Сharming Tiger Butterfly Tattoos

  1. The showy tiger butterfly tattoo inscribed on the thigh. The black-yellow color gamut conveys realistically the tiger image, and the deep black outline imitates accurately the butterfly’s silhouette. The acid-green eyes is what appeals the most in this motif.Tiger Butterfly Head With Text
  2. The neat tiger butterfly tattoo embellishes the back. The roaring tiger with the severe face expression is greatly infused in the intricately-designed butterfly pattern. This tat accentuates the passionate, emotional and aggressive character of the bearer.Roar Tiger Butterfly Head
  3. The fascinating tiger butterfly tattoo made in the Neotraditional style adorns the arm. The wonderful feline with the piercing gaze has an enigmatic appearance. The harmonious change of the tones makes this tattoo design unique and adds a realistic effect.Tiger Butterfly Head In Hot And Cold Color
  4. The incredibly beautiful tiger butterfly tattoo extends over the leg. The black-grey predator with the baby blue eyes is brilliantly combined with the purplish flower which is gracefully snaking the leg and gives a feminine and delicate touch.Butterly Tiger Head With Violet Flower
  5. Here we have the fantastically-done black-gray tiger butterfly tattoo. The artful shading work highlights all features implementing to this beast. The creative twist to this tattoo design is the edges displayed in the form of the mustache.Grey Tiger Face With Blue Strips
  6. This cool tiger butterfly tattoo impresses with its vibrant colors. The interesting blending of the blue color with the mauve-pink shade makes this tattoo piece aesthetically beautiful and reveals the flamboyant personality of the wearer.Tiger Butterfly in Blue Color with Pink
  7. The fabulous tiger butterfly tattoo engraved on the shoulder. The wonderfully-chosen color gamut creates a mysterious and oft-beaten image. The zest of this tattoo piece is the unwinkingly gazing eyes which make your blood freeze.Tiger Eyes On The Butterly Wings
  8. The tiger butterfly tattoo paired with the floral pattern is a hot preference among the fairer sex. This charming tattoo piece performed in the purple-orange color scheme decorates the leg. The highly-detailed rose makes the motif more elegant and sophisticated.Tiger Butterfly With Violet Rose
  9. The splendid tiger butterfly tattoo inked on the back. The black and gray predator with the azure eyes symbolizes the inner power, boldness and determination.Tiger Face With Blue Eyes On The Butterfly Wings
  10. The horribly awesome tiger butterfly tattoo inked on the stomach. This extravagant king-size tat made in the Old school style looks very cool and extraordinary. The furious tiger incorporated into the intricately designed butterfly represents the wild and aggressive nature of the bearer.Roar Colored Tiger on Butterfly
  11. The magnificent tiger butterfly tattoo extends over the female’s back. The tiger butterfly goes well with the dark red roses which stand for love, affection and beauty.Tiger Butterfly With Rose
  12. The tramp stamp tattoo with tiger butterfly looks very sensuous. The realistically-depicted tiger butterfly accompanied with the pink hibiscuses which hold a deep symbolic value: they signify courage, immortality and beauty.Tiger Face On Wings With Pink Flowers
  13. The entrancing tiger butterfly tattoo carved on the back. The tiger is displayed in the subdued hues, but with the emerald-green eyes which stand out this tat  immediately. The curved black butterfly’s tendrils add some dainty and elegance to the image.Tiger Face With Green Eyes On The Wings
  14. The alluring tiger butterfly tattoo design impresses with its inscrutability. This tiger butterfly paired with the floral pattern is performed in the black and gray technique. The brilliant shading work and the bold black strokes make this tat unique.Non-colored Tiger Butterfly With Flower
  15. The awe-inspiring tiger butterfly tattoo decorates the woman’s side. The brightly colored Bengal tiger in tandem with the cherry blossom flowers has a realistic appearance.Tiger Face on The Pink Flowers Branch
  16. This stunning tiger head tattoo covering the leg sleeve attracts by its vividness and aestheticism. The fabulous tiger butterfly tattoo harmoniously combines with the purple-blue lilies which are considered to be the symbol of the pure love, devotion and peace. To add a personal touch, you can carve the name or initials of the dearest person in memory of him.Tiger Face Butterfly With Violet And Blue Flower
  17. The horribly beautiful Old school tiger butterfly tattoo inked on the back. The fierce tiger with the sharp fangs is pierced with a dagger. This tattoo piece embodies severity, rage and aggression.Tiger Face On The Butterfly Wings With Knife
  18. The exquisite tiger butterfly tattoo adorns the arm. The black-grey tiger with the peaceful gaze conveys the reserved, well-balanced character of the wearer.Non-colored Tiger Face On The Wings
  19. The amazing tiger butterfly tattoo inscribed on the leg. The brown-colored tiger with the forest green eyes accompanied with the purple echinacea flowers looks  gorgeous and picturesque. The awesome fusion of the contrasting purple and brown colors makes this motif inimitable and eye-grabbing.Butterfly With Tiger Face Between Violet Flowers
  20. The neat tiger butterfly tattoo carved on the back. The intricately-patterned tiger butterfly performed in the yellow-black color gamut has an enigmatic appeal.Yellow With Orange Tiger Face On Butterfly Wings
  21. The nice tiger butterfly tattoo graces the leg. The beautiful tiger made in its traditional color gamut goes well with the dainty gray-toned flowers. Such tattoo design indicates on the romantic and fragile nature of the bearer.Butterfly With Tiger Face On The Wings With Flower
  22. The dinky tiger butterfly tattoo carved on the collar bone looks very saucy and trendy. This tattoo design conveys the message that behind the fragile appearance hides the person with the bold and determined character.Small Butterfly With Tiger Face Tattoo
  23. This marvelous tiger butterfly tattoo on the leg is made in the memory of the mother. The cute crimson flowers gracefully snaking around the Bengal tiger and create a tender and sophisticated motif.Butterfly With Tiger Face on The Wings Between Pink Flowers
  24. The beauty of this tiger butterfly tattoo lies in the magnificent blending of  the blue color with the mauve shade. The tat is inked on the arm and points out on the flamboyant personality of the bearer.Blue Colored Tiger On Butterfly Wings
  25. A great opportunity to reveal your feminine essence is to get inked this delightful tiger butterfly tattoo. The green-eyed feline looks aesthetically with the blue-colored flowers and embodies grace, daintiness and passion.Butterfly With Tiger On the Branch With Blue Flowers
  26. The nifty tiger butterfly tattoo inscribed on the back. The furious roaring tiger depicted with the brightly-patterned butterfly wings symbolizes freedom, strength and domination.Tiger Head With Butterfly Yellow Wings
  27. This irresistible tiger tattoo design extending over the arm can become a brilliant embellishment of your body. The colorful exotic flowers amazingly contrast with the tiger butterfly performed in the linework style. This tat looks very feminine and refined.Non-colored Butterfly With Tiger On The Pink And Violet Flowers
  28. The snazzy tiger butterfly tattoo carved on the female’s side. This tattoo piece stands out for its black-mauve shades which create a mysterious atmosphere. One more zest of this tat is the big silver gray eyes staring at you which point out on the reserved and well-balanced character of the wearer.Butterfly With Violet Wings And Tiger Eyes
  29. The captivating black and white tiger butterfly tattoo inked on the shoulder. This piece is done in the tribal style and has a mystical appearance. The bold black lines awesomely convey the tiger’s features and the fascinating flowers on the sides add softness to the overall look.Beauty Tiger On The Butterfly Wings 4
  30. You want to show off but don’t know wich tattoo design to choose ? Try to get inked this cool tiger butterfly tattoo made in the black-gray technique on your head, and you will be definitely in the limelight.Tiger on The Butterfly Wings On The Head
  31. This tremendous tiger butterfly tattoo amazes with its intricately patterned design. The massive black and gray tiger butterfly depicted in the fury and with the butterfly wings looks very masculine. The flowers above the tiger’s head add softness to the motif.Big Tiger On The Big Butterfly Wings
  32. The Old school tiger butterfly tattoo inked on the arm looks very creative. What is particularly catchy in this design is an original portraying  of the tiger: the knife-sharped tongue and the bluish-toned mustache. The amazing shading and detail-oriented work make this tat unique.Tiger Face On The Wings
  33. The glorious tiger butterfly tattoo made in the purple color with the inclusion of the pink hue will become a wonderful decorative element to your body.Violet Tiger Face With Blue Eyes on The Wings
  34. The glaring tiger butterfly tattoo sits superbly on the arm. The blue-eyed Bengal imparts force, freedom and pride. The bright tiny flowers harmoniously infused into the motif and bring some color to the tat.Tiger Face On The Butterfly Wings With Flowers
  35. The cool tiger butterfly looks elegant on the leg. The gorgeous tiger is depicted in the white-grayish gamut with some inclusions of the lilac one. The miserable eyes of the beast signal that these animals need to be protected from the extinction.Tiger Face With Violet Bright On Wings
  36. This tiger butterfly tattoo carved on the arm has an oft-beaten coloring: the gray tone is superbly combined with the light-blue color and this amazing mixture makes the piece charming and enigmatic.Tiger On The Butterfly Wings In Green Colors
  37. The sophisticated black-gray tiger butterfly tattoo adorning the back fascinates with its grace and mystery. The marvelous tiger goes well with the snaking floral pattern and the pretty butterflies. What makes this design so astonishing and lifelike is the skillful shading.Non-colored Tiger Face With Flower
  38. The tramp stamp tiger butterfly tattoo is a must-have for every fashionista .The prevailing black-orange colors in this tat point out on the passionate and hot nature of the wearer.Tiger Face With Hot Orange Color
  39. The exquisite tiger butterfly tattoo looks very sexy and intriguing on the female’s thigh. The black-white tiger and the delicate flower vine is a perfect tattoo combination for women because it represents femininity, beauty and fertility.Non-colored Tiger Faces On The Wings With Flower Branch
  40. The nice butterfly with the tiger-patterned wings what can be more extravagant? This  awe-inspiring tiger butterfly tattoo looks very realistic and catchy on the shoulder due to the intense color gamut.Orange Tiger Face On The Butterfly Wings
  41. The impressive tiger butterfly tattoo embraces the quarter sleeve and the back. The huge tiger butterfly is depicted on the roses background. This tat can be chosen by emotional, enthusiastic and adventurous people.Tiger Face On The Big Wings With A Lot of Roses
  42. Here we have one more variant of the tiger butterfly paired with the floral pattern. The main accent was put in this design on the play of the contrasts: the colored tiger butterfly is sitting on the gray-white vine flower.Colored Tiger Face On The Wings With Non-colored Roses

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