Whale Tattoos

Whales have always been the symbols of different people’s emotions, both positive and negative. Living in the very depths of basins they are worth fascination and terrifying at the same time. That’s why there is no doubt they have found their own place in tattoo art. We have collected quite a few cool whales tattoos here to inspire you.

Whale Tattoo Meaning

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Apart from the fact of being the biggest mammals on earth, whales are simply majestic and inspiring. From the very beginning of mankind, they have been fascinating people’s minds. Due to this, there are a lot of different creation myths and stories connected to whales out there. As for a number of species of whales, there are about 85 of them, yet when it comes to tattoos, there are 4 most popular kinds of whales: Humpback Whale, White Whale, Orca (it is also known as Killer Whale), and Blue Whale.
So, what is the symbolism of whale tattoos?

  • Rebirth – since a whale makes its way up to the surface to exhale and inhale, some may think of it as of kind of rebirth.
  • Endurance and being able to overcome life troubles – again, whales have to go all way up to take a breath of air handling the pressure of the depth, which points out their strength.
  • Guidance and being able to find the right path in life – whales are great navigators.
  • Since whales are the creatures that live in water, they can be symbolic of inner peace and harmony.
  • Whales tattoos often stand for strong family ties, motherhood, and protection.
  • Patience – whales move slowly; it seems that they don’t bother about anything and take their time to swim wherever they need to.

Different cultures interpret whales from different sides. There is no one direct and correct meaning of this mammal unless you refer it to a certain origin. For example, in Chinese culture whales are sacred animals as some of them are believed to have hands and feet like humans and have ruled their water world from the ancient time. According to this belief, these “kings” are considered to be the symbol of power and strength. In Vietnamese culture, whales are referred to divinity, so they are associated with the purity of the soul.
However, there are some negative aspects, for example, in Christianity. In the Bible, whales are represented as “sea monsters” which is why in Christian religious aspect they symbolize evil and malice.
All in all, the meaning of your whale tattoo totally depends on you.

Small Whale Tattoo

Small Whale Tattoo 1
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The good news is, both men and women can opt to whale tattoos. The next pictures show how diverse can these tattoos be. From cool tattoos of whales in American Traditional style to simple Tribal whale tattoos – all of them are just amazing designs. As for the placement, you can get a tattoo pretty much anywhere on your body. Of course, a small whale tattoo would look better on the wrists, feet, ankles, behind the ear, or on the biceps. Bigger designs can be tattooed on the back, thigh, forearm, shoulder, etc. You can also add other images to your whale tattoo. People more often choose the images of other sea creatures and things connected to the sea to complement their tattoos of whales. Starfish, dolphins, waves, ships would be perfect for this. However, you can go for additional designs that have nothing to do with the marine life, like flowers, the moon, starry night or geometric figures.

Humpback Whale Tattoo

Humpback Whale Tattoo 1
Humpback Whale Tattoo 2
Humpback Whale Tattoo 3
Humpback Whale Tattoo 4
Humpback Whale Tattoo 5
Humpback Whale Tattoo 6
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Humpback Whale Tattoo 10
Would you like to get a tiny colorful wrist tattoo of the humpback whale? Or you’d rather get a huge humpback whale tattoo on the back? Size really doesn’t matter when it comes to tattoos since even the tiniest ink can mean a lot to its owner. After all, it’s only up to you to decide what kind of tattoo you are going to do. Let’s get back to whales. As you may have noticed, the majority of the whales is tattooed in a calm and quiet atmosphere. However, you can find designs that show whales as angry and cruel creatures, depicting their anxiety to hurt someone who will get in their way. Actually such tattoos are quite badass. See for yourself.

Cute Whale Tattoos

Cute Whale Tattoos 1
Cute Whale Tattoos 2
Cute Whale Tattoos 3
Cute Whale Tattoos 4
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Cute Whale Tattoos 10
The ways of depicting whales are also different. For example, you can pick a design with a whale swimming underwater or the one that is jumping up above the surface of the sea. Frankly, this can also influence the meaning of your tattoo. A whale peacefully swimming in water may symbolize that you live in harmony with yourself and outer world. On the other hand, a whale that is swimming in rough waves means strong personality and determination.
In case you pick an orca or killer whale tattoo, you should know that it is symbolic of loyalty and devotion, since these sea creatures pick their partners for life. Such a design can be a great idea for matching tattoos for people who are in love. Aren’t they cute?

Blue Whale Tattoo Designs

Blue Whale Tattoo Designs 1
Blue Whale Tattoo Designs 2
Blue Whale Tattoo Designs 3
Blue Whale Tattoo Designs 4
Blue Whale Tattoo Designs 5
Blue Whale Tattoo Designs 6
Blue Whale Tattoo Designs 7
Blue Whale Tattoo Designs 8
Blue Whale Tattoo Designs 9
Blue Whale Tattoo Designs 10
For some reason, whale tattoos mostly come in black and gray, though you may find some cool tattoos in color. As for the latter, they are often complemented by colorful background whether it is outer space or underwater views. Of course, blue whale tattoos usually come in color since, you know, these are the tattoos of blue whale. It’s blue. But it doesn’t mean that you won’t find blue whale tattoos in black and white. We especially love tattoo designs with the image of this beautiful creature in styles like Dotwork and Linework. Such tattoos look spectacular.

Interesting Whale Tattoo Ideas

Interesting Whale Tattoo Ideas 1
Interesting Whale Tattoo Ideas 2
Interesting Whale Tattoo Ideas 3
Interesting Whale Tattoo Ideas 4
Interesting Whale Tattoo Ideas 5
Interesting Whale Tattoo Ideas 6
Interesting Whale Tattoo Ideas 7
Interesting Whale Tattoo Ideas 8
Interesting Whale Tattoo Ideas 9
Interesting Whale Tattoo Ideas 10
Many people get whale tattoos because they want to show they care about these majestic animals. Thanks to such tattoos wearers can tell all the people not to be indifferent to the problem of whale murders and their extinction.
Another cool way to depict a whale is to use only contours of it and fill it with some other image. Floral patterns, mandalas, the scenery of the sea are the most popular options when it comes to such whale tattoos. Merging two pictures together you will get a truly awesome tattoo design.
Last but not least, you can go for a whale tattoo that shows just a part of it. Like, there are tons of cool whale tail tattoos or the ones that show just the head of a whale, etc. As you see, there are no limits.