Phoenix Bird Tattoo Ideas and Meanings

Phoenix bird is a symbol of rebirth, a return to being, and a new spiritual path. Phoenix tattoos carry diverse meanings and they have a very rich history, they can be done in diverse styles from traditional to contemporary, and the color palette is really amazing. The places of application incorporate the back, chest, legs, and […]

Japanese Cherry Blossom Tattoo

The cherry blossom (Chinese culture), or “Sakura tree” (Japanese culture) is known to be one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. They are vibrant pink colored flowers which grow on cherry trees, which are common in regions of West Asia and East Europe. A cherry blossom is a very popular tattoo among the […]

45 Hourglass Tattoo Designs with Symbolism

Due to its rich symbology and philosophical meanings, the hourglass tattoo design attracts more and more tattoo-lovers all over the globe. People get etched the hourglass on their bodies to remember yourself and the others that the sands of time are inevitably running out, so stop wasting your time on the things that don’t matter, […]

50 Dreamcatcher Tattoo Ideas with Meanings

Dreamcatcher is a potent amulet which was highly valued not only by the Indians but by other cultures as well for its ability to ward off the violent dreams and evil spirits. Protection- is not the only symbolical meaning that the dreamcatcher conveys, there is a plethora of other significances behind the dreamcatcher tattoo which […]

Name Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women

Name tattoos have been popular among both men and women since the very beginning of tattooing. It can be a tattoo of your significant other’s name, your children initials, your spouse nickname or the names of your parents. Moreover, you can commemorate your favorite pet that you had as a child by simply etching its […]

Meaningful Tattoos of Crow Feathers

This picture makes us admire it as every detail is perfectly and carefully drawn. Great transitions of black and gray colors make this tattoo very admirable and pleasant for our view. An unusual picture of a feather. The lower part of it is quite simple and common but the upper one is performed in some […]

30 Deer Antlers Tattoo Ideas

The deer antlers are often inked nowadays, but not everyone knows the meaning of this adorable inks. Women prefer to get inked with the deer antlers on the chest and the back, combined them with various colors and vivid detail. Such tattoo emphasizes the shoulders and collarbone line. The antlers for men, first of all, […]

Traditional Eagle Tattoos

An old school tattooing style is pop, it is for those, who want to express their adherence to certain traditions. A great abundance of colors of the eagle tattoo will satisfy any taste, the tattoo looks awesome on any body part. The selection of traditional eagle tattoos below is for patriots and potent personalities, choose […]

45 Japanese Snake Tattoo Ideas

Snake Tattoo Designs The mind-blowing Japanese snake tattoo covers up the male’s sleeve. The angry-looking coiled reptile performed in the green-yellow color gamut blends with the brightly-colored flowers which soften the motif. The smoky background stands out the snake image and makes it catchier. This tat reveals the hot-tempered nature of the bearer.   The […]

Small Butterfly Tattoos Designs

Diminutive Butterflies with Dandelion What a delicate tattoo created in a black-white style! The butterfly gaggle flying away from the dandelion on the left shoulder-blade looks attractive and a bit mystical. The blowing dandelion replenishes the sensuality and gracefulness to the tattooing and strengthens the connection to nature. Four Gaudy Butterflies on Forearm The team […]

Tree Frog Tattoo Design Ideas

Tree Frog Tattoo Ideas The extravagant 3D tree frog tattoo inked in deep green with inclusions of yellowish and purple colors perfectly decorates the inner part of the hand. It looks totally realistic and extraordinary, can suit for those people, who are looking for something unconventional and offbeat. Such frog tattoo design characterizes its owner, […]

50+ Snake Tattoos for Women

It’s a stereotype that the snake tattoo designs are preferred only by brutal men. In this article, you will find the myriad of the seductive and attention-grabbing snake tattoo designs for the fairer sex inscribed in different styles, sizes, color gamut and combined with various elements like skulls, deer, flowers, Mandala, dagger and so on. […]

Cute Small Octopus Tattoos

Many people argue that an octopus design will look gorgeous only in a big size, but still there are people, who like wearing elegant small octopus tattoos. The main advantage of this design is that it can be put on any tattooing area, where it will look absolutely dazzling. This yellow and blue octopus ink […]

Octopus and Ship Tattoos and Kraken Meanings

This tribal tac on the side of the male body looks absolutely fantastic, the lack of bright colors absolutely does not spoil the picture, on the contrary, in a monochrome version, it looks very stylish. This tattoo represents a huge ship and an octopus, which is trying to swallow it, perhaps, this ink says that […]

Tattoos of Scotish Lions

Nice tattoo! As a rule, rampant lion tattoos represent Scottish roots and Celtic origin. The rampant lion is pictured on the flag of Scotland. The Rampant Leos are often related to pride and strength. Sick idea of forearm tat! A rampant lion looks like made of stone. It gives an impression of huge power and […]

Lion With Crown Tattoo

Lion with a crown tattoo on the sleeve. A tatted wearer has the power to do everything like a King. Be careful to speak to the tatted man. Colorful lion portrait with a crown. A stunning tat stands for domination, power and lordship. Such a fig tattoo of the lion with a crown on the […]

Biomechanical Tattoo Design Ideas

Just imagine a future, high technologies, and cyborg civilization…. Sure, that blows the mind. So, your style is biomechanical tattoos. Biomechanical tattoos are so popular due to the H.R Giger`s works who was creating fantastic creatures. The main idea of the style is to ink mechanical parts, gears, machines, cyborgs as they are hidden parts […]

Tribal Elephant Tattoos

Tribal style of tattoos is considered to be the most ancient. The founders of this style are Samoan tribes, who believed that tattooing is a sacred ritual and only brave, hardy and strong personality is worthy to have it. The images of animals occupy a very large part in tribal tattoos and the meaning of […]

Rosary Tattoo Ideas

Rosary tattoos are extremely popular among people of different ranks and sexes because of their thoughtful and personal symbolism. Rosary beads are considered a sacred symbol of the Catholic Church and consist of five sets of ten different beads with the hanging cross at the end. Its aim is to help the wearer to focus […]

Best Praying Hands Tattoo Ideas

Small Detailed Praying Hands Underboob Tattoo Design for Ladies on ChestWhether or not you should have tattoos done is a quite controversial question especially when it comes to religious tattoos such as praying hands. Though this tattoo stands for faith and remembrance in a first place, it has other meanings as well, so you really […]

60+ Brilliant Ideas of Finger Tattoos with Meanings

Finger Tattoo Design Ideas with their Symbolism Symbolical meaning of the finger tattoo depends, of course, on the design. We’ve picked up the most popular finger tattoo designs around the world and dug out symbolism they hold. Check it out! Words and Phrases- are the most common designs you can find on the fingers, especially […]

Infinity Tattoo Ideas and Meanings

There is no beginning and no end in the variety of the infinity tattoo designs. It is a fascinating symbol for body art that offers us a lot of possibilities in designs and combinations. The infinity symbol originates from math. It was a horizontally located number 8 to indicate that the number was not easy […]

Tribal Turtle Tattoo Designs

The glorious tribal Polynesian turtle tattoo adorns the male’s breast. The bold black swirls, spirals and shark teeth create together an awesome turtle image and the grey-colored curves accentuate the turtle and add mysticism to the design. In Polynesian culture, this animal represents power, courage and boldness. The aesthetically fascinating tribal turtle tattoo inked on […]

Sixty Octopus Tattoo Thigh for the Inspiration

Some people reckon that the best place for the octopus tattoo is the thigh since it will only emphasize the sexiness of the body and the broad spectrum of the denotations of this ink will satisfy the tastes of both men and women. This monochrome ink extends over the feminine thigh, an octopus itself and […]

Sunflower Tattoo Ideas and Meanings

The flowers are the prettiest creations that delight and inspire people, and the sunflower is one of them. This flower with long stem and big yellow petals cannot be confused with anything. Its sun-like appearance evokes bright and positive emotions about sunny, warm days. The tattoo designing is one of the numerous art forms, where […]

Feather Tattoo Designs with Meanings

Feathers have fascinated human minds since the time immemorial. Many cultures all over the globe have seen feathers as sacred things or as gods’ gifts and used them in different rituals and ceremonies. Carrying the cultural heritage and wisdom of many generations the feathers’ images have become an integral part of modern tattoo art. The […]

Bald Eagle Tattoos Designs

A bald eagle tattoo is one of the sought-after designs, it often combined with national symbols or military attributes. Potency, patriotism, virility, sagacity – these are the denotations of the figure. Here is the compilation of the most gorgeous colorful and tribal designs, make your body even more beautiful and express yourself through this figure! […]

Best Friend Tattoos For real BFF

Are you and your best friend that really close? If so, you can use an effective tattoo to commemorate your friendship. Perhaps, the below-listed options will inspire you and your BFF to ink a special symbol of the friendship. Best Friend Tattoos Design Ideas There’s no limit to what design makes a cool friendship tattoo; it […]

Indian Elephant Tattoo Design Ideas

Indian tattoos are very beauteous and compelling, they are not just a decorative adornment of the body, they tell about the owner’s  temper, life and exploits. The Indian elephant is a sacramental beast in numerous lands, notably in those where the main religion is Hinduism, thus, it can be seen very often as a primary […]

Striking Egyptian Tattoos and Meanings

The civilization of ancient Egypt existed for about thirty centuries and had a huge impact on many generations. The revived interest in Egyptian culture can be explained by many factors such as inscrutability, uniqueness, the majesty of this ancient kingdom. In this article, we will open the curtains on some of the most interesting and […]

Mysterious Moon, Sun and Stars Tattoos

Moon is a main player in the Universe as it influences all beings. It makes it a popular pattern in tattoo designs. The moon’s beauty is mind-catching in the night sky. Countless variations and totems are inked by both, men and women because the moon tattoos are out of this world. Types of moon tattoos […]

50+ Brilliant Crown Tattoos Ideas with Symbolism

The crown tattoo fits both sexes. The ink can be portrayed in various manners and sizes: the gals adore vibrant miniature and mid-sized designs placed on the wrist, arm, finger, thigh and back; the lads give the preference to the big monochromatic images filled with details imprinted on the chest, half sleeve, biceps and shoulder. […]

Expressive Eagle Feather Tattoo Ideas

Eagle feather tattoo is done in traditional and neo-traditional styles, the color of the tattoo has a unique value. Decorate your body with the beautiful feather of a freedom-loving and courageous bird, it will not only emphasize the external beauty but also help to become more brave and confident. The list of tattoos below will […]

Amazing Eagle Chest Tattoo Ideas

A marvelous eagle picture is the best accessory for a courageous man in good physical shape. The bird is depicted in a flight, its wings emphasize the muscle relief. The ink says about an Alpha male. Tribal Eagle Image on the Chest The tattoo looks mysterious due to the unusual variation – an eagle with […]

40 Cute Owl Tattoos

Owl pattern is a sought-after pattern, which is admired by many people all over the world. For each individual, this ink has its special connotation and it depends on the color spectrum and on the place of the application. This owl cute tattoo is located on the hip. This image was a key in many […]

Hummingbird Tattoo Ideas with Meanings

Hummingbird tattoos in all cultures have a positive meaning and for many people, it is not only a vivid pattern on the body, but also a mystical amulet, which attracts love and wealth. These tattoos may be found on necks, backs, collarbones, forearms, wrists, ankles, and legs. A hummingbird is a unique bird due to […]

Amazing Swan Tattoo Design Ideas

Love is a favorite theme of glorification for poets, artists and for the tattoo masters. The most admired pattern is the swan as the chief denotation of the tattoo is loyalty, devotion, and mutual love. Swan Tattoos Meaning For Celts swans signified healing and spiritual generosity. For Greeks this bird meant faithfulness and in some […]

Beautiful Peacock Tattoo Ideas with Feathers

Since olden times, only rich people could possess this sumptuous bird, so after some time, it has become a sign of wealth, nobility, and pride. Certain nations have considered a peacock in their own way, so, for instance: In India, people believed that this bird protects a human from evil spirits. Greeks associated the peacock […]

Top Impressive Skull and Snake Tattoo Designs

The vibrantly-colored skull and snake tattoo combined with the anchor extends over the leg sleeve. The detailing of this piece looks hypnotic. In the Western cultures, this mixture stands for healing, rebirth and protection. The full-length Japanese-styled skull and snake tattoo covers up the male’s torso. The green-scaled reptile with the blood-red belly blended with […]