Best Friend Tattoos For real BFF

Are you and your best friend that really close? If so, you can use an effective tattoo to commemorate your friendship. Perhaps, the below-listed options will inspire you and your BFF to ink a special symbol of the friendship.

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Best Friend Tattoos Design Ideas

There’s no limit to what design makes a cool friendship tattoo; it starts from infinity symbols to cartoon characters. Let’s check out the most popular ones:

  • Pinky-swears and handshakes;
  • Fruits and cherry blossom;
  • Moons and suns, also mandala styled;
  • Any hearts;
  • Infinity symbol;
  • Animals: elephants, dogs, cats and even snakes;
  • Cartoon characters;
  • Flowers, trees, and branches;
  • Geometrical figures, especially triangles are quite popular;
  • Arrows, anchors, and keys;
  • Feathers and birds;
  • Quotes, names, initial letters of the names and sayings.
  • Images of the girls with cell phones;
  • Matching design with any of symbols mentioned above;

Friendship Tattoo Meaning

The friendship inked on the skin has a variety of meanings which are special only for BFFs, tiny, creative and often flashing. Here are some unique meanings of best friend tattoos:

  • Infinite trust in each other;
  • Faith;
  • Balancing each other;
  • Forever friendship;
  • Freedom;
  • Aiming to high level;
  • No ifs, no buts;
  • Care and protection;
  • Memories of the BFFs` childhood.

What Should You Know About the BFF Tattoos?

The friendship tattoos make a deep symbolic meaning of a strong bond between two bearers and show the importance of their friendship to the World. Sure, that infinity symbols say that the friendship will last forever and ever.

The hearts and all matching designs look stunning as they message a balance and complement between two parts of a whole. Creative feathers and birds stand for freedom, look airy and more feminine. Anchors, arrows, and keys look attractive on both, men and women as symbols of protection and support.

Cartoon characters are always cool and remind about the BFFs` funny childhood. Any other sign can be etched with the best friend tattoo such as flowers, animals, diamonds, cells, etc. that commemorate good friend shipping.

Overall, friends prefer to ink tattoos on the visible parts of the body, i.e. wrists, ankles, forearms, feet, legs, and fingers. But there are cute variants for back, shoulder, underboob and neck locations.

As you see, there are a lot of options to show your devotion and faith to the friendship.

So, go ahead by getting tattoos that last, well, forever!

1. A Creative Tattoo for a Trio of the Best Friends

Three similar signs on the forearms of the tree friends look perfect due to the contrast of black and red colors. The forearm location is the most advantageous way to carve the best friend tattoos that will be seen by everyone.

3 best friend tattoos

2. The Best Friends Tattoo Idea with Anchors

The relation between the best friends is always close, and the idea mentioned above means the persons are anchored to each other. The pink watercolor anchor is suggested to be a woman, and the blued inked anchor is a man. For a good reason, these tattoo designs are popular with lovers.

best friend anchor tattoos

3. The Best Friend Tattoo on the Finger Location

This tattoo is beyond long-winded words, and yet the significance is still simple – friendship! Small bows look frisky and are good options for girls!

best friend finger tattoos

4. A Funny Tattoo Idea for the Best Friends on Foot

An insanely bold tattoo idea for friends! The friends like to have talkie-talkie during a snack time. We can understand from the inked colors that one of the wearers likes peanut butter and another one- jelly.

best friend foot tattoos

5. Hearts as the Main Elements of the Best Friend Tattoo

This one is done by having fingerprint hearts tattooed on the wrist of each friend. Heart tattoos may remind you of the best friend and support you when your friend is not near.

best friend heart tattoos

6. The Best Friend Tattoo Option with an Infinity Symbol

The infinity symbol impacts the fact that friendship has no ending. The roses play a role of girls which are the best friends.

best friend infinity tattoos

7. A Picturesque Best Friend Tattoo with a Quote

Two friends are sitting close to each other on the bench, and it seems to have one dream for both. A calligraphically styled quote stands out of the whole tattoo and emphasizes the importance of the friendship in our life. The lines and the colorings are masterly made! One get it as a perfect best friend tattoo idea!

best friend quote tattoos

8. Best Friend Tattoo for Sisters

Ultra stylish and girlish! The following quote matches the above-pictured tattoo so well: «There is no friend like a sister, in calm or stormy weather! ». The red poppies can sign that sisters are bound together by blood.

best friend sister tattoos

9. A Floral Performance of the Best Friend Tattoos for Girls

Celebrate a power of your friendship by wearing a floral design of the best friend tattoo! It looks so tiny due to the pink flowers and greenish leaves inked in the form of the branch on the friend tattoos for girls

10. The Best Friend Tattoo Idea for Guys

Cute! More of a trio than a duo? This triple team has geometrical birds carved on the guys` forearm to express their good-fellowship.

best friend tattoos for guys

11. The Wrist Location of the Best Friends Tattoos

The wearers had sealed the friendship with a love hearts on the wrists. The hearts are embellished with blue stones, i.e. diamonds that in its turn underlines a richness of the friendship. This pair has added the dates of their friends who unfortunately have gone. This is the way to show that regardless of all the facts, their friendship is friend wrist tattoos

12. A Matching Concept of the Best Friend Tattoo

The matching concepts are popular especially among the best friend tattoos as it symbolizes a connection and no ifs, no buts between friends matching tattoos

13. «Besties Unite!» Tattoo

More like the best! The pinky swear describes a pretty friendship even if you are not baked in one oven. Classical jewellery decorates the one hand, the other one is more punk styled.bestie tattoos

14. An Awesome BFF Tattoo with the Matching Concept!

The best friends always know how to guide each one and never try to stop down! That’s true! The matching design looks damn cute on the forearms! The nautical design is good-looking on guys.

bff tattoos

15. The Best Friend Tattoo Idea for Boy and Girl

Best friends complement each other like two puzzle pieces. Simple, but a cool symbol of your wholeness!boy and girl best friend tattoos

16. A Mind-Blowing Tattoo About the Friendship

If you are always in touch with your best friend, such design will be mind-blowing! Moreover, the location on the ankles will prove your constant communication to the world.friendship tatoos

17. Funny Tattoo for the Best Friends

When you get together, you are fun as the cute heroes, SpongeBob and Patrick! The interesting thing is that the heroes are touching each other and looking in the eyes and this fact proves a friendship for life.funny best friend tattoos

18. The Best Friend Tattoo for Male and Female

Cool way to represent your love or fellowship till death! The skeletons are identically inked in colors and sizes, the only difference in sexes which is marked by green color.

male and female best friend tattoos

19. Koi Fish Tattoo for the Best Friends

Exactly amazing! The black Koi is for a man, red is for a woman, and they are placed in a circular shape and mean Ying and Yang. Such ink fits the best friends or couples as they are integral parts of each other.matching best friend tattoos

20. A Simple Tattoo Idea for Best Friends

You are surely lucky once you have found the best friend you will be sharing moments with for years. The knots symbolize the connection between amigos.You can carve it on your wrists in the name of the friendship!

simple best friend tattoos

21. A Small Best Friend Tattoo

The paper planes signify more youthful, fun- and freedom-loving personalities. Moreover, it can remind you of the childhood when you have been making paper planes together. It is small, yet creative!small best friend tattoos

22. A Nice BFF Tattoo with Sun and Moon

Two opposites, like the sun and moon, are coming together as one to create a harmony and balance. The colorful splashes have no limited lines, and it looks really badass! Nice BFF concept!sun and moon best friend tattoos

23. A Tiny Option of the Best Friend Tattoo

It holds a special meaning between these two friends. It is a tiny option for the ankle! The following quote describes such ink so well:

“You are my peach, you are my plum
You are my earth, you are my sun
I love your fingers, I love your toes
The back of your head, the tip of your nose.

And you are the reason I’m smiling when there is nothing to smile about.”

tiny best friend tattoos

24. A Unique Design of the Best Friend Tattoo

Totally kicks butt! A unique design with the mirror view on another wearer speaks about the friends who complement each other extremely well. The coloring is masterly carved with the reflection of the Universe surface.

unique best friend tattoos

25. A Symbolic Origami Tattoo for the Best Friends

Very symbolic! Origami tattoos are clear reminders of your friendship in the childhood when you were making a lot of origami things. Nice colorful spots mark the geometrical outlines of the origami animals.

origami best friend tattoos

26. An Amusing Pineapple Tattoo for the Best Friends

This is a hyperrealism piece, but still an amusing one. The pineapple in itself is a symbol of friendship and commitment. So, the reason to ink it is obvious.

best friend pineapple tattoos

27. A Neotraditional Skull Tattoo for Best the Best Friends

If you want something bright and cute, but not so big, the above-mentioned neotraditional idea is exactly for you. The ink describes the kind of friend that will never leave your side no matter how hard it gets.

best friend skull tattoos

28. An Interesting Idea of the Best Friend Key Tattoo

The key symbolizes what’s the most important thing in the wearer’s life – her/his best friend. Together Forever, Never Apart and Until the Very End… The tattoos are accompanied by floral design and are identical but tattooed on the different part, i.e. on the rib and the forearm. Al this together creates an interesting design!best friend key tattoos

29. A Mandala Styled Tattoo for the Best Friends

The distinctive balance of opposites! This can relate to many friends. Intricate designs of the celestials are gorgeous. So make it yours too!mandala best friend tattoos

30. A Stunning Idea of the Best Friend Tattoo with the Dog

It is twice told that dog is man’s best friend. They are fiercely loyal, incredibly cute, and they bring so much joy into people’s life. If you both are lovers of the dog pets, this incredible idea is a good choice!best friend dog tattoos

31. Beautiful Cherry Blossoms on the Best Friend Tattoos

Elegant pink flowers are exceptional symbols of friendship between girls. “I can do all things

through him that strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13. This Bible phrase renders a power of Christ.

Nice idea for Christians!best friend cherry blossoms tattoos

32. Harry Potter’s Elements in the Best Friend Tattoo

Just like your friendship, your love for Harry Potter series will never die. The interesting element of this ink is a wand. The wand chooses the wizard once, but BFFs choose each other every day.

best friend Harry Potter tattoos

33. An Arty Feather Tattoo for the Best Friends

An arty matching design looks great especially due to the birds which are flying towards each other as the best friends turn to one another! Such ink helps to keep some great moments and memories of your friendship to recall them at any time.

best friend feather tattoos

34. 4 Best Friend Tattoo

The friendship of these soul mates will last as long as their inks. Eye-catching bracelets with floral motives stand for the endless friendship! Cool design for four guys` band.

4 best friend tattoos

35. A Minimalistic Idea for the Closest Friends, i.e. Sister and Brother

Build a good relationship with your brothers or sisters require patience, tolerance, and love, of course. A minimalistic idea with black inked arrows which are crossed as the life of the sister and the brother is connected will be your powerful and permanent talisman. The important dates of the birthday are also inked on the brother`s tattoo to show how important these days are.friend brother and sister tattoos

36. A Super Cute Best Friend Tattoo Idea with Cats

These two cats` snouts have been tattooed in a super cute look with brilliant line and dot work. If the cats join your friendship, opt for friend cat tattoos

37. An Interesting Best Friend Tattoo on the Ankle

This idea consists of word «ALWAYS» to show that you will always be the best friends. The letter « A» is decorated in the triangle with a circle inside and colorful waves in the background and thus makes an interesting special effect on the ankle.

best friend tattoos on ankle

38. A Cute Best Friend Tattoo

These friends are very cheeky! They have tattooed a funny cartoon character on their forearms in vivid colors. We can suppose that they both have liked this cartoon in the childhood. Only the letters on the clothes` pockets indicate the difference, the first letters of their names. Cool option for young and best fellows!best friend cute tattoos

39. A Vivid Tattoo of Forever Friends

The tattoo speaks about itself vividly. The hands of two friends are clamped tight to honor their forever friendship and are embodied by the heart shape to emphasize it. The hands are portrayed in a realistic way and look very attractive. Good job and interesting idea!

Forever friends tattoos

40. Cool Snakes on the Best Friend Tattoo

Pretty much cool for the besties! One of the various meanings of the snake tattoo I protection.

It can mean that one of you is always ready to protect the other one. It is a great idea for twins

too. The ornaments are cutely made in brown color. See this tattoo design and get inked!best friend snake tattoos

41. An Amusing BFF Tattoo with Avocado

The halves of the avocado are symbolizing the parts of the one units as the friend of the friendship. The shadings are amusingly done, one is close to yellow, and the other is light green. This matching design with avocado is in trend nowadays! It really catches the eyes of the ones around you!best friend avocado tattoos

42. A Loving Best Friend Tattoo with Cartoon Ponies

Fun-loving ponies are a great reminder of these best friends` childhood when they have spent time together by watching their favorite cartoon. The tattoo is spiced with bright colors and looks awesome! Take your friend and run to the tattoo artist!cartoon best friend tattoos

43. A Tequila Symbol for the Best Friend Tattoo

If you are twenty-one years of age, you can say «YES» to the artist about such variant. The best friends usually like to chatter by drinking boozy drinks as tequila is. If you are those fellows who are tequila-loving ones, this badass idea will catch your mind!best friend Tequila tattoos

44. An Original Best Friend Tattoo Design with Catdog

XD – cute! What better way to honor your friendship than with opposite parts of the united body as the Catdog has. When best friends are together, they are the Whole Universe in spite of the different and opposite characters. An original symbol of your friendship!best friend Catdog tattoos

45. A Stunning Design of the Best Friend Tattoo with the Branches

Looking for a fresh BFF tattoo idea? This one is creative! The matching design on the wrists symbolizes balance between BFFs.

best friend branch tattoos

46. A Stunning Astronaut Tattoo for the Best Friends

Tons of guys are going to ink astronaut tattoos as they are stylish and cool.

Here is three friends are united by the constant desire of aiming high. best friend astronaut tattoos

47. Very Fine Tattoo with Hearts Framed in Flowers for the Best Friend

It represents that you will always remain committed the friendship and you will never break it no matter what. The halves of the parts are framed in flowers that will fit girls` outlooks.

hearts and flowers friend tattoos

48. A Charming Option of the Best Friend Tattoo with Disney Heroes

This tattoo shows a delightful job capturing not only the images but personalities of some of the most recognizable characters from Disney cartoon which have been BFFs. The colorful inkings look extremely charming on the sleeves.

best friend disney tattoos

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