The History of Elephant Symbol

Body decoration with the help of elephant tattoos is not a frequent occurrence among our culture. This symbol came to us from Africa and Asia, where people have been interacting with elephants since antique periods and where the beast was treated with enormous homage and complaisance, it was considered smart and with miraculous dominion creature.

In Europe, these creatures were connected with love and chastity, because of their capability to refrain from mating during the female’s pregnancy, which lasts two years.

Nowadays, in Buddhism, this rare animal possesses a special importance and regarded as a sign of high spiritual power and secret knowledge.

In Cambodia, Burma and Thailand, the elephant tattoo symbolized rain and fertility. In fables, these beasts are permanently accompanied by the divinity of thunder – Indra.

The elephant enjoys the biggest honor in India by depicting the god Ganesha, who is portrayed with an elephant head. This deity helps people to find grand wisdom and happiness to cope with human passions. The pompous governors rode on elephants, as they could entrust their lives only to them.

The Styles of Tattoo and its Placement

The famous elephant tattoo styles embrace:

  • Classic Eastern: the animal is depicted with an abundance of patterns.
  • Battle elephants: the creature with a tower on the back and trunk wrapped in chains.
  • Cartoon: a cute baby elephant with sparkling eyes, bathing in the colors.
  • A modern interpretation of Cubism.

Frequently, the tattoo with the elephant is inked across the whole back, or in varied sizes and in diverse areas of the derma. It may be applied to the whole back, arm or chest as a huge icon or be a tiny element of the big composition.

A diminutive tattoo designs can be imaged on the arm, shoulder, chest, leg or shoulder blade. The sketch of elephant tattoo is usually colorful but monochromatic tones also can be used.

Additionally, the location and the size of tattoo depend on style. Thus, for realism, the most suited area of the body is shin, back, shoulder and chest.

The cartoon-style can be interesting at any parts, including the intimate area. If the tattoo is executed in a realistic style, it is sensible to transfer all the power and strength of this animal, in a large image, highlighting small details and nuances.

The Meaning of Elephant Tattoo

Such a good-natured animal possesses a lot of good qualities and values:

  • Wisdom;
  • Kindness;
  • Faithfulness;
  • Prosperity;
  • Prudence;
  • Strength;
  • Fertility;

Who Chooses the Elephant Tattoo Designs?

Since ancient times, the elephant has served as an assistant. Tattoos with its image will bring its owner a lot of gifts – happiness, success, fortune, luck.

Commonly, the representatives of the stronger sex choose this pattern that is why this type of tattoo rather refers to a male. It emphasizes the combination of physical strength and wisdom, which fits for adult men. So, the elephant is albeit positive, but a very serious character that is appropriate for strong people.

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