Nude Full Body Tattoos

Here you can have all the guidance about full body tattoo designs. People get various designs depending on one`s wish and tastes. Full body designs can cover the entire body and can be simple like the torso and hands that are inked.

The variety of motifs turns on the chosen style, i.e., tribal, steampunk, Yakuza, realistic, Irezumi, nude, etc. that range from being attractive to sexy, and even crazy. You may use a mix of many features in the design, and different colors which work quite well. If you wish something intriguing and shocking, opt for an optical illusion effect.

A flight of imagination is limitless due to the much of space. But you should consider time, money and pain endurance while choosing a whole body project.

Sure, that the design should exhibit your individuality. You can add any patterns like flowers, butterflies, skulls, birds, weapons, etc., or pop one of them to the front. So, this special symbol will carry the main idea of your body ink. Japanese and Chinese motifs are kinda popular in full body concepts thanks to the different hues, unusual lines, ornaments and also a deep sense. Look at the short list of meanings which can be helpful:

  • Steampunk – Freedom;
  • Yakuza –Success;
  • Irezumi – Guard;
  • Owl – Wisdom;
  • Foo Dog – Independence and balance;
  • Skull – Good vs. Evil;
  • Koi Fish – Fortune and power;
  • Flower – Love and prosperity;
  • All-seeing eye – Protection;
  • Mandala – Spirituality.

Nowadays carving the entire body is a way of expressing your own personality. Below you will find great outlooks for both, boys and girls, who are driving for a full body tattoo idea. When the choice is made, sit calm and enjoy your time in a tattoo saloon!

Excellent Tattoo Ideas for Girls

A full body tattoo for girls.

That is so sexy on her body! The black and white idea features beautiful portraits of people that not only look nice but carry an immense personal sense. The portraits can be any of the most admired or loved persons.

A full body tattoo for ladies.

The tattoo is many-sided, covering the entire body making it looks quite fascinating with the colors used blending quite well. A creative option for ladies!

A full body tattoo for female.

Such tattoo does not serve only as a decorative pattern on the female body. With their gorgeous, full, rounded bloom, peonies embody romance and prosperity.

A Naked Full Body Tattoo

A naked full body tattoo.

A real piece of art! This option combines different Japanese signs, and the girl`s body looks a special one. The use of colors adds uniqueness!

Japanese Style

The best full body tattoo.

A whole body skinny Buddha seated in meditation is a powerful symbol mostly associated with this religion. The 3D effect makes your Buddha look realistic. The details are skillfully inked and definitely look wonderful.

A Japanese full body tattoo.

A symbol of protection of the body from any harm or attack covers the entire body. All the features are clearly seen and make it so eye-catching!

A Complete Body Tattoo

A complete body tattoo.

WOW! Only a real bro can wear such fantastic bodysuit! A colorful design of Koi fish is just overwhelming! The koi fish is a sign with extremely deep meaning. On both tattoos the major colors are prevailing, each reflecting its sense. Blue stands for a masculine reproduction; black includes strength, red means power, and family, yellow symbolizes fortune and wealth.

Yakuza Entire Body Tattoo

Yakuza entire body tattoo.

If you are looking for a fascinating and rich in sense entire body tattoo, this is quite the thing! Actually, it is a symbol of success. Because of the connection between criminals and tattoos in Japan, yakuza members wear their tattoos on parts of the body that can be hidden by clothing. I like the line of the bare skin that creates a contrast!

A Front Body Tattoo

A front body tattoo.

This front piece is inside the top ten. Inking Irezumi tattoo is an “Aspiration” to life’s goals. A fear-inspiring dragon guards the wearer. The teeth and eyes look real due to the clearly done shadings.

Zeus Full Body Art Tattoo

Zeus full body art tattoo.

An incredible job! Zeus is depicted standing and holding a lightning bolt, carrying grace and all-mighty power. An extra-detailed design works well with the muscles and stature of the man.

A Body Dragon Tattoo

A full body dragon tattoo.

A Japanese dragon seems to be assembled from puzzles. The detailing and shading involved in this idea make the tattoo a larger-sized project. A prevailing blue color reflects the meaning of independence, balance, and freedom.

A Full Body Skeleton Tattoo

A full body skeleton tattoo.

Badass! That`s the card for a sexy and cool man! Red rose petals create a perfect contrast with the black skull, i.e. the contrast between life and death or beauty and decay.

A Full Body Skull Tattoo

A full body skull tattoo.

This tattoo reflects the unique person you are! The skulls and skeletons are for the most part representing a constant struggle between good and evil. There is a lot of depth and details and thus makes it stunning!

A Full Body Suit Tattoo

A full body suit tattoo.

This tattoo goes from the neck all the way to the toes. Buddha image in different positions creates a badass body suit. The lines are clean and clear.

A 3d Full Body Tattoo for Guys

A 3D full body tattoo for guys.

There is a cool photo-realistic optical illusion. The eagle in the foreground is a symbol of masculinity and virility. A full body design with a 3D effect looks killing.

A Full Body Tattoo for Men

A full body tattoo for men.

A full body tattoo includes different patterns, but they are performed in one tattoo style. No doubt, such idea will redefine you!

A Male Full Body Tattoo

A male full body tattoo.

Hell yesss! That is a crazy splash of colors! The foo dog plays a role of the powerful guardian of the wearer. A full body design allows the artist to go with more details as mentioned in this picture.

A Full Body Tribal Tattoo

A full body tribal tattoo.

So striking! A tribal tattoo is an often choice among men, but this entire body sample is just perfect! It enhances the effects of having a masculine body.

Weird Zombie Tattoo Ideas

A full body zombie tattoo.

Such idea represents a serious investment in pain endurance and time! Rick Genest is considered to be the most tattooed man in the world. He has turned himself into a zombie. But the total outlook affects deeply.

A full body tattoo.

OUCH!!!! It is an unusual design for a full body tattoo choice! A realistic eye seems to be gazing at you and sends shivers up and down!

A Male Full Body Tattoo in Black

A male full body tattoo in black.

A Japanese tattoo design looks spectacular on the full body where it’s worn. The ink looks more complex with the one color used making the whole outlook to be quite attractive.

A Nude Full Body Tattoo

A nude full body tattoo.

A sinuous combination of favorite icons, meaningful signs, and personal quotes hint at the creativeness and complexity of the individuality behind the design. A full body option has no limits for your imagination that is the benefit!

A Polynesian Body Tattoo

A Polynesian full body tattoo.

A tattoo is monochrome, yet stunning! The outlines are neat and clean and create a shield of protection and intimacy.

Samoan Tattoo

Samoan full body tattoo.

Just amazing! If you are a fighter by nature, ink this idea with not a hint of doubt! The entire body tattoo carries a feeling of an empire and shows a male strength.

Sexy Body Tattoo

A sexy full body tattoo.

An oriental ornament makes the body more appealing and sexy, but the floral design adds tenderness and femininity. It will serve for sensual women!

A Strange Female Tattoo

A strange female full body tattoo.

The tattoo incorporates the symbols from different spheres of styles and meanings. It looks a little bit strange! Sure, that it means something special to the bearer.

A Tattoo All Over the Body

A tattoo all over the body.

She is sexy and crazy! The mix of symbols over the body makes the effect of the tattoo many times greater! This concept will look more bold, sexy, and fashionable!

A total body tattoo.

A mix of symbols is damn sexy and handsome! The accuracy in this design is more than in other tattoos.

A Whole Body Tattoo

A whole body tattoo.

A whole body tattoo looks like a billboard of the bearer`s soul. A colorful design improves the overall look of the ink. An amusing piece for guy`s inspiration!

A Whole Body Tattoo for Girls

A whole body tattoo for girls.

This tattoo literally covers most of the body, front to back from the shoulders to the wrists. It’s obviously a personal tattoo with its sense. But mandala ornaments and geometrical lines fit together perfectly.

A woman with a full body tattoo.

She is beautiful, isn`t she? The unthinkably exciting motifs make the lady`s body alluring and appealing. The hottest body art I have ever seen.

A Mandala Full Body Tattoo

A mandala full body tattoo.

If you are looking for a meaningful tattoo, mandala with an all-seeing eye is the right choice! The eye of Providence has a high spiritual significance. Here is an overall circular design that you are sure to love.

A Chinese Dragon Complete Body Tattoo

A Chinese dragon complete body tattoo.

The cool thing about the complete body tattoos is that you can be as creative as you want to be. Such ink symbolizes power, family, protection of home, and family, and also longevity. And the tattoo itself is extra powerful and eye-catching!

4d Tattoo Idea

A full body 4D tattoo idea.

The full body idea includes Spartan warriors, their specific weapons, the helmets, shield, and the armor. It reminds the following: the right thing to do and the hardest thing to do are often the same. A good option for a brave guy!

An Old Full Body Tattoo Design

An old full body tattoo design.

It’s pretty awesome example to show how body art looks like when you’re old. That is a real proving for those who are doubtful about getting a full body ink. Look at the picture one more time! It is nice indeed!

The Best Complete Body Tattoo for Guys

The best complete body tattoo.

Dangerously sexy! A steampunk style is the best option for men to position your willingness to be free with no restriction!

A full body tattoo for boys.

Badass style! A guy is bold and sexy! The presented tattoo design has multiple layers, and they are cutely looking on the full body!

Amazing Tattoo With an Owl

A full body tattoo with an owl.

The one looks outstanding with its spiritual symbols. An owl pops form the general design and reflects wisdom and knowledge. An impressive piece!

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