Best Stomach Tattoo Designs

Before you make an appointment in a tattoo shop, there are certain things you have to give much thought to. The first and one of the most important factors which influence the tattoo is its placement. Though stomach tattoos can be overwhelmingly beautiful, it’s essential to weigh all pros and cons to be one hundred percent sure you want to get one.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Stomach Tattoos

Let’s start with the bright side of things. Stomach tattoos can be quite beneficial due to several reasons:

  • Women who have been pregnant know how hard it is to get rid of stretch marks. That’s the case when tattoos on the lower stomach can come in handy.
  • It’s super easy to hide the stomach tattoo or to flash it by simply putting on a crop top. It can be rather difficult for men, though, unless they like going out topless.
  • If you have an operation scar on your stomach, there’re tons of creative stomach tattoo designs that can nicely cover or incorporate the scar.
  • Midriff area is just perfect for people who want a large-scale tattoo.

However, you have to take some negative sides of stomach tattoos into account to put the puzzle together:

  • For women who haven’t children yet, it would be better to postpone tattooing their stomachs for a while. Belly tattoos can be distorted and spoilt because of stretching of the skin during pregnancy.
  • It may sound surprising, but for most of tattoo artists stomach is the least favorite area to work on, so it will be challenging to find a willing artist.
  • It is highly possible that your stomach tattoo will change a lot as you age, put on or lose weight.

The Features and Types of Stomach Tattoos

Forewarned is forearmed. Now, when you know what to expect, it’s time to choose the design. Either symmetrical or asymmetrical, the image should flow with the body curves. If the tattoo doesn’t interact with your forms, then it may look inappropriate or even misshapen. But you will definitely knock it out of the park if you choose a design from the list below:

  • Snakes
  • Birds
  • Butterflies
  • Flowers
  • Surrealistic pictures, etc.

You can choose whichever tattoo style you want, in color or in black and gray. It depends on your preferences. Still, to help you make the right choice, we’ve rounded up some of the most eye-catching stomach tattoos that will blow your mind.

Some of the Best Female Stomach Tattoos

Natural stomach tattoo
This black Traditional tattoo reflects an everlasting battle between the good, shown here as a bird, and the evil, portrayed as a squirming snake. Impeccable piece!

Creative stomach tattoo
Another beauteous snake tattoo stretches from between the breasts and to the belly button. Hidden behind barbed wire, the snake is the embodiment of perfection. Just give a look at its scales!

Ashen stomach tattoo
Here’s the spectacular dragon tattoo. It is thought that the battle between black dragons, which also can be called the children of a thousand-year-old dragon, is a cause of storms.

Outstanding Bird Tattoos on Lower Stomach

Trendy stomach tattoo
When it comes to large-scale tattooing, nothing can be compared to Traditional Japanese style. The way the tattoo has been done, the way the design flows with the shape of a body – everything is a top-notch work.

Excellent stomach tattoo
As far as the tattoo design, we find the unfinished and slightly chaotic look of this sketch-style bird tattoo very inspiring!

Top-notch Butterfly Tattoos on Stomach

Nice stomach tattoo
We all know the phrase “butterflies in my stomach”. But have you ever seen the literal incarnation of this phrase as a tattoo? Anyways, the placement is brilliant, and the tattoo itself is very attractive!

Refreshing stomach tattoo
Though the Dead’s-head hawk moth is absolutely harmless, it’s received its sinister reputation due to the pretty distinguishing skull-alike markings on its body. It’s impossible to find a better place for this unusual moth tattoo, isn’t it?

Modern stomach tattoo
Thanks to solid black on the butterfly’s thorax and the tips of the wings, this tattoo really stands out on the stomach of this guy. Super sharp and clean tattoo!

The Cool Chest to Stomach Tattoos for Guys

Delicate stomach tattoo
Seems as if someone drew this sketch of an elephant by a marker on an ordinary piece of paper. Yet, it’s not what it seems. Very expressive tattoo thou!

Tender stomach tattoo
If it’s not the most beautiful phoenix tattoo, then we know nothing about art and beauty? What we like the most is the way a tattoo artist has shown the bird’s rebirth out of fire and ashes. Dope!

Good stomach tattoo
This surreal black and gray tattoo on the stomach plays with the mind. The more you look at it, the further is the understanding of what is going on here. But whatever the tattoo portrays, it definitely hooks the viewer.

Really Cute Abdomen Tattoos

Coolstomach tattoo
If you like simplicity and elegance, look for no more, because this crescent with rose tattoo has got everything you need and even more.

Colorful stomach tattoo
This traditional Japanese body suit really speaks for itself: vibrant, detailed and impressive!

Super Cute Belly Tattoos for Girls

Incredible stomach tattoo
Aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching, this floral tattoo complements female beauty. However, be careful, tattooists strongly recommend not getting tattooed until you give birth to a child.

Interesting stomach tattoo
This outstanding bold black outline tattoo covers the most of the stomach. It was very creative decision to place the tattoo so that the belly button is in the center of the water lily and keeps the symmetry.

Inspiring Feathers Tattoos on Stomach

Romantic stomach tattoo
As the embodiment of ultimate freedom, tattoos of feathers are getting very popular nowadays. No wonder; just give a look how nice these tattoos can be.

Popular stomach tattoo
Typically depicted with the wings stretched on both sides, the image of Isis, an ancient Egyptian goddess, makes a perfect tattoo design for the lower part of the stomach.

Unusual Flower Tattoos on Stomach

Glamorous stomach tattoo
The solid black rose combined with the cuffed hands tattoo seems bizarre, but, definitely, impresses.

Elegant stomach tattoo
The combination of tender flowers and galaxies which can be seen in the triangle is just awesome!

Smooth stomach tattoo
The single narcissus tattoo delicately adorns the lower part of the stomach. Though people tend to put some personal significance into a narcissus tattoo, the first and foremost meaning is human vanity and narcissism.

Interesting Full-stomach Tattoo Ideas

Stylish stomach tattoo
What’s striking about this tattoo is the stippling transition from rich black to negative space that eventually creates an astonishing image of a lady riding a horse.

Delightful stomach tattoo
With pliers and a hummer in hands, two creepy skeletons are dancing on the burning chimney. Sounds strange? When Linework and Dotwork meet, any tattoo is possible!

Pretty stomach tattoo
When most people think of Japanese Traditional tattooing, they think of dragons, Koi fish, peonies and, of course, water waves. Almost all of the previously mentioned elements are presented in this jaw-dropping stomach tattoo.

Impeccable Lower Belly Tattoos With Roses and Peonies

Hot stomach tattoo
The subtle shading and amazingly fine lines make this peony tattoo unbelievably beautiful! You simply have no rights to dislike this masterpiece!

Gentle stomach tattoo
Tattooing a scorpion isn’t enough? Well, be creative and add some complementing design, like this beautiful rose. The composition on the side of the lower stomach looks phenomenal, doesn’t it?

Terrific stomach tattoo
Some tattoo designs always last the test of time. Floral tattoos are among them. Never hesitate to get a flower tattoo, because the flowers look gorgeous all along.

Cool Lower Stomach Word Tattoos for Men

Fabulous stomach tattoo
Here’s a bit psychedelic Trash Polka tattoo of a skeleton shooting himself in the head. The words are taken from the song lyrics “Grief” by Earl Sweatshirt.

Remarkable stomach tattoo
Slightly arched, the tattoo lettering “Don’t laugh” on the lower stomach is performed in a classic font. Well, the tattoo leaves us with a lot of unanswered questions here.

Very Pretty Upper Stomach Tattoos

Unbelievable stomach tattoo
The intricate and meticulous mandala patterns made of dots and negative space hypnotize with their unearthly beauty!

Refinedstomach tattoo
The tattoo of three horses would look even better if there were more distinctive outlines separating each horse. Anyway, that’s our two cents, and overall the tattoo looks amazing.

Attractive Script Stomach Tattoos for Girls

stunning stomach tattoo
We have no idea what hides behind this beautiful script tattoo on the lower stomach. But who cares about interpreting since the tattoo is perfect in all senses.

magnificent stomach tattoo
Not only this lettering stomach tattoo means a lot to its bearer, but also it looks just breath-taking thanks to all of those curls and filigree around the letters.

Alluring and Sexy Stomach Tattoos for Women

startling stomach tattoo
What can be more seductive than a sexy lower stomach tattoo of a nude lady sitting on the crescent moon? Possibly, nothing!

awesome stomach tattoo
The Dance of Death tattoo is not inferior to the beauty of its reference which is the graphic cartoon illustrated by Louis Raemaekers. Even though the ballerina replaced the dancing lady from the original picture, the tattoo looks gorgeous!

Sick Stomach Tattoos in Black

outstanding stomach tattoo
Something as terrifying as this sinister human skull tattoo design definitely wouldn’t be the number one on the list of what we would like to find under a bed.

breathtaking stomach tattoo
It’s rather ironic that the theme of death is undying, isn’t it? Embodying the idea of the transience of life and its irreversible withering, the tattoo of two human skulls is slightly reminiscent of a heart.

hypnotizing stomach tattoo
Covering most of the skin on the chest and stomach, this Blackwork deer head tattoo is dope! Is it just us or can you see the anatomical heart inside the deer image as well?

Expressive Small Lower Abdomen Tattoo of a Spider

Zingy stomach tattoo
In case you aren’t ready to have your entire stomach tattooed, think of a smaller design that you like and place it a bit on the side of lower stomach.

Impressive Stomach Cover-up Tattoos

Fresh stomach tattoo
The best option for a cover-up tattoo is Blackwork. Can you see the old tattoo? Yes, we neither. Done in strong, rich black ink, the fighting skeletons cover whatever image that was before.

fascinating stomach tattoo
While men wear the scars with proud, women prefer hiding them. But if you dream about crop tops and don’t want to think about your scar all the time, a cover-up tattoo, like this delicate flowers ink, will help you to deal with the source of worries.

Cool Black and Gray Tattoos Around Belly Button

spectacularstomach tattoo
We are wondering what the original idea was behind these Blackwork stomach tattoos, which don’t seem to interact. Still, even separately the tattoos of a crow holding a skull, a weasel and a fish skeleton look absolutely phenomenal!

excitingstomach tattoo
The geometrically perfect honeycomb hexagonal cells in the background work nicely with the huge black and gray Buddha face tattoo in the foreground. Thanks to the prevailing heavy black, the negative image of sitting Buddha is the first thing that catches the eye.

Delicate Tattoos on the Side of Stomach for Females

showystomach tattoo
There is some inexplicable lightness, delicacy and elegance in the way this ballerina tattoo is done. The wings behind her back embody the idea of freedom which the person can reach in a dance.

impressivestomach tattoo
The idea of depicting a girl hugging a deer skeleton is out of the ordinary. As a result, we can see this cute unusual grotesque tattoo.

Exotic Tribal Belly Tattoos for Men

extraordinary stomach tattoo
This huge mandala tattoo is so beautiful – we just can’t take our eyes off it. Apart from the perfection of every single dot and line, we like the interesting placement of the mandala center which is on the man’s side.

minimalisticstomach tattoo
The astonishing Marquesan tribal tattoo covers the half of the stomach and the full sleeve. Presented in various geometric shapes and surrounded by a great number of ancient symbolic meanings, such tattoos are much more than just body art.

Unusual Tummy Tattoos for Men

positive stomach tattoo
We believe that there’s a special symbolic side of this impressive Traditional black and gray Death tattoo. Holding an hourglass in hands, the skeletal figure is an everyday reminder of how fleeting the life is.

sumptuous stomach tattoo
This stomach tattoo presenting the kiss is quite extraordinary since there are only halves of kissing faces. Moreover, the stippling technique of shading looks fantastic!

luxurious stomach tattoo
Triangular tattoos are so in style right now, thanks to their geometric elegance and rich symbolism. Triangles tattoos do not only please the eye but also represent the Holy Trinity.

Impressive Tattoos That Wrap Around Stomach

marvelous stomach tattoo
There’s something bewitching and at the same time sinister in this snake stomach tattoo that covers the stomach and the hip.

funnystomach tattoo
Adorned with a delicate black and white peonies tattoo that wraps the lower stomach, this lady looks insanely sexy!