Powerful Black Raven Tattoos

  1. The picture of this black crow is very symbolistic. It is tattooed on the upper back and the bird has spread wings. It looks like the person who raises his hand tries to fly up with the help of this realistic tattoo.1 tattoo raven on back
  2. Crows themselves are very mystical and believed to be sinister birds. However, this picture is quite enigmatic as the crow tattooed on the leg has a kind of nimbus under its head. It seems the bird is a saint but has its own skeleton in the closet. Very fascinating!2 tattoo raven on hand
  3. This bird pictured on the hand and shoulder looks very realistic. The crow shows its power, strength and greatness of spirit with his spread wings. The shape of its feathers is wonderfully fine. It makes an impression of a real bird.3 tattoo raven on hand
  4. The crow on this is very aggressive and it seems that he is ready to attack somebody. It looks very majestic but frightening.4 tattoo raven on hand
  5. Quite an interesting picture of the crow. It looks very mysterious because of the key in its beak, unknown ornament behind the bird and two pictures of the moon and forest at the top and the bottom of the tattoo. There is definitely a hidden meaning in it!5 tattoo raven on back
  6. Very realistic picture of the crow made in the shading technique. The crow looks real and very enigmatic because of its serious stare and grand in-flight pose. 6 tattoo raven on shoulder
  7. An unusual tattoo of the crow which is made of different embellishments. It looks deterrent because of the empty eye of the crow and the open beak. Different unknown symbols on the fingers make this picture enigmatic and mysterious. 7 tattoo raven on hand
  8. Crows look very scary and fascinating at the same time. This tattoo of the bird is not an exception. The crow tattooed on the arm has spread wings which make this bird look majestic.8 tattoo raven on hand
  9. This bird, unlike the other crows, doesn’t look frightening even though it is tattooed against the night-and-moon background. The zest of the picture is that the bird is much more vivid than other details like the tree and the moon.9 tattoo raven on shoulder
  10. The crow is pictured in a very interesting style. It looks more like mayan picture because the bird doesn’t look like the real one. It sits on the book which can symbolize wisdom and sensibility of the crow.10 tattoo raven on hand
  11. At the first sight picture looks damaged or undone. But this is the special appeal of the picture because if you look carefully you will see that the spreadings on the crow develop into the tree. Very extraordinary!11 tattoo raven on leg
  12. The crow on this tattoo is well done. It would look more deterrent if there were no such zests as green leaves and a brown branch. A very good choice for a tattoo on a shoulder.12 tattoo raven on hand
  13. This tattoo is made in a stone style technique. However, the bird looks very realistic. There is nothing to add and nothing to take away.13 tattoo raven on hand
  14. Haida technique is not very popular in tattoos but together with the two-headed crow, these razzle-dazzles match perfectly. By the way, the idea of the crow with two heads is very interesting as the bird seems to have two bodies but heads go together with each other.14 tattoo raven on hand
  15. The crow seems to the cover-up of another tattoo. However, the cover-up is made with taste. The bird sits on the branch and the chain of the watch covers the bird. This makes the tattoo more extravagant.15 tattoo raven on hand
  16. This tattoo made on the side looks grand because of the crow itself. The bird with its wings spread seems to fly somewhere high to reach the aim.16 tattoo raven on body
  17. Quite a common tattoo – a crow and a skull. The crow itself looks calm and quiet despite sitting on the skull. The feature of the tattoo is that the bird looks realistic unlike the skull made in a cartoon technique.17 tattoo raven on body
  18. A very good choice of the tattoo on the lower stomach. The crow seems to be very peaceful; it sits and waits for something. Nothing unnecessary in this tattoo.18 tattoo raven on body
  19. An aesthetically acceptable tattoo made on the arm. A small bird looks grand with its wings spread flying somewhere. Unfinished tail seems to show how fast the bird is.        19 tattoo raven on leg
  20. An exhilarating tattoo made in a gray wash style covering the whole back. The main character is the crow which sits on the skull looking at other birds flying around it. It might symbolize self-importance of the person.  20 tattoo raven on back
  21. As the tattoo is made in Mayan style, the crow and the skull don’t look very scary. It rather reminds of some picture on the walls of the caves. It looks very interesting and breathtaking.   21 tattoo raven on hand
  22. The black crow, the red triangle and the blue embellishments make the picture thrilling and interesting. The crow is very frightening and hostile because of its red eye.22 tattoo raven on hand
  23. Crows are very imperial birds especially when they are pictured with spread wings. This bird is not an exception. It looks like it is ready to fly up very high. The tattoo made in black and gray style makes a lasting impression.23 tattoo raven on back
  24. The tattoo is pictured in a black color and is very impressive because of the main character – crow which has a grand look especially against the background with the black sun.24 tattoo raven on leg
  25. This crow is a cover-up made in a black color. A great choice to tattoo such a picture on the hand. The bird itself looks very grand and can be a symbol of power and authority.25 tattoo raven on hand
  26. An unusual place for a tattoo that’s why it looks exciting. The picture is very poetic because of the deterrent crow with the open beak and the twig of the rose which the bird sits on. White ink on the crow makes as if it shines in the moonlight.26 tattoo raven on shoulder
  27. A sad picture which makes us think that even such strong and powerful birds as crows can be the victims of different circumstances. The crow is tied and falls down. This tattoo is very suggesting.27 tattoo raven on hand
  28. Although the crow is scary, the tattoo itself is made in a cartoon technique. The crow and the skull don’t look real because of their unreal sizes and proportions. Extraordinary and unusual.28 tattoo raven on leg
  29. The crow on this picture can symbolize betrayed people as it has swords in its back. The black color style is chosen correctly to convey the futility of the situation.29 tattoo raven on hand
  30. The crow on this tattoo doesn’t seem to be sinister. It reflects rather a freedom than hostility. Feathers behind the crow show that the bird flies with nothing to care about.30 tattoo raven on body
  31. The head of the crow raised up which shows the grandeur of the bird. The body is tattooed in a realistic style. However, the wings look more like crystals.31 tattoo raven on body
  32. The picture is made on the lower arm. Although there is only the head of the crow, it is really the main character on this tattoo. The sun and the moon have symbolic meaning. Perhaps they symbolize the heights which the crow is going to reach.32 tattoo raven on hand
  33. The tattoo isn’t performed in a realistic style but it doesn’t make the picture bad. It looks more like some Medieval picture. The crow is tattooed with the help of the stipplings which make this picture catching.33 tattoo raven on hand
  34. Quite a hostile and powerful crow tattooed on the shoulder in a black color technique. Uncolored part of the eye makes the bird scarier.34 tattoo raven on shoulder
  35. Different techniques used in this tattoos make it fascinating. The feathers are tattooed in gray and black colors and the crow itself is very mysterious and enigmatic because of the snake’s tongue and the chain with the keys on its neck.35 tattoo raven on hand
  36. As crows are the symbols of death in Christianity, such tattoos are quite common. It is performed in a gray wash technique and usual – the bird looks up sitting on the skull and showing its pompousness and power.36 tattoo raven on hand
  37. One more example of the duet – a crow and a skull. The crow shows its self-importance raising its head up and sitting on the skull.37 tattoo raven on hand
  38. The crow on this tattoo looks hostile because of the open beak. The lower arm is one of the best places for such pictures – small, black and grand.38 tattoo raven on hand
  39. A beautiful and catching picture of the crow. It seems to be symbolic because the crow is pictured together with the watch. Perhaps it can symbolize that time is merciless even if you are one of the most powerful animals in the world.39 tattoo raven on shoulder
  40. A great mysterious and enigmatic picture of the crow sitting on the cross at night. Although the atmosphere of the tattoo is rather dismal, the picture is performed in a cartoon style which makes it not so gloomy.40 tattoo raven on body
  41. The tattoo is made in a gray wash technique. The bird looks fairly realistic and its emotions are reproduced through the color and gloomy atmosphere.41 tattoo raven on hand
  42. A very beautiful and charming performance of the tattoo. The wings of the crow which end on the shoulder are very realistic and it looks like the bird is going to flap its wings and fly away.42 tattoo raven on shoulder
  43. The crow sitting on the branch looks very quiet and calm. The body of the crow is very well tattooed; every feather is carefully depicted with its own picture in every feather. Very catching!43 tattoo raven on hand
  44. A great choice of the place where to tattoo the crow with the part of the tree. The picture is usual but because of the turned head, it looks like the bird tries to see something far away.44 tattoo raven on hand
  45. Rather an interesting place for a tattoo but quite an appropriate one for such an unusual picture. Every feather is performed very high qualitatively and makes an impression of a very serious and grand bird.45 tattoo raven on neck
  46. It’s quite difficult to say whether it’s a two-headed raven or two ravens sitting together. However, the tattoo is very exhilarating because of the gray wash technique.46 tattoo raven on hand
  47. The crow sits on the branch against the moon-and-forest background. This picture would be ordinary if there wasn’t  a frame around the bird. The frame adds grandeur to the bird.47 tattoo raven on hand
  48. The black crow looks greatly against the colorful background. Every detail is carefully performed and the place of the tattoo is well chosen.48 tattoo raven on body
  49. A perfect tattoo on a perfect place on the body. The crow with the spread wings raises its head very high showing its greatness and power. Clear sight of the crow shows all the seriousness of its intentions.49 tattoo raven on body
  50. A very interesting technique and is suitable for such a place. The picture is minimal and there is nothing to add as the bird looks majestic and original.50 tattoo raven on leg
  51. The crow itself looks very ordinary but its course is rather unusual because the majority of the birds rises up. And this bird flies down. Perhaps it symbolizes something important what is worth flying down.51 tattoo raven on hand
  52. Every feather on the crow is thoroughly performed. The crow itself looks hostile because of the open beak and an inimical pose.52 tattoo raven on body
  53. Usually crows with Thor’s hammer are performed in a Celtic style. However, this tattoo is made in a black color. The bird shows its power and self-confidence.53 tattoo raven on hand
  54. A great picture of the crow sitting on the branch and looking somewhere. The look is intent and it makes us be sure that this bird is very serious and enigmatic.54 tattoo raven on hand
  55. A grand picture of the crow with the spread wings flying somewhere high. It looks very realistic and shows all the grandeur of the bird.55 tattoo raven on body

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