Frog Tattoos Meaning

The frog enjoys huge popularity in diverse cultures and has multifarious meanings. Normally, this amphibian is suggested to be a sign of new life, transformation, revival and longevity.

In ancient Greece, it had a connection with the goddess of love – Aphrodite and represented harmonious, idyllic and balanced relationship within the couple.

In Egypt, this slimy animal got sacred statues, due to the famous goddess of fertility-Heket, who depicted with a frog head, and was a patroness of parturients.

The frog can be also detected in the eastern culture. It is well known to all of us these funny Fengshui frog statuettes, sitting on a heap of coins and holding one in a mouth, and denoting richness, prosperity, and good luck.

In ancient times, the Chinese carried up the whole temples in frogs’ honor. In addition, the picture of the frog can be widely met in folklore. Everyone remembers from his childhood the Grimm’s prominent fairy-tale about the metamorphosis of the filthy frog into a stunning prince.

Yet not all the cultures have a positive outlook on this animal. As an example, in the West, people have a habit of associating the frog with the magic and hideous items like witches, exorcists, and the devil.

Likewise, the Christians have a negative perception of this cold-blooded creature. They accept it as a sign of avarice, insatiability, viciousness and depravity. The roots of such unfavorable significance originate in the Old Testament, where the frog was perceived as an evil spirit.

The frog tattoo designs can be unisexual: look brilliantly either on men’s or women’s bodies. The traditional parts of the body, where tattoo-fans are get inked this amphibian are ankles, the inner side of arms, shoulders and in the heart of the upper back.

Mostly the frog tattoos are inked in glaring and eye-catching colors and paired with flowers, such as lotus, water lily, orchid, and calla. Some enthusiasts prefer to portray frog tattoos as cartoon films’ characters.

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