Lion Chest Tattoo Designs

The traditions of tattoo creation go deep into the history. It appeared long before wall paintings, music, and architecture. Our ancestors decorated their bodies with the help of different pictures that symbolize power, strength, beauty, and faith.

Archeologists have already proved that tattoos were used all over the globe. In our time, everyone can effort a tattoo. All you need is to save some money and find a professional tattoo artist.

Still one of the most popular places for tattooing is the chest. Here are some examples of lion chest tattoos below.

Lion Tattoo Ideas on Chest

The watercolor technique is widespread among tattoo artists. Your skin is like a canvas for them and a tattoo machine is their brush. It’s something like Jackson Pollock paintings that so expressive and breathtaking.Colored lion head tattoo in watercolor technique on chest
The ethnic style could be combined with another style so easy. Using an ancient paintings tattoo artist can create an unforgettable image just for you. The ethnic style consists of smooth lines and dots which are beautifully combined with edgy strokes.Black head of lion in linear style on chest
What is a tattoo? It’s the way you can express yourself, your individuality. If you are an expressive emotional person, watercolor ink is for you. And the lion on the chest that is made in this style looks unbelievable!Lovely multicolour lion head tattoo on chest
Here’s an ink of a lion with feathers instead of his mane. Bright colors, clear lines, decorating details – all of these features are converted into one full interesting picture.Bright tattoo with lion head and feathers made in clear lines on chest
If you are about get engraved but you don’t know which style to choose, here’s a great option. Realism is still the most tattooing style. What can be better than a picture so real that you have a feeling that it’s right here, it’s real!Ravishing black lion head tattoo in realism style on chest
This lion chest tattoo is made in new school style. The main feature is hiding in clear lines and bright colors. Often the image looks like a picture from a comic book or graffiti. So many colors have found its place in this lion image on the chest. Looks fantastic!Bright colored lion head tattoo on comic style on chest
About fifty years ago big tattoos were hard to find. It’s a usual thing now. Men often choose to be inked on the chest. We can see a lion with a crown which symbolizes power. The image is decorated with clouds and lettering. Black and white colors add a severity to a picture.Big tattoo of lion with a crown in clouds and sunshine
This lion chest ink is designed in geometric style. All of these lines and circles could have meant the unity of death and life, the eternity of existence or it could have been a symbol of spirits. So it is not just a lion image that was needled on your chest, it carries a deep symbolism in every line.Black lion head tattoo in geometric style on chest
Powerful and aggressive picture of  lion chest tattoo. Bright colors and sharp lines create an image of Lion – animal King!Killing lion head tattoo on chest

Realistic image with some ethnic motives. This lion looks like a real military leader. It’s strong, confident, and aggressive.Realistic lion head tattoo with ethnic motives on chest

Black and Grey Lion Tattoos on Chest

Black and gray colors are gathered in the full picture of a lion. You can get this tattoo if you’re not chicken out!Grand lion head tattoo on half chest

One more example of realistic lion tattoo is shown here. This is a true masterpiece, isn’t it?Charming realistic lion head tattoo on chest

Here’s a lion ink that doesn’t have clear outlines. This image is blurred, flashed but looks impressive!blurred lion head tattoo on chest

Old School Style lion head is made on the chest. There are roses, lettering, the aggressive lion.Old school style lion head with roses and star and leaves on chest

First of all the main feature of realism as a tattoo style is the complexity of the execution. Only real masters are able to do such delicate work. Sometimes it’s hard to believe what tattoo artists can ink. This tattoo looks like a real lion that is looking right at you!Heavenly black lion head tattoo on chest

If you want something unusual, get engraved with a Geometric tattoo style. Geometric tattoo are done typically using only lines and geometric shapes. Triangles are gradually transforming into a lion head. It’s tight!Unusual geometric lion head tattoo on chest

If a black color prevails in tattoo you can be sure it is blackwork. It’s all dark, muted but you can’t say that it is dull or shallow. Tattoo with the image of chrysanthemums is associated with cold grandeur, wisdom and generosity. Lion with a bull’s horns means power and wisdom.Lion with a horns of bull on female chest

Graphic style has some requirements. The main feature of this style is its technique of tattooing. All of the shades need to be done by dashes. If you see an image that is done in dashes it’s Graphic style. You can be sure! Our lion head was tattooed in this exact style.Exquisite lion head tattoo in graphic style on chest

Lion Chest Piece Tattoo

This is cartoon-like lion head image on the chest. Watercolor technique helps to add to this picture specialty. Wonderful work! Wonderful lion head in realistic and magic cartoon styles on chest
This is a classic black and white tattoo design. All the shades are perfectly inked. It’s so real that you have a feeling that this is a sculpture on the body.Royal classic black and white tattoo of lion sculpture on chest
Here’s a black and white Graphic style work. We can see some Indian motives. The lion’s head is decorated with wings, horns, skull and Dreamcatcher.Tattoo of lion head with wings, horns, skull and Dreamcatcher in Indian style

Black and White Realism as it should be. This is brilliant work. We are able to see every hair on lion’s fur. Awesome!Glorious black lion head tattoo on chest

Here’s a lion that wears a crown which is made from a raven. On the top of tattoo, there is a Masonic triangle. This ink is really symbolic. The eye in a triangle often symbolizes God. lion tattoo with crown from a raven and Masonic triangle

Old School tattoos were popular in the USA in the first part of the 20-th century. Usually, people imaged pictures of skulls, angels, roses, anchors and swallows on their bodies. All of these pictures are used in our time also. Every picture has its own symbolism and meaning. The rose, for example, means sincere love and feeling.Funny colored lion tattoo with red roses in old school style
Realistic lion head tattoo is made on the chest. It’s so real looking that it can easily attack you right now.Captivating black lion head tattoo on chest
Polynesian tattoo art was appeared in Polynesia long time ago. Tattoos could have been a disguise for someone or could attract god’s luck. Depend on what you wanted your body was engraved with different ornaments. So here it is a head of a lion with Polynesian ornaments instead of its mane.Cool lion head tattoo with different ornaments on chest

Here’s a Black and Grey Realism. The lion is roaring at you from this man’s chest. The lion has got wings instead of its mane.  It’s a masterpiece.roaring lion with wings instead of mane on chest

This is a typical Graphic Style work. Widely detailed an image of the lion is just terrific!Adorable black lion tattoo on chest

Blackwork tattoo style is exclusively based on black color. The more black- the better it is. It could be a totally black sleeve or the most part of ink. This is blackwork in both cases. In this one, we can see a fully black sun and some other components, but the lion head is clearly seen. lion head tattoo with fully black sun on chest

Some people like bright colors, others – only black and white palette. It’s up to you what to choose and how to decorate your body. This tattoo of the lion looks fantastic. The Angry sight of a lion, decorating details such as feathers, bulls’ horns, and barbarian crown are entwined into incredible artist’s work.Angry lion head tattoo with feathers, bull horns and barbarian crown

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