Expressive Eagle Feather Tattoo Ideas

Eagle feather tattoo is done in traditional and neo-traditional styles, the color of the tattoo has a unique value. Decorate your body with the beautiful feather of a freedom-loving and courageous bird, it will not only emphasize the external beauty but also help to become more brave and confident. The list of tattoos below will help to make a right choice.

1. Black and White Eagle Feather on the Back

Vivid eagle feather figure descends along the feminine body, on the sides there are inscriptions about life. The woman with this tac is independent and strong.
Black and white eagle feather on the back

2. Zero Cool Eagle Feather Lower Half Sleeve Ink

A plain design represents a bird tattoo, it is alluring. The tac signifies a strong spiritual bond of the owner with his relatives.
Zero cool eagle feather lower half sleeve ink

3. Vibrant Eagle Feather Half Sleeve Ink

Two smoky feathers are depicted with symbols of life – blue butterflies, the figure is appealing. The tat is the symbol of a start of a new life.
Vibrant eagle feather half sleeve ink

4. Awesome Lower Half Sleeve Eagle Feather Design

This is a wonderful example of a pair tattoo – two linked gray eagle feathers are shown with an inscription. The tac may serve as the oath of love and fidelity.
Awesome lower half sleeve eagle feather design

5. Marvelous Eagle Feather Thigh Piece

A tribal figure emphasizes the female roundness, the ornament is plain but very feminine. This accessory highlights the sexiness of the woman.
Marvelous eagle feather thigh piece

6. Dazzling Eagle Feather Ink on the Lower Half Sleeve

Beautiful feathers are connected by a red thread with turquoise accents, the design is holistic. The ink signifies that a human survived the moral trauma.
Dazzling eagle feather ink on the lower half sleeve

7. Tiny Eagle Feather Wrist Pattern

The elegant figure represents a black and white feather, it emphasizes the human’s fragility. This ink may be a luck charm.
Tiny eagle feather wrist pattern

8. Colorful Eagle Feather Shoulder Ink

A smoky feather is depicted with an amulet with a turquoise circle inside, the design is dope. The tat disclosed Native Americans’ traditions – the tat is a talisman.
Colorful eagle feather shoulder ink

9. A Small Eagle Feather Lower Half Sleeve Tac

Two gray feathers with black tops look gorgeous! The picture is an indicator of a lucky beggar.
A small eagle feather lower half sleeve tac

10. Amazing Eagle Feather Foot Design

This great tat looks like a bracelet with turquoise gems with a smoky feather on it. The figure indicates a creative and farsighted personality.
Amazing eagle feather foot design

11. Tribal Half Sleeve Eagle Feather Design

A stylish feather tattoo descends along the body, the only bright accent is colored beads on a thread that connects the feathers. The pattern may be a lucky charm, which brings good luck.
Tribal half sleeve eagle feather design

12. Charming Eagle Feather Shoulder Figure

Beautiful two white feathers with burgundy tips are united by a dark thread, the design looks like an Indian amulet. The ink may protect the owner from the misfortune.
Charming eagle feather shoulder figure

13. Gorgeous Lower Half Sleeve Eagle Feather Tat

Two gray feathers look volumetric due to the black and white small strokes, the ink is plain, but alluring. The tat denotes favorable changes in life.
Gorgeous lower half sleeve eagle feather tat

14. A Cute Eagle Feather Tattoo Behind the Ear

A little elegant feather looks dope. The pattern may be hidden under the hair when it is necessary, so it may be a lucky charm.
A cute eagle feather tattoo behind the ear

15. A Dazzling Eagle Feather Half Sleeve Tat

This figure looks bizarre since three little feathers are shown on a brown stick, it looks like a magic attribute. The tac is a mark of a man of vision.
A dazzling eagle feather half sleeve tat

16. Original Eagle Feather Half Sleeve Pattern

The eagle feather is the core of this design, a flock of little black birds is flying away from it, the image is very symbolic. The woman with this tac is on the verge of starting a new life.
Original eagle feather half sleeve pattern

17. A Monochrome Eagle Feather Tat on the Lower Leg

This dark image doesn’t look gloomy, it is very stylish. The feather looks voluminous and fluffy, it is an accessory for a self-confident woman.
A monochrome eagle feather tat on the lower leg

18. Stunning Half Sleeve Gold Eagle Feather Ink

Traditional eagle tattoo with smoky feathers is shown with a dream catcher in the background, below it, there are dates of birth and death. This design reminds of kindness and bravery of a deceased loved one.
Stunning half sleeve eagle feather ink

19. Eagle Feather Tat on the Lower Half Sleeve

A tribal tac represents a vivid arrow with a bunch of two feathers, the figure looks like a primeval drawing of a warrior. A tattoo is worn by a courageous man, who fiercely protects his beliefs.
Eagle feather tat on the lower half sleeve

20. Alluring Eagle Feather Pattern

A beautiful feather with lavender accents is decorated with a vibrant purple flower at the top. The picture is very feminine and may be the sign of gentle but at the same time a strong personality.
Alluring eagle feather pattern

21. Tribal Eagle Feather Half Sleeve Pattern

This feather is very detailed, the pattern is gently rolling into another, the overall design is complete. The pattern may be a mark of distinction fearless personality.
Tribal eagle feather half sleeve pattern

22. Tribal Eagle Feather Half Sleeve Tattoo

This gorgeous ink looks like an exquisite lace, the pattern is complicated and appealing. The pattern discloses traditions of Aztecs and represents the eagle feather as the embodiment of the spiritual power of the owner.
Tribal eagle feather half sleeve tattoo

23. Extraordinary Half Sleeve Eagle Feather Design

The ink consists of several elements: a buffalo skull at the top is depicted on the dream catcher with turquoise threads, at the bottom there are two monochrome eagle feathers. The tat is about a purposeful man, who overcomes all difficulties.
Extraordinary half sleeve eagle feather design

24. Stunning Eagle Feather Thigh Piece

A detailed eagle feather is black and white, white birds are flying from the top of it, next to the major image there is an inscription about tragic love. The tac signifies a female with a broken heart.
Stunning eagle feather thigh piece

25. Golden Eagle Feather Half Sleeve Tattoo

This picture reminds of Indian drawings: a determined bald eagle is combined with two gray feathers and a red emblem. The ink may be a protective talisman.
Splendid eagle feather half sleeve tattoo

26. Superb Half Sleeve Feather Tattoo

A feather is done in black and white tones, the transition between these colors is very smooth, next to the feather there is an inscription. This ornament is a reminder of a sad event.
Superb half sleeve feather tattoo

27. Cool Eagle Feather on the Foot

The coloring of this tac is gorgeous, due to the shades the image creates a 3-D effect, at the bottom there is a phrase about a longing for a person. This is an example of a memorial tat.
Cool eagle feather on the foot

28. Elegant Eagle Feather Ink on the Lower Leg

This delicate monochrome design emphasizes the femininity of the woman, it looks great. The figure illustrates Norse traditions and presents the feather as the sign of wisdom.
Elegant eagle feather ink on the lower leg

29. A Delicate Tramp Stamp Eagle Feather Tac

A plain design is very stylish, the picture is very detailed. The symbolism is sagacity and bravery of the owner.
A delicate tramp stamp eagle feather tac

30. Amazing Eagle Feather Tattoo

A dark feather is adorned with a tiny thread with green stones, the pattern is very tender. This is a mark of a person, who is passionate about what he does.

Amazing eagle feather tattoo