Cat Tattoos: Best Designs and Ideas

Sure you have heard the phrase “he (she) is more cat person”? It means that someone prefers having cats instead of dogs as domestic animals. Some of us can easily define themselves as cat fans. It’s hard to find an explanation but when you look at those small beautiful eyes, soft paws and fluffy tails you can barely keep your admiration inside. That’s why they have been taking our hearts and souls for ages. Sometimes one look will be enough to fall in love with this amazing animal.

What if this animal means so much to you and your love is so strong; you won’t find a better way to express your feelings than a tattoo. Decorate yourself with a nice tat of a cat on your shoulder or wrist.

Meanings and Symbolism of Cats in Different Cultures:

Cats have been defined as mystical or even divine creatures in many cultures.  It is not a secret that the culture of ancient Egypt was known for their worshiping to cats. The cats were associated with the main Egyptian gods and goddesses.  For example, in a 17-th chapter of “Book of Dead” we can find the information that one of the gods in Egyptian pantheon Ra is portrayed as a red cat. Egyptian goddess Bastet was portrayed with the head of a cat. Ancient Egyptians saw god’s incarnations in cats, they worshiped to them and believed that cats could change a lot in the earthly existence of people.

Cats were also connected with peace and freedom in ancient Rome and Greece. People had a belief that cats can somehow influence on people’s lives in a good way. For the other hand, Christians associated cats with demons and black magic. Nevertheless, meanings were turned upside down and cats are not believed as demons now.

The cat is a symbol of a sharp mind and freedom. You can easily meet a woman or a man with cat tattoo.

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What Style to Choose and Where to Put a Tattoo:

There are lots of different styles for cat tats. And you can get inked with any cat tattoo design that you want: Old School Style or Realism, Ornamental or Blackwork, Traditional or Trash Polka.  And it depends on your preference where to ink your tat. There are almost no exceptions in places on your body where you could ink a cat tattoo. If a tat is large sized, you may ink it:

  • On back;
  • On the shoulder;
  • On the outer top thigh;

Smaller inks will look refined:

  • On wrist;
  • Behind the ear;
  • On the ankle;
  • On finger.

So if you are not chicken-out and ready to be inked, here are some amazing cat tattoo designs for you below. Hope that this article will help you with your decision of style and place.

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