Unique Aztec Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

Aztec culture is rich in designs and patterns as it was the main way to express their spirit. But why is it so popular now, when people live in the 21st century? Let’s make the matters clear.

A long time ago when Aztec culture was flourishing, these intricate patterns were used to show the unity with nature, great devotion to the culture and, of course, a warrior spirit. Being tattooed in Aztec culture meant to express something like “It’s me” or “I come from this tribe”, that is why these inks are so symbolic and meaningful. Nowadays you do not have to follow any strict beliefs; it’s just a matter of choice – either you just like the design or you are truly devoted to this culture. However, if you have decided to ink something from Aztec themes, it’s better to make sure what meaning this or that design has.

There are some most common tattoos that people get:

Eagles. The most fierce and courageous bird in the culture. It represents strength, power, and readiness to act in case of danger. This bird is also a symbol of rebirth, and it became an integral part of all the warriors. Usually depicted with its head turn to the left and its beak open.

Jaguar. Another symbol of courage, strength, and power. Together with eagle warriors, jaguar soldiers represented endless bravery and were in the same rank as eagles. The only difference between them is the way they expressed their beliefs and what gods they honored.

Sun. One of the main symbols representing both birth and death. Aztecs had four Sun Gods as they believed that our world was destroyed and built four times. The Sun has a deep meaning being the symbol of protection of life.

Warrior. Wars and adventures took a special place in Aztec tribes. That’s why it’s no wonder warriors with their piercing glance became the main characters of the Aztec tattoo designs.

Skull. The symbol of death is extremely popular among men especially when they want to give such a tattoo a new and fresh look.

Among others, flowers, calendars, frogs, serpents, and dragons can be mentioned.

Talking about places for such tattoos, chest and shoulders, arms (sleeves and half sleeves) and legs are the most favorite ones. Those complicated geometrical figures and intricate designs will become an eye-catching decoration for these parts of the body.

Even when a lot of centuries have passed, Aztec tribes remain one of the most mysterious ones. Probably that is the reason why people are amazed by their rich culture, and they want to feel that enigmatic atmosphere through getting tattoos inked on their bodies. So, before you go your favorite tattoo salon, we advise you to have a look at these astounding inks which will take you to the Aztec tribes full of mystery and riddles.


#1. Aztec Print Tattoos

A perfect half-sleeve featuring warriors with fierce faces and eagles would become an incredibly eye-catching decoration for men with a strong willpower!

Aztec print tattoos

#2. Small Aztec Tattoos

Wanna show everyone you are the winner of every challenge of your life? Then this colorful cup of trophies is just what you need!

Small Aztec tattoos

#3. Aztec Tribal Tattoos for Men

Such popular and stunning half-sleeves will blow your mind! The intricate picture with so many little details will create a genuine atmosphere of those times.

Aztec tribal tattoos for men

#4. Aztec Tattoos for Girls

Not only men can wear Aztec tattoos. For girls, there is also an option of a tender and interesting design which looks mysterious and sexy being tattooed on the back.

Aztec tattoos for girls

#5. Aztec Warrior Tattoo Pictures

Just look at this warrior’s piercing glance! Petrifying, isn’t it? With all these realistic shades and details he seems to be a real warrior protecting the owner of this tattoo.

Aztec warrior tattoo pictures

A warrior carrying a saved girl is quite an unusual but interesting tattoo to be depicted. Warriors always have their life full of risks and no wonder such tattoos appear on real men!

Aztec warrior tattoo pictures

#6. Awesome Aztec Eagle Tattoo

Express your bravery and power with the help of an incredible tattoo of the eagle which is one of the main symbols of these features of character.

Awesome Aztec eagle tattoo

#7. Aztec Skull Tattoos

One of the most popular variations of a warrior tattoo is a skull with some other Aztec features. Show everyone your eagle spirit!

Aztec skull tattoos

Killing beauty! Such a contradictive tattoo may astonish people giving them the impression of a person who is a really strong man devoted to nature!

Aztec skull tattoos

#8. Aztec Gods Tattoos

Tezcatlipoca sticking his tongue out is another god honored in the Aztec culture. Being the patron of all the warriors his tattoos can be seen very often.

Aztec gods tattoos

#9. Aztec Bracelet Tattoo

Even being only outlined, armbands look like a real meaningful mascot for a tattooed owner. The Aztec motive is really vivid in this tattoo!

Aztec bracelet tattoo

#10. Aztec Tattoo Art for Men

Aztec beauty in every little detail. This sleeve seems to contain every single symbol which refers to the Aztec culture. Awesome idea for a real man!

Aztec tattoo art for men

It’s not really often when people get the Aztec tattoos in color. However, when they do this, they get an incredibly vibrant picture to admire!

Aztec tattoo art for men

#11. Aztec Soldier Tattoo Ideas

In order to honor this great civilization, you may want to get one of the most widespread tattoos featuring the god sitting and performing some sacred ritual.

Aztec soldier tattoo ideas

#12. Aztec Serpent Tattoo Designs

One more common animal in Aztec art is a serpent as it was a symbol of rebirth. Slowly crawling from the shoulder to the chest it becomes a masterpiece on the body!

Aztec serpent tattoo designs

#13. Aztec Dragon Tattoo

A stunning dragon appearing from nowhere seems like warning people about this man’s readiness to act in a fierce way if the danger is near.

Aztec dragon tattoo

#14. Aztec Art Tattoos

This tattoo will blow your mind! It actually doesn’t look like a tattoo. It reminds of a real warrior wearing a jaguar hat. Flawless work!

Aztec art tattoos

Different small details can change the whole picture! You wouldn’t deny that without all these intricate patterns and designs the Sun God would be so epic!

Aztec art tattoos

#15. Aztec Arm Tattoo Designs

Black color, smooth shades, and interesting patterns – all these items are integral when we speak about Aztec tattoos.
Aztec arm tattoo designs

#16. Aztec Hand Tattoos

Surprised to see an Aztec tattoo on a girl’s hand? Don’t be! As these lines, dots and geometrical figures are extremely popular among ladies.
Aztec hand tattoos

A lot of Aztec gods were carved in the stones and temples. This tendency remains even nowadays being interpreted into the tattoo art.

Aztec hand tattoos

#17. Aztec Sleeve Art Tattoos

Do you feel this stare? You can’t help feeling it as this warrior seems to be alive watching you anywhere at any time! A real masterpiece!
Aztec sleeve art tattoos

Is this warrior tattooed or made of stone? The picture is so realistic that you can feel the atmosphere of the Aztec culture just looking at this sleeve.

Aztec sleeve art tattoos

#18. Aztec Calendar Tattoo

What else comes to your mind when you hear about Aztecs? That’s right, the calendar, which represents the whole life cycle.

Aztec calendar tattoo

#19. Aztec Chest Piece Tattoos

Such a necklace would be a really fascinating tattoo to wear. Geometric patterns and the right place on the body have made this tattoo a real Aztec attribute.
Aztec chest piece tattoos

So many different patterns can’t look anywhere better than in an Aztec tattoo design. Half sleeves on both arms smoothly transiting to the chest tattoo are awesome!

Aztec chest piece tattoos

#20. Aztec Back Tattoos

The Aztec sun gods tattoos are highly popular among men. And there is no wonder why, as such tattoos express a real devotion to this mysterious culture!

Aztec back tattoos

#21. Eagle Back Piece Tattoo

Such a striking full back tattoo can easily become a picture representing one day from the Aztecs’ life. For some people, their sacrifice to the gods was an honor.

Eagle back piece tattoo

#22. Best Aztec Tattoo Outlines

It’s clear that this man is passionate about the Aztec culture. Old inks were refreshed with the help of a new one featuring the Sun God. Great line work!

Best Aztec tattoo outlines

#23. 3d Background Tattoo

A lot of people choose 3d tattoos as they look more realistic and can attract other people. When it comes to Aztecs’ pyramids and sculptures, there should be no doubts what technique to choose!
3D background tattoo

#24. Aztec Woman Tattoo

Not only fierce warriors and gods can be depicted on the arms. For women, there is a great option of a Mexican beauty decorated with some flowers and a few Aztec distinctive features.

Aztec woman tattoo

#25. Mexican Tribal Tattoos

You can feel a real power of the Mexican tribal inhabitants just having one astonishing tattoo on your chest. A great choice for a real man!

Mexican tribal tattoos

#26. Cool Aztec Tattoos

A good example of how you can get a breathtaking tattoo without using colorful ink and boring patterns. The intricate design on the chest and arm is everything you need!

Cool Aztec tattoos

#27. Aztec Shoulder Tattoo for Guys

Influenced by the Aztec culture, this tattoo may become a genuine charm for the owner. So, be careful with the choice and check the meaning before getting it inked.

Aztec shoulder tattoo for guys

#28. Aztec Tattoo With Jaguar

Jaguar warrior is the second fierce knight after the eagle one. With the help of this half sleeve, you will manage to express your fighting spirit!

Aztec tattoo with jaguar

#29. 3d Aztec Tattoo on Half Sleeve

Some death mark tattoos like skulls are really scaring, but they are so skillfully made that you can’t take your eyes away! It’s exactly this case!
3d Aztec tattoo on half sleeve

#30. Aztec Tattoo in Progress

Aztec themed tattoos take a lot of time to ink them. Especially when this tattoo includes intricate patterns and geometric figures. But the result is worth this time!

Aztec tattoo in progress

#31. Aztec Tattoo on Both Shoulders

Why don’t you mix up different cultures against the Aztec background? This man has done it without losing the atmosphere of every culture!

Aztec tattoo on both shoulders

#32. Aztec Skeleton Tattoo

Eagle, skeleton, tribal patterns – what can be more Aztec-like? Skillfully performed shades and great color transitions make this tattoo a masterpiece!

Aztec skeleton tattoo

#33. Female Aztec Tattoos

Only one expression comes to the mind – the dreadful beauty. Nothing else can appeal more than an attractive Mexican woman with some terrific Aztec decorations.

Female Aztec tattoos

#34. Grey Aztec Tattoo on the Leg

This 3d Aztec tattoo is gorgeous. There is a feeling that it’s not inked on the leg but carved into the stone. Extremely realistic!

Grey Aztec tattoo on the leg

#35. Aztec Tattoos With the Story

Aztec themed tattoos have their own beauty as the designs are really diverse. Combine a warrior, an eagle, the Sun God and decorate them with tribal patterns and you’ll get a unique tattoo!

Aztec tattoos with the story

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