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We are the team of tattoo-lovers, who has created the resource for those, who are into a tattoo design, we’ve tried to collect the most smashing inks for you. The content here is for your inspiration and fantasy, open a world of a wild tattoo with us.

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This website itself is a beautiful form combined with a great content, you will always be able to not only sees the funky designs but also to learn the meaning of each separate tattoo.

  • Best examples of tattoos are sorted by different subjects such as frog tattoos, raven tattoos, owl tattoos, elephant tattoos, etc. These are not just random photos, they are carefully selected and split into groups according to tattooing places and styles, here you will find tattoos on various body places from the head to toes, a wide range of represented styles strikes: inks are made in the old school and tribal styles, as well as in popular today dot work, graffiti, watercolor, geometry, neo-traditional, and Japanese manner.
  • The history and denotation of tats. The ornament on the body is not just about a pretty picture, always it has something behind it, see which meaning each tattoo carries.
    Mainly, we’ve tried to pick the best out of what could be entertaining for tattoo lovers. We are constantly developing and we will keep you informed of new trends. Keep abreast of the latest updates.