Owl Tattoos on Chest

What do Owl Tattoos Mean

The owl tattoo has diverse meanings: sometimes they are favorable, sometimes they are adverse, but it is always enjoyable to look at this ink. One of the most admired areas for its application is the chest.

In nature, the owl has a great wingspan and when it hunts for the victim, it looks awe-inspiring and petrifying at the same time. The owl with open wings is on the breast, and the pattern may indicate that a person by any means achieves his goals.Owl tattoo with open wings is on the breast

In ancient Egypt, owls were not only long-lived birds in nature, but also companions of the soul in the hereafter, time hasn’t influenced on them in its typical manner. The ink on the chest depicts an owl, which is holding a clock, which reminds the person of the transience of time.Owl tattoo on the chest

In Japan, this bird is a portent of death, sometimes violent, so it has a negative connotation. In this case, a bird on the chest is portrayed in the flight and it is holding the heart. The whole picture is gloomy and it may denote a rude and ruthless man, who is not afraid to offend distress other people.Owl holding the heart tattoo on the chest

In Celtic culture, an owl is a sinister bird, which means death and troubles in life. The owl is displayed in a rage, the claws are released and the whole image talks about a sinister force. The pattern on the chest may express human aggression towards the outside world.Owl in a rage tattoo on the chest

The denotation of the ink is not always negative, sometimes it can signify the extraordinary personality. The owl tattoo is observed on the chest and it represents the owl with open wings, on which roses are located and the inscription above the picture is visible. The overall design indicates a free personality, who is free from prejudice and free in his ways of the self-expression.Owl with open wings tattoo on the chest

In myths of ancient civilizations, the snake is the creator of the world, as the fount of wisdom and knowledge and this signification resonates with the primary meaning of the owl – wisdom and intelligence. Hence, in the ink on the chest the owl is holding the snake in its claws, which can indicate a sharp mind and a strong spirit of a person.Owl is holding the snake tattoo on the chest

This owl chest tattoo looks awesome, it is made in the technique of realism, which presupposes the image, which is maximally close to a real picture of the bird. The ink discloses Nordic traditions, in which the owl is associated with a night witch and a harbinger of troubles.Owl in the technique of realism tattoo on the chest

In Western countries, the diamond is a symbol of honesty and loyalty, so there appeared a tradition to decorate the wedding rings with diamonds. Initially, the owl has been an emblem of the fortress of the marriage bonds. Thus, this owl ink on the chest depicts the bird, which is holding a diamond and denotes a strong marriage.Owl tattoo on the chest

In China, the owl was the embodiment of evil and destructive forces, still the owl is perceived as an unlucky sign. Here the owl on the breast may indicate the prevalence of the dark beginning – yin in a human’s soul.Owl tattoo on the breast

For Christians, the embodiment of the owl as the demise, sorrow, and sin is traced. The chest is decorated with this bird and the inscription “Hate the sin, not the sinner” complements the total meaning. So, the owl here is the symbol of the evil life.Owl with a inscription tattoo on the chest

In Buddhism an all-seeing eye signifies wisdom and light, and the owl is the sign of an insight. In this ink on the chest the owl is holding a dreamcatcher with the all-seeing eye, which can be regarded as a talisman. All in all, this tattoo protects the owner from the evil eye and failures.Owl is holding a dreamcatcher tattoo on the chest

In Christianity, the fire is a symbol of sin, the distinguishing mark of Satan, and the owl connotes sorrow. In this tattoo on the chest paws of the flying owl are engulfed in flames, so this tattoo denotes that the person has not chosen his own path in life, or has made many mistakes.Flying owl tattoo on the chest

The ancient Greeks believed in the vision of owls, which have possessed supernormal abilities to look into the soul of a man. The ink on the chest with the image of an owl face indicates that the person is smart, insightful and wise.Owl face tattoo on the chest

Flying Owl Tattoo

In Egypt, people believed that the owl has accompanied the human soul in the world of the dead and then the bird returned to the living world. This bird had a mysterious gift that people couldn’t explain. This tattoo on the chest can be done as a sign of the memory of a deceased person, as evidenced by the owl and roses.Big owl tattoo on the chest

The startling feature of this tattoo on the chest is that above the head of the owl a radiant delta – a symbol of the Freemasons is shown. This triangle symbolizes the truth, conscience, and wisdom. The wings of the bird are open, which indicates a person’s willingness to learn and to explore the world.Owl with open wings tattoo on the chest

This tribal tattoo, which represents a bird with spread wings in flight, is located on the chest. Oftentimes people, who are nocturnal, wear this design and this ink can illustrate this idea.Owl with spread wings in flight tattoo on the chest

The idea of goths of the owl as the personification of a restless soul is traced in this chest tattoo. The bird is performed in orange, blue and yellow colors, and the overall picture can denote the transition of the human soul in the realm of the dead.Owl performed in orange tattoo on the chest

This vibrant bird with the shining heart in its claws adorns the chest and looks magnificent. It is known, that in nature owls are very faithful partners, so the whole picture with names and with the heart may symbolize unbreakable bonds of love.Owl with the shining heart tattoo on the chest

In many cultures, despite the dominance of negative significations, still the owl is associated with deep love and a strong marriage. On a woman’s chest a green branch is divided into two parts – on one a cute owl is sitting, and on the second the ribbon with the inscription about love is shown. So, this design can denote a hopeless romantic.Owl is sitting tattoo on the chest

In this ink on the chest the orange color is prevalent and it is displayed in a fire, which surrounds the bird. The owl is carrying a lantern with a candle, which lights the way. The denotation may be that this bird shares its wisdom with people.Owl with a candle tattoo on the chest

In Tibetan culture, the mirror was used during the funeral, and in Babylon, the owl symbolized the mother, who had lost her children. Here the owl is holding a cracked mirror, which can be a reminder of death of a loved one. This chest tattoo looks absolutely stunning!Owl is holding a cracked mirror tattoo on the chest

The tattoo on the chest portrays an owl, performed in dark and bright colors, and it holds a torch, that in many cultures symbolizes the independence from other people’s opinions. So, the meaning of the ink is a free and independent spirit.Owl holds a torch tattoo on the chest

In Mexico, an owl is a mystical bird, which can indicate the presence of mysticism in a human’s life. The owl with three eyes is visible on a person’s chest and it is combined with blue roses. The owl points to the wisdom and supernormal abilities of the owner.Owl with three eyes tattoo on the chest

This tattoo on the chest has the 3D effect and the center of this design is piercing eyes of the owl. In Egypt, eyes of this bird meant coldness, sadness, the darkness of the night and the indifference to life, so, probably, this idea is revealed in this pattern.Owl tattoo with 3D effect on the chest

In antiquity, the owl meant Gnostic knowledge and prophecies, so it was an honor to wear this image on the body. Here a flying owl embellishes the chest, each detail of the pattern is very vivid and masterfully performed. The denotation is hidden abilities of a person.Flying owl tattoo on the chest

In Roman culture, the owl sometimes has been perceived as a sign of immortality. Here the owl spreads its wings wide on a man’s chest and it is holding an hourglass, which is a reminder of a human mortality.Owl spreads its wings wide tattoo on the chest

For Celts, an owl denoted death and it was a conductor in other worlds. Here this owl is merged with Celtic ornaments, which have mystical sense. The tattoo on the chest may be regarded as a protective mystical amulet.Owl is merged with Celtic ornaments tattoo on the chest

Aztecs identified owls with demons and they believed that this pattern wouldn’t be beneficial for a person, who wears it. Here this stunning owl on a chest may indicate the subculture representative.Stunning owl tattoo on the chest

The owl in North America signifies wisdom and clairvoyance; it is often depicted with eyes. The bird with open wings represents a person’s mind and the eye on top indicates the truth, which is the same for all people. The ink on the chest looks gorgeous.Big owl with open wings tattoo on the chest

In many cultures, the owl is connected with the endurance and the ability to overcome difficulties. On a man’s chest two little black and white owls are combined with Latin inscriptions about success as the highest award for the person, who has gone the way of problems and a series of misfortunes. The owner of this ink is about a decisive and persistent personality.Two little black and white owls tattoo on the chest

The mouse in the Eastern culture means wisdom, and in Slavic culture the owl is the personification of intelligence. In this tattoo on the chest the green and orange owl is holding a mouse, which can indicate the fusion of intelligence and wisdom in a person’s character.Green and orange owl tattoo on the chest

Colorful Chest Piece Owl Tattoo for Guys

In Polish culture, an unmarried woman turns into an owl, which flies and holds its empty heart in its claws, this bird is considered a bad omen. Perhaps, this very idea is disclosed in the pattern on the breast, which represents a black owl with a red heart.Owl with a red heart tattoo on the chest

In a number of cases, the owl has a positive signification. The owl tattoo on the chest is observed here, the bird is depicted with berries, which may be perceived as a symbol of spiritual purity. Thus, the overall picture expresses a highly spiritual person with a virile mind.Owl with berries tattoo on the chest

According to Scandinavian myths, the compass is a magical amulet, which prevents a person from losing vital landmarks. This owl tattoo on the chest is very symbolic because in the center of the bird the eye is visible and the owl is holding the compass. The pattern spells out the idea that wisdom is the key to the truth and the right path in life.Owl tattoo on the chest

This tribal ink on a woman’s breast displays the owl with open wings and eyes like gimlets. In this case, the denotation is obvious – this owl shows that the owner has a feminine wisdom.Owl with open wings tattoo on the chest

Owl Chest Piece Tattoo Designs

Precisely in the Roman Empire, the owl became a symbol of learning and sagacity, this meaning has been revealed later in European legends. The owl on the chest is in green shades, which means hope and the bird is holding a ribbon with a key in its beak. The total meaning is intelligence and high moral values of a person, who wears this design.Owl in green shades tattoo on the chest

In ancient Greece, the clock is designated as a transformation of physical beings: the birth, maturation, aging, and death. An iridescent owl is located on the chest and it holds the alarm clock, which can stand out the idea of the importance of any moment in life.Owl tattoo located on the chest

This gorgeous tribal tattoo on the chest represents the owl, it seems that the owl will fly up; it is executed professionally and looks like a living bird. The tattoo carries the idea of African tribes, when the owl was the angry bird, which often provoked unhappiness.Owl will fly up tattoo on the chest

In Celtic culture, much attention was paid to the mysticism and magic, moreover an owl has always been a symbol of the misfortune. Here the owl is on the chest, it is surrounded by runic symbols and the inscription “Wait out the days”. The whole pattern that has a deep mystical meaning.Mystic owl tattoo on the chest

Traditional Owl Chest Tattoo

The vivid owl with red roses and the skull embellish the chest. Despite the abundance of bright colors, the pattern resonates with Eastern traditions, in which the owl and the skull were heralds of death.Owl tattoo on the chest

In China, people believed that owls began to fly only after they have pecked out the eyes of their mothers, so the main signification of this ink in Chinese culture is demise. The aggressive owl squeezes in its claws an hourglass, against the backdrop the red streaks are visible, which are similar to the blood. The meaning of this ink on the chest is that even time cannot atone for the sins.Owl tattoo on the chest

For the Plains Indians of North America the owl was a protective amulet, which has been worn by leaders. Nowadays this ink is in demand among women and here the stunning owl, which protects the owner, decorates the breast.Stunning owl tattoo on the chest

For Mexicans, the owl always has been a symbol of the cold night. The flying owl is displayed on a woman’s breast and it may indicate either a tough period in life or minor temporary difficulties.Owl tattoo on the chest

A snowy owl is a symbol of good luck and it is shown on many official emblems of the modern countries. The person wears the snowy owl on the chest, the additional pattern is the starry sky. The denotation expresses a person’s desire to know the truth of life.Owl tattoo on the chest

For many nations, the owl is a mythical bird with magical powers. The owl with a clear sight, open wings and two red roses is on the chest. The owner of this ink wants to say that his life is shrouded in mystery.Owl with a clear sight tattoo on the chest

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