Indian Elephant Tattoo Design Ideas

Indian tattoos are very beauteous and compelling, they are not just a decorative adornment of the body, they tell about the owner’s  temper, life and exploits.

The Indian elephant is a sacramental beast in numerous lands, notably in those where the main religion is Hinduism, thus, it can be seen very often as a primary character on tattoos.  The main meanings  of this creature are loyalty, strength, wisdom, longevity, and peacefulness.

Another famous image is beloved and revered Indian deity Ganesha that is always depicted with the elephant head and human’s body.

  1. This elephant head tattoo is placed on the upper arm. The animal is portrayed with the big complicated geometrical figure, which denotes the sample of space and the place of the divinities in India. It is supposed that this image is intended to help to achieve self-knowledge and self-understanding.1 indian elephants on hand
  2. The tattoos with flowers are usually chosen by girls, as they identify the beauty of nature with the loveliness of the feminine body. This amazing colorful pattern on upper leg represents the elephant head decorated with pink and purple blossoms. It is suitable for graceful and sensitive natures.2 indian elephants on leg
  3. This bright image of an elephant head with a blue lotus on it covers the upper back. Lotus is perceived as a symbol of the rich spirituality, pudicity and honesty and harmony. This tattoo means a desire to understand the beauty and achieve immortality in it.3 indian elephants on back
  4. Indian tattoos are characterized by their picturesque attributes, so this tattoo shows the elephant surrounded by the blossoms, which are full of shining colors, such as red, green, yellow pink and blue. The feathers behind head may indicate high ethics, the purity and dreams.4 indian elephants on leg
  5. This adult elephant is depicted in profile on the inner arm.  It is decorated by the best Indian traditions that demonstrate its owner as a man, who deeply honors the customs and past. The tones that prevail in ornaments are red and orange, which symbolize life and spirituality.5 indian elephants on hand
  6. This nice Indian elephant head with a trunk down is located on the rib cage. It is probable to discern the traditional decoration on its head with a big blue gemstone.  The animal’s eyes are full of confidence and calmness and they are directed forward.6 indian elephants on hand
  7. This elephant head tattoo with a twisted trunk is rich in amazing patterns of Indian style. There is a sanctuary on the elephant head with a multiplicity of domes and the bottom of the picture presents the interweaving of beads. The pattern is performed in one color on the upper leg but the accuracy and clarity of lines give it exclusivity.7 indian elephants on leg
  8. The head of the respected god Ganesh is inked on the leg. This image has human’s eyes and hand but elephant’s trunk that embodies richness and the abundance. The deity holds an opulent headwear, which is full of the jewel; the nose of the divinity is dyed with the red color.8 indian elephants on hand
  9. So lovely elephant tattoo is done on the shoulder blade. There is a view that the elephant with its trunk up is a symbol of fortune. This picture possesses a diversification of varied patterns of green and red colors, which are located throughout the animal’s body: around the eye, on the trunk, legs.9 indian elephants on shoulder
  10. The image of god Ganesh finds its place on the upper leg. He is considered to be the protector of business because Ganesh is intended to obviate the impediments from the road of those who are in need and award material benefits for holiness. The head is decorated with traditional headgear and the whole tattoo is executed in black color.10 indian elephants on leg
  11. This bright head of the elephant on the leg is done in Indian styling and the chief singularity of this work is the signifier of the torch in animal’s trunk. The fire points the high intensity of its owner and the tattoo with the flambeau symbolizes the light, hope and learning. There is a belief that this image can vary a person’s fate, bring powerful energy and help to reach unprecedented heights.11 indian elephants on hand
  12. The wonderful Indian elephant head tattoo is performed on the upper leg; it is depicted with the feathers on it that bring joy, all possible honors, fame and fortune. The pattern impresses with its saturation and complexity. In many cultures, people believe that the elephant head is the demonstration of faithfulness and discretion.12 indian elephants on leg
  13. This elephant head tattoo is inked on the thigh. The animal is depicted in the image of the American Indian, with a big amount of feather on its head. Such tattoo is not suitable for everyone, there is a view that elephant image can suppress the human with a weak nature.13 indian elephants on leg
  14. Two elephants are standing on the hind legs, creating a heart with their trunks on this tattoo. The heart is not just a sign of love, friendship and harmony on this pattern, two animals indicate that the owner appreciates ties of kinship, the significance of family.14 indian elephants on back
  15. This Indian tattoo is striking in its color saturation and vivid paints choice. It represents a huge elephant head with turquoise feathers on it, serious yellow eyes and a trunk up.  The elephant’s forehead is decorated with a red bandage and a huge pricey stone in the center. This picture conveys all the royal sublimity and honor which belong to the animal in India.15 indian elephants on leg
  16. This unusual tattoo of an elephant with its trunk up is located on the rib cage. It consists of lotus flowers that have fascinated people anciently with their refinement, rigor but soft lines. Lotus is the pursuit of divinity, union of opposites, praises good over evil, light over darkness and love over hatred.16 indian elephants on side
  17. The tattoo of elephant head on the upper arm is done in sundry shades: the animal as a focal element is gray; headwear – yellow and red. There is a red sphere over the head with the number “30”. It reveals the positive outlook on life and an unrivaled sense of humor, it may denote that the person is under the defense of higher powers and is able to succeed in his core intentions.17 indian elephants on hand
  18. This small elephant is placed on the ankle. Elephants are an indispensable attribute of the Hindu and Muslim rulers of India, as they are the most powerful animals symbolize power. Thus, this pattern introduces the creature in traditional apparel on its back and head that has a variety of colors: red, green, yellow, orange.18 indian elephants on hand
  19. This fascinating blue elephant head on the shoulder will not be disregarded; the image of god Ganesh that has one tusk, human’s eyes and body is common in Indian mythology. Also, this deity has a glorious headgear with a lot of ornaments. It is believed that Ganesh is a wish-fulfilling animal with a kind heart.19 indian elephants on hand
  20. This cute elephant head with a large wealthy headgear is executed on the hand in a black hue. The curved trunk symbolizes the high cogitative abilities of the holder. This tattoo is a perfect variant for women, who want to have a traditional Indian ornament but in sophisticated and smart form.20 indian elephants on wrist
  21. This tiny elephant tattoo is done on the forefinger. In spite of such a small image of this sacred animal of India, tattoo master managed to very subtly and precisely fulfilled his work. A tattoo on the finger is a splendid choice for those who cannot resolve to do a constant pattern on the body because it is not as annoying as a tattoo on a larger area of skin and looks playful and original.21 indian elephants on finger
  22. The symmetrical tattoo of elephant head looks incredible and very effective on human’s chest. It emphasizes the owner’s grave and severe character, as the Indian elephant is the tsar of animals that embodies the superior dominion. The trunk of this beast is lowered down, which means fertility, abundance and longevity.22 indian elephants on chest
  23. This sweet elephant head with human’s hand is inked in Indian style on the shoulder blade. It has been examined that elephant with a trunk down is the defender of women because it gives motherhood. Therefore, women, who are trying in vain to have a child, should take note this tattoo.23 indian elephants on shoulder
  24. Elephant takes a very big place in the culture of India, not only due to the fact that it is the largest animals but also because of its intellectual qualities, traits of character and a good memory. Thus, this tattoo of an elephant head with a red cape on it is placed on the thigh; the closed eyes of this creature may indicate peace and tranquility. 24 indian elephants on leg
  25. So huge ornament of deity Ganesh covers the whole back. The god is sitting on the yellow throne, it has four arms, human’s legs and body but elephant’s head. Ganesh is depicted in pink color, with green trousers surrounded by blue flowers. This deity helps travelers and those who seek to gain knowledge.25 indian elephants on back
  26. The image of Ganesh with an elephant head is portrayed on the upper leg. The trunk is painted by the Indian habitude with red paints and it is curled in the shape of the sacred Hindu symbol Om. The head and a neck are decorated with jewels and a large royal headgear made in gold color.26 indian elephants on leg
  27. This image of deity Ganesh is inked on the leg in the yellow palette. Large elephant head of Ganesh symbolizes wisdom, understanding, distinctive mentality, which is needed to possess in order to achieve excellence in life. The God is depicted in luxury attire according to Indian culture with a nimbus over the head that says about the heavenly beginning. 27 indian elephants on leg
  28. Red is considered favorable color in many countries; it signifies vitality, well-being, and joy, as this color symbolizes the blood and strength of human life. The tattoo of elephant painted with a red pattern of Indian design on the wrist may also be a sign of woman’s marital status.28 indian elephants on wrist
  29. This bright tattoo on the upper hand displays the Indian deity Ganesh sitting on the throne. With the human’s body and elephant’s head, this creature eradicates false vanity, excessive pride, selfishness and impudence. This god wears the magnificent garment, which is rich in precious jewelry: necklaces, earrings, rings.29 indian elephants on leg
  30. This rather simple but interesting symmetrical tattoo of elephant head is inked on the upper back. The pattern introduces the merging of two souls: human and elephant, as the animal’s trunk, exactly reproduces the structure of the human spine like its continuation. It says that the person personifies himself with this creature and has common personality traits. 30 indian elephants on back
  31. This great deity Ganesh is inked on the upper back. The pattern shows all the majesty of an elephant by representing it as a god in Indian sumptuous apparel. This tattoo reflects all power and force of this animal and suits calm, balanced people with a huge reserve of wisdom.31 indian elephants on back
  32. The tattoo of adult elephant covers the upper leg. The elephant stands sideways with a trunk down; its body is decorated with patterns of red color in Indian style, among which beautiful flowers can be recognized.  These flowers embody youth and human vitality, a bloom of forces, brightness and refinement. 32 indian elephants on leg
  33. This elephant head is the representation of deity Ganesh.  Two tusks are two aspects of the human person, good sense and emotions: the right tusk –is the intelligence, left –is emotions and the broke right one is a symbol of knowledge. This god has a rich headdress with a lot of exclusive colored stones.33 indian elephants on hand
  34. This heavy elephant is performed in a realistic form on the inner arm. It represents the Indian traditional dresses: a wonderful mantle in red, yellow and blue colors and a lovely ornament on the animal’s head. This tattoo will denote the owner’s confidence and seriousness.34 indian elephants on hand
  35. This pattern presents the elephant head with a curved trunk on the inner arm. The tattoo master executes it in one black color but with different shades that make it stylish and impressive. The head of the animal is decorated with a dainty crown and there is a lotus below, which implies the desire for the unattainable and the overcoming of the barriers.35 indian elephants on hand
  36. The elephant is a very potent animal, which serves as a symbol of royal power in India and emblematizes the qualities essential for a good ruler – discernment, denomination, intelligence, allegiance, sufferance, longevity and welfare. This elephant head tattoo on the inner arm conveys all energy of the creature and emphasizes the strongest traits of character of its holder.36 indian elephants on hand
  37. This bewitching elephant tattoo is a real piece of art on the back. There is a centric component – Ganesh head with a majestic crown on it in the gray background, and complex interweaving of Indian patterns around the picture. This pattern is so striking and unique that is breathtaking!37 indian elephants on body
  38. The image of this attractive elephant head looks remarkably on the woman’s shoulder. The animal is surrounded by mandalas, which are special, complicated and interconnected geometric shapes, and symbolize the sun, the cosmos, time and eternity, creation of the world in Indian culture. There some architectural structures on the elephant’s head – it signifies that this animal epitomizes the whole country.38 indian elephants on hand
  39. This small tattoo on the shoulder blade presents the head of the elephant, which is the most honored blessed animal in the East, and a symbol of clerical knowledge and stability.  It is directed to the side with a trunk up. The head is decorated with wonderful conventional decors and there is a lettering in the bottom of the pattern.39 indian elephants on shoulder
  40. Very good-looking image of Indian deity Ganesh with an elephant head and human’s body is executed on the back. This god is depicted in green color sitting on the pompous throne. People trust that Ganesh helps those, who are engaged in science, crafts, music and dance. 40 indian elephants on back
  41. This splendid elephant tattoo with a big globe on its head is done on the rib cage. The feathers express the feeling of weightlessness, the love of freedom, thus, this symbol may denote the free thought, creativity, lightness and openness. The whole composition is decorated with precious stones of various colors: blue, red, yellow and orange, which looks rather chicly.41 indian elephants on side
  42. The tattoo on the thigh is carried out in compliance with told customs of Indian mythology: the principal personage is a god Ganesh, who is sitting on the throne. He has the elephant head and a big crown on it. The pink color prevails in this pattern, which means that its owner has a special fortitude, patience or wants to possess these qualities; also, it brings prosperity and welfare.42 indian elephants on leg
  43. The elephant – a symbol of the highest, supreme power, strength, but at the same time it implies peace and friendship. The elephant is a balanced and calm animal and this tattoo on the shoulder symbolizes inner strength, which is restrained and controlled. The pattern is a complex interplay of various elements in the center of which – the elephant.43 indian elephants on hand
  44. The tattoo with Ganesh, a man with an elephant’s head looks in the eyes of the uninitiated people sufficiently extravagant, but this god is admired in India. Thus, such image is chosen by people, who keen on India, eastern culture and philosophy. This is a real picture on the upper leg, very bright and memorable.44 indian elephants on leg
  45. This black and white tattoo on the upper arm introduces the Indian deity, Ganesh. This man with an elephant head is a major constituent of the rather complicated composition of manifold patterns and flourishes that are performed in Indian style.45 indian elephants on hand
  46. This endearing tattoo of the elephant is inked on the wrist.  The pattern resembles an elephant embryo, so tiny and defenseless that is twisted into a ball. It is known, that this animal is a good, light and positive sign, which brings happiness and pacification to its owner.46 indian elephants on hand
  47. This goodly tattoo of the deity Ganesh is done on the upper arm. This creature with the elephant head is considered the master of achievement and destroyer of impediments, both spiritual and material; also, by means of this character the human can engage success, which will come to those, who have bright ideas and pure thoughts.47 indian elephants on hand
  48. The rulers of India have chosen elephant as a means of transportation in the city not only for its huge size but because it represents the sacred wisdom and royal dignity. This impressive tattoo of a man on the elephant head embodies the Indian representation of the beast as a strong and reliable creature.48 indian elephants on back
  49. The god Ganesh is the favorite character of tattoos in India. This deity has the elephant’s head and is the personification of triumph, prowess, longevity and perpetuity. This pattern of Ganesh’s head is inked on the small of the back with a crown on the head, which is decorated with jewels.49 indian elephants on back
  50. This tender tattoo on the shoulder blade will suit refined natures. It represents an elephant’s head in the background of two painted mandalas that serve as a protective amulet and have the traditional colors: copper-red and emerald green. There is a pink lotus in the trunk, which is a symbol of the rich spirituality, purity and chastity, perfection and harmony.50 indian elephants on shoulder
  51. This exciting image of deity Ganesh is located on the upper back.  The god is depicted sitting with a big belly that personalizes the universe while a large elephant head symbolizes sapience and comprehension. Also, he is revered as a destroyer of pride, vanity and selfhood and is associated with the red color and the aroma of sandalwood.51 indian elephants on back
  52. This colorful tattoo is performed in red, gray and blue colors on the shoulder and introduces an elephant head with a snake, which is an extension of its trunk. It is believed that this animal embodies courage and glory while the snake personifies cosmic energy.52 indian elephants on hand
  53. The adult elephant with the baby elephant is a symbol of motherhood and family values. Thus, this kind of tattoo in Indian design on the foot will assist in the positive relationship between parents and kids in families where there are many kids. This pattern shows how much its owner cares about his loved people.53 indian elephants on leg
  54. The symmetrical tattoo is very popular and always looks catching, especially if is depicted on the back. The image of elephant head is inked in Indian style with the insertion of traditional elephant’s clothing. The animal’s gaze is directed forward and brings kindness and serenity.54 indian elephants on back
  55. The traditional Indian design presumes the use of colorful ink. This work displays an adult elephant on the thigh that stands sideways. The ornament is full of patterns, which immediately attract attention with their originality and richness of colors. 55 indian elephants on side
  56. This attractive elephant with its trunk up is performed on the shoulder blade. The raised trunk is a sign of richness and it is believed that the elephant helps to reduce unnecessary material waste, its strength and stability can effect on the wastefulness of its owner, moderate his/her thirst to spend money on needless things.56 indian elephants on back
  57. This Indian tattoo of an elephant on shoulder blade with a flower in its trunk is charming and will be a nice alternative for women, as flowers always embody femininity. The tattoos with blossoms represent joyful events or work as a reminder of the close people, who like flowers, bring us fond memories and unforgettable moments in life.57 indian elephants on back
  58. This tattoo on the hand fascinates with its originality and inventiveness. The main part of tattoo covers the external part of the hand while the trunk has its continuation on the finger. The pattern is inked in a dark color and the whole composition looks really cool!58 indian elephants on wrist
  59. This elephant in Indian style on rib cage will not go unnoticed. The elephant is exposed sideways and the whole picture is created in such a way that gives the impression that the elephant is moving on the skin. 59 indian elephants on body
  60. This small tattoo on the upper arm is a good way of self-expression, particularly for women. This picture can express the affection to the loved people and mean that family is in the first place, as this beast was often connected with love and amicable family relationships.60 indian elephants on hand

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