39 Fantastic Small Owl Tattoos

Owl patterns are sought-after due to their beauty and the wide range of areas of the application. Recently, small owl tattoos have become extremely voguish.

1. It has been proved that one of the main connotations of the owl image is prudence, comprehensive knowledge, and erudition. This tiny owl on the shoulder represents a lovely owl, which is sitting on a branch. The ink denotes an insightful and highly educated personality.

1 - tattoo owl on the shoulder

2. For many nations, an owl is perceived as a symbol of motherhood as the owl always protects children. Here a small black and white owl tattoo is located on a wrist and this ink can be a reminder of a close person, probably a child.
2 - tattoo owl on the wrist

3. Many contemporary women wear this tattoo as an accessory for emphasizing the beauty, other females use this design as a sign of a strong marriage and long-term love. This tight pattern on the ankle displays a small owl, which is sitting on a blooming branch and the whole pattern indicates faith in eternal love.

3 - tattoo small owl on the ankle

4. In this tattoo, clear lines without softness and roundness are observed. These lines create a hostile picture of an owl with big eyes, which are known as the distinctive feature of this bird. The ink on the lower leg is about a shrewd individual, perhaps with foresight.

4 - tattoo small owl on the lower leg

5. This tribal owl tattoo adorns the wrist and represents the owlet, which is sitting on a flowery branch. This tattoo reveals the idea, accepted in Greek culture when an owl image indicated melancholy and sadness, and, in some cases, complete apathy.

5 - tatto small owl on the wrist

6. Despite many negative connotations, in Indian culture, the owl the protector from the misfortune. This adorable owl with a kind sight sits on the branch and it decorates the foot. The owl can be perceived as a good luck charm for the owner.

6 - tattoo small owl on the foot

7. A small owl with a red heart above its head is in the frame. The ink is put on the side of the body and looks appealing. Here the idea of Eastern traditions is traced as the frame signifies the emptiness of the world and the owl with the heart denotes love. Thus, the signification of this design is that a human’s life is empty without love and a family.

7 - tattoo small owl on the side of the body

8. The half sleeve is embellished with an owl, which is sitting on the key. The owl itself is a free bird, which doesn’t depend on outer circumstances and in the modern sense the key is the symbol of inner freedom. Hence, the owner of this ink says that is free, and acts in accordance with his inner law.

8 - tattoo small owl on the half sleeve

9. In China, the owl is a harbinger of bad news, and in Slavic culture, it was believed that the owl foretells the death of family members. This tiny owl is holding a sealed letter, the tattoo is behind the ear. The denotation is that this human believes in mystical signs and portents.

9 - tatto small owl behind the ear

10. The foot is embellished with a tiny owl and the whole picture is complemented with the inscription about eternal love. In a combination with this inscription the owl is depicted, since in nature, these birds are loyal and caring partners. The signification of this tight tattoo is that love lasts forever, and it subsists even outside of the real world.

10 - tattoo small owl on the foot

11. In some cases, the owl tattoo has a purely aesthetic function and the semantic load is not based on antique traditions. Two cute owls on wrists look as if they are wearing floral jackets. Most likely this owl is called to be a symbol of optimism.

11 - tattoo owl on the wrist

12. Greeks assumed that the owl symbolized the self-development and sagacity, only a select few could wear the pattern on the body. Probably, the human, who wears this tiny green owl on the wrist, an adherent of a rational perception of the world.
12 - tattoo owl on the wrist

13. This owl tattoo in tribal style, made in dark tones, is on the lower arm and it discloses Celtic traditions, according to which owls were symbols of troubles and death. A possible assumption here is that this pattern was made to honor the memory of a deceased relative.

13 - tatto small owl on the lower arm

14. The owl may be referred to the group of devotion tattoos as this bird is dedicated to its family and it is the guardian of the family hearth. This brown owl with a small heart on the chest is put on the lower leg. The whole pattern spells out the idea of devotion and faithfulness to the family.

14 - tatto small owl on the lower leg

15. The palmistry claims that the forefinger is connected with a human consciousness and may be responsible for the self-improvement. Thus, an owl with a determined look on the forefinger shows that an individual strives to reach spiritual heights.

15 - tatto small owl on the forefinger

16. This small owl with big eyes is on a shoulder. In nature, an owl is a great hunter and it can see its victim almost everywhere thanks to its eyes. Here this bird with huge eyes indicates a person’s ability to see more than others show and to read between the lines.

16 - tatto small owl on the shoulder

17. The middle finger tattoo is adorned with a cute brown owl. People believed that owls have been connected with secret knowledge, often frightening and incomprehensible. In ancient times, the image of this bird could be a magical amulet; this idea is traced in this tattoo.

17 - tatto small owl on the middle finger

18. In Slavic culture, there was a belief that the owl symbolized the soul of the deceased unbaptized child. It has always been a sign of mourning, grief, and sadness. A tiny owl tattoo is on the back and it may be a tribute to the dead child.

18 - tatto small owl on the back

19. For Romans, a purple color signified the transition from life to death, and sometimes it denoted nostalgia, the old age, and mourning. On the shoulder a purple owl with downcast eyes is portrayed, this ink can be a symbol of a bygone youth or it may express nostalgia for bygone happy days.

19 - tatto small owl on the shoulder

20. In Asia, geometric shapes had a special denotation, since they have been connected with the reincarnation of the soul. On the lower leg, a small owl tattoo is visible, it represents an owl with a red heart on the chest and on the wing triangles are traced. The denotation is the spiritual development of a personality.

20 - tatto small owl on the lower leg

21. In Western culture, a diamond meant devotion and a human integrity, this denotation echoes the signification of the owl tattoo – fidelity. This black owl is sitting on the diamond and the location of the ink is the hip. This design carries the denotation of a highly spiritual and devoted human.

21 - tatto small owl on the hip

22. People assume that the most appropriate color for the diamond tattoo is pink and blue. As for the owl tattoo, it connotes stamina and emotional stability. The girlish back is decorated with the owl tattoo with a pink diamond and a pink bow, the pattern says that the owner has a strong character.

22 - tatto small owl on the back

23. For Poles, an owl was a bird, which died every day and started living again at night, so it has been associated with mysticism. This black and white tattoo on the half sleeve portrays the owl without any additions and the connotation is quite clear – this personality goes down the wrong path in life.

24. Green is a unique color because it consists of blue and yellow colors, the meaning of its color is formed from the predominant color of a cold or warm gamut. Here, the owl on the lower leg is performed in dark green, which indicates that this ink is a sign of vitality and a harmonious emotional state.

24 - tatto small owl on the lower leg

25. In Chinese culture, the owl is the emblem of destruction and sorrow; for Aztecs, it is a demonic creature. On this elegant shoulder, the bird is depicted in flight, and it loses its feathers, which are vital to it. These falling owl feathers may mean the loss of blood relatives, perhaps parents or children.

25 - tatto small owl on the shoulder

26. Watercolor tattoos became sought-after as with the help of light color transitions, they create the effect of lightness. It is assumed that people with creative potential can wear this design. The lower arm here is embellished with a blue owl, which can indicate that the owner is an extraordinary personality.

26 - tatto small owl on the lower arm

27. Tattoos with deep connotations shouldn’t be compulsory large and colorful, simple tattoos also can spell out significant ideas. This small owl on the foot can be a mark of life experience and wisdom, which came with experience.

27 - tattoo small owl on the foot

28. An owl lives for a long time because of its wisdom and prudence, and in the legends of Egypt, the owl could subsist in two worlds. This colorful owl is performed in blue, purple, pink, and orange colors, a variety of colors represents the diversity of emotions, which an individual experiences in life.

28 - tatto small owl

29. This stunning owl is portrayed in a watercolor technique – boundaries of the tattoo are blurred. Perhaps, this ink discloses the idea, accepted among Hindus, when the owl expressed a person’s connection the cosmos and with the higher intelligence.

29 - tatto small owl on the

30. For Indians, the owl was a sacred bird, which embodied insight and protected from the disaster. The main criterion was that this image was applied to hidden areas of the body, so it could not be subjected to the look of the evil eye. Thus, this black owl behind the ear can serve as a talisman.

30 - tatto small owl behind the ear

31. In nature, owls are faithful partners, who live together for a long time and they create a common home and build a strong family, that is why this bird is oftentimes regarded as the sign of strong family ties. This black and white tattoo on the lower arm with initials can indicate a strong and loving relationship.

31 - tatto small owl on the lower arm

32. The half sleeve is adorned with the image of a gloomy owl, which is sitting on a branch. The color spectrum of the design and the overall picture indicate that this ink is the reminder of misery and depression.

32 - tatto small owl on the half sleeve

33. In Slavic culture, one owl signified a celibate woman, and a pair of owls was a sign of a strong marriage, that is why the pattern on the back carries a favorable sense. The color spectrum of these two owls comprises vibrant colors, colors of joy and happiness. Hence, this ink has been made to perpetuate love.

33 - tatto small owl on the back

34. This pattern of two owls is represented on the shoulder. One owl is dormant, and the second is flying towards the first owl. These owls are united not only by the same tone, the connecting part is red hearts, depicted on their chests. The idea is that the owner of this tattoo always follows her heart.

34 - tatto small owl on the shoulder

35. In Mesoamerica, this owl was a sacred animal, which was regarded with great respect. This bird was the epitome of discretion and intelligence, this connotation is also relevant nowadays. The black owl tattoo is depicted on the shoulder and may indicate a thoughtful and rational person.

35 - tatto small owl on the shoulder

36. Tiny pink owl tattoo on the wrist. On its chest the heart is traced, so in this case, the ink has a favorable meaning. The signification reveals the idea of Greeks, for whom besides the sagacity, the owl denoted a strong emotional attachment.

36 - tatto small owl on the wrist

37. This tribal tattoo of an owl on the lower arm looks appealing. In Christianity, the owl has contrasted with holy angels, this bird was the epitome of wickedness and demons. This tattoo reveals the mentioned idea and speaks about the man as the owner of spiritual blindness.

37 - tatto small owl on the lower arm

38. In Rome, the owl has been always portrayed with glasses and a hat and it denoted a comprehensively developed and erudite person. Tribal owl tattoo on the finger represents the owl with a hat, which can be the sign of intellect and perceptiveness.

38 - tatto small owl on the middle finger

39. This absolutely gorgeous owl is on the lower leg and it looks very sweet. The man, who wears the ink on the prominent place, puts its own special meaning in this design, presumably, it could be a sign of a remembrance and respect to the person or this pattern could not carry any meaning and fulfill a purely aesthetic function.

39 - tatto small owl on the lower leg

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