Japanese Cherry Blossom Tattoo

The cherry blossom (Chinese culture), or “Sakura tree” (Japanese culture) is known to be one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. They are vibrant pink colored flowers which grow on cherry trees, which are common in regions of West Asia and East Europe.

A cherry blossom is a very popular tattoo among the fans of Japanese culture. This authentic symbol of the Land of the Rising Sun, executed in the traditional style, can be seen on the bodies of various people. Let’s find out what attracts thousands of fans of the tattoo art at this magnificent tree.

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The Inception of the Sakura Blossoms Tattoo

Sakura is perhaps the best-known ancient symbol of Japanese culture. Light pink elegant flowers of this tree have always been a favorite adornment among the inhabitants of the Country of the Rising Sun. Sakura embodies the aesthetic and harmony inherent to the Japanese culture. Thus, a Sakura tattoo is designed to bring harmony and prosperity to your life.

The cherry blossom symbolizes harmony and enjoyment of life in all its expressions. If we talk about the Sakura tattoo, it will be interesting to know that tattoos depicting this tree were often carved on the backs of Japanese feudal lords and emperors. This sign personified devotion to their country. The combination of Sakura and tiger symbolized two main qualities of the great ruler – justice and power.

In Japanese culture, the image of the cherry blossom is carried out as reliably as possible.

All the smallest details are taken into account: how many flowers are shown in the picture; color palette – from dazzling white to rich pink. So how strong can the tree trunk is?

In Chinese culture, the cherry blossom is a symbol of power. Those who are in power or those who are seeking power can both use the cherry blossom tattoo for these similar meanings.

In Western countries, there is no specific symbolism in the Sakura tattoo. Typically the sketches are perceived completely, with no distinguishing between small details. The main aspect is the beauty. Therefore, the design is applied using bright colors.

The Most Popular of Modern Interpretations

Women’s youth and beauty: pale pink Sakura flowers on the back of the best half of human beings look surprisingly elegant.

Persistence is related to the properties of the tree itself, which begins to bloom long before the first leaves turn green on it.

Lost love: as you know, Japanese poets and writers are very lyrical and sensual. For the Japanese, Sakura often symbolizes pleasant memories of a bygone youth.

Many tattoo artists find an analogy between the cycle of the human development and the cherry blossom. Thus, a tree as a symbol is often perceived as the personification of the cyclical development of our world.

Placement and Ideas

Ladies choose these images because of their tenderness, grace and purity. The calm and light colors sach as white, purple, pink, light blue.

Women have special sensitivity, sentimentality, romance and tenderness. The cherry tree is the embodiment of all these qualities. If the image is small, girls usually put a tattoo in the form of this tree on the leg or arm. The broader drawings well suited to the side, the back, the area between the shoulder blades, thighs.

On the girl’s body the cherry blossom image will look great together with the hieroglyphics, fluttering butterflies or birds, and even lotus or peony flowers!

The design of the cherry blossom has no special popularity among the men. The guys usually put a picture of cherry blossoms in combination with:

  • The tribal patterns in the Geometric or Abstract style;
  • The natural landscapes, for example, the images of mountains or rivers;
  • Some fairy animals – dragons or snakes;
  • The predators – a tiger or a panther.

Also, this tree is combined with a picture of the golden Japanese carp, Koi – a symbol of luck and financial prosperity. The fish is painted with bright colors, and the flowers of the tree are executed in black and white, like shadows.

We can meet the cherry blossom tattoo on the man’s arm and shoulder. The three-dimensional images are placed on the chest or back. Also, there is a fashion to put a Sakura tattoo on a barely shaved temple.

Cherry blossom tattoos have grown in popularity over the years. Many people want to have very meaningful tattoos rather than just nice-looking images. This tattoo is one that is strongly filled and fully packed with the meaning. Everyone can choose a design which will match his taste in the color, size and significance.

#1. 3d Cherry Blossom Tattoo on the Forearm

It’s awesome black and grey style Sakura tattoo in a circle. The flowers are so realistic! They look like a piece of photo transfer to the body.
3d cherry blossom tattoo on the forearm

#2. Asian Cherry Blossom Tattoo on the Ribs

Beautiful cherry blossoms can still look amazing, even though they aren’t seen with their pink hue. Here the flowers look more serene and peaceful as they gently hang on the tree branch.
Asian cherry blossom tattoo on the ribs

#3. Beautiful Cherry Blossom Tattoos Underboob

Uncolored but super detailed design shows all refinement of the Sakura tree. Note the selection of the location of this tattoo. It’s very sexy and stylish!
Beautiful cherry blossom tattoos underboob

#4. The Best Cherry Blossom Tattoos for Girls

It’s just an unbelievable work! The colors are so true, and the image is so precise with the real branch. Bravo for the artist!
The best cherry blossom tattoos for girls

#5. Black and White Cherry Blossom Tattoo

There is a well-done tattoo! All contours and lines are very clear. Even in the black color, this blossom looks great.
Black and white cherry blossom tattoo

#6. Blue Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Wow! Take a look at these fluttering flowers! The weightless crystalline petals are simply delicious in its’ light blue color.
Blue cherry blossom tattoo

#7. The Cherry Blossom and Bird Tattoo for Women

This is an awesome detailed sketch! The bird adds more semantic into this work. Here everything is thought out to the smallest details and done beautifully.
The cherry blossom and bird tattoo for women

#8. The Cherry Blossom Ankle Tattoo

This tattoo is made in the form of a wreath. All the elements and shadows are perfectly worked out. Such work definitely deserves your attention.
The cherry blossom ankle tattoo

#9. The Cherry Blossom Arm Tattoo With a Teacup

A traditional tattoo design with the lettering, A small cup compared to the flowers makes you think about the meaning of this picture.
The cherry blossom arm tattoo with a teacup

#10. Great Cherry Blossom Body Tattoo for Ladies

Here we can see the masterpiece of the skin art. This Newschool work is done in the classical colors for Japan with a large number of elements. The whole composition looks very impressive!
Great cherry blossom body tattoo for ladies

#11. The Cherry Blossom Branch Tattoo on Inner Biceps

Gentle pink cherry blossoms look very elegant. Youth and beauty are felt in every flower. It’s a really gorgeous design!
The cherry blossom branch tattoo on inner biceps

#12. Cherry Blossom Flower Tattoo

A gentle flower with the fluttering petals can mean a passing youth or lost opportunities. In this work, a very delicate hue of pink was chosen. This color can lose its original appearance very soon.
Cherry blossom flower tattoo

#13. Cherry Blossom Half Sleeve Tattoo for Men

Sakura branch is beautiful! The flowers look very voluminous. In the future, it will be possible to add some sketches and this tattoo will become a truly excited.
Cherry blossom half sleeve tattoo for men

#14. Cherry Blossom Lower Back Tattoos for Guys

A lot of people start their first tattoo on the back. It’s more flexible to many tattoo patterns. The combination of the dragon and the cherry blossoms carries a very strong meaning for the men.
Cherry blossom lower back tattoos for guys

#15. Tender Cherry Blossom Petal Tattoo

Two delicate petals carry the message that life is short. Don’t stop, move towards your dreams!
Tender cherry blossom petal tattoo

#16. Cherry Blossom Tattoo Black and Grey on the Wrist

Men who are interested in this tattoo design but find it too feminine for their personality can choose a monochrome design that does not reduce the value in any way.
Cherry blossom tattoo black and grey on the wrist

#17. Cherry Blossom Tattoo Designs on the Wrist

This is a great tattoo for any women who want a tattoo that expresses their independence or ability to overcome any problem that comes their way.
Cherry blossom tattoo designs on the wrist

#18. Cherry Blossom Tattoo for Guys With a Koi Fish

Gold Koi symbolize prosperity and are a very popular color for Koi tattoos. This image consists of several Asian symbols which are made in color ink and have a deep meaning for the owner.
Cherry blossom tattoo for guys with a Koi fish

#19. The Male Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Terrifying, but at the same time culturally intriguing design. Those who are in power or those who are seeking power can both use the cherry blossom tattoo and add different details.
The male cherry blossom tattoo

#20. Cherry Blossom Tattoo on the Foot for Women

If you are inspired by flowers, the Cherry blossom tattoo is just for you! Even the black ink work looks amazing!
Cherry blossom tattoo on the foot for women

#21. Cherry Blossom Tattoo on the Forearm

This charming design is used to show the lady’s feminine nature. The gentle cherry blossom carries the beauty and purity itself.
Cherry blossom tattoo on the forearm

#22. The Original Cherry Blossom Tattoo on the Hip

What an amazing piece of the ink art! The green is unreal! The combination of the color of the waves and the flowers of the cherry blossom is simply excellent.
The original cherry blossom tattoo on the hip

#23. Cute Cherry Blossom Tattoo on the Leg

It is well known that on youthful stage, a person starts to become independent. So a cherry blossom tattoo can also be used to symbolize youth and independence.
Cute cherry blossom tattoo on the leg

#24. Cherry Blossom Tattoo on the Ribs in Black

Such image with the overflying petals basically reminds us that our life is short. People who wear this tattoo for this purpose always turn to it when they need some kind of motivation.
Cherry blossom tattoo on the ribs in black

#25. Cherry Blossom Tattoo in Black and White on the Thigh

For more stunning and awesome effect, you can pair the gorgeous cherry blossom tattoo with the bird or another inspired subject. Choose the style and enjoy your tattoo!
Cherry blossom tattoo in black and white on the thigh

#26. The Outline Cherry Blossom Tattoo With Apples

The location has an important role in choosing the tattoo. Not every pattern will look well on all parts of the body. This placement is amazing!
The outline cherry blossom tattoo with apples

#27. The Upper Arm Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Tasteful pink hue and well-detailed flowers. The bud, the blooming flower and fluttering petals
The upper arm cherry blossom tattoo

#28. Tender Cherry Blossom Tattoo With the Names

A delicate cherry blossom can be added to the name of your child. A new beautiful flower – a new life.
Tender cherry blossom tattoo with the names

#29. A Small Cherry Blossom Tattoos for Women

One life, one hope, one flower. This tattoo is one that looks not only gorgeous but also holds significant meaning.
A small cherry blossom tattoos for women

#30. Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo on the Back for Ladies

When you go through the ups and downs of life and sometimes feel depressed, you can look at the cherry blossom tattoo and remember that life is short and try to make the best out of it.
Cherry blossom tree tattoo on the back for ladies

#31. The Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo on the Back

It’s an interesting idea to use the quote as a tree trunk. A strong utterance can become your motivation for the whole life.
The cherry blossom tree tattoo on the back

#32. The Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo on a Shoulder

The sole Sakura flower is used as a sign of a beautiful and tender love. The lettering “Amor Mio” only strengthens the love value of this tattoo. The pale pink flower is great to express your tender feelings.
The cherry blossom tree tattoo on a shoulder

#33. The Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo on a Side

Wonderful looking cherry blossom tattoo on the side of the body. The design looks absolutely gorgeous and enthralling.
The cherry blossom tree tattoo on a side

#34. The Cat and Cherry Blossom Vine Tattoo

In this tattoo, cherry blossoms in the form of a wreath symbolize love and the memory of the beloved pet. The image of the cat is made using the Dotwork style. This is so really cool!
The cat and cherry blossom vine tattoo

#35. The Cherry Blossom With a Butterfly Tattoo

A butterfly is a symbol of beauty, and when it is used in the tattoo, the message comes out clearly. This design is simple but eye-catching because of its beauty.
The cherry blossom with a butterfly tattoo

#36. The Elegant Chinese Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Look at this magnificent piece of the ink art! It’s such a sophisticated design of the cherry blossom branch. New buds and a few flowers can mean the youth of the owner.
The elegant Chinese cherry blossom tattoo

#37. The Colorful Cherry Blossom Tattoos on the Ankle

Wonderfully colored and a real treat to the eyes. You can definitely see the beauty of the blossoms. It’s awesome!
The colorful cherry blossom tattoos on the ankle

#38. The Delicate Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Simple but so cool! The pale pink is amazing! The work is done very carefully, and the flower looks so original.
The delicate cherry blossom tattoo

#39. The Dragon Cherry Blossom Tattoo in the Japanese Style

Life is always changing and moving through different phases. The tattoo reminds you to appreciate each moment. The amateur of the Asian culture will like this design in which almost all the main elements of Japanese history are connected.
The dragon cherry blossom tattoo in the Japanese style

#40. The Feminine Cherry Blossom Tattoos

Soft pink hue is the true color of the Sakura blossom. It looks so girlish and is chosen by many young ladies.
The feminine cherry blossom tattoos

#41. Geisha Cherry Blossom Tattoo on a Side

This is absolutely stunning work! If you are interested in the Sakura tattoo design but find it too feminine, you can mix it with the masculine symbol like a Geisha. And you will get an amazing ink design.
Geisha cherry blossom tattoo on a side

#42. Japanese Cherry Blossom Sleeve Tattoos

The Hannya mask is said to be demonic and dangerous, but also sorrowful and tormented, displaying the complexity of human emotions. The ink master did an excellent job and created a wonderful design with the help of a game of shades.
Japanese cherry blossom sleeve tattoos

#43. Japanese Cherry Blossom Tattoo for Men

This tattoo is strongly filled with the meaning for the wearer. The multi-colored cherry blossom tattoo with the mask will surely attract the eyes of people.
Japanese cherry blossom tattoo for men

#44. Pink Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Cherry blossom looks amazing with their iconic pink hue. The flower is serene and peaceful.
Pink cherry blossom tattoo

#45. Realistic Cherry Blossom Tattoo for Girls

This work is done in a hyper-realistic fashion displaying flowers in the bloom. The color transition from pink to white is executed remarkably.
Realistic cherry blossom tattoo for girls

#46. Red Cherry Blossom Tattoo With a Compass

The hues are perfectly matched in this tattoo. The red color of the cherry blossom is chosen, which is excellent for the male design.
Red cherry blossom tattoo with a compass

#47. The Sakura Flower Tattoo in the Traditional Style

In this style, tattoo look flat, but there is its own zest in such design. You should add bright colors, and the ink work looks completely different.
The Sakura flower tattoo in the Traditional style

#48. Awesome Sakura Tattoo

This is the beautifully executed rib tattoo. It looks fabulous in the black color. Thanks to the skillful work with shadows of the ink master, the image looks very voluminous.
Awesome Sakura tattoo

#49. Single Cherry Blossom Tattoo With a Bird

Wonderful looking sole cherry flower tattoo on the arm. Inked in the linework theme, the design looks absolutely gorgeous!
Single cherry blossom tattoo with a bird

#50. Small Cherry Blossom Tattoo Designs

The Cherry blossom designs are a great way to frame quotes and words on the tattoo, and they work very well with each other. The whole composition looks very nice.
Small cherry blossom tattoo designs

#51. Tiny Cherry Blossom Tattoo on the Leg

There is a charming watercolor design. A gentle pink color and love lettering convey the whole meaning of this work. This delicate work looks fascinating!
Tiny cherry blossom tattoo on the leg

#52. Traditional Japanese Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Colors within Sakura flowers and Koi fish can hold various meanings. If you’re considering getting a colored tattoo, know which types of Koi you want to ink on your body. Such red coloring represents positivity in the life.
Traditional Japanese cherry blossom tattoo

#53. The Unique Cherry Blossom Tattoos With the X-ray Deer

This is such an amazing tattoo in the watercolor style that you can’t take your eyes off! It’s an incredible idea to use the deer horns as the blooming cherry branches. The color scheme is similar to something magical!
The unique cherry blossom tattoos with the x-ray deer

#54. The Watercolor Cherry Blossom Tattoo on the Left Hand

The well-detailed tattoo of a single cherry blossom flower looks very natural! The light pink color conveys all the tenderness inherent in a blossoming flower.
The watercolor cherry blossom tattoo on the left hand

#55. Lovely White Cherry Blossom Tattoo on the Wrist

The color choice is also a very important aspect of the tattoo design and individuality. You can make your tattoo even more unique by choosing white ink only. This tattoo looks very mysterious and attractive.
Lovely white cherry blossom tattoo on the wrist

#56. The Cherry Blossom Tattoos on the Leg

This is the traditional version of the Sakura image. All the elements are made in the directions of such variation of skin art. Each used ink hue is chosen perfectly and makes up a single composition with a certain value.
The cherry blossom tattoos on the leg

#57. The Cherry Blossom Belly Tattoo

This stomach tattoo is truly breathtaking and one that you will cherish for a long time. Such a location of the image can be chosen by women to hide the scar after the Caesarian. The Sakura tree design is truly great for this purpose.
The cherry blossom belly tattoo

#58. The Cherry Blossom Tattoo Ideas on the Back

The watercolor technique is suitable for the image of the Sakura blossom as no other. The color transfer is so much on the goal that you do not want to take your eyes off such tattoos. It’s really stunning!
The cherry blossom tattoo ideas on the back

#59. The Cherry Blossom Branch Tattoos

Who says you have to get the color cherry blossom tattoo? This is a great example of a plain design. All twigs, buds and flowers are clearly drawn and represented an excellent piece of the ink art.
The cherry blossom branch tattoos

#60. The Cherry Blossom Tattoo in Pink and Black Colors

This is an excellent choice of placement for a tattoo. You can hide it from the superfluous glances, but you can always easily look at it and remember the nested meaning.
The cherry blossom tattoo in pink and black colors

#61. Gentle Sakura Flowers Tattoo

A few cherry blossoms with the fluttering petals are perfect!. These tender flowers look great in bright pink.
Gentle Sakura flowers tattoo

#62. The Skull and Cherry Blossom Tattoo on the Chest

This is an amazing ink design with a deep meaning. A well-shaded skull is surrounded by the petals of the cherry blossoms as the flames. It looks unique!
The skull and cherry blossom tattoo on the chest

#63. Grey Cherry Blossom Tattoo Design

This design is made in the original style. The tattoo in black looks great! But you can add some bright colors in the future and get a completely new one.
Grey cherry blossom tattoo design

#64. The Sternum Cherry Blossom Tattoo

It is a very interesting choice of a place for tattooing. Such a design can get a self-confident girl because this work will draw attention to itself to itself for sure.
The sternum cherry blossom tattoo

#65. The Cherry Blossom and Mandala Tattoo

Two very popular elements among lovers of the tattoo art are connected in this work. The symmetrical pattern and detailed flowers look fantastic!
The cherry blossom and mandala tattoo

#66. The Realistic Sakura Tattoo on the Arm

This is one of the best places to put such a tattoo. The colors of this ink work are bright and incredible looking.
The realistic Sakura tattoo on the arm