Cute Disney Tattoos to Bring Your Childhood Back

I guess each of you can remember yourself sitting in front of a TV screen waiting for some Disney cartoon to begin. All these singing birds and animals, talking furniture, princesses and princes, all evil and good characters have had a huge impact on us as personalities and on our lives. The girls dreamed of meeting their Prince Charming and get their own “live happily ever after”. The boys imagined themselves flying on the carpet like Aladdin and fighting with the evil. Overall, everybody loved Walt Disney cartoons, and these days many people get tattooed with the images of their favorite characters that influenced them the most.

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The Symbolic Side of Disney Tattoos

Some people want to capture the happy childhood days in nice Disney tattoos, other associate some deeper meanings to them. One way or another, these tattoos mean a lot to their bearers and look amazing thanks to the boldness, brightness and colorfulness that are offered by Disney cartoons. Basically, each Disney story conveys some message that relates to the tattoo design based on this story, and so you have countless options to make your tattoo deeply meaningful and symbolic.

The Most Popular Disney Tattoo Designs and Their Meanings

  • Piglet and Vinnie the Pooh – friendship
  • Simba from “Lion the King” – strength and tight family bond
  • Bambi – survival and courageous facing any life challenge
  • Cinderella – positive attitude despite all the life hardships
  • The story of Ariel teaches you not to give up and go till you achieve your goal
  • All the Disney couples like Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Aladdin and Jasmine, Belle and the Beast if pictured together symbolize love
  • The Enchanted Rose from “Beauty and The Beast” means searching for love
  • Cinderella Castle tattoo shows that you are a dreamer

The Features of Disney Tattoos

You will hardly find some other tattoo trend that could give you such diversity in choosing tattoo designs as Disney tattoos. There are lots of ways to decorate your body with some nice and cute Disney ink. First and foremost, you have to decide what kind of Disney character relates to you the most. Then determine the style of tattooing you would like your tattoo to be. Most commonly people prefer portraying the characters the same way they look in Disney movies. There are some enthusiasts who like experimenting with the style and imagery. For example, you can go for black and gray version instead of color, or depict just a bold silhouette with some filler like the night sky, clouds, flowers etc. When it comes to placement, take into account the size of your tattoo and your level of pain threshold. Smaller inks look lovely on wrists, ankles, neck or behind the ear. Bigger and more intricate designs that include various elements and background should be placed on the thigh, arm, back or ribs. The last one is quite a painful spot.
We want you to take your time and enjoy looking through these amazing Disney tattoo designs we have rounded for you in this article so that they could take you back to the world of magic and dreams.

#1. Cute Aladdin and the Lion King Tattoos on Legs

Cute Aladdin And The Lion King Tattoos on Legs
Heart-shaped, these two Disney tattoos are an excellent choice if you want something bold, saturated and bright. Since Aladdin is depicted with his beloved Jasmine and Simba is playing with his father Mufasa, tattoos are symbolic of love.

#2. The Perfect Beauty and the Beast Tattoo on Thigh

The Perfect Beauty And The Beast Tattoo on Thigh
Great line work along with nice soft dot shading gives this super nice Beauty and the Beast thigh tattoo an exclusive look.

#3. Beautiful Black and Gray Disney Castle Tattoo

Beautiful Black And Gray Disney Castle Tattoo
Disney’s Cinderella Castle has become the most recognizable symbol of the Disney world, the place where magic is possible, and your dreams come true. Executed in black and gray and nicely decorated with pink bow and flowers, this Disney Castle tattoo is exactly what girl’s thigh requires.

#4. Delicate Disney Character Tattoo on Arm

Delicate Disney Character Tattoo on Arm
This tattoo of Disney Alice in Wonderland with no face is pretty yet a bit scary. Thanks to all these pale soft colors and fine outlines the tattoo looks so delicate on the girl’s shoulder.

#5. Fantastic One-colored Disney Goofy Tattoo on the Neck

Fantastic One-colored Disney Goofy Tattoo on The Neck
Considered as a little bit silly yet funny Disney personage, Goofy is one of the favorites thanks to his kindness and simplicity. This Goofy tattoo on the neck shows that you can go for black version instead of colorful and it will still look fantastic.

#6. Gorgeous Disney Princess Ariel Tattoo in Neo-Traditional Style

Gorgeous Disney Princess Ariel Tattoo in Neo-Traditional Style
This gorgeous Neo-Traditional tattoo portrait of Ariel is obviously the tattoo artist’s take on her image. Bold, strong and saturated the tattoo looks amazingly beautiful on the thigh!

#7. Motivational Disney Quote Tattoo with Snow White Portrait

Motivational Disney Quote Tattoo with Snow White Portrait
The clever use of negative skin areas along with heavy black and rich red creates the day and night contrast of this Snow White tattoo. Furthermore, the inscription above the tattoo really motivates.

#8. Elegant Disney Mad Hatter Tattoo Idea for Men

Elegant Disney Mad Hatter Tattoo Idea for Men
We are impressed by artist’s attention to small details like ‘10 shillings and a sixpence’ price on Mad Hatter’s hat and cracks on the tea cups. Along with soft gray shading and excellent line work those details create some nicely composed Mad Hatter tattoo.

#9. Cool Distorted Dumbo Tattoo in 3D Lines

Cool Distorted Dumbo Tattoo in 3D Lines
Blue and red 3D lines create this cool yet kind of trippy-looking Dumbo tattoo. It’s very simple and at the same time very strong design.

#10. Extraordinary Mickey and Minnie Tattoos on the Rib Cage

Extraordinary Mickey And Minnie Tattoos on The Rib Cage
If you are a creative person and don’t want to get some ordinary Disney tattoo, look no further. This simplistic and innovative take on Mickey and Minnie tattoo is super extraordinary. We love those areas where black and pink ink is coming out the lines to make the tattoo look Watercolor-like.

#11. Amazing Black Mickey Mouse Tattoo Idea for Men

Amazing Black Mickey Mouse Tattoo idea for Men
Super clean and bold outlines along with those skin parts that aren’t tattooed at all create a strong contrast between light and dark areas of this amazing tattoo presenting the cheerful Mickey Mouse with the bottle.

#12. Interesting Minnie Mouse Mandala Tattoo in Lines and Dots

Interesting Minnie Mouse Mandala Tattoo in Lines And Dots
Combine two of your passions – mandalas and Disney cartoons in one beautiful, precise Minnie Mouse mandala tattoo. Here is the possible result and it is mind-blowing, isn’t it?

#13. Nice Pocahontas Tattoo in Dotwork

Nice Pocahontas Tattoo in Dotwork
Inspired by the story of Native American woman Pocahontas who saved Englishman John Smith, her cartoon version by Disney has gained a lot of popularity. This nice Dotwork tattoo depicting Pocahontas with the raccoon in oak leaves works just well to show her adventurous and loving nature.

#14. Beautiful Nala and Simba Tattoo in Sketch Style

Beautiful Nala And Simba Tattoo in Sketch Style
Fifty percent of the Disney tattoo success is in the right chosen character and moment from the cartoon. This colorful sketchy tattoo shows the real love of Simba and Nala from a Disney cartoon “The Lion King”. Can you feel the love tonight?

#15. Beautiful, Simple Blackwork Disney Tattoo of The Beast’s Rose

Beautiful, Simple Blackwork Disney Tattoo of The Beast's Rose
The heavy and strong black gives the enchanted rose tattoo from “Beauty and the Beast” cartoon an amazing depth. It is a very striking tattoo idea for all Disney admirers.

#16. Breath-taking Emotional Sleeping Beauty Tattoo

Breath-taking Emotional Sleeping Beauty Tattoo
Apart from the vividness of the tattoo, it is also very dynamic and emotional. The Sleeping Beauty half-sleeve presents Princess Aurora surrounded by thorn branches touching the spindle of a spinning wheel that according to the story sent Aurora into eternal sleep.

#17. Cool Small Disney Tattoos of Stitch and Other Characters in Dots

Cool Small Disney Tattoos of Stitch And Other Characters in Dots
At first, this seems to be just the Stitch tattoo in dotwork, yet if you give it a closer look, you begin to notice other elements like Simba cub drawing, poisoned caramel apple, Maleficent headpiece and Chip the cup. All these small elements refer to other Disney cartoons. Really cool tattoo idea!

#18. Magnificent Snow White Tattoo on Arm for Girls

Magnificent Snow White Tattoo on Arm for Girls
Even though this Disney inspired full sleeve is not finished yet, it is already impressive. Snow White is tattooed in black and gray with some pale red color on her cheeks, lips and the apple she holds. It’s a cool way to accentuate some parts and make them jump off the whole image.

#19. Saturated Disney Alice in the Wonderland Tattoo

Saturated Disney Alice in The Wonderland Tattoo
The color scheme is extremely vivid in this fun Cheshire cat tattoo on the back. We like the way that every detail is well-thought and how the texture of one item transiting into the texture of the other item. Composition-wise, all the elements of the tattoo work together very well.

#20. Awesome the Snow White’s Apple Tattoo

Awesome The Snow White's Apple Tattoo
Following the features of the skull structure, this poison caramel apple tattoo looks quite sinister yet in a bit funny Halloween kind of way. The tattooist packed the colors as solid as possible to make this iconic tattoo look like a sticker.

#21. Outstanding Blackwork Tattoo of the Mirror of the Evil Queen

Outstanding Blackwork Tattoo of The Mirror of The Evil Queen
The strong, solid black color gives this tattoo of the Evil Queen’s mirror a standout look so you can definitely tell what the image shows from a distance. Plus it will be easy to incorporate this tattoo into the sleeve later.

#22. Nice Disney’s Alice with the Cat Outline Tattoo

Nice Disney's Alice with The Cat Outline Tattoo
Left without a single drop of color ink, this nice outline tattoo of Alice stroking a cat is something that blows the mind when you look at it.

#23. Bright and Colorful Tattoos of Disney’s Villainesses on Legs

Bright And Colorful Tattoos of Disney's Villainesses on Legs
Two Disney villainesses – the Evil Queen from “Snow White” cartoon and Ursula from “The Little Mermaid” are perfectly executed with the help of the same bold, saturated colors and in the same style on both legs. It feels like the bearer really likes the antagonists from Disney.

#24. Outstanding Beauty and the Beast Stained Glass Tattoo

Outstanding Beauty And The Beast Stained Glass Tattoo
That traditional stained glass look is perfectly mimicked in this Beauty and the Beast tattoo. Strong black outlines and bold, bright colors play nicely to this tattoo making it readable and outstanding!

#25. Striking Little Mermaid Tattoo on Arm

Striking Little Mermaid Tattoo on Arm
Nothing works better for Disney tattoo than replicating the original images the same way they look in cartoons. This striking colorful Princess Ariel tattoo proves our statement.

#26. Charming Belle and the Beast Rhombus Tattoo Design

Charming Belle And The Beast Rhombus Tattoo Design
Different tattoo images shaped in geometric figures like triangular and rhombus have gone viral recently. Looking at this phenomenal Belle and the Beast rhombus tattoo it is easy to get why they are so popular. Perfect geometric contours make the image look finished and distinctive.

#27. Interesting Mickey Dagger Tattoo in Classic Style

Interesting Mickey Dagger Tattoo in Classic Style
A dagger is one of the most common Traditional tattoos therefore if you want to make it more unique and cool-looking, try adding Mickey Mouse silhouette to the dagger tattoo. As you can see, the design looks interesting!

#28. Unique and Scary Mickey Mouse Skull Tattoo

Unique And Scary Mickey Mouse Skull Tattoo
Why would anyone want to hide something as evil-looking as a skull behind something as adorably cute as Mickey’s ears?-you may ask? The answer is simple. As far as the tattoo uniqueness, you are not limited to options and designs. If you want Mickey Mouse skull tattoo in Traditional style, go for it!

#29. Cute Tiny Simba Tattoo Idea

Cute Tiny Simba Tattoo Idea
The original Simba cub drawing has made by far the most popular tattoo design among both girls and boys. Simple yet very interesting and attractive, this tattoo will help you to express your love to The Lion King cartoon.

#30. Very Cute Bambi Tattoo on Ribs

Very Cute Bambi Tattoo on Ribs
If you want to show that you are ready for anything that life can bring you, this simple yet very attractive and feminine tattoo depicting Bambi with a butterfly in pale colors is exactly what you need.

#31. Amazing Jasmine Tattoo in Dotwork on Leg

Amazing Jasmine Tattoo in Dotwork on Leg
In the sense of composition, this Dotwork tattoo of Princess Jasmine encircled by roses has the real wow effect. The roses highlight princess’ dreamy and freedom-loving nature and focus on the tattoo bearer’s femininity thus perfectly fit both the image and girl’s thigh.