Hamsa Hand Tattoos

Having originated from Greece and Rome, the Hamsa hand symbol can be found in numerous cultures and religions around the world. Hamsa hand also known as the Hand of God, the Hand of Fatima in Islam and the hand of Miriam in Judaism is considered to be a strong and powerful amulet shaped like a palm with three fingers and two thumbs symmetrically placed on both sides. The name itself means “five” or “the five fingers of the palm”. The Hamsa symbol commonly includes the eye symbolizing the all-seeing and all-knowing eye that watches over a human and wards off the bad things and the evil eye.

What is the Meaning of Hamsa Tattoo

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What is the Meaning of Hamsa Tattoo 2

What is the Meaning of Hamsa Tattoo 3

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Depending on the Hamsa design and your vision, the Hamsa tattoo meaning can vary a lot. Besides, hamsa tattoo meaning depends on whether it is depicted up or down. We would like to offer you some of the most commonly accepted and known interpretations of Hamsa hand tattoo:

  • Protection against the evil eye and dark forces/Guiding – Hamsa hand depicted with the fingers spread apart, the eye in the center and blue color;
  • Good luck – the hand with fingers closed together;
  • Five human senses – each finger for each sense;
  • Jewish Hamsa that is often depicted with star of David and fish represents five books of Torah;
  • Arabic Hamsa hand or the Hand of Fatima symbolizes patience, fortitude and faith. The legend says that while Fatima was preparing food for her husband, he came back home with the girl who he had just married to. Startled by what she saw, Fatima dropped the spoon and continued stirring food with her hand despite the pain.
  • Besides the protection Hamsa provides its owner with, it also can give happiness, harmony, health and success.
  • Fertility- with fingers down Hamsa serves as a good female talisman.

Hamsa Hand Tattoo Designs

Hamsa Hand Tattoo Designs 1

Hamsa Hand Tattoo Designs 2

Hamsa Hand Tattoo Designs 3

Hamsa Hand Tattoo Designs 4

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Hamsa is actually that kind of tattoo design in which using your imagination and combining different elements and patterns will play in your favor. With the recognizable Hamsa outline, you can choose whatever filler you wish and customize it as you like. The design can be various: one-colored and multicolored, big or tiny, simple or intricate. It is the unisex tattoo. Thus, both men and women can find the perfect design and apply it to their skin. The Hamsa tattoo placement depends on the size and your preference, of course. As far as the tattoo styles, Hamsa is commonly performed in Dotwork, Linework, American Traditional, and Black and Gray. In case you aren’t ready for a permanent tattoo, there are tons of Hamsa henna tattoos out there to try.

So, if you are in search of a beautiful and meaningful tattoo design, the Hamsa hand tattoo is exactly what you need, and you may look through these outstanding Hamsa tattoos below.

Hand of Fatima Tattoo Ideas

Hand of Fatima Tattoo Ideas 1

Hand of Fatima Tattoo Ideas 2

Hand of Fatima Tattoo Ideas 3

Hand of Fatima Tattoo Ideas 4

Hand of Fatima Tattoo Ideas 5

Hand of Fatima Tattoo Ideas 6
What can possibly look more interesting than Hamsa hand tattoo with mandala patterns in Dotwork style? Such a bohemian tattoo is a perfect way to camouflage the little scars (if you have ones) and ward off the evil things. If you want to incorporate some color into your black and gray Hamsa tattoo, consider adding blue which is a traditional color for the design. Blue is believed as a strong color that can protect from all those who wish you bad.

As for the placement, consider getting tattooed with the Hand of Fatima tattoo on the back. People choose this placement not only because of superstitious beliefs but mainly because they want to feel safe and Hamsa tattoo can give its bearers confidence that no one will ever do them harm behind their backs.

Small Hamsa Tattoos

Small Hamsa Tattoos 1

Small Hamsa Tattoos 2

Small Hamsa Tattoos 3

Small Hamsa Tattoos 4

Small Hamsa Tattoos 5

Small Hamsa Tattoos 6

Do you want a tattoo that only you know is there? Well, if yes, check out the most amazing small and simple Hamsa tattoos. Since Hamsa is not copying the anatomical palm, it has its unearthly beautiful symmetrical appearance that is reminiscent of a blossoming flower. Vibrant colors and bold contours can bring the tattoo to a whole new level of awesomeness. Think about it. You can go for a Hamsa tattoo on the finger if you like small tattoos. Even though the Hamsa finger tattoo is tiny, it can be very clean and legible. In the end, the size does not affect the protective properties of the Hamsa hand.

Simple Hamsa Outline Tattoo

Simple Hamsa Outline Tattoo 1

Simple Hamsa Outline Tattoo 2

Simple Hamsa Outline Tattoo 3

Simple Hamsa Outline Tattoo 4

Simple Hamsa Outline Tattoo 5

Simple Hamsa Outline Tattoo 6

Hamsa hand tattoo doesn’t have to be complex and intricate. Instead of making your tattoo complex, go for the big bold black contour filled with different ornaments, stipples and a little bit of gray highlight. Such an approach will give the finesse to the composition and create an interesting-looking Buddhist Hamsa hand tattoo symbolizing the interaction of the chakras. Whether you want to get inked with a Hamsa tattoo because of your religious views or you would like to secure yourself from all the ill-wishers, the simple black Hamsa tattoo with a bit of green color in the eye is a really nice option. Want to keep it simple? Go for bold black Traditional Hamsa tattoo with stipple shading. Basically created out of lines Traditional tattoos are always elegant and stand out of skin really nice.

Hindu Hamsa Hand Tattoo

Hindu Hamsa Hand Tattoo 1

Hindu Hamsa Hand Tattoo 2

Hindu Hamsa Hand Tattoo 3

Hindu Hamsa Hand Tattoo 4

Hindu Hamsa Hand Tattoo 5

Hindu Hamsa Hand Tattoo 6

Hindu Hamsa Hand Tattoo 7

The Hamsa hand itself already reminds of a flower yet you can add more floral elements to the Hamsa tattoo to make it look more delicate and feminine. If you are into big tattoos, you can ort for incredibly awesome Hamsa tattoo sleeve in Dotwork style. The design of Hamsa hand can be nicely incorporated in the whole ornamental composition along with floral filigree, Om symbol, and mandala. Such a positive and inspiring tattoo image as Hamsa hand is just perfect when it comes to covering tattoo mistakes from the past. You can add much of heavy black and design would still look enormously attractive.

As it was mentioned before, Hamsa hand has different variations of its name and the hand of God is one of them. In some cultures, Hamsa represents God’s presence in all the things. People believe that the eye in hand is the eye of God watching over them.

Hamsa Elephant Tattoo

Hamsa Elephant Tattoo 1

Hamsa Elephant Tattoo 2

Hamsa Elephant Tattoo 3

Hamsa Elephant Tattoo 4

Hamsa Elephant Tattoo 5

One of the most popular choices to complement Hamsa tattoo design is Ganesha, the Indian deity of wisdom that is portrayed with an elephant head. These two powerful images are often tattooed together to help the bearer find happiness and wisdom. The elephant inside the Hamsa hand also signifies inner spiritual connection with the universe. Such a tattoo may help you to be able to overcome any obstacles without giving in to emotions.

The lovely Hamsa tattoo on the shoulder blade with amazingly intricate filler may serve as a nice body decoration for girls and women. Some people are sure that Hamsa is a powerful amulet for a woman that brings happiness to families and protects mothers.

Leave the doors opened for your imagination and you will be amazed by the results.