Beautiful Tiger Head Tattoo Ideas

The flamboyant tiger head tattoo amazingly adorns the chest. The severe tiger with the amber-yellow eyes and the huge fangs arouses the fear. The wonderful details-work artistically conveys all the features incident to this animal: strengths, hot temper and aggression.Big Tiger Colored Face With Orange Circle Eye's
The extravagant Old-school tiger head tattoo fits in awesomely on the back. It’s an interesting and innovative tattoo idea to depict the tiger’s head pierced with the arrow. The tat is performed in the showy yellow-greenish color gamut with the infusion of the red and black tones.Tiger Head With Arrow
The splendid tiger head tattoo embraces the male’s chest. Two jet-black tiger heads on the sides and a gorgeous rose in the center make up together a wonderful tandem and carry a huge symbolism: the tiger signifies power, bravery and sensuality, and the rose points out that you are a passionate and enthusiastic person.Tiger Head Mirroring

Tiger Face Tattoo Designs for Men

The cool tiger head tattoo inked in the gray color covers the arm. The fierce beast gazes menacingly as if it’s going to devour its prey. The tiny dotted triangles coming out of the head add some gracefulness and mystery to the motif.Roar Tiger Head
The brilliantly-done tiger head tattoo design is performed in the black and gray technique. This majestic predator with the composed face expression can characterize the wearer as a well-balanced and calculating person.
The stunning tiger head tattoo extends over the leg sleeve. What is amazing in this tattoo piece is the detail work, due to which the animal looks absolutely realistic.Detalised Tiger Head on Leg
The incredibly beautiful tiger head tattoo embellishes the girl’s back. The tiger’s head made in the realistic style attracts by its aestheticism. In the Indian mythology, the tiger female represented motherhood, hearth and family.3D Colored Tiger Head On Back
The snazzy tiger head tattoo is a beautiful decorative element of the female’s foot. This royal black-white predator with the unwinking star looks very charming and enigmatic, and the intricate patterns above the head make the motif elegant and feminine.Tiger Head With Crown
The badass tiger head tattoo covers the half sleeve. The grey-white tiger with a peaceful and calm face expression can highlight your masculinity and accentuates that you are a serious and reasonable individual.Simple Tiger Head Tattoo
The strikingly colorful tiger head tattoo adorns the half sleeve. Here we have the hiding in the bushes feline which is going to attack its catch. The perfectly-chosen color gamut conveys realistically the tiger’s image and makes it catchy.Tiger Head With Flowers leaves and Violet Color
The fantastic black and gray tiger head tattoo is inked on the half sleeve. This tattoo piece fascinates with its complicated and intricate patterns which add intrigue and mystery to the image. It’s a cool tattoo idea for those enthusiasts who want to portray this animal in an oft-beaten way.Tiger Head With Crown
The neat tiger head tattoo extends over the thigh. The royal predator is depicted here in a brownish color with the inclusions of the black and white tones, which add realism to the tiger’s look, and the fine black lines give a little bit gracefulness to this design.Anger Tiger Head With Lines
The astonishing tiger head tattoo is sitting wonderfully on the thigh. The silver gray tiger head is portrayed abruptly with the claw traces. This tattoo design can become a cool option for creative and eccentric people.Scratched Tiger Head By Clutch
The king-size tiger head tattoo covering the entire back is made in a gray color. The intense gazing predator goes well with the scarlet roses, which live up the image and make it more attractive and sophisticated.Tiger Head On The Back With Rose's
This tiger head tattoo can fit for pert and plucky girls, who want to reveal their hot temper. The fierce feline with the knife-sharped teeth adorns the female’s belly. The stars and the tiny cursive lines snaking the body and give it saucy and feminine look.Tiger Head With Flower Branch
The superb tiger head tattoo inked on the shoulder. The majestic white tiger with the acid-blue eyes and the blue outline in the background will definitely turn more than a few heads. The white tiger is believed to be the symbol of the struggle for life and existence.Tiger Head With Blue Ink
The watercolor tiger head tattoo has an entrancing appearance. The peaceful feline with the red-yellow eyes looks lifelike. The colorful strokes make this design unique and oft-beaten. Make your life as gorgeous as this tat.Inked By Color Tiger Head
The stunning tattoo placed on the shoulder. The black-grey tiger with the azure eyes can become your lucky charm and preserve you from bad luck and the evil, as reckoned the Japanese in ancient times.Tiger Head With Blue Eyes
The wonderful way to express your wild and passionate nature is to get inked this realistic tiger head tattoo. This flamboyant beast looks awesome on the arm and embodies power, dominance and leadership.Very Detalised Tiger Head Tattoo
The majestic tiger inscribed on the biceps has an awe-inspiring appearance. The great color scheme and the skillful detail work highlight the notable features of this animal and make it look lifelike.Tiger Head With Green Eyes and Background
Would you like to get inked something tiny and with a deep symbolism, then you need this miniature tiger head tattoo. This proud animal adorning the finger represents strength, courage and might on the one hand and beauty and sensuality on the other one.Tiger Head Tattoo On The Finger
The marvelous tiger head tattoo covers up the half sleeve. The grey-colored tiger combined with the red full-blossomed lotus. This extravagant tat is performed in the Trashpolka style and symbolizes passion, lust and sexuality.Tiger Head On The Red Flower
The watercolor tiger head tattoo inscribed on the thigh. The brightly-patterned tiger is displayed here in the savage fury as if the predator attacks you right now.The creative twist in this tat is the colorful swashes which bring the freshness to the overall look.Crazy Tiger Head Tattoo With Much Of Ink
The black and gray tiger head tattoo decorates the quarter sleeve. This noble animal with the different color eye identifies the wearer as the powerful and calculating individual who can overcome all the obstacles on his way.Tiger Head With Blue And Orange Eyes

Tiger Face Tattoos for Females

This picturesque tiger head tattoo covering the half sleeve has a totally irresistible appearance. The fierce tiger climbing out of the pink flowers in order to devour its catch. Such tattoo design is optted by self-confident personalities who always stand their ground.

Tiger Head With Pink Flowers
The awesome watercolor tiger head tattoo fits amazingly on the back. This tat impresses with its charm and beauty: the tiny black strokes accurately imitate the tiger head and the splattered paint adds a colorful touch.Tiger Head With Different Colors
The awe-inspiring tiger head tattoo embellishes the arm. This tat is performed in the orange-green color gamut and looks snazzy on the body. The proud tiger with the acid-green eyes sitting in the bushes can be chosen by those who care about the tiger species and fight for their conservation.Tigre Head In Green Leaves
The glorious tiger head tattoo is done in the Dotwork style. The black-white feline looking in the distance has a mysterious and enigmatic look.Tiger Head Black Colored In Profile
The super cool tiger head tattoo inscribed on the male’s breast. Due to the great shade work, the somber black-grey beast looks realistic. The tiger head inked on the breast symbolizes masculinity, boldness and confidence.Tiger Head On The Body
The overwhelming tiger head tattoo extends over the female’s thigh. This cute grey-blue toned tattoo piece has a stylish and cute look, that’s why it can suit every fashionista. The blue-eyed tiger with the butterfly stands for beauty, freedom and independence.Tiger Head With Blue Eyes and Butterly
The great watercolor tiger head tattoo adorns the back. The realistically-depicted  tiger strategizes about its prey. The smudging colors in the background give the tropical effect.Tiger Head With Colored Background
The horribly awesome tiger head tattoo inked on the foot. The splashy tiger is done in the New school style. This roaring predator exemplifies aggression, viciousness and bloodthirstiness.Orange Tiger Head
The alluring tiger head tattoo design with the watercolor effect. The stunning green-eyed tiger gazes intently and enigmatically. The tigers are accepted as the solar totems and considered to be the source of energy and vigor.Tiger Head With Blue Strips on The Background
The dinky tiger head tattoo decorates the woman’s finger. This showy tat made in the New school style has a cartoonish appeal. If you are in search of the miniature tattoo design, this tattoo idea will perfectly suit you.Colored Tiger Head On Finger
Two tiger head tattoos inked on the male’s chest. The orange-colored and the blue-colored tiger heads accentuate the dual nature of this animal: savagery and cruelty on the one hand, and passion and carnality from the other hand.Tiger Orange And Blue Head's

Tiger Head Tattoo for Girl on Thigh

The unbelievably beautiful tiger head tattoo covers the female’s thigh. The artful detail work shows the tiger in all its glory and the pink flowers complementing the motif  bring a delicate touch.Tiger Head With Pink Flower On The Leg
The fascinating watercolor tiger head tattoo embraces the half sleeve. The lifelike tiger with the composed face expression highlights that a wearer is a wise person with common sense. The diluted paints in the background add some vividness.Tiger Head With Shark On The Background
Here we have one more tiger head tattoo on the shoulder performed in the watercolor style. The smooth black lines convey the tigers head outline and the swashed colors make the motif creative and extraordinary.Blue And Orange Tiger Head
Take a look at this magnificent tattoo design performed in the Old school style. The Bengal tiger looks very stylish and trendy with the embellishments on the head and on the neck. Such tiger represents the aspiration for richness, glory and fame.Tiger Head With Ruby On Head
The splendid Neotraditional tiger head tattoo adorns the male’s shoulder. The black and gray tiger is featured in the wrath with its severe face expression. The red-blooded roses add a soft touch to the image and indicate on the passionate, impulsive character of the wearer.Tiger Black Head With Rose's
The cool Old school tiger head tattoo engraved on the female’s shoulder. The brightly-colored tiger head placed into the scarlet flower. The tat looks oft-beaten and extravagant. The tiger paired with the flower stands for sensuality, enthusiasm and lust.Red Flower With Tiger Head Center
The adorable tiger head tattoo extending over the sleeve fascinates with its realistic appearance which has been achieved due to the artistic shade work and skillfully selected color gamut. The white tiger with the baby blue eyes is depicted in the natural surroundings.White Tiger Head With Blue Eyes On The Flield Background
The sweet Dotwork tiger head tattoo covers the female’s arm. This elegant tiger head tattoo design done in the lines has a feminine and delicate look. In Japan, it’s believed that tiger is a protector of the family and the hearth.Tiger Head With Flowers On The Head
The black and gray tiger head tattoo inked on the thigh. The baby blue eyes are the zest of this tattoo piece. The noble calm-faced animal with the piercing look is a symbol of the inner power, determination and self-confidence.Tiger Head With Blue Eyes
The overwhelming flamboyant tiger head tattoo sitting on the back. The majestic feline is displayed in the trendy and catchy watercolor style. The diluted paints effect makes this tat colorful and accentuates the mood of the design.Violet Tiger Head With Blue Ink
The lovely black-grey tiger head tattoo engraved on the quarter sleeve. The sweetly sleeping animal incorporated into the frame looks so cute that it can melt the heart of every cruel person.Tiger Baby Head
This awesome tiger head tattoo design can win the hearts of many tattoo fanatics. The innocently looking cub with the baby blue eyes reveals the bearer as the gullible and trustworthy person. The vibrant colors and detail-oriented work make this tattoo piece realistic.Tiger Baby Head With Blue Background
If you want to highlight your sexuality and put an accent on your beautiful body, you can get tattooed this cool tiger head tattoo. The cute small-sized tiger head made in the black and gray tones fits in greatly on the female’s breast.Tiger baby Head
The unbelievably amazing tiger head tattoo extends over the arm. The black-grey tiger with the miserable look signifies the struggle for the existence, and the massive flaming-red rose here is a symbol of peace, love and life.Tiger Head With Big Rose
The beautifully-designed tiger head tattoo embellishes the female’s thigh. What is charming about this tat is the “girlish” look of the feline: the marvelous tiger with a heart-shaped diamond on the head and the string of dainty flowers will tenderly adorn the body.Tiger Head With Flowers

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