Cheshire Cat Tattoos

You can barely find a person who doesn’t like fairy tales and fantastic stories. I’m talking about both kids and adults because everybody likes to read these exciting tales that move them into the imaginary world. “Alice’s adventures in Wonderland” is a fantastic story which was written by Lewis Carroll. The narration is about the […]

Whale Tattoos

Whales have always been the symbols of different people’s emotions, both positive and negative. Living in the very depths of basins they are worth fascination and terrifying at the same time. That’s why there is no doubt they have found their own place in tattoo art. We have collected quite a few cool whales tattoos […]

Underboob Tattoos

It would be simply impossible to pass by ones of the sexiest and most popular parts of the body to get inked. Of course, we mean tattoos under the boob. And it’s not just the “boob” part that makes these tattoos so appealing, it’s the tattoo designs themselves. After all, they are characterized by originality, […]

Pine Tree Tattoos

Pine trees are powerful, majestic, wise, and just beautiful. Did you know that some pine trees can grow up to 13,000 feet? Another interesting fact is, pines can reach the age of more than 1,000 years. In fact, the oldest pine tree on earth is over 5,000 years. Can you imagine that? The truth is, […]

Ouroboros Tattoos

Ouroboros… The chances are, you have never heard this word before, but you have definitely seen the image of what it is at least once. So, let’s get straight to the point. What is the ouroboros? The Ouroboros or Uroboros is an Ancient Greek symbol which is made in the form of a dragon or […]

Daisy Flower Tattoos

Daisy tattoos are in vogue, that’s what we can say for sure. Not only are they delicate and beautiful, but also carry deep meanings. When you want to make a new tattoo (or the first one), you always face the problem, connected with the choice of design! Everybody wants to get an attractive picture, tattooed […]

Virgo Tattoos

Those who celebrate their birthdays between August 22nd and September 23rd live in a world of reality, logics and accuracy if to believe horoscope information. Being super picky and practical they often use their critical and analytical mind for the general weal. Virgos love studying and they are hard workers who don’t know the word […]

Illuminati Tattoos

Who is Illuminati? In Latin, the word “Illuminati” means “enlightened”, which belongs to a secret organization from Western Europe, established in the 18th century. Its major aim was to have the power of society. In 1774 Adam Weishaupt was initiated as a Freemason, who later organized his own organization “The Order of the Illuminati”. It […]

Hamsa Hand Tattoos

Having originated from Greece and Rome, the Hamsa hand symbol can be found in numerous cultures and religions around the world. Hamsa hand also known as the Hand of God, the Hand of Fatima in Islam and the hand of Miriam in Judaism is considered to be a strong and powerful amulet shaped like a […]

Foo Dog Tattoo

As you might have assumed from the name, the Foo Dog must have something to do with dogs. Well, it can’t be further from the truth, since the Foo Dog isn’t a dog at all. This mystical beast is actually a lion that has been a part of Chinese and Japanese cultures for ages. According […]

Trash Polka Tattoos

What is Trash Polka tattoo style? The Trash Polka tattoo style is an aggressive but incredibly high-quality style of protest, absurdity, and provocation. It was “born” from photographs, newspaper clippings, and collages. This “trash” served as a basis for German tattoo artists Simon Puff and Volko Merschky. The name “polka” indicates their interests in Gypsy […]

Traditional Wolf Tattoo

In ancient times, each animal represented its own strength, peculiar only to it, people have created totems in the form of animals, and they believed in their patronage. Here is a typical example of a traditional tattoo on the chest, which carries the meaning of a fearless man, who is devoted to high ideals. In south-eastern […]

Tribal Scorpion Tattoos

Tribal Scorpion Tattoo On Half Sleeve This two-tone scorpion on the right half-sleeve looks much impressive! A red scorpion tail, reddish head and claws complete the whole image. The tattooing contains a lot of smoothed lines to reflect the combination of subtle and brutal features of the character in one person. Diminutive Black Scorpion The […]

Koi Fish Tattoos

Koi Fish Tattoo Designs Ideas In Eastern culture, a koi fish tattoo signifies perseverance, and purposefulness as in nature the carp can swim both downstream and upstream, as well as people in life – it depends on the strength of the human character whether he will accept the circumstances or will try to change them. […]

Teddy Bear Tattoos

The lovely teddy bear tattoo performed in the traditional brown color adorns the thigh. If you are a huge fan of teddy bears, you can immortalize you love to this soft toy in this fabulous tattoo design.  This wounded and miserable teddy bear tattoo made in the cartoonish style causes compassion. This piece outlines the […]

Rose Tattoos

Rose is a gorgeous and eye-catching flower. That explains its popularity since ancient times in almost all the world cultures. Roses were used in the official coats of arms and emblems of many countries; decorated the bride’s head at the wedding; a rose was a symbol of the courage of the warriors. In addition, this […]

Hebrew Tattoos with Meanings

The popularity of Hebrew tattoos has increased over the past two decades. The idea to have a tattoo with an ancient scripture seems very cool and fashionable. Sometimes the tattoos with Hebrew words, letters and Bible verses show the person’s connection to Jewishness. But in most cases, people choose ancient language as a modern and […]

Raven Tattoos

History and Meaning of the Raven Tattoos in Different Cultures Being ones of the smartest birds, ravens have always fascinated people. There’s something so enchanting, mysterious and slightly scary about ravens that it is impossible to stay indifferent towards them. This helps us understand why raven tattoos are so popular among both men and women. […]

Owl Tattoos

In nature, there are 216 species of owls. They are night birds which stalk and hunt their prey mostly at night. The interesting thing is, owls can turn their heads 270 degrees in both directions so that they literally can see almost everything around them without making a sound. So, what does an owl tattoo […]

Snake Tattoos

Even though people tend to think that snakes are dangerous and terrifying, the truth is, only 15% percent out of more than 3000 species of snakes living in the world are dangerous. From the deadly poisonous Black Mambas to the huge yet quite timid Royal Pythons, from the fascinating King Cobras to the mesmerizing Pit […]

Lion Tattoos

Lions are astonishing creatures. After all, they are ones of the largest living cats in the world, taking an honorable second place after the tigers. So, what’s so special about lions apart from their impressive size? There must be some reasons why people have been fascinated by these wild animals for thousands of years. From […]

Aquarius Symbol Tattoos Ideas

Most people will agree that the choice of a tattoo design is a very important and responsible task. Who doesn’t dream about an ideal tattoo design which will not only be trendy, but also bring good luck? Such a magic tattoo exists! We all depend on the sign, under which we were born. Thus, the […]

Compass Tattoo Designs and Meaning

Earlier, the compass tattoo got inked only by the Navy personnel, but now this design can be seen on the bodies of the travelers, fishermen, explorers and, of course, average tattoo-lovers. Depending on the components and number of the points, there are several kinds of compasses: the compass rose – a classic tool of the […]

Shoulder Blade Tattoos for Male and Female

Shoulder blade tattoos are on top of trends now. Lots of people adore such tattoos, because of two reasons. At first, shoulder blade is a large area, which means you can easily make a big tattoo here. What about a large portrait with small details? You can afford it. The second reason is: it’s very […]

Anchor Tattoos Design Ideas

Why do we love anchor tattoos? Well, because they are unique and really beautiful. There is a popular belief that this whole story began long ago, when the sailors and fishermen started to make them in order to show their passion for the sea. Another belief is that the Christians made such tattoos 2 thousand […]

Matching Sister Tattoos Design

When you have a sister (she doesn’t need to be your blood relative, of course), life becomes brighter — all in all, it’s the closest person you could ever get! Sisters are bound by blood, and if you love your sister (and like tattoos), it makes sense that you may want to make a sisterly […]

Rib Tattoo for Guys and Girls

When you make your first tattoo, it’s not just a tattoo – it’s the beginning of a whole story. You make the first one, then you suddenly understand that it’s just the first step and that one is never enough! Well, it doesn’t matter if it’s your first tattoo or your tenth one — choosing […]

Unique Aztec Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

Aztec culture is rich in designs and patterns as it was the main way to express their spirit. But why is it so popular now, when people live in the 21st century? Let’s make the matters clear. A long time ago when Aztec culture was flourishing, these intricate patterns were used to show the unity […]

Beautiful and Mysterious Seahorse Tattoos

Having the head that looks like horse’s head and curled tail a seahorse is a species of fish belonging to the genus Hippocampus. The word of the genus consists of two ancient Greek words “hippos” and “kampos” that are translated as “horse” and “sea monster”. Despite the etymology, these little creatures that can reach maximally […]

Sugar Skull Tattoo Designs

Tattoos have been a symbol of fashion and style for a long time. Also, they can express your feelings and views of the world. One of the original themes of the tattoo, however, is Calavera or the Sugar Skull. Meaning of Sugar Skull Tattoo The skull is one of the most popular images in the tattoo […]

Bible Verse Tattoos

Of course, attitude plays a role in the Bible verse tattoos. Many Christians want to exhibit their position and a way of life in an artistic way. The quotes, verses, and sayings of the Bible are very popular. It is because of the deep meaning behind each quote. Sure, a certain verse represents something special […]

Mountain Tattoos

Humanity has always considered mountains to be the mysterious symbol, denoting something complicated and unknown. However, these majestic massifs were also associated with power, strength, wisdom, and greatness that last forever. Mountains are hard, they are huge, and they are indestructible. There are no external forces that can ruin them. Thus, as a tattoo they […]

Lion King Tattoos & Hakuna Matata Tattoo

Lion King is a sought-after design for those, who are real fans of the cartoon “The Lion King”, which discloses relevant problems as for the self-determination in life, relations between parents and children and the attitude towards life. People will appreciate the pictures of favorite cartoon characters; these tattoos will look great on any body […]

3D Spider Tattoo Designs

Here you can find your own design of 3d spider tattoo. Besides the attractive and powerful look, 3d spider tattoo has a specific meaning that you can read below. The 3D design makes your skin like having a real painting. So, get spider tattoo to shock people or to attract their attention to your individuality!   Sparkling 3D spider […]

Spider Web Tattoo on Elbow

Spider elbow tattoo can be treated in different ways based upon directions, compositions and, of course, a personal attitude of the wearer. More often than not a spider is matching with the web on the elbow tats.  The compositions of web and spider look stunning due the circular form going from the center point of […]

Top Tattoo Ideas With Black Widow Spider

Black widow spider tattoos are kinda popular among men and women. It can be styled in different sizes and can be drawn anywhere on the body. A black widow spider is commonly associated with fear, danger, death and mystery because its bite can be lethal. But tattoos with these little creatures have also varied positive […]

Nude Full Body Tattoos

Here you can have all the guidance about full body tattoo designs. People get various designs depending on one`s wish and tastes. Full body designs can cover the entire body and can be simple like the torso and hands that are inked. The variety of motifs turns on the chosen style, i.e., tribal, steampunk, Yakuza, […]

35 Quarter Sleeve Tattoo Ideas With Meanings

Why it’s cool to have a quarter sleeve tattoo: It can be easily exposed or hidden with the clothes; Looks always jaw-dropping; You can turn it into a half sleeve or a full sleeve; Conceals skin diseases, trauma scars, and imperfections; Can become a conversation topic at parties or gatherings. Quarter Sleeve Design Ideas & […]

40 Small Bird Tattoos on Various Parts of the Body

Small bird tattoos may be performed in diverse styles and put on all parts of the body, that is why they are extremely voguish. Furthermore, they spell out different ideas depending on the tones of the ornament and the place of the application. Tattooing areas encompass half sleeves, feet, the chest, wrists, hands and legs. […]

Fish Hook Tattoo – Fishing Designs

This appealing tac on the foot demonstrates the heart, which is made of two fish hooks, on the right side of it there is an inscription: “Love”. The signification of this tattoo is a purposeful person, who has searched for love, has found it and will never let his beloved go. Fish Hook Tattoo on […]

Sparrow Tattoo Design Ideas and Meaning

A sparrow is a sought-after image for those, who like tattoos, made in old-school traditions. This tattoo has a very deep and fascinating history and this image has left its mark in almost all cultures. Thus, for Vikings, who often sailed to distant countries to conquer new lands, a sparrow tattoo was a representation of […]

Tramp Stamp Tattoos Designs and Meaning

Tramp stamp tattoos have been quite controversial all the time and if you look up this topic on the internet, you will probably find tons of pros and cons. But we would like to warn you not to make any hasty conclusions before you know everything about tramp stamps. What is a Tramp Stamp Tattoos: […]