Amazing Back Lion Tattoo for Men and Women

  1. This is a sketch work style. A back is an often chosen place for Lion inking by the leaders and energetic persons.
    Lion On The Back From Lines And With Half Face

  2. A brilliant idea of Lion, Lioness, and the cub tattoo. It demonstrates the unity of the family and the King as a head of the family. Lion On The Back With Lion Kids
  3. A  tremendous tattoo on the girl’s back. She is a queen, for sure! She is devoted to her King and love him so much!Lion On The Back With Words On The Top
  4. King back piece of art! Characters from cartoon The Lion King are inked in color. They carry a sense of braveness, leadership, family and friendship. Lion the King is also tatted overhead. It means that he is looking for his Son and His life even from heavens. Lion On The Back Hakuna
  5. King back design for women. It looks tempting and lovely in heart halo. The wearer of such tattoo is under the safe of her King.Lion On The Back In Heart Form
  6. Roaring King of the Jungle tatted on the back. Roaring lion tattoo signifies the whole might of the Leo animal. A lion’s jaw is opened broadly and it has the vibe of ironside. A wearer of similar inking protects his beliefs and opinion to death.Lion On The Back In Heart Form
  7. A huge fullback Leo inking. Empire work of the artist! It is an amazing symbol of domination, power, and lordship.Lion On The Back
  8. A nice color concept for the Ruler of the life. Red, yellow and orange colors add effects of haughtiness, stout heart, and vigor. It suits for people who are Leo by zodiac signs and for active and fearless ones.Colored Lion On The Back
  9. One more gorgeous full back idea for strong men. A wild animal stares at you so fiercely that you might be afraid of him. Do not try to screw the wearer over, he will fight to the death. An intense and rich symbol looks perfectly at man’s muscled back.Anger Lion On The Back
  10. Roaring Lion tattoo are super popular among men. They are frequently pictured on the wide male backs. Snarling lion tattoo will be a safeguard of you from enemies and envious persons.Roaring Lion On The Back
  11. Upper back colorful Leo tat for man. This lion looks calm. We feel generosity and firmness of the bearer looking at this tattoo.Lion On The Back
  12. Just beautiful ink on the back for a lady. It is a sign of family and motherhood. Her eyes are full of love and devotion. The girl, who wears such ink, has a heart of Lioness and is ready to protect her family.Lion Child With Flower On The Back
  13. Lion pride at a man’s back. The King of the Jungle looks offensive. It renders an illusion that lion is attacking you and protecting himself violently.Lion With Tree On The Back
  14. Girly and sexy tattoo on the female back. She has a heart of a lion, so the surrounding world should be afraid of her. It also can be a sign of passionate and opened nature of the woman.Lion On The Back With Frame
  15. Lion and Lioness tattoo located on the lower back. That is a great accessory to a woman who wants to show that she is in a relationship and their pair is a unity.Lion On The Back With Lioness
  16. Brilliant sample of Lion pride in color tatted on the back. The King is always ready to defend that is dear to his heart and lioness is a symbol of tenderness, love and home.Lion Family On The Back
  17. Cool design of Lion inking on the back. Men especially love huge back lion tattoos not only for its cool looking but also for its deep symbolic meaning. The meanings are power, strength, royalty, family, authority, dominant, and justice.Lion On The Back
  18. Full lion body tattoo on the back. Holy sheet! A blue color gives an effect of nobility and pride. Get such tattoo and you will be satisfied with the result.Colored Lion On The Back
  19.  Lion body tattoo on the back of a woman. Looks great and attractive. The tat complements passionate, broad brow and brave girl.Eating Lion On The Back
  20. Just a fire! What lovely colors! A powerful idea of Leo on the back. It looks like a real painting. It can be worn by both, men and women as Leo zodiac sign or just to express their position of the King and the Queen in the life.Multicolored Lion On The Back
  21. Ummm! A very seductive piece of art on the lady’s back. It suits for women who have inner fires and sophisticated taste. A mane is pictured like a burning fire and gives an impression of a passionate nature. This tattoo is made in a calligraphic style.Lined Lion On The Back
  22. A dream catcher tattoo is one of the most personal between tattoos! Some people believe that the bad dreams get through the center of the dream catcher, but the good dreams are caught, and thus become a part of people’s destiny.Lion On The Back
  23. A tremendous tatted man’s back. Everybody hopes his back looks so handsome on the athletic body.Lion The King On The Back
  24. Lion pride family in color. A tattoo looks cute. It can be worn by family man or woman as a symbol of unity, love and family values.Lion Family On The Back
  25. Easy to look at this inking. Small, but nice lion paws will become a sign of your passionate and bold spirit.Lion Feets On The Back
  26. Wow! Whole pride in this piece of art. A lion is roaring and showing his teeth as a King of the Life who is courage, noble, beautiful and fair-minded. Eyes look a little bit cattish, but this fact adds more attractiveness to this tattoo.Roaring Lion On The Back
  27. Pretty tattoo of the full lion on the back. An orange color is a mark of fire, braveness, fighting, but a blue one – nobleness, pride, and superiority.Lion With Words On The Back
  28. Catching tat is done in neotraditional style, which is quite popular between male and females. Looking at such tatted back, one can feel leadership, strength, firmness and royalty of the wearer.Lion With Scepter On The Back
  29. The lion tattoo can express a zodiac representing the sign of Leo. This is the most frequent reason people get lion tattoos.  It can be a good characteristic for a confident, ambitious, generous, loyal and encouraging person.Lined Lion On The Back
  30. One more idea for your tattoo dream! A lion head located on the upper back expresses honor, loyalty, and power. A lion man always needs somebody to control and somebody to admire him.Lion On The Back
  31. King of beasts tattoo design is drawn in the back. A tight job of the artist.  Pride, potency, and virility are felt in it.  A wearer of such tat can be very tactful with people; however, Lion the King will not take commands. Colored Lion On The Back
  32. A stunning idea of a tribal lion is drawn in the black color. It can be easily done because lines of animal’s body are transforming into tribal art.  Such tattoo will stand for some things: vigor, potency, boldness,s and respect.Lion With Crown On The Back
  33. Great choice of Lion dream catcher on the back. This will just come in handy as inspiration. Sick and protective talisman for you! It brings a feeling of well-being and personal security for the bearer. Dreams Keeper Lion On The Back
  34. Pretty colorful King of the Jungle and Father of the Family on the back. Striking and manly!Rainbow Lion On The Back
  35. Dot work tattoo in mandala style! Leos are extra sensitive creatures. So it is a cute tattoo for girls.Triangle Lion On The Back

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