Amazing Swan Tattoo Design Ideas

Love is a favorite theme of glorification for poets, artists and for the tattoo masters. The most admired pattern is the swan as the chief denotation of the tattoo is loyalty, devotion, and mutual love.

Swan Tattoos Meaning

  • For Celts swans signified healing and spiritual generosity.
  • For Greeks this bird meant faithfulness and in some legends, it marked male power as Zeus took the shape of a swan and visited mortal women.
  • In Christian countries, it meant mercy.
  • For Finns, this bird was a river in the afterlife.
  • In some cultures, a white swan represents a new and happy period in life.
  • Americans reckoned that the swan was a symbol of water and air.
  • Indians with the help of this design depicted an ideal union of two people.

Nowadays this tattoo is the sign of eternal fidelity and love, so it became sought-after to get pair tattoos with swans, which are aimed at perpetuating of love. Sometimes people wear these tattoos in order to honor the memory of a deceased partner and to express loyalty. In the criminal world, it is oftentimes portrayed with a crown, which spells out the idea of the loss of freedom.

The black swan connotes that the owner has mystical abilities.

Nonetheless, despite the abundance of positive meanings, the negative interpretation still exists. Thus, for instance, some people assume that under stunning feathers a hypocritical soul can be found, which says that sometimes a person’s appearance does not correspond to his inner world and can be misleading. In rare cases, this image denotes death as it is believed that before the demise the swan sings a lovely song, so the tattoo may signify loneliness and the end of the life path.

Tattooing areas encompass hands, the back, legs, the neck, the chest, and feet.

Ergo, it is a ubiquitous pattern, which not only embellishes bodies of both sexes but also it can be a lucky charm and the sign of deep affection and altruism.

Swan tattoo declare love, faithfulness, care, and devotion, so they fit any person of any age. They can be of various colors and sizes, moreover, it is attainable to put them almost on any part of the body.

Best Swan Tattoo Ideas

This tiny swan tattoo on the wrist is extremely sweet because it represents two swans, which are united in heart. In this case, the tattoo carries its typical meaning – strong love and faithfulness of partners, moreover, the pattern resonates with yin and yang, which suggests an interaction between partners.swan-in-heart-view

An amazing swan on the lower arm is displayed together with water, which denotes the idea of ancient Finns, who believed that this bird was the river in the afterlife.detalised-swan-on-the-hand

In many cultures, a black swan was a mysterious bird because it signifies mysterious abilities of the owner. This baroque swan on a thigh spells out the idea that a person believes in the influence of supernatural forces in a human life.dark-swan-with-swag

The remarkable tattoo embellishes the girlish back. In this case, this pattern resonates with Celtic beliefs, according to which the swan was the symbol of spiritual generosity.swan-on-the-back

An outstanding swan tattoo is located on the hip. The swan is depicted together with flowers, which can denote the beginning of a new path.lined-swan-with-rose

Black Swan Tattoo

This black swan adorns the lower arm. The tattoo is connected with the interpretation, accepted in the Middle Ages when people believed that after death, people turn into swans.dark-swan-on-the-hand

Two swans on the back create a pleasant picture. They symbolize eternal love and devotion, but black accents denote that this love has overcome tragic obstacles.swans-on-the-back

The breast and the shoulder are decorated with this awe-inspiring swan. This pattern discloses the idea, accepted in many cultures when the swan means pride, independence, and grace.line-styled-colored-swan

It is known that a black swan has its special meaning and the swan tattoo shows that the person has a good intuition and often notices those details, which most people do not perceive. The tattoo on the forearm below illustrates this very idea.dark-small-swan-tattoo

This absolutely remarkable tattoo on the chest is a rare case of a swan tattoo, which has a negative connotation. The tattoo is performed in dark tones and it depicts a swan with a bowed head, which is the symbol of sadness and sorrow.detalised-swan-on-the-body

The black swan is a sought-after tattoo, which, according to Celtic beliefs, represents the holder with mystical abilities. Perhaps, the tattoo on the lower leg indicates the person with the gift of foresight.grey-swan-in-intresting-style

In this tattoo on the hip, the interweaving of Greek and Finnish traditions is observed. According to Greek traditions, the white swan means faithfulness, and in the Finnish tradition, the black swan is a river in the afterlife. The inscription and the whole picture indicate the mourning for a bygone person and eternal loyalty to him.two-swans-with-words
The side of the body is adorned with a stunning pattern, which incorporates two white swans, surrounded by flowers. The design expresses decency loyalty, love, and purity.two-swans-in-heart-style-with-roses

In ancient times, one of the negative meanings of a black swan tattoo was hypocrisy. Thus, the black swan on a biceps says about the insincerity of the man, who never reveals his thoughts.dark-swan-with-lake-on-the-background

It is considered that if the swan tattoo is performed in dark tones, then it can denote the tragic end of the stage in life and the beginning of a new path. The tattoo on the back discloses this idea.swan-with-flowers

This vivid tattoo on the hip resonates with Eastern concepts of the tenderness of this bird. The pattern below signifies a soft and gentle nature of a

A gorgeous black swan covers the whole back and it is definitely eye-catching. In this tattoo Irish traditions are revealed, according to which a black swan can communicate with two worlds: the real and the spirit world.dark-swan-with-cool-background

In Tibetan Buddhism, the mirror indicates the emptiness of the world and sadness. In some cultures, the mirror was used during the funeral, so the swan, located on the sleeve, is displayed in the mirror and it expresses sorrow.mirror-with-swan-in-it

On the side of the person, the swan tattoo is located. In ancient times, the swan was considered a creature of marvel and it had a lot of positive traits. This tattoo means a sophisticated, pure and loyal person.swan-with-egg

In Celtic culture, the swan was the symbol of the sun and this bird had healing powers. In the tattoo on the shoulder blade, a swan is depicted together with a flower, a chain, and the heart pendant, the idea is that love can heal any emotional trauma.swan-with-heart-amulet-and-rose

A watercolor swan tattoo is observed on a woman’s side. Bright colors of this design express harmonious love in its highest manifestation.swan-tattoo

In American culture, the swan is the bird, which is regarded as a symbol of air and water; this is the bird of life. Here the half sleeve is covered with the swan tattoo, which indicates a person’s love for life.swan-with-amulets

A black swan in certain Aboriginal tribes was used as a totem, which expressed reverence. This idea of the deity worship is traced in the black swan tattoo on the forearm.dark-swan

This gorgeous swan tattoo emphasizes the elegance of the back. In this case, the pattern displays the Greek tradition, when these tattoos on backs wore only priestesses of the goddess Aphrodite and patterns expressed respect and devotion.swan-with-sun-and-flowers-on-the-background

The tattoo on the hip emphasizes it roundness and catches attention. The swan is a symbol of peace and yellow roses connote reconciliation, so the meaning of the overall picture is peace of mind and spiritual contentment.swan-with-yellow-roses

Here is an example of a criminal tattoo on the lower leg, which spells the idea of the loss of freedom. The swan is depicted with a crown, and the skull, which can symbolize lost youth.swan-with-crown

In some cultures, a swan indicates a new and, in most cases, happy period in life. The tattoo on the back supports this idea, a white and a black swan represent good and bad things in life, which might happen and the inscription “One life, one chance” speaks about a person’s ability to risk fearlessly.white-and-dark-swan-with-words

One of the meanings of swan tattoos is sorrow for the lost. The tattoo on the shoulder depicts a swan with folded wings, that expresses longing and dates show that the tattoo has been made in honor of the deceased loved one.swan-with-date-on-the-back

A lovely swan tattoo is located on the forearm and it has a very unusual structure as the lower part of the bird is made in the form of a tulip. The tulip denotes a perfect, gentle, young love and the swan stands for the idea of faithfulness. Thus, the meaning of the design is strong, mutual, long-lasting love.swan-with-rainbow-body

A great concept is revealed in this tattoo on the foot! The white swan signifies faithfulness according to Greek legends and a frog, placed on the foot, is a symbol of longevity. Hence, the tattoo carries the idea of longevity and prosperity of love.swan-and-frog

Here is a tramp stamp tattoo. The pattern refers to the group of Celtic tattoos and in this case, the swan symbolizes the rebirth of the human soul.lined-swan-on-the-back

Indians believed that the swan may indicate a perfect union of a man and a woman. Here the swan is depicted in motion, which may indicate the dynamics of a romantic

The tattoo extends from the shoulder to the middle of the sleeve and it has a very deep meaning. A bloody swan is hugging a woman, who is depicted next to a red rose. The significance is obvious – the whole pattern speaks about the tragic loss of love, most likely, the death of a beloved partner.girl-in-swan-body

A combination of a human’s face and a swan always depicts the inner world of the owner. The tattoo on the hip below represents a swan together with a gypsy woman, the tattoo shows that the person is freedom-loving and independent.swan-on-the-girl-head

In some cultures, a black swan has only a positive connotation and it doesn’t matter what color it is. The black swan on a lower leg shows mercy, humility, and

It is well known that the olive branch is a symbol of peace. The swan, which is depicted with an olive branch, speaks about the inner harmony of a person with himself and with the outer world. The swan tattoo below illustrates this idea.swan-with-branch-and-leaves

The tattoo on the sleeve represents a white swan with flowers. It is completely natural to merge these two patterns as they have similar meanings, the pattern below is about human faith in love.swan-with-violets

The swan tattoos mean not only strong family ties and love, its meaning alters according to the overall context. Thus, the swan tattoo on the lower arm below reflects the swan, which is holding a heart, which, in its turn, may denote disappointment in

In all cultures, a dying swan is a symbol of grief. The bleeding swan is on the thigh and the tattoo means that the owner feels heartbreaking mental anguish and deep sorrow.swan-with-blood

There is an absolutely gorgeous tattoo on a man’s chest. The tattoo depicts a confrontation between a swan – a symbol of purity, goodness and peace and another creature, which is a symbol of evil, misery and war. The denotation is that in a man’s soul two sides of the personality: the good and the evil are always fighting.swan-on-the-body

A remarkable half sleeve tattoo looks fantastic! The confrontation of two elements – water and fire, which are represented by two swans, is illustrated. The signification is expressed in the struggle between the inner law of a man and the laws, accepted in a society.swan-on-the-water-with-background

In Greek culture, a swan is a symbol of a beloved person and strong family ties. In this tattoo on the shoulder, one swan is expressed clearly and it symbolizes the current relationship, and there is a shadow of the second swan, which can serve as a symbol of the past romantic relationship.swan-shadow-with-flower
The black swan adorns the lower arm. The tattoo reveals the prevailing idea in many cultures that every person has a mystical side.dark-swan-on-the-hand

Small Swan Tattoo

Among ancient nations, swan tattoos were treated as a symbol of true and devoted love. The swan is put on the girlish shoulder blade and it is dedicated to a second half and the pattern is a confession of love.


The black swan in a rare pattern, which not all people dare to wear. Here the black swan is displayed with a crown, the image says that a person is limited in the freedom of actions.dark-swan-with-crown