Bird Tattoos Meanings

Bird tattoos have been always in demand as they were not only vivid decorative elements for people, they carried certain significations. Nowadays bird tattoos became sought-after due to the huge selection of interpretations as bird designs are versatile, they can be done in almost any style.

The origins of the signification of this tattoo go in the days of ancient Greece and Egypt. Thus, for Greeks, birds were harbingers of happiness, they helped the heroes to perform feats. In Egypt, many priests claimed that the image of a bird in the tomb of the pharaoh would help him to find a way to the afterlife. In the Roman Empire, some birds, such as crows, meant misery and death. Tribes in North America piously believed that birds could control air and communicate with the world of the dead. In Slavic culture, birds denoted higher knowledge and bird tattoos acted as a lucky charm.

Not all birds, which subsist in nature, are elements of tattoos, the trendiest birds are a sparrow, eagle, hummingbird, swallow, owl, peacock, flamingo, raven, phoenix, swan, dove, and a crane.

Thus, tattoos with these birds have the following meanings:

  1. A sparrow indicates the human with high family values, who despite any obstacles, always comes back home.
  2. An eagle symbolizes power, pride, and commitment.
  3. A hummingbird design emphasizes a positive attitude, openness and freedom.
  4. A swallow is a symbol of spring, the awakening of feelings and hope for the best.
  5. An owl signifies death and the misfortune, other nations assume that the owl is about a wise and intelligent personality.
  6. A peacock is the sign of beauty, romanticism, and greatness.
  7. A flamingo is a fragile bird, so this tattoo means a person, who depends on the environment and is not adapted to an independent life.
  8. A raven may have a favorable signification – longevity or a negative one – bad luck.
  9. A phoenix may connote a moral degeneration.
  10. A swan tattoo is worn by those, who want to perpetuate love.
  11. A dove is a symbol of peace, devotion and loyalty.
  12. In European culture, a crane connotes prosperity, for Indians, the crane is associated with the traitor.

Patterns may be put on wrists, sleeves, half sleeves, the back, the chest and legs. In all cases, the design will look attractive.

Hence, bird tattoos will be suitable for optimistic, creative, freedom-loving people, who desire to emphasize their individuality.

What do Flying Bird Tattoos Mean

A lot of people choose tattoos only because of their look, thinking nothing about their meaning, but sometimes a tattoo says a lot itself because of strong associations with the image. If talking about birds tattoo, we can surely define such emotional states as freedom, easiness and light mood. Ancient cultures (and modern, by the way), depicted souls of the dead men as birds. Sometimes a bird represented an envoy to the God or of the God, as it is the only creature able to go anywhere with its own wings. More detailed sense depends on the type of a bird chosen, but the general meaning remains the same – it is the connections with the element of air.

Tui Bird Tattoo Meaning

Tui is a small bird able to imitate different sounds and even words. It reminds the mockingbird, but tui has its own pretty “voice” too. This little air virtuoso has bright feathers band, which, probably, attracts the tattoo addicts. Tui tattoo made in black and deep blue can be a cool addition to already existing ink images and will highlight the fact that its owner has plenty of skills, but his own individuality is also noteworthy.

Baby Bird Tattoos

Tired of brutal, massive tats? Want something fun? Just take a look at this cutу baby bird! It’s designed with a comical, cartoonish edge, but it’s also realistic and truly beautiful. Such an ink will cheer you up every single morning!
baby bird tattoos

Bird Outline Tattoo

Undoubtedly, this design is very unusual one. If you want to be original, it’s especially for you. Kiwi symbolizes loyalty to family or the strong connection to nature and the surrounding world. Just express this with the awesome outline tat!
bird outline tattoo

Bird Silhouette Tattoo

This creative tat seems really chaotic. However, just one look is enough to understand that this ‘chaos’ is a part of the complicated and sophisticated design. Bright and perfectly combined colors make this silhouette ink even more beautiful.
bird silhouette tattoo

Bird Tattoo Designs for Guys

Who said that bird tats are only for girls? Just take a look at this duck – you will hardly forget this design! Dark colors make it purely masculine, while the original design guarantees that guys won’t find anyone with the same tat!
bird tattoo designs for guys

Meaningful Bird With Rose Tattoo

This bird design won’t leave anyone indifferent. Beautiful, graceful hummingbird over the pink rose is a win-win for any girl.
bird with rose tattoo

Celtic Bird Tattoos

This astonishing Celtic tat is quite complicated one. Unlike the considerable number of bird inks, this one is not for girls wearing dresses and heels. It’s rather the masculine symbol of courage, the higher vibration of existence, and inner strength.
celtic bird tattoos

Cartoon Bird Tattoo

If you are fond of beautiful birdies singing with the princesses in Disney cartoons, this ink is for you. The very bright and positive ink is created to highlight your individuality!
cartoon bird tattoo

Exotic Bird Tattoos

Parrots are the bright symbols of joy, fun, and happiness. If you are a cheerful person, use this exotic design to show the others that there’s no place for sadness in your life!
exotic bird tattoos

Male Bird Tattoos

This eagle against the red sun impresses and fascinates! The ink is a perfect example of masculine tat, able to the highlight the courage and spiritual strength of the person who wears it.
male bird tattoos

Sexy Bird Tattoos

This amazing work shows that birdies can be sexy! Located on the side of the chest, it heats the imagination and accentuates femininity.
sexy bird tattoos

Realistic Bird Tattoos

This gorgeous eagle seems to look directly at you! This ink, the true masterpiece of realistic tattoo art, can impress everyone in your surrounding!
realistic bird tattoos

Simple Two Bird Tattoo with Meaning

If you are searching for a great simple tat, just stop – here it is! Unlike the huge inks, this one does not catch one’s attention due to its size, but it can become the spice of your look!
simple bird tattoo

Abstract Bird Tattoos

Want to have a highly creative tattoo? Take a look at this one! The great execution, original idea, strict lines, and bright colors make this abstract ink perfect for those who don’t want to be like anyone else.
abstract bird tattoos

Believe Bird Tattoo

This stylish black design is especially for dreamers! If you think that we should believe the best despite all the difficulties we all face day by day, this little tat will help you to follow your life credo.
believe bird tattoo

Bird on a Wire Tattoo

This ink looks like the real painting with its original idea! Just turn your attention to the color palette: the bird sitting on a wire is bright, while the landscape is black and gray. This technique can make your tat really meaningful.
bird on a wire tattoo

Bird Shadow Tattoo

This design is one of the most popular among the ladies. It’s easy to explain: such inks are really stylish and they look great on any body part. They also have a deep meaning. Shadow birds symbolize wish to fly high to the skies, lightness, and featheriness.
bird shadow tattoo

Bird on Tree Branch Tattoo

Just take a look at this adorable ink! Birds on tree branch look highly positive and remind us of home, coziness, and life free from any worries. Warm color palette only strengthens this impression.
bird on tree branch tattoo

Popular Bird Tattoos

This tat is for those who are true fans of classic. The realistic sparrows look really awesome on one’s shoulder. Moreover, due to their universality, such tattoos are popular as among ladies, as among men.
popular bird tattoos

Bird Feet Tattoo

This design will make you lighter and allow you to get off the ground! Perfectly combined with beautiful pink flowers, this adorable small tit looks really sophisticated on a girl’s feet.
bird feet tattoo

Unique Bird Tattoo

What can be cooler that gangsta birds in lowrider cars? Such a unique tat will impress everyone in your surrounding!
unique bird tattoo

Bird Tattoo on Thigh

If you are searching for a design which would look really awesome on the thigh, just take a glance at this one! Its shape is great, its main elements, the cat, and the bird are perfectly combined, and its idea is also astonishing!
bird tattoo on thigh

Feminine Bird Tattoos

The half sleeve tats are more popular among men. However, this one breaks all the stereotypes! The beautiful, colorful hummingbird, as well as the flower, makes it truly feminine.
feminine bird tattoos

Colored Bird Tattoos

Colors, chosen correctly, can make any tat look really great. That’s what this colored ink demonstrates! It creates a distinct impression that a bird is sitting on a man’s shoulder.
colored bird tattoos

Bird Tattoo on Chest

The owl is rightfully considered as one of the most beautiful birds of prey. This ink on a man’s chest demonstrates masculinity, braveness, and strength of the one who wears it.
bird tattoo on chest

Bird Tattoo on Hand

This watercolor tat on hand is really amazing! Although the color palette is rather cold, red, black, and blue tinctures are perfectly combined, while the nice line drawing makes the bird look awesome against the colorful background.
bird tattoo on hand

Beautiful Bird Tattoos

Be sure, if you have such a tattoo, everyone in your surrounding will say ‘Wow!’ The great idea of a birdie carrying a beautiful flower makes this ink perfect for any woman!
beautiful bird tattoos

Bird Freedom Tattoo

This highly stylish tat will definitely blow you away!  It is well-known that birds symbolize freedom, and such an ink on your hand will show the others what is your life priority!
bird freedom tatto

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