Daisy Flower Tattoos for Everybody

When you are going to make a new tattoo (or the first one), you always face the problem, connected with the choice of design! Everybody wants to get an attractive picture, tattooed on the body. But the main nuance, which should be reflected in the tattoo, is its meaning! Although floral tattoos are very popular nowadays, not many people know what a deep meaning they can bring!

A daisy flower is one of those popular flowers, which are used in modern tattoo designs with a particular success (and not without justification)! This flower has always been associated with the beauty and purity! Thanks to the deep meaning of the flower and its symbolism, it was used in many ancient cultures as well as in mythology. Thus, there is no surprise in the fact that many women (sometimes, even men) seek to tattoo a daisy on their bodies!

There is a great variety of tattooing a daisy flower! Some ladies prefer to inscribe only a daisy without any additional elements; others want to combine it with other flowers, such as roses, lilies, lotuses… Combining a daisy with animals, insects, and different elements, which symbolize love and romance, is another tendency in the tattoo world! The places, where daisy tattoos can be inked, are also various: beginning with feet and up to the head!

The best thing about daisy tattoos is the availability to paint them with different colors! It`s the flower, which looks equally wonderful in black and vivid colors! The color of a flower plays an important role in a daisy tattoo. While the white daisy is the symbol of innocence, other colors represent energy and courage (the red color), intelligence and cheerfulness (the yellow ones), emotional character and soft nature (the blue color). However, the meanings of a daisy don’t stop there. You may give a special meaning to any daisy tattoo, which is clear only for you!

Classic Black and White Daisy Tattoo

Classic Black And White Daisy Tattoo

The black and gray heart on ribs is made in the geometric style. The heart gives the birth to such a beautiful daisies, making the tattoo very deep! Love and life are represented here!

Classic Black And White Daisy Tattoo11

These delicate daisies on the inner side of the left arm are inked in traditional black and white colors. The unity of two flowers looks like the unity of two souls!

Black Tattoo With the Single Daisy

Black Tattoo with the Single Daisy

Such a wonderful black daisy with a long stalk, tattooed on the arm, is alone, but not lonely! The absence of details or distracting elements is an advantage of the design!

Colorful Combination of Daisy Tattoos

Colorful Combination of Daisy Tattoos

The tattoo of a gray dog with sad eyes looks very realistic! Daisies with white and pink petals, yellow middles, and green leaves favorably complement the design! It`s awe!

Colorful Combination of Daisy Tattoos11

The bright bouquet of white daisies, blended with other multicolored flowers, ideally decorate the arm! Dark green leaves, surrounding the flowers, fully complete the empty space of the arm!

Daisies Tattoos With Quotes

Daisies Tattoos with Quotes

The black and white tattoo, representing the human heart, may look strange, but not on this arm! Decorated with small daisies and supplementing by a meaningful quote it attracts the attention of everybody!

Interesting Tattoos With Daisy and Butterfly

Interesting Tattoos with Daisy And Butterfly

Butterflies are companions of flowers in life and the tattoo design! A large butterfly with ornaments on the hand and a colorful daisy on the arm are a good idea for the creative tattoo!

Interesting Tattoos with Daisy And Butterfly11

A beautiful butterfly and a small daisy are an ideal couple to be tattooed on the arm! Black and gray colors of the tattoo are the main thing here, which makes it so intriguing!

Daisy and Rose Tattoo

Daisy And Rose Tattoo

Roses are the most common flowers to combine with daisies in one tattoo! The black and gray rose, surrounded by small daisies, can be impressively inked on the front part of the hip!

Daisy And Rose Tattoo11

A large rose on the right forearm looks very simple unless complemented with daisies and carnations! Leaves and twigs have a great influence on the completeness of the floral tattoo!

Cute Daisy Tattoo on the Ankle

Cute Daisy Tattoo on the Ankle

What a lovely freehand daisy! The size of the black flower makes it possible to tattoo this daisy on the ankle! Accurate shapes and the volumetric middle are the peculiarities of the daisy!

Entertaining Daisy Tattoo on the Arm

Entertaining Daisy Tattoo on the Arm

Daisy is directly connected with love! So it makes complete sense to combine a big colorful flower with some words about love! Tattooed on the arm, it will be evident to everybody!

Entertaining Daisy Tattoo on the Arm11

The main element of this daisy tattoo on the arm is the character of a cartoon! The abundance of small and big daises serves as the background, which sets the mood of the whole picture!

Daisy Chain Tattoo

Daisy Chain Tattoo

Love and harmony are inked on the back! Small dots, which create the heart, end with small daisy flowers and leaves. Romantic tattoo for a romantic lady!

Daisy Chain Tattoo Around Ankle

Daisy Chain Tattoo Around Ankle

The idea of a tattoo in the form of a chain isn`t new, but it may be different! This little chain, inked around the ankle, is made from lovely black daisies. Such a girly tattoo!

Unusual Flower Tattoo With Daisy

Unusual Flower Tattoo with Daisy

A tattoo with a big daisy in the middle of the arm attracts with its unusual petals! Translucent and overlapping, they look as real!

Unusual Flower Tattoo with Daisy11

You won`t find such a great interpretation of a daisy tattoo! The graphic image of a flower and a paper ship, tattooed on the arm, looks like a pencil sketch of a talented artist!

Heart-warming Daisy Tattoo on the Foot

HeartWarming Daisy Tattoo on the Foot

This is a pretty heart-shaped tattoo of the black color! The link between flowers and hearts are always evident! Such a romantic daisy tattoo on foot is aimed to attract true love and sensitivity!

Symbolic Daisy Tattoos on the Leg

Symbolic Daisy Tattoos on the Leg

A sketch of a small daisy, tattooed on the leg, looks neat and discreet! Surrounded by other tattoos, this single flower seems to be a modest guest in their world!

Philosophical Daisy Tattoo on Thigh

Philosophical Daisy Tattoo On Thigh

Flowers, growing through the obstacles in the form of a snake, are the symbol of the life hardship! Conditional dots boundaries restrict the snake, not daisies! Deep roots of these flowers are strong and undamaged!

Daisy Tattoos for Men

Daisy Tattoos For Men

The masculine meaning of a daisy tattoo on the arm is about his fulfillment! The black and gray flower with the long stalk symbolizes the manpower!

Sophisticated Daisy Tattoos on the Shoulder

Sophisticated Daisy Tattoos On the Shoulder

This is not a simple tattoo on the shoulder, but the whole composition! Flowers, the moon, and a bumblebee are connected with each other. They definitely represent the predetermined order in the universe!

Sophisticated Daisy Tattoos On the Shoulder11

It`s you, who rule your life! This is exactly what the daisy tattoo on the shoulder means! A hand with cut up daisies, inked in the black color, are simple only at first glance!

Miscellaneous Daisy Tattoos on the Wrist

Miscellaneous Daisy Tattoos on the Wrist

Lovely tattoos on the wrist suit every girl! This daisy tattoo isn`t conspicuous, but it can become a great diversification of life! Two rows of gray petals compliment the black middle with good taste!

Miscellaneous Daisy Tattoos on the Wrist11

A delicate daisy on the thin stem, made on the outer side of the wrist, represents the elegance of its owner! Flawless and appealing!

Gerber Daisy Tattoo With the Private Meaning

Gerber Daisy Tattoo with the Private Meaning

The underboob tattoo is always an intimate one with exotic flairs! The black and gray sternum tangle of daisies has a special feminine touch! It`s an expression of a real woman!

Little Daisy Tattoo in the Minimalist Style

Little Daisy Tattoo in the Minimalist Style

A small daisy, disconnected from its steam, has a connection with loneliness and alienation! The black color of the tattoo adds the depth and significance to this context!

Affectionate Daisy Tattoo in Pink

Affectionate Daisy Tattoo in Pink

The subtle daisy with purple petals and the green stem reminds about the fragility of a woman and her feelings! Back or shoulder can be decorated with this sensual tattoo!

Purple Daisy Tattoo

Purple Daisy Tattoo

The strength and calm nature of elephants symbolize the same characteristic of a person! Gray elephant and purple daisy image on the forearm is the best neo-traditional tattoo!

Realistic Daisy Tattoo About Life

Realistic Daisy Tattoo About Life

The black and gray daisy on the ankle is the ultra-realistic design! The tattoo with black stains symbolizes the chaos and complexity! Insane!

Realistic Daisy Tattoo About Life11

The stark black and white contrasts of the tattoo on the ankle transmit the variability of life! The cat, half-full of daisies, reflects the real beauty of our world!

Lovely Sleeve With the Red Daisy Tattoo

Lovely Sleeve with the Red Daisy Tattoo

Outstanding colors and shades of this daisy tattoo on the sleeve provide warmth and softness! Red-winged blackbirds and Gerber daisies are absolutely stunning!

Masculine Tattoo With the Simple Daisy

Masculine Tattoo with the Simple Daisy

The simplicity of life views and the openness to new things is expressed by the bouquet of daisies in the can! Tattooed behind the elbow, it looks pretty!

Masculine Tattoo with the Simple Daisy11

Done in black and gray inks, the branch with daisies means the desire to live for men! It may be tattooed on ribs, as well as om other places!

Skull Daisy Tattoos With Unexpected Meaning

Skull Daisy Tattoos with Unexpected Meaning

The skull of a wolf, inked on the thigh, denotes the power and strength, as well as, strong protection! Combined with sunflowers and daisies, the tattoo is aimed to symbolize triumph!

Skull Daisy Tattoos with Unexpected Meaning11

A skull tattoo on the leg, surrounded by different flowers, symbolizes the celebration of life! Black and gray butterflies, daisies, cherry blossom and hibiscus make this meaning clear!

Small Daisy Tattoo

Small Daisy Tattoo

A black daisy with strict and accurate lines, inked on the back, can be well paired with a small heart! The whole conception of the tattoo symbolizes love and purity!

Tiny Daisy Tattoo

Tiny Daisy Tattoo

Are you dying to make a tattoo, but don`t want it to be rebellious? The tiny daisy tattoo is for you! Tuck a small colorful flower behind the ear to be discreet and modern simultaneously!

Tiny Daisy Tattoo11

Sometimes, a small daisy on the collarbone is not enough to get a tattoo with a very deep meaning. Everything you need is to add a note, important only for you! Meaningful and nice!

Unique Daisy Tattoos

Unique Daisy Tattoos

Innocent flowers of black and gray colors, inked on the sternum, are an intimate tattoo not for everyone to see! This peculiar daisy tattoo can make any woman enigmatic and desirable!

Unique Daisy Tattoos11

This black and white tattoo on the leg creates an impression of the ancient goddess! The flowerpot, in which a beautiful daisy grows, is another vision of the daisy sense!

Watercolor Daisy for Creative Tattoo

Watercolor Daisy for Creative Tattoo

The intertwining of colorful flowers, including roses, daisies, and poppies with strawberries is amazing! The tattoo, inked on the thigh, is very resourceful!

Watercolor Daisy for Creative Tattoo11

The realistic blend of colorful daisies, roses, and mums with long green stems lavishly decorate the right thigh! This daisy tattoo can be seen as the masterpiece!

White Daisy Tattoo for a Lady

White Daisy Tattoo for a Lady

The simplicity of this daisy execution attracts the attention of each girl! Faint, but colorful the flower, tattooed on the arm, symbolizes the simplicity of human nature!

Daisy Tattoo With the White Ink

Daisy Tattoo with the White Ink

A small daisy image, tattooed on the wrist, is beautiful and cute creation! Pastel colors of the petals and the bright middle of the orange color make the daisy tattoo unobtrusive, yet pretty!

Yellow Daisy Tattoo

Yellow Daisy Tattoo

This is the best interpretation of the skull tattoo on legs! The steam, ended with a skull of a girl, instead of a flower, looks really creative! Daisies in the eyes make the tattoo girlish!