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This appealing tac on the foot demonstrates the heart, which is made of two fish hooks, on the right side of it there is an inscription: “Love”. The signification of this tattoo is a purposeful person, who has searched for love, has found it and will never let his beloved go.

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Fish Hook Tattoo on the Foot


Fishing Tattoo on the Foot


This tribal ink is not very complicated, it comprises several parts: a rod’s hook has dropped into the water and water splashes can be seen, the second constituent is the phrase: “Fish on”. This tattoo on the foot carries the connotation of a hard-working personality, who can succeed only through consistent actions and tough efforts.

Fish Hook Tattoo Ideas on Fingers for Couple


Here is a pair tattoo, which is visible on ring fingers. Two hooks are intertwined and they remind of the infinity sign and the place of the application is not accidental, as newlyweds put on rings on these fingers as a sign of mutual and strong love. Thus, this ink signifies an inexhaustible fountain of feelings and love, which will last forever.

couples fishing tattoos

Lucky Hook Tattoo on the Ribs


In ancient times, a fish hook was the mark of luck and success as fishermen kept their families. This smoke tattoo with the date 2008 and a red little heart can be the flashback of a blissful time.

Treble Hook Tattoo on the Shoulder


This triple hook on the shoulder looks very realistic and it seems as if it really pierces the flesh and the blood is dripping from the wound. Only skilled fishermen can use this device, that is why this tattoo may indicate that a person has achieved success in a particular professional field.

treble hook tattoo

Realistic Heart Hook Tattoo on Shoulder


In ancient times, people used to go fishing in remote and dangerous places, and some of them did not come back, so that eventually, the fish hook became the personification of demise. Here two hooks are intertwined and they create a heart and inscription: “Dad gone fishing” is a euphemism to the phrase – a father died. This tattoo on the shoulder says about mourning owing to the loss of the father.

Amazing Heart Hook Tattoo on the Leg


The heart is made of the hooks and it is enveloped by a thread, the image looks very stylish on the lower leg. The hook is made of durable material, which is challenging to break, that is why this tattoo can speak of strong and unwavering love.

Creative Tattoo Design


Middle Easterners endowed fish with such quality as fertility: both physical and spiritual, as for the fish hook, it was the sign of determination and the implementation of all plans. This tattoo displays a silver tool for fishing, surrounded by blue water. This ink says about a person, who has managed to realize his creative potential.

Fish Hook Through Skin


 fish hook through skin tattoo

This pretty ink on the foot is done in a technique of realism – it seems that that the hook pierced the skin near the big toe. This peculiar execution of this design focuses on the fact that a person can withstand physical and emotional pain and he might have experienced a lot in life.

Fish Hook Tattoo on the Wrist


Tattooing is one of the traditions of Maori, they reckoned that people, who wear tattoos, should be inviolable. The tattoo was highly revered and it spelled out the idea of a brave and fearless hunter. So, this pattern on the wrist is worn by a human with an iron rod.

Three Heart-Hook Tattoo on the Biceps


A series of three stunning hearts is on the biceps: on the left side, there is a heart, made of fish hooks, in the middle there is a heart, wrapped by wire, the last heart is made of elk antlers. The overall denotation is made of the separate signification of each constituent: thus, the first heart symbolizes the purposefulness, the central figure is the prototype of Christ’s sacrifice and the last one reveals Celtic traditions and may serve as a lucky mascot.

Hook Tattoo with Feather for Couple


These two similar tattoos are on forearm. The first pattern depicts a fish hook with a turquoise feather and another design displays a hook with an orange feather and the lettering: “Gone fishing”. The sense of this ornament is very deep as hooks could be made in a memory of a deceased relative, and the feather indicates the revival of life, so people with these tattoos believe in existence after earthly life.

“DAD” and Hook


Originally, fish hook tattoos conveyed salvation in the literal sense – the physical survival and figuratively – the salvation of the soul. This hook is entwined with green leaves and flowers and there is word – dad. The tac says that the owner is mourning and praying for the repose of the soul.

Two Hook with Skull on the Shoulder


Almost in all cultures, a skull mean danger, chaos, and the transience of life, whereas the hook for many tribes was a talisman for those, who went on a journey, people believed that such an image would help to return safe and sound. The half sleeve here is decorated with a tribal tattoo, which represents the skull and two hooks, it may connote that the owner successfully overcomes the dangers in life.

Two Fish Hook with Arrow


This uncommon design looks magnificent and obviously, it draws attention. The heart consists of two pieces – the one part is the crook, another part is the antler, the heart is pierced by an arrow. The connotation is that the person has been hurt by love, but still he remains a noble personality.

Maori Traditional Hook


The tribal ink discloses Maori traditions, as they had a ritual cannibalism, warriors ate their victims and took their powers, as a sign of the ritual, they applied fish hook tattoos. So this tight ornament may indicate an unscrupulous and even cruel man.

fish hook tattoo on body

In many cultures, the fish tattoo expresses two facets of a human nature – a good one, which is the sign of intelligence and prosperity and the dark side, which is about anger and fear.

maori fish hook tattoo

Plug Lure Tattoo on Forearm


This design on the lower arm shows a green tiny fish with a yellow head, instead of the tail it has a hook, the picture is complemented with a red ribbon with the name: “Avery”. In Eastern culture signify exceptional luck, this ink may connote that the luck for this person is a fateful meeting with the second half.

Maori Tattoo on Side


In ancient times, the ownership of the fish hook was connected with prosperity as the fish was the only source of income and nutrition. This tribal ink extends from the side and to the part of the tummy and says that this man is the breadwinner.

Awesome Hook Tattoo on the Shoulder


For Maori, a procedure of the initiation existed, its aim was the checking of physical endurance. If people passed this test, they applied the picture of the means for fishing as a sign of strength and power. This volumetric tac on the half sleeve may reveal the mentioned idea.

Hook Tattoo on Wrist


The vital artery is on the wrist and its damage can lead to demise, that is why tattoos, put on this area, has a very symbolic value. This black fish hook pierces the skin on the wrist, which may convey that the human experienced a watershed moment in his life, which changed his perception of the world.

Sunflower and Fish Hook

fish hook tattoo on body

In Christianity, a sunflower is the embodiment of a believer, who speaks with God through the prayer and the fish hook was the personification of salvation. Thus, this vibrant yellow sunflower on the side of the body with the tool may signify a spiritually developed person.

Celtic Traditional Hook Tattoo

fish hook tattoo on arm

This bright fish hook on the lower leg looks amazing and in this tattoo, Celtic traditions may be traced. This ink may indicate prosperity, abundance and fertility of the owner.

New School Mermaid Tattoo on Thigh

fish hook tattoo on leg

This new school tattoo on the hip is a stunning accessory for this person. This design incorporates the following details – a mermaid – a mystical creature, which symbolizes female energy and external beauty, the fish in her hair speaks about fertility and the fish hook is the indicator of luck.

New Zealand Traditional Tattoo

fish hook tattoo on body

The half sleeve here is embellished with the tattoo in a Polynesian style. Polynesians assumed that tattoos influenced the human mind and helped to build traits of the character. Perhaps, this hook ink says about a human, who wants to acquire such qualities as dedication and moral resistance.

Fish Hook Ink on the Biceps

fish hook tattoo on leg

This realistic ink looks marvelous on the biceps, the fish hook breaks the skin and muscles are visible. Despite the favorable connotation, in this case, this tac carries a negative denotation, it is about ordeals, which the destiny has sent.

Hawaiian Hook Tattoo Behind the Ear

fish hook tattoo on head

This extraordinary Hawaiian fish hook behind the ear is made in diverse colors: red, yellow, black and green. It reveals Hawaiian ideas about strength and good luck.

R.I.P. Tattoo with Fish Hook

fish hook tattoo on leg

In some cultures, connotations of the anchor and the fish cook coincide, they speak about the link between the real world and the spirit world. Here this ink has a tragic denotation as evidenced by an inscription: “RIP Pop” and dates of birth and death, it was made to perpetuate the memory of the departed loved one.

Motivational Fishing Tattoo

fish hook tattoo on body

This tight ink on the back demonstrates a hook with a rope, but the startling feature of this design is the lettering: “Behind every leader is a hook”. The denotation of this ink is that motivation is the driving force on the path to success.

Tribal Hook on the Neck

fish hook tattoo on neck

This tribal hook on the neck discloses Samoan traditions, in which the fish hook was the symbol of a safe travel as sailors often they went far out to sea, and this design was their talisman. This pattern is the lucky talisman for this man.

Hook Tattoo on the Leg

fish hook tattoo on leg

For many African tribes, a fish has been the mark of the creation of the world and the favorable transformation, as for the fish hook, it was a paramount attribute of all brave warriors. This awe-inspiring ink on the lower leg is the sign of a man, who builds his life himself.

Tribal Fish Hook on Forearm

fish hook tattoo on hand

The lower arm is embellished with the tribal fish hook, on which the geometric pattern is visible, the additional elements are figures that may represent the continents, which in general can create a map of the world. The denotation is love for changes, for traveling and for the spiritual quest.

Angry Bass with Hook

fish hook tattoo on shoulder

This tight ink on the shoulder is made in a new school tradition and looks magnificent. This fish comprises features of the animal and the human, in its hands, it holds a cable with a hook. This tattoo emits aggressive energy, it is the emblem of a domineering and confident man.

3D Fish Hook Tattoo on Arm

 fishing hook tattoo


3d fish hook tattoo

fish hook tattoo on body

This huge 3D ink is performed professionally, the major image is black and the shadow is gray. Ancient Egyptians revered a fish as the deity, which has the gift of healing, the hook was a mandatory attribute for God. This tac on the side indicates the person with a forgiving heart.

Blue Treble Hook on the Shoulder

fish hook tattoo on back

This blue triple hook on the shoulder is shown as piercing the skin and the blood is seen. This tattoo carries the Samoan symbolism about a potent personality, whom difficulties only harden and make stronger.

Realistic 3D Fish Hook Tattoo

fish hook tattoo on arm

The fish hook on the hand is simple, but a profound meaning is embodied in this tattoo. The pattern is about a man, who clings to the possibility and is looking for ways to achieve his goals and he never gives up.

Maori Tattoo on Leg

fish hook tattoo on leg

For various tribes, the fish hook was a symbol of luck, and it was a great success to catch a fish with an iron hook. This tribal brown and black fishing tool is the indicator of the lucky beggar.

Big Blue Fish Hook on the Forearm

fish hook tattoo on leg

In Irish mythology, fish were aware of the laws of the universe. The fish hook was the bond between the earthly world and the world of universal knowledge. This fishing instrument on the lower arm says about the striving to the obtaining of new knowledge.

Fish Hook with Red Flower for Girl

fish hook tattoo on body

The female side is adorned with vivid red flowers, which surround the heart, made of gray hooks. The denotation of this ink is quite obvious – it is about love, which is inseparable from human life and it is the motive power.

Maori Hook Tattoo on the Leg

fish hook tattoo on leg

This Maori fish on the lower leg incorporates complicated patterns, which together create a holistic picture. For members of the tribe, the fish hook was the embodiment of souls of dead leaders.

Hook Tattoo on the Hand

Beautiful fish hook tattoo on arm

Amazing hook tattoo on the ribs

Good idea for fish hook tattoo on forearm

Old School fish hook tattoo

Oldschool fish hook tattoo

Minimalist Fish Hook Tattoo on Leg

Minimalist fish hook tattoo on leg

Infinity Fish Hook Tattoo with Feather

infinity fish hook tattoo

infinity fish hook tattoo

Awesome Fishing Tattoos

awesome fishing tattoos

Best Fishing Tattoos

best fishing tattoos

Circle Hook Tattoo

circle hook tattoo

Cool Fishing Tattoos

 cool fishing tattoos

Fish Hook in Skin Tattoo

 fish hook in skin tattoo

Trout Fly Tattoo

 fishing hook tattoo

Colorful Fishing Lure

 fishing lure tattoo

Fishing Pole Tattoos

fishing pole tattoos

Half Sleeve Fishing Rod Tattoo

 fishing rod tattoo

Jackfish Tattoo on the Forearm

 fishing tattoo sleeve

Colorful Fishing Tattoos for Girls

fishing tattoos for girls

Fishing Tattoos for Guys

fishing tattoos for guys

Fishing Tattoos for Real Men

 fishing tattoos for men

Hawaiian Fish Hook Tattoo

hawaiian fish hook tattoo

Polynesian Fish Hook Tattoo

polynesian fish hook tattoo

Tribal Fish Hook Tattoo

 tribal fish hook tattoo

There are a lot of direct meanings of the fish hook tattoos, from good luck to kin eye; but the owners of such tats usually tend to be the fishermen who passionately love this very hobby. At bottom, it should be said that fishing hooks tattoos can signify, in the majority, that their owners have persevering characters also, as well as high level of alertness – it is really hard to be attentive every second on the water. If someone with a fishing ink tries to catch your interest, be sure that you will be on the hook as soon, as it possible.

The number of the fishing lure tattoos is still quite small in spite of the fact that the fishing itself is included into the list of the most famous hobbies ever. Probably, it can be explained by the calming effect of this type of hunting – who on Earth would go searching for the best tattoo master, choose a wonderful treble hook sketch, suffer the pain from the sharp needles, when you can just sit near the pond with a new pole and have a pleasantly stress-free day. There are so many basses, trouts and carps wanting to be caught! However, there are tough persons, able to sit through making a whole sleeve of fish hooks tattoo. That’s what we call “a real fan” able to show the passion to the world!

Have you already chosen a cool fishing tattoo? We have an amazing collection of such tats – all you need is patience and time to pick up a suitable one for you.

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