Capricorn Tattoos

Do you like tattoos? Do you believe in astrology? Were you born between December, 21 and January, 20? If you have at least one “yes”, you may be interested in these cool capricorn tattoos!

Capricorn is an ancient Sumerian god Enki (god of wisdom and waters), which has a head and torso of a goat and a tail of a fish. Looks quite strange, but people, born under this sign, are believed to be smart, ambitious and passionate — so if you are a Capricorn, you should be proud of it!

And if you are, we have these Capricorn tattoos for you here. Choose any!

Simple Capricorn Chest Tattoo

We all love chest tattoos. It’s a great thing when you want to not to hide your ideas, thoughts, or, like in this case, your Zodiac sign! Choose a cool and simple capricorn chest tattoo here.

Simple capricorn chest tattoo

Best Simple capricorn chest tattoo

Capricorn Logo Tattoo

If you want a capricorn logo tattoo, it’s a good choice — that’s how you can make people know who you are. What part of your body will you choose? Arm, chest, shoulder, back, leg?

Capricorn logo tattoo

Best Capricorn logo tattoo

Images of Capricorn Tattoos

Who said a capricorn can’t be a woman with a fish tail or that you can’t make a tattoo with a constellation? Choose among these images of capricorn tattoos and stand from the crowd!

Images of capricorn tattoos

Best Images of capricorn tattoos

Capricorn Tattoos for Men

Choose among capricorn tattoos for men — with them, you will not only show that you are a Capricorn but that you are a true man! These tattoos will not suit tender women, be careful!

Capricorn tattoos for men

Best Capricorn tattoos for men

Small Capricorn Tattoos for Girls

Unlike previous tattoos, these would work well if you are a tender girl. They look very gentle so these small capricorn tattoos for girls would be a great choice if you are a beginner!

Small capricorn tattoos for girls

Best Small capricorn tattoos for girls

Capricorn Tattoos With Flowers

Can’t choose between a tattoo with flowers and with capricorn? Get a picture with both! Look at these cool capricorn tattoos with flowers and choose something for you. Are you ready?

Capricorn tattoos with flowers

Best Capricorn tattoos with flowers

Cool Capricorn Tattoos

If you want something great, take a look at these cool capricorn tattoos — they are big, beautiful and they will definitely make people around you ask you questions about these pics!

Cool capricorn tattoos

Best Cool capricorn tattoos

Capricorn Drawings

Still not sure how will your tattoo look like? Well, in such case you need capricorn drawings to make a choice. We collected the coolest of them here, so you only have to choose.

Capricorn drawings

Best Capricorn drawings

Capricorn Half Sleeve Tattoos

Beautiful, coloured, big — these capricorn half sleeve tattoos are definitely not for the beginners, but they are extremely cool. Are you ready for the spotlight shining?

Capricorn half sleeve tattoos

Best Capricorn half sleeve tattoos

Girly Capricorn Tattoo Designs

The tattoos for women and men differ. If you are a girl, you won’t make a big colourful tattoo with a Capricorn on a back — so we have these girly capricorn tattoo designs for you here.

Girly capricorn tattoo designs

Best Girly capricorn tattoo designs

Capricorn Tribal Tattoos Pictures

Tribal tattoos are made in one colour (black or grey in most of the cases), with geometric shapes — and if you want some capricorn tribal tattoos pictures, you are in the right place.

Capricorn tribal tattoos pictures

Best Capricorn tribal tattoos pictures

Capricorn Tribal Tattoos

Looking for a tribal tattoo? We have them here. Black and grey geometric tattoos with Zodiac sign, what can be better than that? Choose among these capricorn tribal tattoos and make it!

Capricorn tribal tattoos

Best Capricorn tribal tattoos

Capricorn Tattoos With Stars

Capricorn is a Zodiac sign, Zodiac is a sky area, stars are in the sky — so it makes sense to look at these capricorn tattoos with stars. Cool and mysterious tattoos, what can go wrong?

Capricorn tattoos with stars

Best Capricorn tattoos with stars

Unique Capricorn Tattoos

Want to find something unique, related to astrology and really beautiful? We have these unique capricorn tattoos here. They are complex, but with them, you’ll be in the spotlight!

Unique capricorn tattoos

Best Unique capricorn tattoos

Feminine Capricorn Tattoos on Wrist

Are you sure that Capricorn is a man? Oh, don’t be so misogynous! These feminine capricorn tattoos on wrist are small, beautiful and will express you personality.

Feminine capricorn tattoos on wrist

Best Feminine capricorn tattoos on wrist

Sea Goat Tattoo

As you probably know, Capricorn has a torso and a head of a goat, and a tail (and the lower part of the body) of a fish. Sea goat tattoo would look great on each part of your body!

Sea goat tattoo

Best Sea goat tattoo

Capricorn Symbol Arm Tattoos

What about a tattoo on your arm? It’s not as radical as big tattoo on your back, but capricorn symbol arm tattoos are still cool! Choose one here if you are looking for a symbolic tattoo.

Capricorn symbol arm tattoos

Best Capricorn symbol arm tattoos

Capricorn Tattoo Designs Ideas

It’s a common situation when you want to make a tattoo but don’t have an idea about it. If you are in such situation, choose among these capricorn tattoo designs ideas here!

Capricorn tattoo designs ideas

Best Capricorn tattoo designs ideas

Capricorn Horoscope Tattoo

People who were born under this sign are smart, intelligent and passionate. If you want to express such features of character, we recommend to make a capricorn horoscope tattoo!

Capricorn horoscope tattoo

Best Capricorn horoscope tattoo

Capricorn Sign Tattoos

Many people believe in astrology. Are you one of them? If you are, and if you were born between December, 21 and January, 20 — you have to look at these capricorn sign tattoos.

Capricorn sign tattoos

Best Capricorn sign tattoos

Capricorn Zodiac Tattoo Designs

Tattoos with zodiac signs are not as popular as quotes and animals. That’s why, if you want to feel unique, try these capricorn zodiac tattoo designs — we are sure that you’ll like them.

Capricorn zodiac tattoo designs

Best Capricorn zodiac tattoo designs

Capricorn Sleeve Tattoos

Sleeve tattoos are more like tattoos for men, because they are usually big and provoking. But the gender doesn’t matter, because these capricorn sleeve tattoos would be great for all.

Capricorn sleeve tattoos

Best Capricorn sleeve tattoos

Capricorn Back Tattoo

What about a big tattoo on a back, from shoulder to shoulder? Or, maybe, you prefer small and beautiful picture on a back? If you are looking for a capricorn back tattoo, find it here!

Capricorn back tattoo

Best Capricorn back tattoo

Capricorn Symbol Tattoo

Some people believe in astrology, some don’t. It doesn’t matter whether you are a believer or not, you can still choose a cool capricorn symbol tattoo at this page — cause they are cool!

Capricorn symbol tattoo

Best Capricorn symbol tattoo

Capricorn Tattoos for Women

What about great capricorn tattoos for women? We know that sometimes it’s difficult to find female tattoos, which would be zodiac-related, so we’ve collected such tattoos here!

capricorn tattoo

Capricorn tattoos for women