Fish Tattoos and Their Meaning in World Cultures

Fish tattoos have a multi-faceted symbolism, as fish patterns are associated not only with the element of air, but they hold a special place in astrology.

The history of fish tattoos goes back to the beginning of our era. The image of an anchor and fishes was a symbol of Christians, therefore, the paramount importance of fish tattoos was religious.

Many nations have connected fishes with the water, which is a fundamental principle of everything in nature. In Eastern culture, fishes denoted an ardent nature and a physical fertility, whereas in Buddhism fish ornaments connoted the liberation from earthly passions.

In Greek and Egyptian cultures the significations of fish tattoos are controversial: in Greece, fishes have been the embodiment of love, while for Egyptians fishes embodied people with evil intentions.

For Indians, two fishes represent a loving couple and in Japan, only brave and fearless people decorated their bodies with fish figures. Many African tribes reckoned that the souls of dead warriors turned to fishes and swam in the river of the underworld.

Fish tattoos, which are in demand, encompass carp, shark, trout, dolphin images, their significations are the following:

  • The main denotation of a carp tattoo is luck, but in China and Japan it is considered differently: in China, this tattoo is worn by purposeful people, in Japan, the carp ink is the sign of a man with great willpower.
  • In myths of some nations, sharks are symbols of perseverance and determination. In the contemporary world, there is a saying “business sharks”, which signifies that the person achieves success. Thus, fish inks are suitable for persistent and rebellious humans.
  • Trout patterns serve as emblems of material abundance and spiritual inspiration, these tattoos are appropriate for energetic people.
  • In nature, dolphins are very kind, friendly and brave, often they rescue people at sea and they are able to treat humans. Thus, the dolphins tattoos indicate a dedicated and amiable personality.

These vibrant patterns look absolutely amazing on the chest, legs, the back, sleeves, and feet.

Hence, fish tattoos represent desire, energy, will and fortitude, they can be made both in old school traditions and new styles, and a range of colors will suit even the most extravagant person.

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