Funniest Japanese Frog Tattoos

  1. This awesome Japanese frog tattoo inked on the foot doesn’t leave indifferent the fairer sex. The cute olive-green frog dressed like a real Samurai in a blue kimono standing on one knee and offering the nice flower like a real gentleman can easily win the women’s hearts. This tattoo design looks very touchy and romantic, isn’t it?1 frog tattoo on leg
  2. The traditional Japanese frog tattoo inked on the male’s thigh has rather impressive appeal. The dancing amphibian with fat belly and green-and- red leaves instead of the skirt make everyone smile. If you want to highlight you fun-loving nature, this tattoo design is the perfect variant.2 frog tattoo on leg
  3. The striking Japanese frog tattoo performed in green color greatly adorns the biceps. What makes this image especially funny is these two canes’ leaves in the hands imitating the swords and lotus’ leaf imitating a skirt. The black strokes on the skin add realistic effect to the frog’s image.3 frog tattoo on hand
  4. The fabulous Japanese frog inked in black-and-white technique adorns beautifully the biceps. The frog in a skirt holding the leaf looks very cool.   The black spots and the wonderful shading make this frog lifelike.4 frog tattoo on hand
  5. The nifty Japanese frog tattoo inked in black on the biceps can be admired by men. The thin outline, black spots and some shading make up a superb Japanese frog image. The cute hat makes this motif more interesting and catchy.5 frog tattoo on hand
  6. This amazing Japanese frog tattoo resembles a regular frog due to its vivid coloring. It looks like a good spoof on the fighting Samurai with the swords, but instead of cold arms, the frog holds orange leaves. 6 frog tattoo on hand
  7. This amazing Japanese frog tattoo embracing the forearm holds an attention immediately. The faded-green frog with reddish belly perfectly incorporated in such picturesque design and harmonically combines with a pinkish peony, which is believed to be the flower of the good luck in Japanese culture. The riot of the colors is what appeals the most in this motif.7 frog tattoo on hand
  8. This extravagant Japanese frog tattoo design performed in green and black colors looks quite attention-grabbing. The wriggly amphibian portrayed in a motion with an apple twig on the shoulder, resembling a rising sun, can wonderfully embellish your body and bring success in your business because frogs are considered to be good luck symbols in Japan.8 frog tattoo on hand
  9. This cool brown dotted Japanese frog tattoo inked on the half sleeve looks very awesome. The dancing frog with a two-leaved clover can make everyone show their ivories. In addition, this tattoo design has a deep-rooted symbolism: the frog is believed to signify fertility and richness and the clover leaf is regarded to bring good luck.9 frog tattoo on hand
  10. The neat Japanese frog tattoo portrayed in a carrot-orange gamut. The extraordinary depiction of the traditional Japanese frog, which is going to cut off its head with the help of the leaf, looks sensational.10 frog tattoo on back
  11. Look how lovely is this green Japanese frog with leaf skirt on the hips and an electric guitar in the hands. This Japanese frog tattoo design can fit music fans or musicians or just for those enthusiasts who are in search of creative and extraordinary motifs.11 frog tattoo on hand
  12. This eccentric Japanese frog tattoo inked in traditional black technique. The frog with frowning and unblinking gaze has a little bit scary appeal. Maybe it’s not a girlish variant, but the stronger sex can find this image extremely attractive.12 frog tattoo on hand
  13. The amazing elaborately-done Japanese frog tattoo gratefully adorns male’s sleeve. This tattoo design stands out for its color combination: grayish-black-red gamut highlights all details and black spots give to the frog’s image realistic outlook. This motif looks quite impressive and can become a good option for men.13 frog tattoo on hand
  14. The cute greenish Japanese frog tattoo carved on the forearm looks very funny. This wriggly creature imaged in a motion, it seems as if it’s going to attack you, carries a rich symbolical meaning. It signifies material and spiritual richness.14 frog tattoo on hand
  15. This zany Japanese frog tattoo charmingly beautifies the foot. The cute green amphibian portrayed in dancing pose and holding two hand fans with the Japanese flag on it. If you fancy of Japanese culture this tattoo design can become embellishment of your body.15 frog tattoo on leg
  16. The fabulous Japanese frog tattoo inked in a black-and-white technique on the half sleeve. The frog is depicted like a real Samurai with a sword in one hand and a flower in another one, and with a flag on its back. All these attributes highlight the brave nature of the Samurai and their willingness to fight for peace and justice.16 frog tattoo on hand
  17. The amazing brightly-colored Japanese frog tattoo embraces brilliantly the male’s calf. The animal shown in traditional Samurai’s clothes- kimono and in a fighting pose looks very catchy. The intricate shading and a beautiful color combination highlight all details.17 frog tattoo on leg
  18. This cool Japanese frog tattoo inked on the biceps looks extremely spectacular.   The fat green frog on the smoky background and with a golden coin in the mouth is accepted as a symbol of prosperity and richness. Due to the dark background, the amphibian stands out and grabs attention.18 frog tattoo on hand
  19. The fascinating highly-detailed Japanese frog tattoo gracefully adorns the female’s leg. The awesome frog depicted like a real geisha with all geisha’s attributes: an umbrella, kimono and the wooden sandals. This motif looks very feminine and trendy.19 frog tattoo on leg
  20. This fantastic full-scale Japanese frog tattoo covering entire back can’t leave unnoticed. The old Samurai is going to kill the giant frog –it resembles the scene from the movie. The whole tattoo design is performed in a black color: the thin fine lines and a little bit shading highlight all the details and make it look very realistic.20 frog tattoo on back
  21. This awesome Japanese frog tattoo inked on the forearm astonishes by its intricate design. What makes this Japanese frog image splashy and unique is the portraying of the frog in purple-green gamut with a string of coins. The piece of the blue wave gives a zest to the motif.21 frog tattoo on leg
  22. The nifty Japanese frog tattoo inked on the leg amazingly incorporated in the scene. The green-yellowish frog- killer with the leaf, wonderfully imitating the sword, grabs a lot of attention. What is remarkable about this tattoo design is a contrast between beautiful “girlish” things like a rose, butterflies and the aggressive frog.22 frog tattoo on hand
  23. The funny Japanese frog tattoo performed in the bright green-yellow colors looks very sweet. When you look at this cute singing and playing traditional Japanese guitar frog you can’t suppress laughter. If you are fed up with off-beaten tattoo designs, this one fit you in.23 frog tattoo on hand
  24. The horrifyingly awesome Japanese frog tattoo adorns the leg sleeve. The fat green amphibian sitting on the leaf with scary eyes and sharp teeth like a shark looks a little bit spooky. The dark background and the flame give an impression as if it’s a scene from the hell.24 frog tattoo on hand
  25. The astonishing Japanese green dotted frog with furious glance looks quite impressive. The leaf and the lantern performed in traditional Japanese yellow-red colors guide from the evil spirit and the troubles.25 frog tattoo on hand
  26. The lovely orange-bright Japanese frog superbly depicted on the smoky waves. The great play of contrasts highlights the image of the frog and makes this tattoo design look quite attractive.26 frog tattoo on hand
  27. The Japanese frog tattoo inked on the forearm stands out for its deep-green coloring. The cute frog with the cane resembles a warrior with the spear. The brown shading adds a natural feel to this design. 27 frog tattoo on hand
  28. The brilliant Japanese frog tattoo adorns amazingly the forearm. The green-grayish amphibian portrayed in the surrounding of the golden coins can bring you wealth and fortune. The pearls on the frog’s skin make this tattoo design more appealing and unique. 28 frog tattoo on hand
  29. If you want to get inked small-sized tattoo, but rich in symbolic meaning this Japanese frog tattoo is the great variant. This lovely green Japanese frog with the samurai sword in the hand looks very cool. What’s more this cute creature can bring changes in your life and protect you from the troubles.29 frog tattoo on hand
  30. This giant elaborately-done Japanese frog tattoo inked on the quarter sleeve can’t be unnoticed. The colorful frog stands out significantly on the smoky waves. The details have been outlined through the wonderful shading and harmonious color combination. 30 frog tattoo on hand
  31. The sweet Japanese frog tattoo inked on the quarter sleeve looks very nice. The Japanese frog portrayed in a warrior pose with the cane in the hands resembles a Samurai. Some shading adds a natural feel to the frog’s image.31 frog tattoo on hand
  32. The cool Japanese frog tattoo performed in oriental style sitting greatly on the leg. The traditional Japanese frog portrayed in typical of this style black-red gamut with the skull on the head and the string of coins in the hands looks quite provocative and extravagant.32 frog tattoo on hand
  33. This admirable Japanese frog tattoo design covering the leg sleeve astonishes by the riot of colors. The acid-green frog depicted in Samurai image superbly goes well with other Japanese symbols like the lotus and the temple in the background. This Japanese frog tattoo looks like a real piece of art.33 frog tattoo on hand
  34. The awesome Japanese frog tattoo performed in the Oriental style embracing the leg sleeve. Two fighting Japanese frogs in kimono perfectly go in tandem with peonies and stands out in the dark, smoky shading.34 frog tattoo on leg
  35. The fabulous brown-yellowish Japanese frog attracts by its aesthetic appeal. The wonderfully-detailed dotted frog on the dark background blends well with the scarlet flowers, which add a little bit tenderness to the motif. The great shading work and the black outline nicely imitate the waves.35 frog tattoo on shoulder

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