Hamsa Hand Tattoos With Meanings

Hamsa hand also known as the Hand of Fatima in Islam and the hand of Miriam in Judaism is considered to be a strong and powerful amulet shaped like a palm with three fingers and two thumbs symmetrically placed on both sides. The name itself means “five” or “the five fingers of the palm”. The Hamsa symbol commonly includes the eye symbolizing the all-seeing and all-knowing eye that watches over a human and wards off the bad things and the evil eye.

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Hamsa Hand Tattoo Symbolism and Meanings

Depending on the Hamsa design or position and your vision, the meaning can vary a lot. We would like to offer you some of the most commonly accepted and known interpretations of Hamsa hand tattoo:

  • Protection against the evil eye and dark forces/Guiding– Hamsa hand depicted with the fingers spread apart, the eye in the center and blue color;
  • Good luck- the hand with fingers closed together;
  • Five human senses- each finger for each sense;
  • Jewish Hamsa that is often depicted with star of David and fish represents five books of Torah;
  • Arabic Hamsa hand or the Hand of Fatima symbolizes patience, fortitude and faith. The legend says that while Fatima was preparing food for her husband, he came back home with the girl who he had just married to. Startled by what she saw, Fatima dropped the spoon and continued stirring food with her hand despite the pain.
  • Besides the protection Hamsa provides its owner with, it also can give happiness, harmony, health and success.
  • Fertility- with fingers down Hamsa serves as a good female talisman.

Hamsa hand is an ornamental design which can include different elements and symbols such as:

  • Star of David
  • Mandala
  • Fish
  • Elephant
  • Yin Yang symbol
  • Flowers and trees
  • Eye
  • Wings
  • Filigree
  • Owl
  • Om symbol
  • Stars and the Moon
  • Earth
  • Cancer ribbon etc.

Hamsa Hand Tattoos Designs

Hamsa is actually that kind of tattoo design where using your imagination and combining different elements and patterns will play in your favor. With the recognizable Hamsa outline, you can choose whatever filler you wish and customize it as you like. The design can be various: one-colored and multicolored, big or barely seen, simple or intricate. It is the unisex tattoo. Thus, both men and women can find the perfect design and apply it on their skin. The placement of Hamsa tattoo depends on a size and your preference. As far as the tattoo styles, Hamsa is commonly performed in:

  • Dotwork
  • Linework
  • Traditional
  • Black and Gray

So, if you are in search for a beautiful and meaningful tattoo design, the Hamsa hand is exactly what you need, and you may look through these outstanding Hamsa tattoos below.

#1. Fantastic Boho Hamsa Hand Tattoo on Forearm

Fantastic boho Hamsa hand tattoo on forearm

What can possibly look more interesting than Hamsa hand with mandala patterns in Dotwork style? This bohemian tattoo is a perfect way to camouflage the little scars and get protection against the evil things.

#2. Interesting Buddha Hand Tattoo in Gray Hues

Interesting Buddha hand tattoo in gray hues

The big bold black contour filled with different ornaments, stipples and a little bit of gray highlight that gives the finesse to the composition creates an interesting-looking Buddhist Hamsa hand tattoo symbolizing the interaction of the chakras.

#3. Nice Buddhist Hand Tattoo on Leg

Nice Buddhist hand tattoo on leg

Another nice ornamental Hamsa tattoo is presented on the leg. Along with Yin Yang symbol in which two opposites find harmony, Hamsa hand provides the owner with protection and positive energy.

#4. Beautiful Neo Traditional Blue Colored Hamsa Tattoo on the Bicep

Beautiful Neo Traditional blue colored Hamsa tattoo on the bicep

If you want to incorporate some color into your black and gray Hamsa tattoo, consider adding blue which traditional color for the design. Blue is believed as a strong color that can protect from all those who wish you bad.

#5. Nice Evil Eye Hand Tattoo in Dotwork

Nice evil eye hand tattoo in Dotwork

All of you who adore complicated ornamental tattoo designs need to check out this cool black and gray Hamsa hand with its intricate combination of various patterns.

#6. Wondrous Green Eye Hamsa Hand Tattoo on Leg

Wondrous green eye Hamsa hand tattoo on leg

Whether you want to get inked with a Hamsa design because of your religious views or you would like to secure yourself from all the ill-wishers, the simple black Hamsa with a bit of green color in the eye is a really nice option.

#7. Appealing Sternum Fatima Hand Tattoo

Appealing sternum Fatima hand tattoo

Without vines extending on both sides, this black Hamsa hand tattoo would look unfinished since it is placed between the boobs. Thanks to that floral decoration, the whole composition looks super appealing!

#8. Cool, Good Vibes Hand Symbol With Realistic Eye

Cool good vibes hand symbol with realistic eye

This black and gray realistic wet eye is what grabs our attention in a first place when we look at the Hamsa design. Those white highlights on the eye iris and tear drop really bring the tattoo to life.

#9. Enchanting Hamsa Elephant Tattoo on Shoulder

Enchanting Hamsa elephant tattoo on shoulder

One of the most popular choices to complement Hamsa design is Ganesha, the Indian deity of wisdom that is portrayed with an elephant head. These two powerful images are often tattooed together to help the bearer find happiness and wisdom.

#10. Incredible Hamsa Hand Outline Tattoo

Incredible Hamsa hand outline tattoo

The line work which is incredibly well done in this particular tattoo is supplemented with nice dot shading, so the overall image doesn’t look flat. Really cool simple design!

#11. Awesome Hamsa Hand Owl Tattoo for Men

Awesome Hamsa hand owl tattoo for men

As far as the creativeness, this Neo Traditional owl shaped as Hamsa hand is out of the world tattoo. Vibrant colors and bold contours bring this chest tattoo to a whole new level of awesomeness.

#12. Refined Hamsa Tattoo on the Arm Henna

Refined Hamsa tattoo on the arm henna

Since Hamsa is not copying the anatomical palm, it has its unearthly beautiful symmetrical appearance that is reminiscent of a blossoming flower. Thanks to fine lines and dotted shading this Hamsa tattoo looks very refined.

#13. Incredible Hamsa Lotus Tattoo on Hand

Incredible Hamsa lotus tattoo on hand

The Hamsa hand itself already reminds of a flower yet adding more floral elements to the Hamsa tattoo to make it look more delicate and feminine like in this hand piece decorated with a lotus flower will not do any harm.

#14. Knock-out Hamsa Mandala Sleeve Tattoo

Knockout Hamsa mandala sleeve tattoo

The clever use of negative skin space and stippling technique has led to this incredibly awesome Hamsa sleeve in Dotwork style. Every single line and a dot of this tattoo masterpiece are clean and crisp thus the intricate composition looks beautiful.

#15. Beauteous Hamsa Rib Tattoo With Flowers

Beauteous Hamsa rib tattoo with flowers

Poppy flowers and geometric patterns make beautiful filler for this Hamsa rib tattoo especially if they are well lined and tattooed with only black ink.

#16. Floral Hamsa Shoulder Tattoo for Girls

Floral Hamsa shoulder tattoo for girls

At first, it is hard to detect the Hamsa hand in what we call “nothing else but perfection” tattoo on the back of the arm. Coming out of peony flower Hamsa design follows all the lines and shades of peony and creates a cohesive tattoo with it.

#17. Mind-blowing Hamsa Tattoo on the Back

Mindblowing Hamsa tattoo on the back

Since there are no distinctive hand features in this large-scale black and gray piece, it is hard to tell where the Hamsa hand is. Yet it is nicely incorporated in the whole ornamental composition along with floral filigree, Om symbol and mandala.

#18. Unique Gray Hamsa Tattoo on Arm

Unique gray Hamsa tattoo on arm

In this particular Hamsa or the hand of Fatima design, the bottom is not outlined, and that little trick adds refinement to the whole tattoo image. Having the four petal flower tattooed instead of the eye is a smart move as well since it gives special aesthetics.

#19. Lovely Hamsa Tattoo on Back for Women

Lovely Hamsa tattoo on back for women

The lovely Hamsa tattoo on the shoulder blade with such amazingly intricate filler would serve as a nice body decoration for girls and women. Some people are sure that Hamsa is a powerful amulet for a woman that brings happiness to families and protects mothers.

#20. Nice Hamsa Cover-up Tattoo on Wrists for Ladies

Nice Hamsa coverup tattoo on wrists for ladies

Such positive and inspiring tattoo image as Hamsa hand is just perfect when it comes to covering tattoo mistakes from the past. You can add much of heavy black and design would still look enormously attractive.

#21. Delicate Small Hamsa Tattoo on the Ankle

Delicate small Hamsa tattoo on the ankle
Do you want a tattoo that only you know it’s there? Well, if yes, check out this amazing small and simple Hamsa tattoo on the ankle.

#22. Symbolic Hand of God Tattoo on Arm

Symbolic hand of God tattoo on arm

As it was mentioned before, Hamsa hand has different variations of its name and the hand of God is one of them. In some cultures, Hamsa represents God’s presence in all the things. People believe that he eye in hand is the eye of God watching over them.

#23. Fantastic Hindu Hand Elephant Tattoo Design on the Hip

Fantastic Hindu hand elephant tattoo design on the hip

One of the most widespread symbolic meanings of Hamsa is that it delivers harmony and happiness to its owner’s life. That’s exactly why we can see the sun and the moon in this tattoo that is symbolic of female and masculine energy. The elephant inside Hamsa hand signifies wisdom and inner spiritual connection with the universe.

#24. Cool Indian Hand Symbol Tattoo in Blackwork

Cool Indian hand symbol tattoo in Blackwork

The strong contrast between solid black and negative skin space helps this Hamsa hand tattoo with fish really stand out on the arm. Fish are depicted here to bring good fortune and abundance to the tattoo bearer.

#25. Meaningful Jewish Hamsa Tattoo With Peony Flowers

Meaningful Jewish Hamsa tattoo with peony flowers

Every incredibly thin line of this super intricate Jewish Hamsa tattoo embodies the beliefs that God is in everything. Five fingers of Hamsa represent five books of Torah and five human senses each person should use while praying to God.

#26. Protective Simple Hamsa Hand Tattoo

Protective simple Hamsa hand tattoo
People get tattooed with Hamsa image on the back not only because of superstitious beliefs but mainly because they want to feel safe and Hamsa tattoo can give its bearers confidence that no one will ever do them harm behind their backs.

#27. Small Spiritual Hamsa Tattoo for Women

Small spiritual Hamsa tattoo for women

Framed in rhombus shape this flower-like Hamsa with the image of the Earth and Om sign is a quite creative tattoo concept which conveys the idea of harmony and connection with all the good in this world.

#28. Truly Beautiful Spiritual Hand Tattoo on Back

Truly beautiful spiritual hand tattoo on back

Another great example of Ganesha elephant, Hamsa and lotus designs combined in one beautiful Dotwork tattoo on the shoulder blade. Carrying deep spiritual meanings, this tattoo may help you to be able to overcome any obstacles without giving in to emotions.

#29. Touching Tiny Hamsa Tattoo With Cancer Ribbon

Touching tiny Hamsa tattoo with cancer ribbon

Two powerful symbols are combined in this wrist tattoo – Hamsa to give the immunity against the evil and cancer ribbon to make other aware of this disease and to give respect to the courage of people who struggle with it.

#30. Outstanding Black Traditional Hamsa Design

Outstanding black Traditional Hamsa design

If you want to keep it simple, go for bold black Traditional Hamsa with stipple shading. Basically created out of lines Traditional tattoos are always elegant and stand out of skin really nice.

#31. Inspiring Hamsa Half-sleeve Tattoo Idea

Inspiring Hamsa halfsleeve tattoo idea

As you could have noticed Dotwork is the trendiest tattoo style for Hamsa by far. With mandala inside and beautiful peonies below this Hamsa looks unbelievably attractive and feminine.

#32. Cool and Simple Hamsa Thigh Tattoo Design

Cool and simple Hamsa thigh tattoo design

Reminding primitive cave drawing made by first people, this sketch Hamsa tattoo looks sharp and clean. Perfect variant, if you want something unique and simple.

#33. Beautiful Geometric Hamsa Bracelet Tattoo on Biceps for Men

Beautiful geometric Hamsa bracelet tattoo on biceps for men

When it comes to geometric patterns, consistency is the key. As for this geometric bracelet tattoo with Hamsa and the star, it is very clean and lines, angles and repeating patterns are perfectly consistent.

#34. Outstanding Geometric Hand of God Tattoo

Outstanding geometric hand of god tattoo

Keeping a tattoo simplified yet interesting and aesthetically appealing is a hard task for a tattoo artist. In this case, the simplicity of the Hamsa design and its geometric look is exactly what makes it so unique and outstanding.

#35. Impressive Green and Blue Watercolor Hamsa Tattoo

Impressive green and blue watercolor Hamsa tattoo

Something that seems like a spontaneous riot of blue and green colors at first is not accidental at all. Those intense colors play the same role as Hamsa and its eye – serve as a strong shield against the evil eye. Plus, watercolor take on Hamsa looks really impressive.

#36. Meaningful Gray Hamsa Elephant Tattoo in Dots and Lines

Meaningful gray Hamsa elephant tattoo in dots and lines

Incorporating an Indian elephant into Hamsa design is quite common yet very meaningful. Standing for wisdom and spiritual freedom, the elephant is portrayed with Om symbol on its forehead which the secret sound of the universe.

#37. Awesome Gradient Hamsa Tattoo Idea for Ladies

Awesome gradient Hamsa tattoo idea for ladies

Heavy black, light gray values and negative skin space are what make this Hamsa back tattoo so awesome. By the way, the back is the perfect spot for Hamsa design because its eye will protect you from all the bad things that you can’t see with your own eyes.

#38. Creative Elephant Hamsa Tattoo Design on the Thigh

Creative elephant Hamsa tattoo design on the thigh

Leave the doors opened for your imagination and you will be amazed by the results. Look how creatively a tattoo artist incorporated the image of an elephant into Hamsa design so that both images become one. Cool and super creative idea!

#39. Charming Tiny Hamsa Finger Tattoo for Women

Charming tiny Hamsa finger tattoo for women

Even though this Hamsa finger tattoo is tiny, it is very clean and legible. In the end, the size does not affect the protective properties of the Hamsa hand.

#40. Truly Amazing Black Hamsa Tattoo

Truly amazing black Hamsa tattoo

There’s something endlessly charming in this negative space Hamsa tattoo on the forearm. Maybe the secret is in heavy black that makes those opened areas of skin pop even more or in those beautiful dots around the design. One way or another, the Hamsa tattoo hypnotizes.

#41. Gorgeous Hamsa Sternum Tattoo Design With Skull

Gorgeous Hamsa sternum tattoo design with skull

If you want, you may replace the eye in Hamsa with some other design. This lady obviously decided to play big and chose the skull for this purpose. We must say that her pick works well to the design and looks insanely beautiful.

#42. Intricate Round Hamsa Inner Bicep Tattoo for Men

Intricate round Hamsa inner bicep tattoo for men

If you like the idea of tattooing Hamsa design but in more eye-pleasing shape, consider complementing it with concentric mandala circles so the overall image would look round. It is a clever and creative solution.

#43. Cool Two Sided Hamsa Tattoo With an Eye

Cool two sided Hamsa tattoo with an eye

We find this concept of half-anatomical and half-geometric Hamsa very interesting. Surely you have to take this as inspiration for your next tattoo.