Daisy Flower Tattoos

Daisy tattoos are in vogue, that’s what we can say for sure. Not only are they delicate and beautiful, but also carry deep meanings. When you want to make a new tattoo (or the first one), you always face the problem, connected with the choice of design! Everybody wants to get an attractive picture, tattooed on the body. But the main nuance, which should be reflected in the tattoo, is its meaning! Although floral tattoos are very popular nowadays, not many people know what a deep meaning they can bring!

There is a great variety of daisy flower tattoos out there! Some people prefer getting a single daisy tattoo done (without any additional elements); others want to combine daisies with other flowers, such as roses, lilies, lotuses, sunflowers… Combining a daisy with animals, insects, and different elements, which symbolize love and romance, is another tendency in the tattoo world! The places, where daisy tattoos can be inked, are also various. You may get a daisy tattoo done on foot, arm, shoulder, chest, ribs, to name a few.

The best thing about daisy tattoos is the availability to get them tattooed in different colors! Daisy is one of those flowers which look equally wonderful in solid black as well as in vivid colors! The color of a flower plays an important role when it comes to a daisy tattoo. While the white daisy is the symbol of innocence, other colors represent energy and courage (the red color), intelligence and cheerfulness (the yellow ones), emotional character and soft nature (the blue color). However, the meanings of a daisy don’t stop there. You may give a special meaning to any daisy tattoo, which is clear only for you!

Different Meanings of Daisy Tattoos

Daisy flower is one of those popular flowers, which are used in modern tattoo designs with particular success, and for a reason! Daisies have always been associated with beauty, purity, and innocence. For Christians, a daisy is a symbol of the purity of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. Thanks to the deep meaning of the daisy flower and its symbolism, it can be seen in various cultures and mythologies. Thus, there is no surprise in the fact that so many women and men want to get a tattoo of a daisy done on their bodies! So, what exactly do daisy tattoos mean?

  • Daisy is directly connected with love! So it makes sense to combine this beautiful flower with some words about love.
  • Daisy flowers, growing through the obstacles in the form of a snake, are the symbol of the life hardship!
  • Men may find such daisy tattoo meanings as patience, luck, and boldness interesting. As well as that, a black and gray daisy with the long stalk symbolizes the manpower.
  • Some of the other meanings of daisy tattoos are peace, youth, and femininity.
  • As we were saying, the main symbolic meanings behind daisy tattoos are purity and innocence.

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Small Daisies Tattoo Ideas

Since daisies are so tender and cute flowers, it makes sense why there are so many tattoos with small daisies out there. The bright bouquet of white daisies, blended with other multicolored flowers, can ideally decorate your arm or shoulder, for example. Moreover, the abundance of small and big daisies can serve as the background, which complements other designs and sets the mood for the whole picture.
The idea of a tattoo depicting the chain of daisies isn`t new, but it may be different depending on the placement, design, and style you’ll choose! Like, a tiny tattoo of the chain of lovely black daisies, inked around the ankle looks so cute and girly, doesn’t it? Of course, you can place a daisy tattoo on the shoulder and it will look equally beautiful. The choice is only yours.

Small Daisies Tattoo Ideas 1
Small Daisies Tattoo Ideas 2
Small Daisies Tattoo Ideas 3
Small Daisies Tattoo Ideas 4
Small Daisies Tattoo Ideas 5
Small Daisies Tattoo Ideas 6
Small Daisies Tattoo Ideas 7
Small Daisies Tattoo Ideas 8

Simple Daisy Tattoo Designs

Sometimes less is more. Agree? It is especially true when it comes to daisy tattoos. You might be thrown off guard right now, but it’s true – the simpler a daisy tattoo is, the more beautiful it is. The absence of details or distracting elements can be a huge advantage of the design. Besides, if you choose a simple black daisy tattoo, it’ll be possible to place it on the ankle or behind the ear, which are really cool places to wear an ink! In case you don’t feel like getting a tiny daisy tattoo, a tattoo with a relatively big daisy in the middle of the arm will attract your attention with its unusual petals! Translucent and overlapping, they look as real!
Take a look at the tattoo of the delicate daisy on the thin stem, made on the outer side of the wrist. Such a design represents the elegance of its owner! And it’s flawless and appealing! A small daisy, disconnected from its stem, may symbolize loneliness and alienation! The black color of the tattoo adds the depth and significance to this context!
Okay, who can wear a small and simple daisy tattoo? Actually, any person. But such a tattoo will be perfect for those who want to get a tattoo very much but aren’t ready for something too big and challenging. Sounds familiar? Then a tiny daisy tattoo is for you! Tuck a small colorful flower behind the ear to be discreet and modern simultaneously!

Simple Daisy Tattoo Designs 1
Simple Daisy Tattoo Designs 2
Simple Daisy Tattoo Designs 3
Simple Daisy Tattoo Designs 4
Simple Daisy Tattoo Designs 5
Simple Daisy Tattoo Designs 6
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Simple Daisy Tattoo Designs 8

Cool Black and White Daisy Tattoos

No other design can be compared to the beauty of black and gray daisy tattoos. There’s something so charming about these flowers that it’s hard to resist the desire to get a daisy tattoo done. And the best thing is, daisies can complement any other image. Let’s take a heart as an example. The heart that gives the birth to beautiful daisies makes the tattoo very deep representing love and life. Another cool way to depict daisies is a tattoo in traditional black and white colors
As we were saying, roses are the most common flowers to combine with daisies in one tattoo! The black and gray rose, surrounded by small daisies, can be impressively inked on the front part of the hip!
And what do you think of the black and gray daisy tattoo on the ankle? It is the ultra-realistic design! The tattoo with black stains symbolizes chaos and complexity! Insane!

Cool Black and White Daisy Tattoos 1
Cool Black and White Daisy Tattoos 2
Cool Black and White Daisy Tattoos 3
Cool Black and White Daisy Tattoos 4
Cool Black and White Daisy Tattoos 5
Cool Black and White Daisy Tattoos 6
Cool Black and White Daisy Tattoos 7

Cool Black and White Daisy Tattoos 8

Beautiful Daisy Flower Tattoo in Color

For all the fans of color tattoos out there we are happy to present the best daisy tattoos in color. Daisies with white and pink petals, yellow middles, and green leaves favorably complement almost any design! If you want to go for a colorful daisy tattoo, consider adding butterflies to the design. Here’s why. Butterflies are companions of flowers in life, so why should a tattoo be an exception? A large butterfly with ornaments on the hand and a colorful daisy on the arm are a good idea for the creative tattoo!
In case you feel like a single daisy isn’t enough, the intertwining of colorful flowers, including roses, daisies, and poppies with strawberries will be an amazing tattoo idea! Actually, you go with any flower you want, but don’t forget daisies.

Beautiful Daisy Flower Tattoo in Color 1
Beautiful Daisy Flower Tattoo in Color 2
Beautiful Daisy Flower Tattoo in Color 3
Beautiful Daisy Flower Tattoo in Color 4
Beautiful Daisy Flower Tattoo in Color 5
Beautiful Daisy Flower Tattoo in Color 6
Beautiful Daisy Flower Tattoo in Color 7
Beautiful Daisy Flower Tattoo in Color 8

Beautiful Daisy Flower Tattoo in Color 9

Lovely Gerbera Daisy Tattoos

Gerber daisy is a bit different from other flowers from the daisy family, but it is as beautiful if not more. Since such daisies are usually inked as a single flower, you should give some thought to the placement beforehand. Everyone knows that lovely tattoos on the wrist suit every girl! The wrist is the perfect place to get a single daisy tattoo. Two rows of gray petals complement the black middle with good taste! In case you are more into tattoos that have composition and different elements in them, daisies can come in handy, too. They complement any tattoo design in the best way.
Lovely Gerbera Daisy Tattoos 1
Lovely Gerbera Daisy Tattoos 2
Lovely Gerbera Daisy Tattoos 3
Lovely Gerbera Daisy Tattoos 4
Lovely Gerbera Daisy Tattoos 5
Lovely Gerbera Daisy Tattoos 6
Lovely Gerbera Daisy Tattoos 7

As any other tattoo design, the one with daisy can express whatever meaning you want. It’s only up to you to decide what your tattoo means to you. A daisy tattoo can be symbolic of your religious beliefs, feelings, thoughts and ideas. Apart from its deep symbolism, daisy is a beautiful delicate flower, which makes it perfect for tattooing. And more importantly, daisy looks amazing in both color and black and white imagery. What else are you looking for in a tattoo?