adorns the male’s leg. This brightly-colored predator with amber yellow eyes depicted so realistic that you can feel its wild and mighty nature. The smoky swirls in the background, imitating the waves,give gracefulness to the motif, and the dinky cherry blossom flowers add some vividness and color to this flowers with yellow centre around tiger

Look how cool is this Japanese tiger tattoo embracing the leg sleeve. The savage tiger with the wild grin accompanied with the tidal waves looks masculine and has a deep-rooted symbolism in the Japanese culture. The tiger paired with the waves conveys wisdom, determination and courage.tiger with pink tones

This neat Japanese tiger head tattoo design is definitely for strong-willed personalities with the bold character. The black-grayish tiger’s head looks a little bit aggressive, but very attractive as well. The inky black lines and the cool shading highlight all details and convey the fierce nature of this beast.lined tiger in japanese style

The amazing Japanese tiger tattoo embellishes the male’s leg. The violent predator depicted in the black-gray color scheme looks glorious and impressive. According to some legends, this animal can protect you from misfortunes and troubles.lined tiger on the sky

The acid-bright Japanese tiger tattoo extends the sleeve. The strikingly colorful tiger combines well with the traditional Japanese symbols: the beautiful cherry blossom flowers and the azure tidal waves. This wonderful tattoo design holds a many-sided symbolical meaning: it signifies wisdom on the one hand, and cruelty on the other orange tiger with colored background

The awe-inspiring Japanese tiger tattoo inked on the half sleeve. This astonishing black-gray tiger with the dangerous grin and furious eyes portrayed so realistically that it can give you the shivers.lined tiger on the shoulder

The nifty highly-detailed Japanese tiger tattoo design extends over the arm. The enraged tiger featured with its gorgeous fur stands out in the inky background, and the national Japanese flowers like lotus and the cherry blossom add some color to the motif and fill the image with the symbolism. This tattoo design represents power, courage and energy.japanese tiger with beauty flowers

If you want to highlight your determined and forceful nature, you can get tattooed this fabulous Japanese tiger tattoo design. This amazing colorful beast with a piercing look inked on the man’s back.japanese styled tiger with pink flowers

The exciting Japanese tiger tattoo extends over the whole sleeve. The roaring tiger with the severe face climbing out of the jungles. This wild animal can keep you away from the misfortunes and the evil spirits.japanese tiger with flowers on shoulder

The snazzy Japanese tiger tattoo carved on the arm. This brilliant feline done in the bluish color can catch many eyeballs and will reveal your strong and domineering colored japanese tiger

The awesome Japanese tiger standing on the cliff adorns the male’s back. This mighty beast riches in symbolical meaning: it can represent not only ferocity and violence but beauty and sensuality as and black colored tiger on the rock

The intricately-designed Japanese tiger tattoo design decorates the arm. The furious tiger looks very lifelike because it’s displayed in typical for it natural conditions. The smoky swirls resemble the dust clouds and accentuate the fierce nature of this predator, and the green grass and the leaves keep the natural feel.tiger in the octopus

The stunning Japanese tiger tattoo extends over the arm. This fascinating animal made in the black-and- white technique will outline your masculinity and will serve you as a lucky charm, protecting you from the evil lined japanese tiger

The neat Japanese tiger tattoo adorning the male’s chest looks like an emblem. The enraged tiger with the aggressive look and the knife-sharped teeth arouses the fear. The graceful black swirls in the background add contrast to the image.japanese tiger head in the skies

Would you like to be in trend and don’t know which tattoo design to get inked? Choose this cool vivid Japanese tiger tattoo covering the leg. The tiger is a sacred beast in many cultures and it looks glorious and impressive on the body, what’s more, the tiger depicted in tandem with the smoky waves symbolizes strength, passion and eyes tiger with red flowers

The marvelous Japanese tiger tattoo extends over the calf. The beautiful blending of the warm colors such as orange and yellow, with the dark tone, helps to express the wild beauty of this animal and highlights its predatory nature.detalized japanes tiger on the leg

This Japanese tiger tattoo inked on the chest looks extremely sensational. The blue-toned tiger with the wild, bloodthirsty face is going to attack its victim. The red leaves on the sides and the grass imitation serve to add the realistic effect.bluse colored tiger with red flowers

The amazing Japanese tiger tattoo with the calm face extends over the arm. This royal predator can be not only a symbol of the destructive force and aggression, it can also represent wisdom, beauty and reasonableness.standart tiger on the leg

This badass Japanese tiger tattoo inked on the stomach look like a sticker. The brightly-colored tiger’s head with acid-green eyes and its traditional grin can be a wonderful tattoo option for creative individuals with the determined character. The deep-black lines convey artistically the tiger’s face expression and make it look absolutely natural.japanese tiger head with green eyes

Look at this awe-inspiring Japanese tiger tattoo embellishing the back. The awesome king-size tiger standing on the rock looks lifelike due to the perfectly chosen color scheme and the shading. The white waves on the tiger’s body add a zest to the image and make it more enigmatic.wape tiger on the rock

The roaring Japanese tiger extends over the female’s side. This fierce black-white animal gives the saucy appeal to the body. In the Chinese philosophy, it’s reckoned that the tiger embodies the passion and the female’s nature of the Yin sign.lined japanese tiger on the back

This tremendous Japanese tiger tattoo inked on the back is the real masterpiece. The furious Bengal tiger is greatly incorporated into the whole scene. This flamboyant tat astonishes with its detailed work: the colorful flowers and the waves look very natural, and it seems as if it’s an illustration from the book, but not the tattoo design.multicolored tiger tattoo with a lot of flower on the back

The huge Japanese tiger tattoo covers the whole back. The cool aggressive tiger with the Sakura tree looks very sophisticated and symbolize power, sensuality and flowers around anger tiger

The nifty Japanese tiger tattoo adorns the male’s thigh. Every man wants to feel like the real tiger, and this wild cat can help you to outline your forceful and passionate nature, and reveal your bold eyes tiger on the hip

The stunning Japanese tiger tattoo design is performed in the red-orange color gamut. The creeping predator with the fierce look is going to attack its victim. The Japanese people accept the tiger as the holy beast and as a symbol of the autumn, that’s why the falling red leaves add significance to the and orange toned tiger with red flowers

The astonishing Japanese tiger tat inked on the thigh. The severe open-mouthed beast depicted in the surrounding of the bodies of the flame which highlight the hot and fierce nature of this majestic animal.roared tiger with red stripes

The splendid Japanese tiger tattoo embellishes the quarter sleeve. The awesome Bengal tiger accompanied with the cherry blossom flowers looks like a real king of the wildlife. This royal animal greatly combines wisdom and beauty.tiger on the grass and red with white flowers
This picturesque Japanese tiger tattoo design covering the upper part of the body and the thigh will definitely create a furor. Two hunting Bengal tigers brilliantly incorporated into the scene. All the elements like flowers, waves and leaves carry a huge symbolical meaning: power, passion, energy and might.two tiger with lot of fauna on the body

The mind-blowing Japanese tiger tattoo design inked on the back fascinates with the riot of the colors. The vivid furious tiger depicted in its natural conditions looks absolutely realistic. The massive blue flower gives the tropical effect, and the black swirls make the motif more elegant and sophisticated.tiger on the back with big blue flower
The sweet colorful Japanese tiger tattoo adorns the female’s thigh. This tattoo piece resembles a family portrait: the mother tiger with the wary look protects her little cub. In the mythology of the Asian countries, the tiger stands for motherhood, hearth and wisdom.two tigers with pink flowers on the water

The black-grey Japanese tiger tattoo carved on the sleeve. The violent roaring animal surrounded with the amazing lotuses convey the forceful and brave personality of the lined tiger with flowers of lotus

This flamboyant Japanese tiger tattoo decorating the female’s back can frighten off all evil spirits. The savage predator with the aggressive face and the massive paws looks outstanding, and the tender pink flowers make this design feminine and stylish.roared tiger with pink flowers

The marvelous Japanese tiger tattoo carved on the man’s back. If you can’t stand the vibrant colors, you can get inked this fabulous tiger with the floral pattern because it’s done in the subdued brownish-black color gamut and looks very beautiful and nobletiger staying on the flowers on the back

Japanese Tiger Tattoo Designs

The multi-colored Japanese tiger tattoo extends from the chest to the belly. The rabid Bengal imaged in the nature background is going to tear to pieces its innocent victim. This tat is done not as a whole piece, but in the form of the wavy lines, and it makes this motif offbeat and creative.tiger near the water on the background

The showy Japanese tiger tattoo on the quarter sleeve has a catchy look. The fierce predator combines well with the swirling waves and represents energy, purity and power. The smoky background serves to highlight the main elements and make them more vivid.tiger with blue waves on the background

The tiger is a sought-after tattoo idea, and it enjoys popularity not only among men but among women as well. Here you can observe the Japanese tiger tattoo extending over the female’s side. This sweet wild cat can protect the bearer from the troubles and misfortunes.tiger with flowers on the torse
The nifty Japanese tiger tattoo motif inscribed on the chest: the savage Bengal tiger struggles with the snake. These two animals represent the battle between the good and the evil, where the tiger symbolize justice and wisdom, and the snake stands for depravity and seduction.tiger fighting with a snake in japanese style

What makes this Japanese tiger tattoo design unique is the blending of the contrast colors. The grey-white tones artistically convey the tiger fierce nature, and the blue lotus adds a little bit color to the motif.lined tiger near the tree on the blue water

This black-white Japanese tiger tattoo design starting from the back and stretching to the hip can become a wonderful decorative element of the every fashionista because tiger tattoos are very stylish and always in trend.lined tiger tattoo in japanese style

This amazing Japanese tattoo extends over the sleeve. The gorgeous Bengal tiger with the sweet face sitting in the jungles can grab many eyeballs. This wild cat brings success into your business and can become your talisman.tiger in the bamboo background

The fabulously-done Japanese tiger tattoo placed on the forearm. The vicious predator gazes piercingly and is ready to jump at you. This glorious animal can be a constant reminder of your strong and wild nature.classic japanese tiger tattoo

The impressive Japanese tiger tattoo made in the watercolor style covers the back. The royal feline with the composed and calm face expression looks extremely realistic and fascinates with its aesthetic appeal.tiger in the wall with green and orange light

This flamboyant Japanese tiger tattoo adorning the entire back resembles a piece of art. The roaring beast in the dark background expresses the power and the toned tiger on the flowers field

The picturesque Japanese tiger tattoo covers the entire back and makes the female’s body looks saucy. Two noble Bengal tigers with the composed faces depicted on the nature express wisdom and sensibility. The skillful shading work and perfectly chosen color gamut create the natural atmosphere.two japanese tiger on the sunny background

The awe-inspiring Japanese tiger tattoo placed on the quarter sleeve. The intricately-detailed beast secretly looking out of the leaves in a search of the next victim.tiger face tattoo with green leaves

If you are a brave person with the out-of-the-box mindset, you can get inked this cool Japanese tiger tattoo on the head. The tiger combines well with the scarlet rose, and this great tandem stands for beauty, love and passion.tiger staying on the red rose

The gorgeous Bengal tiger chilling out on the fat belly. This discreet green-eyed beast looks lifelike on the body. Such tattoo piece characterizes the wearer as a reserved, reasonable and wise person.tiger tattoo on the stomach
When you look at this adorable Japanese tiger tattoo inked on the sleeve, you can’t help but love. This lovely and innocent cub portrayed in the surrounding of the magnificent red flowers tries to catch the fish. The water imitation, the frog and the bird give the natural touch to the image.tiger baby in the water with pink flowers

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