The Startling Batman Tattoos With Powerful Meanings

Batman is one of the most popular characters of DC comics became a superhero of numerous TV series and animated pictures. Today Batman is brought to life in the form of amazing tattoos, which shows the fans’ love to this superhero. The well-designed image and the values he stands up for are the basic in these far-famed and unique tattoos.

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The Meanings of Batman Tattoos

Batman or Dark Knight is a famous superhero that doesn’t have any supernatural powers but possesses incredible fighting skills, quick wit and an array of gadgets. Being a detective during the day-times and a crime fighter at night, he protects Gotham City from evil. This iconic symbol can be interpreted in various ways in tattoo, but it always symbolizes positive meanings and what a wearer wants to assert:

  • The societal values and struggle for justice: the main Batman’s aim is to maintain safety in the city and fight against villains. Thus, a tattoo will emphasize your bravery and hatred for crime and injustice.
  • The endurance and perseverance in a person: despite the fact that Batman doesn’t have special powers, he often risks his life and is always dedicated to helping people by keeping the evil things at bay.
  • The hard work and total dedication to favorite activity: the tattoo can show the wearer’s courage to stand against life challenges and possible obstacles in order to achieve the goals.

The Batman tattoo is also a perfect choice for those, who want to express: mighty force, hope, sheer courage, power, strength, protection, fearlessness, care and humanity.

The Variations and Designs of Batman Tattoos

Batman himself is usually presented in a completely black cape, sometimes with a yellow or red bat label on the front. The material resembles armored suit with defined muscles to appear more intimidating. You can ink a full-bodied figure of Batman or only Batman mask.

Apart from Batman, there are several symbols that can be depicted instead of him or with the main hero to create an authentic image:

  • The Batman logo can be rendered in different ways. The sharp-lined bat silhouette is originally solid black but can be complemented with some intricate designs.
  • Bat-Mobile or Bat-cycle – are heavily armored, luxury Batman’s vehicles.
  • Gotham City – is the fictional city, where all scenes take place.
  • Batman’s villains – Joker, Riddler, Two-face, Poison Ivy, Penguin, Catwoman, etc.
  • Robin – is a Batman’s sidekick, who emphasizes Batman’s darkness.
  • Other superheroes: Batman Vs Superman tattoo is one of the coolest ideas. The battle between two superheroes looks effective.

Colors and Styles

Black ink is the fastest way to embody notable character on the skin, but other alternatives like white, yellow and silver are possible as well. Normally, Batman tattoos are rich in color and very heavy, which creates a realistic image. The Batman tattoos are not simple sketches, which need a lot of needle time and work by the experienced artist.

The Batman tattoos come in a variety of styles that help to convey origins of the superhero:

  • 3D;
  • Sketch style;
  • Watercolor;
  • Traditional style;
  • Cartoon style;

So, the Batman tattoo is a fabulous option for a strong person, who is determined, good at the core and wish to grasp the might of a superhero. The tattoo with Dark Knight is easily recognizable that makes a powerful statement of your personality.

#1. He D Batman Tattoo on the Forearm

This black-ink tattoo depicts Batman standing with head down. What is he thinking about?? The amazing shading and scrupulous work on details lead to the fantastic representation of superhero’s image.

The 3D Batman tattoo on the forearm.

#2. He Awesome Batman Tattoo in Sketch Style

The sketch style is a very original form of Batman portrait. The bats are integral parts of this tattoo on the forearm: small creatures flying in the background and a big white logo on Batman’s chest highlight his origin.

The awesome Batman tattoo in sketch style.

#3. He Badass Batman Tattoo for Boys on the Forearm

This tattoo of comics character is so dark that it even frightens. The black ink flows add dynamism to Batman’s portrait, which is achieved by the use of watercolor style.

The badass Batman tattoo for boys on the forearm.

#4. He Batman and Joker Tattoo in Black

This artwork on the arm resembles a coin with two sides. The idea of good and evil are combined in one face tattoo of Batman and Joker. And have you decided which side is yours?

The Batman and Joker tattoo in black.

#5. He Sketch of Batman Tattoo on the Arm

The simplest tattoo of Batman’s portrait still looks recognizable and magnificent. The brief outlines create a glorious sketch of Dark Knight, which will be a symbol of your strength.

The sketch of Batman tattoo on the arm.

#6. He Cool Batman Tattoo on the Chest

The Batman logo in all its simplicity is yet eye-catching in appearance. The black tattoo on the male chest is designed with barely visible strips that make a strong emphasis in this work.

The cool Batman tattoo on the chest.

#7. He Batman Logo Tattoos on the Ribs

Here you see very unusual Batman logo that is disintegrating into a colony of tiny bats flying away. What is more, the logo is a basis for a skyline of Gotham city, lost in the darkness of night.

The Batman logo tattoos on the ribs.

#8. He Batman Sign Tattoo for Men on the Forearm

This tattoo portrays Batman label alone with a prominent outline. It produces a great contrast with the skin. The men will certainly appreciate this mark of power and courage!

The Batman sign tattoo for men on the forearm.

#9. He Black Batman Half-sleeve Tattoo

The fantastic masterpiece of Dark Knight will keep you admiring it forever. The artist managed to realistically depict superhero and prepared a glorious background of Gotham city behind him.

The black Batman halfsleeve tattoo.

#10. He Tattoo of Batman Symbol in a Watercolor Style

Batman tattoo is chosen by men for the most part. However, this bright image of Batman logo can become a beautiful decoration for girls. The small wrist tattoo in watercolor design is a girlish variation of comics character.

The tattoo of Batman symbol in a watercolor style.

#11. He Batman Tattoo for Boys on the Half-sleeve

It is difficult to believe that this is just a tattoo because it depicts Dark Knight in a highly realistic way. It is done predominantly in black ink that leads to a sharp contrast with yellow Batman logo on the chest.

The Batman tattoo for boys on the halfsleeve.

#12. He Ideal Tattoo of Batman Sketch for Girls

Have you dreamt about Batman tattoo in uncommon style? This drawing on the arm illustrates a modern image of a superhero in the form of a sketch. The black Batman logo below and numerous abstract elements enrich the pattern.

The ideal tattoo of Batman sketch for girls.

#13. He Funny Batman Tattoo for Kids

Batman is a very serious character without a doubt, but you may add some new, interesting details to this image. What about this amusing design on the forearm? It is far from original but very funny one!

The funny Batman tattoo for kids.

#14. He Batman Themed Tattoo on the Half-sleeve

This tattoo is inspired by Batman comics and presents a small piece of a famous story of the decisive and fearless character. You may notice skyline of Gotham city as a part of Dark Knight’s image.

The Batman themed tattoo on the halfsleeve.

#15. He Cool Batman Tattoo on the Half-sleeve

The colorful Batman tattoo always stands out due to the saturated inks, deep colorings of a solid pattern. Look at this splendid artwork of confident superhero; the smooth color transition from black to blue with a vivid red splash of Ferris wheel amaze!

The cool Batman tattoo on the halfsleeve.

#16. He Dark Knight Tattoo on the Calf

The black and gray tattoo presents a massive composition with two characters of DC comics. Bane is a horrible villain that embodies big evil and danger and Batman – a fighter for peace and justice.

The Dark Knight tattoo on the calf.

#17. He Small Batman Tattoo for Guys on the Forearm

It is unnecessary to ink a huge Batman tattoo because even small one works well. Here the drawing combines the techniques of linework and blackwork. As a result, you get an excellent option of screaming Dark Knight.

The small Batman tattoo for guys on the forearm.

#18. He Batman Tattoo for Guys on the Half-sleeve

All Batman fans can only dream about such a marvelous tattoo! The realism is a key point of this masterpiece with superb black shading. The Batman logo in the white background additionally features the tattoo.

The Batman tattoo for guys on the halfsleeve.

#19. He Unique Batman Tattoo for Men on the Leg

Batman is a positive hero but not in this case. Here Dark Knight bears horrendous image. The pursy eyes, skeletal smile, extremely long ears that resemble sharp knives and cryptic smoke behind, keep your attention.

The unique Batman tattoo for men on the leg.

#20. He Tattoo of Batman Mask on the Forearm

The transformation of Batman mask into a mask with a skull is really unexpected. The gray background adds mystery to this black, dangerous pattern. A very brutal choice for guys!

The tattoo of Batman mask on the forearm.

#21. He Colorful Bat Signal Tattoo on the Biceps

This Batman tattoo is rich in symbolism – Batman logo is a universal sign of Dark Knight. Here it creates a framework for an admirable scene with night Gotham city and superhero, who guards the order.

The colorful bat signal tattoo on the biceps.

#22. He Rude Batman Tattoo on the Forearm

What does the owner want to express with such notorious gesture? – Freedom, insolence, impudence? Anyway, this interesting, realistic Batman tattoo on the forearm does not give you a chance to be unnoticed.

The rude Batman tattoo on the forearm.

#23. He Batman Tattoo for Females With Flowers

The Batman logo has a wonderful shape for creative designs. This colorful tattoo on the forearm illustrates a gorgeous option with floral filling. This beautiful, small pattern belongs to the best ideas of female Batman tattoos.

The Batman tattoo for females with flowers.

#24. He Batman Outline Tattoo With the Joker’s Card on the Leg

This tattoo is done in outline style, which appears quite impressive on the skin. The flock of black bats around the main hero enhances the impression. The Joker’s card in Batman’s hand embodies his main enemy.

The Batman outline tattoo with the Jokers card on the leg.

#25. He Best Batman Tattoo Design on the Arm

The movie with Batman was a basis for this magnificent tattoo on the arm. The superhero wears well-known black mask and suit, while red shade makes a bright accent on his dark silhouette.

The best Batman tattoo design on the arm.

#26. He Batman Gentleman Tattoo in Sketch Style

Batman gentleman is an unbelievable idea, isn’t it? The man in a plaid suit with a cup of tea and black mask confuse a lot. What is more, this tattoo on the forearm is performed in sketch style that resembles the design of an old photo!

The Batman gentleman tattoo in sketch style.

#27. He Scary and Mad Bat Tattoo Design

This is a completely demonic presentation of Batman on the forearm. The absence of eyes and spiteful smile evoke the feelings of horror and fear. Only a black Batman logo reminds us of a superhero from comics.

The scary and mad bat tattoo design.

#28. He Tattoo With Batman and Catwoman on the Leg

Catwoman is a prototype of cunning but damn attractive hero. Is she a good company for Batman in this tattoo?? Both of them look great in blackwork pattern in the background of Gotham city.

The tattoo with Batman and Catwoman on the leg.

#29. He Bright Batman and Joker Tattoo on the Half-sleeve

This half-sleeve tattoo represents two enemies in one work. Batman and Joker symbolize the struggle between good and evil. The Joker’s craziness is absolutely revealed through this bright spectrum of colors.

The bright Batman and Joker tattoo on the halfsleeve.

#30. He Justice League Signs and Batman Tattoo

How about wearing the labels of four superheroes at once? Pay attention to this exciting design of logos on the knuckle: Captain America, Superman, Batman and Flash. This league ensures fairness and justice!

The justice league signs and Batman tattoo.

#31. He Gray Batman Tattoo on the Half-sleeve

A very unusual interpretation of Batman is waiting for comics fanciers here. The gray tattoo with Dark Knight in the robotic outfit is supplemented by a number of flying bats. The fantastic idea!

The gray Batman tattoo on the halfsleeve.

#32. He Batman Sign Tattoo for Boys on the Forearm

One more confrontation of Batman and Joker takes place in this drawing. This black and gray tattoo of bat includes the images of these famed enemies. This small option will occupy a special place among male tattoos.

The Batman sign tattoo for boys on the forearm.

#33. He Cute Batman Tattoo in Traditional Style

If a realistic Batman tattoo is too boring for you, consider this amusing alternative on the forearm. Cute Batman with the serious look is going to defend his city. The nice mix of black and yellow inks brings shine into the composition.

The cute Batman tattoo in traditional style.

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