Biomechanical Tattoo Design Ideas

Just imagine a future, high technologies, and cyborg civilization…. Sure, that blows the mind. So, your style is biomechanical tattoos.

Biomechanical tattoos are so popular due to the H.R Giger`s works who was creating fantastic creatures. The main idea of the style is to ink mechanical parts, gears, machines, cyborgs as they are hidden parts of human bodies. Metallic parts inside flesh and blood are in favor of Terminator’s fans. The tattoos inspired by film «Alien» look cosmic and are not limited to the machines. These films have had a great impact on the biomechanical tattoos movement. A biomechanical art includes a hyper-realism with 3D combination. A priori, they are really impressive.

A symbolic sense of the biomechanical tattoo is personal to each wearer. But, let’s look in short what they mean:

  • Mental and biological makeup of the man;
  • Strength and power;
  • Love for high technologies and machines;
  • Innovative things;
  • Belief in other civilizations.

Typically, biomechanical tattoos are portrayed in black and gray. Skilled artists use colors, blend the image into your skin and the results are incredible. For example, red color reveals muscles and blue is used for wires and cables.

There is a sister style of biomechanics – bio-organic tattoos. Here organs, bones, plants, animals, and even water are used to feature the organic side. Actually, they represent the anatomy and nature. Usually, bio-organic inks cover the bigger parts of the body, i.e. chest, back, full sleeve, whether biomechanical works can be etched on a small area such as the neck, hand, and calves. Sometimes biomechanical concepts even replace the full parts of the body and that is a very interesting concept.

Check out the most favorable ideas below! There is a wide variety of concepts and colors to turn them into fantasy artwork on your body!

#1. Bio-organic Tattoo on the Back

Bio-organic Tattoo on the Back
This is just amazing artwork! An abstract presentation of gears, metal snake, and high -technological elements reveals the mental and biological makeup of the wearer. Truth be told, the bio-organic tattoo on the back is wonderful!

#2. Biomechanical Arm Tattoo

Biomechanical Arm Tattoo
Wow! This is just fantastic artwork! The perfect and metallic lines flow naturally with the curves of the human arm!

#3. Biomechanical Chest Tattoo

Biomechanical Chest Tattoo
The chest piece is super nice! There is a shocking visual effect while looking at this biomech ink. The ink shows a powerful hidden potential of the bearer.

#4. Biomechanical Forearm Tattoos

Biomechanical Forearm Tattoos
The effect of the ripped skin reveals the underneath. That is a cool option for the man’s forearm.

#5. Biomechanical Hand Tattoo With an Eye

Biomechanical Hand Tattoo With an Eye
The red tongues are amazing! They represent flesh, blood, and strength. The predator’s eye will keep you safe from danger. If you are a tech geek, that is a cute idea for your hand.

#6. Green Biomechanical Heart Tattoo

Green Biomechanical Heart Tattoo
The emerald green heart seems to be gleaming due to the perfect skills of the performer. The contrast of the human being is shown on this tattoo. It combines technical elements and an alive organ that work well together.

#7. Biomechanical Leg Tattoo

Biomechanical Leg Tattoo
Rad idea for men! The elements show the mechanism of human anatomy. A full leg tattoo exhibits a passion to innovations and creativity.

#8. Biomechanical Shoulder Tattoo

Biomechanical Shoulder Tattoo
Do you believe in UNO or the life on the other planets? Think about the idea mentioned above.

#9. Robotic Tattoos for Guys

Robotic Tattoos for Guys
The using of colors makes the design more realistic. The skull is a sign of death, but here it will reveal your brevity. Do not waste time, go to the ink master!

#10. Bionic Tattoo on the Head

Bionic Tattoo on the Head
An extra cool and extravagant bionic tattoo will not go unnoticed! Only a brave man could ink it!

#11. Bionic Tattoos Covering the Back

Bionic Tattoos Covering the Back
The structure of bones is wavy, nevertheless, very appealing. The mechanisms of your body work perfectly, and it means that you have unlimited energy!

#12. Cyborg Arm Tattoo for Ladies

Cyborg Arm Tattoo for Ladies
The amazing arm tattoo embraces cute metal bones and vivid colors. A cyborg lady represents her driving force by wearing such inking.

#13. Total Cyborg Tattoo

Total Cyborg Tattoo
That is an incredible art! You will look like a real cyborg.

#14. Gears Tattoo Covering the Left Arm

Gears Tattoo Covering the Left Arm
A badass arm tattoo! The gears are so naturally connected and create an outlook of the «Iron man».

#15. Giger Tattoo

Giger Tattoo
Giger inspired tattoo is complicated with black and gray mechanisms, but still super awesome.It`s a kinda popular biomechanical concept for guys.

#16. Machine Tattoos on the Forearm

Machine Tattoos on the Forearm
The machine seems to be living inside the forearm. Men are often compared to the machines especially at an apogee of their strength and power. A mind-blowing design of biomech tattoo!

#17. Organic Biomechanical Tattoo

Organic Biomechanical Tattoo
A wrench in blood and fresh is a really cool idea for military guys to show the brevity. A masterly done 3D effect makes the wound outlook a real one.

#18. Robot Arm Tattoo for Ladies

Robot Arm Tattoo for Ladies
Deep shadings and a mix of yellow and gray make the robot image come to life! If you are inspired by «Alien» series, choose this option for your full sleeve tattoo.

#19. Robot Leg Tattoo for Boys

Robot Leg Tattoo for Boys
The mechanical parts create an illusion that you are a high-tech robot. I like the curve that copies the bending of the leg. The idea represents one’s belief in future technology.

#20. Robot Sleeve Tattoo in Blue and Green

Robot Sleeve Tattoo in Blue and Green
A cocktail of blue and green looks amazing! It represents something unknown and far outside. An extraordinary decision is right up for you if you are ready to experiment something new and inventive.

#21. Robotic Tattoos

Robotic Tattoos
OMG! Just fantastic! A robotic creature from future covers the full-back. It is a cool way to include such traditional elements as sun, moon, and horns with a biomechanical tattoo. The masterpiece speaks about the affection for the inventiveness and creative ability.

#22. A Biomechanical Sugar Skull Tattoos

A Biomechanical Sugar Skull Tattoos
Holy shit! A female sugar skull in black and white works well with the biomechanical curves and lines.

#23. Biomechanical Sleeve Tattoo

Biomechanical Sleeve Tattoo
The job features biological and mechanical motifs. The color theme is single, though the tattoo looks great.

#24. Colorful Biomechanical Tattoos

Colorful Biomechanical Tattoos
If you need a cute leg tattoo, then this could be the best option. Fusing colors with biomechanical parts is a way to create an awesome tattoo. The style incorporates a texture, movement, and depth.

#25. Biomechanical Tattoo on Both Hands

Biomechanical Tattoo on Both Hands
Makes you wanna stare at it for a long time! There is a great combination of biomech owl and gas mask, showcasing nature and technology. An owl stands for mystery and gas mask is a sign of a hypothetical post-apocalyptic future.

#26. Biomechanical Tattoo With a Clock

Biomechanical Tattoo With a Clock
Time never stops! A biomechanical design with a clock inspires us to enjoy every moment. It is a stunning idea in both ways, visual and symbolic.

#27. Biomechanical Terminator Tattoos

Biomechanical Terminator Tattoos
A job is created by adding a hyper realistic portrait of Terminator! Awesome beyond awesome! This tattoo is a symbol of driving force.

#28. Perfect Biomechanical Sleeve Tattoo

Perfect Biomechanical Sleeve Tattoo
Blue shadings are just cosmic. A lot of details are put in this piece of art. Such combination makes a sleeve location pop.

#29. Realistic Biomechanic Tattoos

Realistic Biomechanic Tattoos
Three-dimensional elements create an effect of a realistic outlook. If you are a fan of H.R. Giger, no doubt, you will adore it.

#30. Biomechanical Back Tattoo Ideas

Biomechanical Back Tattoo Ideas
The back looks as ripped in sections to reveal the mechanical parts inside. It seems as if these part are blended into the skin and do not look out of place.

#31. Cool Biomechanical Tattoo of Terminator

Cool Biomechanical Tattoo of Terminator
This cool Terminator-style forearm tattoo is done in black and white. Terminator seems to be coming out of the skin. The following catchphrase comes to the fore: «Hasta la vista, baby!». That is exactly for you, strong bro!

#32. 3D Biomechanical Tattoo

3D Biomechanical Tattoo
Just badass manly body art! The mechanical parts and gears are endless and compare a man to the machine. To show your limitless power, why not experiment with such 3D ink?

#33. The Best Biomechanical Tattoo

The Best Biomechanical Tattoo
The biomechanical work looks like a la the Terminator. It is the detailing that makes this ink so unique: steel splashes look like melting ones, and green dot is appealing!

#34. Shoulder Biomechanic Tatto

Shoulder Biomechanic Tatto
If you want your biomechanic tattoo to look as real as possible, go for this variant! A full sleeve location provides enough room to ink all details. Here flesh and blood are really fantastic. They fit into the skin, and you will never tell the difference.

#35. Full Body Biomechanic Tattoo

Full Body Biomechanic Tattoo
I looove it, but I would never get it. It is too long to wait for the result. The masculine body resembles the cyborg and looks like an isometric grid. A colorful full body biomech tattoo is a real good stuff!

#36. Giger Leg Tattoo Design

Giger Leg Tattoo Design
An impression of see-through skin reveals metal tendons and muscles of a human body. That is a breathtaking idea for the leg location. A father of biomech art, Giger, inspires mostly the males, to ink such art on their body.

#37. Biomech Sleeve Tattoo

Biomech Sleeve Tattoo
Cool Biomech Sleeve Tattoo
An outstanding piece with amazing lines and details keeps the sleeve fresh and eye-catching. The artist has thought the angle the tattoo is placed. Consider this item too, if you want to get the brilliant effect result.

#38. Biomechanical Tattoo Ideas

Biomechanical Tattoo Ideas
That is a dude idea for those who are ready to explore new and innovative things. The mechanical parts depict the human anatomy in a futuristic way. Make an appointment to the right tattoo artist and your tattoo will be incredible!

#39. Biomechanical Tattoo With Egyptian Element

Biomechanical Tattoo With Egyptian Element
An intricate line work in red reflects the muscles. A composition of biomech tattoo and Egyptian element serves as an influential and powerful totem for men.

#40. Chest and Arms Biomechanical Tattoo

Chest and Arms Biomechanical Tattoo
A cool looking ornament in the biomechanical style! The tattoo is an advantage due to the location on the chest and arm as there is enough space to ink all intricate parts and details. A man really looks badass with it.

#41. Biomechanic Neck Tattoo

Biomechanic Neck Tattoo
If you want to show your ink to another girls and boys, opt for a neck location. Skilled shadings blow the mind with an unusual appearance. Become a part of cyborg civilization by wearing such tattoo.