33 Deer Tracks Tattoos

The tattoo – it is a means of achieving personal expression, so it should be unique for each person. The deer tracks ink is the most unusual and original of all animals’ traces tattoos. First of all, such tats symbolize the nobility, but the meanings can be different depending on a person! Here you will […]

35 Incredible Rattlesnake Tattoo Ideas

The awesome rattlesnake half sleeve tattoo with the eagle is made in the black and gray style. Every feature of these two predators is well outlined and due to it, the animals look lifelike. This duet represents the fight between the good and the evil. The outstanding monochrome rattlesnake tattoo extends over the female’s side. […]

30 Deer Skull Tattoo Designs with Meaning

The deer skull tattoo – rather an unusual choice at a first glance. But as you know, the deer symbolize strength, beauty, and richness of the inner world of a person Below you’ll find the designs of these beautiful inks in different styles and colors for every taste. Only one we can say for sure […]

Deer Head Tattoo Designs

What do you think about deer? Do you like these cute animals? And what about getting inked with the deer? Here you’ll find 38 the most fabulous and delightful deer head tattoo designs! Here you will exactly pick up the tattoo to your taste! Enjoy! #1. The Deer Head Ink with a Lettering on the […]

Flying Birds Tattoo Ideas

In numerology, a number three is the number, which gives joy. Birds in the majority of cases have favorable significations, they mean optimism, ease, joyful life and family values. Three little birds tattoos are put on feet, half sleeves, backs and necks. For ancient Aztecs, birds symbolized the power of the gods, they were their messengers […]

Monarch Butterfly Tattoo

#1. Monarch Butterfly Flock on Back These three monarch butterflies on the upper part of the back are much impressive! The light-winged creatures of different size moving one after another reflect the person`s wish for the eternal development forward. #2. Burly Light-Winged Creature Above Elbow The jumbo butterfly sitting above the elbow emphasizes with its […]

3 Little Birds Tattoos in Different Styles

In numerology, a number three is the number, which gives joy. Birds in the majority of cases have favorable significations, they denote optimism, ease, joyful life and family values. Three little birds tattoos are put on feet, half sleeves, backs and necks. These three tiny birds are depicted on the foot, they are sitting on […]

3D Butterfly Tattoos For Fair Sex

#1. Gaudy 3-D Butterfly Tattoo on Shoulder-Blade The tender butterfly tattooed on the left shoulder-blade in a tridimensional manner reveals the boundless freedom and independent. The image was completed with gaudy colors: lilac, green, blue, black and purple. The fluttering light-winged creature shows the desire for change and transfiguring. #2. Graceful Butterfly with Inscription on […]

50 Grizzly Bear Tattoo Ideas

Grizzly Bear Tattoo Ideas The snazzy grizzly bear tattoo piece adorns the quarter sleeve. This menacing beast made in its natural coloring is regarded by many folks to be the source of the masculine energy and a symbol of male’s fertility. The glorious flowers complement the motif and accentuate the strong connection of this animal […]

Bear Paw Tattoo Designs in Different Styles

The stunning bear paw tattoo made in the form of the bear’s head. The brown color gamut conveys severity and ferocity of this mammal, and the tribal claws complement the motif. This piece accentuates the determined and bold character of the bearer. The bear paw tattoo looks very awesome and saucy on the female’s chest. […]

Lion and Lamb Tattoo Design Ideas

There are many versions of Lion and Lamb tattoos. The most well-known one has its base in Christian faith. Both the lion and the lamb refer to Jesus Christ. It is believed that Jesus embodies these two animals. The Lion and the Lamb are descriptions of the nature of Christ. This tattoo is chosen by […]

Impressive 3D Scorpion Tattoo Ideas

Such colorful and rich tattoo draws the people`s attention at once. The compositional tridimensional tattoo was created tellingly on the both legs. The two large scorpions among the claret roses bespeak fidelity and unlimited devotion. Scorpion On Mountain Background The tattoo with a murky scorpion on the left shoulder completes with a mountain background. The […]

Wolf Paw Tattoos Plus Curious Denotations

The wolf paw tattoo has a special signification for northern peoples, as it indicated firmness of a character, and the ability to accept life as it is. This wolf paw with the blue eye in the center is located on the lower arm and it denotes a morally strong man. Slavs-pagans supposed that the wolf […]

30 Powerful Lioness Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo of the lioness is more common for females. It is explained by a desire to show own femininity. The woman thinks: “I’m a mother (or future mother). So what kind of tattoo will be the best for me to show that?” Nature gave us strong animal instincts: surviving, caring of our inheritors. As lioness […]

30 Top Lion Tattoos In Tribal Style

There are Polynesian islands in the Pacific Ocean. This place is far away from the world civilization and it has its special characteristics. This is where tribal tattoo style was born. The etymology of the word “tribal” is in the word “tribe” which means an ethnic group of people who has a common religion, economy […]

Great Religious Tattoos of Lion of Judah with Meanings

The lion of Judah tattoo is in great request due to its religious meanings. It includes all lion’s features, i.e. courage, might, and fearlessness. This figure is often associated with Ethiopia. The King of Judah is illustrated on the national flag of Ethiopia. Three colors of the flag are often pictured in tattoos. This is […]

Beautiful Tiger Head Tattoo Ideas

The flamboyant tiger head tattoo amazingly adorns the chest. The severe tiger with the amber-yellow eyes and the huge fangs arouses the fear. The wonderful details-work artistically conveys all the features incident to this animal: strengths, hot temper and aggression. The extravagant Old-school tiger head tattoo fits in awesomely on the back. It’s an interesting […]

Beautiful Tribal Tiger Tattoo Ideas

The awesome tribal tiger tattoo adorns the forearm. The refined black lines gracefully shape the tiger and convey its majestic nature. Such tattoo design is preferred by self-confident, determined and strong-willed individuals. The splendid tribal tiger tattoo inked on the forearm. The fabulous tiger’s head performed in the black bold color has an enigmatic and […]

Traditional Japanese Tiger Tattoo Ideas

Traditional Tiger Tattoos The incredibly beautiful Japanese tiger tattoo performed in the black-grayish technique covers the entire back. The massive tiger with the ferocious and violent face feels like a real king in the dense jungles. The skillful shading work accentuates all details and creates the natural atmosphere. The striking Japanese tiger tattoo extends over […]

30+ Jesus Fish Tattoo Designs

A simple pattern here is visible on the wrist. This Jesus fish tattoo represents two arcs, which form the tail of the fish. Despite the outer simplicity, this ink carries a very deep signification – it is about a person, who has put her life into God’s hands. Usually, Jesus fish designs are monochrome, but […]

Kermit the Frog Tattoo Designs

Here is the cute brightly-colored Kermit the frog tattoo sitting on the beam and playing the banjo. The pond and the canes create the natural atmosphere, and the flaming shading in the background imitates the sunset and makes this tattoo design colorful and attractive.

Tribal Frog Tattoos Designs

The tribal frog tattoo design inked in green color beautifully adorns the wrist. The black outline and the curved lines make this tattoo design look tender. The red eye and lime-green strokes on the frog’s limbs add a little bit originality to the image. This awesome black tribal frog tattoo design on the sleeve stands […]

44 Celtic Raven Tattoos

This Celtic raven which is located on the back looks more like an abstract tattoo. Yet, it has its own uniqueness. Spread wings might mean freedom and Celtic style is supposed to have a positive meaning of the tattoo to its owner. A magnificent tattoo of three ravens standing in a circle on a shoulder […]

39 Fantastic Small Owl Tattoos

Owl patterns are sought-after due to their beauty and the wide range of areas of the application. Recently, small owl tattoos have become extremely voguish. 1. It has been proved that one of the main connotations of the owl image is prudence, comprehensive knowledge, and erudition. This tiny owl on the shoulder represents a lovely […]