Your Inspiration For Foo Dog Tattoo

  1. Pretty sick! Chinese lion tattoos have a deep meaning. They are like guardians from evil and other bad things. In China Leos are frequently used in architecture, during the celebration of New Year in the form of lion dance, and as Leo male and females. The lion dance is a symbolic clearing of New Year coming path.Blue Chinese LionSource
  2. Wow! Male Lion is tatted on the full back. There are nice line thickness variation, clean of smudges, and stray marks. It seems the Leo is a protector of man’s life. Male lions are often pictured with a paw on a ball that means a nation unity of China.Chinese Lion With Colored HomeSource
  3. Chinese Leo on the lady’s back. The composition of Leo with peony creates a balance between severity of the animal and the tenderness of the flower. In China, peony symbolizes Love and Beauty.Chinese Lion With Violet FlowerSource
  4. A magnificent Foo Dog on the male neck. Looks great!Anger Chinese Lion With WordsSource
  5. That’s a cool dot work of Fu Dog tattoo on the sleeve. An animal looks at you with a note of warning – «Do not try to wrong this man! »Traditional Chinese LionSource
  6. Healed picture! Here is only a head of the animal. It is a dope symbol of success and coup. Outstanding features of Chinese Fu Dog are seen on this tattoo. They are protruding ears and mane with the curls. Chinese LionSource
  7. Chinese lion in color! Such tattoo can be a sign of Yang energy for men: positive, day, active, logical, hot, male and hard. A yellow color of the mane adds more sense of energy to this tattoo.Chinese Lion With Yellow Dots And HairSource
  8. Fu Dog inspiration! Blue and red colors are marks of nobleness and power.Chinese Lion With Red Dots And Blue HairSource
  9. Sleeve Fu Lion Tattoo with bright accents in the form of flowers. A paw of the lion is on a ball, which is a symbol of Earth. This awesome tattoo signifies authority, domination, and prosperity.Chinese Lion With Pink FlowerSource
  10. A unique composition! We can see a Chinese Lion with the left leg on the ball. There is a belief that just a left paw should be on the Earth. A fish is a sign of wealth and rebirth, cherish blossom is a mark of love. All these marks together create a powerful and meaningful tattoo.Golden Chinese Lion With FishSource
  11. A nice chosen place for a detailed tattoo of Fu Dog. It represents happiness, energy, and value. If you want a unique tattoo design that is meaningful in both Asian history and symbolism, a Foo Dog may be for you.Red Chinese LionSource
  12. Chinese guardian lion represents both peace and calm and can offer a sense of this to anyone who bears their mark. Wearing such tattoo, you will have blessed fortune and happiness.Chinese Lion With Green SkinSource
  13. A fabulous design of Chinese Lion and Peony flower on the chest. Chinese Lion Face With Yellow FlowerSource
  14. Mysterious Foo Dog tattoo on the full back.  A pair of Chinese lions is sitting symmetrically at the entrance of the palace, one is putting its paw on the cub, and another is on a ball. It means that your home is under the protection from sinister forces, disaster and misfortune.Two Chinese LionSource
  15. A stunning design of attacking Fu Dog. It is made on the full back and there is a nice action pose.Lined Chinese LionSource
  16. Nice sample of full sleeve tattoo with Leo. It represents Love through a cherish blossom and Strength through a lion animal.Chinese Lion On All The HandSource
  17. Dope! Asian tattoo on elbow ditch. Leo is sitting in peony. According to fen-Shui, red peony symbolizes Love. Even fierce and powerful animals need their love-heart and love. Red And Yellow Colored Flower With Chinese LionSource
  18. Straight!  Chinese lion ink on the leg looks so striking! A bright mane expresses a fire and energy.Fired Hair Chinese LionSource
  19. Sleeve design of Chinese Lion! Red flower brings positive spirit, clean energy and success in love relations.Chinese LionSource
  20. Absolutely sick full back tat!Anger Chinese Lion With SymbolsSource
  21. Incredible work! Asian tattoo in chronic ink. Fu Dog is pictured with the opened mouth. It is believed that Chinese Lion is catching goodness and frightening evil away.Uncolored Chinese LionSource
  22. Pretty sick Chinese Lion! Black and grey Lion on the back seems to be attacking and warning you to be careful. Generally, it is a symbol of high social background and good material status.Dragon Styled Chinese LionSource
  23. A badass idea of Fu Dog statue with lotuses. This is a sign of two sides of the tattoo bearer. One is connected with Lion animal. It characterizes the person as strong, brave and fair. The second side is dedicated to lotus. Red lotus is goodness, purity, and spiritual development.Red Flowers Chinese LionSource
  24. This is a sample of chest panel tattoo. Chinese Leo animal looks great in composition with peony.  You can feel safe because such tattoo has a protecting function.Blue Chinese Lion And Yellow HairSource
  25. A very bright design of Chinese tattoo.  Three elements` composition is unique. The first and the main element is Foo Dog. It is a power, vigor, and might. The second element is lotus which is associated with striving for peace and truth, life and death. The third element is pictured above and it is the sun. The sun means energy and activeness. All these features describe the wearer of this tat. Blue Chinese Lion With Straingh SunSource
  26. Cool design of Chinese Lion on a man’s rib. You will be under the powerful protection of two Fu Dogs.Red And Blue Chinese LionSource
  27. Nice idea of Chinese Leo tattoo in a triangle. Tattoo is small but carries a full sense.Chinese Lion In Triangle BordersSource
  28. Stunning! Colorful Fu Dog is inked on an upper side of the back. Good choice for a strong man!Green Chinese Lion FaceSource
  29. Majestic hand tattoo with Foo Dog! It suits to brutal macho, who is showing to the world that he is a powerful king.Blue Skined Chinese LionSource
  30. Asian art on the full sleeve! Good job of the artist.Chinese LionSource
  31. Awesome fullback tat! Foo Dog is inked above the Samurai to show the whole might and strength.Chinese Lion With WarriorSource
  32. Very nice guardian of your mind and soul.  Chinese Lion is drawn on blue and orange colors. Blue color is nobleness and wealth, orange is energy and purity.Chinese LionSource
  33. Great master –great job! A magnificent power is blowing from this inking.Chinese LionSource
  34. Amazing design of Foo Dog on sleeve! Because of its protection association, a lot of people get the Shi tatttoo for personal safety, whereas others may even place the Foo around their homes for an extra sense of security.Chinese Lion With Pure EyesSource

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