The Illuminati Tattoo with a Deep, Mysterious Past

The Illuminati tattoos are covered with weird secrets of the past. The intriguing symbols, images and inscriptions are associated with confidential societies. These tattoos may clearly point to the member of an underground sect or be just a catching body ornament without specific meaning. Anyway, the Illuminati tattoos provoke great interest and admiration.

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Who is Illuminati?

In Latin, the word “Illuminati” means “enlightened”, which belongs to a secret organization from Western Europe, established in the 18th century. Its major aim was to have the power of society.  In 1774 Adam Weishaupt was initiated as a Free Mason, who later organized his own organization “The Order of the Illuminati”.  It is believed, that the Illuminati controls the social and political sphere of influence and stays behind the power and wealth of the most successful people in the world.

The symbolic meanings of Illuminati tattoos

The All-Seeing Eye is the most recognizable symbol of the Illuminati and the most common image of these tattoos. It was a prevalent sign in various cultures – from ancient Egyptians to the Christianity. The All-Seeing Eye is a very popular image that can bring protection, clarity and omniscience to its owner. However, there is an assumption that Illuminati practices satanic rituals, so the Eye can be associated with negative notions in some cases.

The Eye is interrupted and depicted in different ways:

  • The Eye of Providence is also known as the Eye of God – is usually presented as a realistic eye within a triangle. It symbolizes divine power and all-knowing omniscience.
  • The Third Eye embodies inner wisdom, intuition, clairvoyance, enlightenment and the sixth chakra.
  • The Eye of Horus or the Eye of Ra – looks like a stylized human eye, with the downward stroke under the eye.  It denotes healing, protection or even vengeful wrath. 
  • Evil Eye Talisman – can be performed with beautiful colors and swirling designs. It means patience, safety, faith, loyalty and perseverance.


The typical representations of All-Seeing Eye include:

  • The triangle or pyramid – the All-Seeing Eye inside or on top of a pyramid or triangle is one of the most popular presentations. The triangle is a spiritual symbol in many religions; it signifies trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost in Christianity. The pyramid personifies the highest place in the hierarchy of society. The 13 steps of pyramid symbolize 13 Illuminati bloodlines
  • Geometric figures frequently surround the eye and the triangle in tattoo designs. The interesting patterns in geometric shapes or mandala sketches complement the eye.
  • Light Beams are inked in fine line work style. They radiate out from the eye and triangle and indicate power, knowledge and enlightenment.
  • Pagan and Satanic symbols, such as snakes, a goat’s head, pentagram or the number 666 can be depicted in tattoos. They express the individual’s beliefs and ideas.
  • Clocks or Compass embodies the control and insight of God, the devil or the secret organization itself. The direction and time cannot be under human’s control and these images are used to show that the Illuminati’s power is beyond the common population’s comprehension.

The All-Seeing Eye as a symbol of Freemasonry

The All-Seeing Eye distinguishes the members of secret Freemason’s Association. The eye symbolizes the God, who is watching over us and control everything we do. The eye as a symbol of Freemasons first appeared in 1797; nowadays in tattoo art, it is frequently depicted with other masonic images, such as Compasses, Square and the Holy Book.

The designs and techniques of the Illuminati tattoos

The Illuminati tattoos are mainly black or black and gray, which looks even more powerful and emphasizes the mysterious allure of the symbol. However, you may find some colorful alternatives or watercolor options.

The popular techniques of Illuminati tattoos are:

  • line work;
  • neotraditional style;
  • dotwork;
  • 3D;
  • Hyper-realistic (striking designs with tears or vivid yellow, blue coloring).

In order to enrich the patterns and create unique compositions, you may add captivating images, for example:

  • flowers (rose);
  • animals (lion, tiger);
  • birds (owl, falcon);
  • skull;
  • space;
  • butterfly;
  • candle;
  • Buddha

So, the Illuminati tattoo is a nice choice to reflect the aesthetic views and beliefs. The All-Seeing Eye, being as the main symbol of these tattoos, presents a complex notion, which mostly expresses positive meanings and person’s own interpretations.

The Anti-illuminati Tattoo Idea for Men

The woman’s beauty urges the men to apply a nice picture on the body. Here the eye tattoo is done under the chest in dotwork style, which looks very sophisticated.

The antiIlluminati tattoo idea for men

The Anti-illuminati Tattoo Idea on the Back

The back is definitely a wonderful place for this black All-Seeing Eye. The flame shaped patterns that are stretching up to the neck and the stars around the eye add essential mysticism.

The antiIlluminati tattoo idea on the back

The Best Illuminati Freemason Tattoo on the Arm

The first thing that catches your attention in this Masonic tattoo is unbelievable frameworks. They resemble wooden basis in the form of a rhombus with compasses, square and an eye inside it. Very pompous design!

The best Illuminati Freemason tattoo on the arm

The Cool Illuminati and Book Tattoo in Line Work Design

Three Masonic signs are united in one amazing stomach tattoo: the compasses, All-Seeing Eye and a Holy Book symbolize the firmament, the earth and the scriptures. Do you want to keep all these in your hands?

The cool Illuminati and book tattoo in line work design

The Nice Eye of God Tattoo Idea on the Arm

The small but so meaningful image of Eye of God is located on the arm. This tattoo aims to protect you from evil and troubles. It is presented in line work which seems quite soft and refined.

The nice Eye of God tattoo idea on the arm

The Eye of Horus Tattoo on the Arm

The tattoo of Eye of Horus is a reliable talisman. Here it is illustrated with blue light beams, which not only looks impressive but also symbolizes power and strength of spirit.

The Eye of Horus tattoo on the arm

The Eye of Ra Tattoo on the Forearm

This Eye of Ra is embodied by a Falcon with an image of sun and eye above. The Ankh cross as an Egyptian symbol of life complements this incredible tattoo in rhombic shape.

The Eye of Ra tattoo on the forearm

The Illuminati and Roses Tattoo Idea on the Arm

Despite the black ink, this tattoo presents a cool version of the All-Seeing Eye. The wonderful dark roses embellish the eye in the triangle, adding loveliness to old sign.

The Illuminati and roses tattoo idea on the arm

The Black and Gray Illuminati Tattoo on the Chest

This tattoo on the man’s chest is rich in ancient symbols: the open book with an inscription “FIAT LVX” means “Let there be light” from Hebrew Bible. The All-Seeing Eye and shining star on the top will show the right way in life.

The black and gray Illuminati tattoo on the chest

The Nice Illuminati Eye Tattoo on the Sleeve

The Illuminati eye is only one of the elements of this fantastic sleeve tattoo. The black patterns with geometric figures create a good company of this mystic ornament in dotwork style.

The nice Illuminati eye tattoo on the sleeve

The Colorful Design of Lion and Illuminati Tattoo on the Hand

This tattoo is an ideal alternative for strong, independent men, as lion signifies fortitude and respect. In combination with All-Seeing Eye, you will get a hot mix of power and invulnerability.

The colorful design of lion and Illuminati tattoo on the hand

The Illuminati Sleeve Tattoo With an Owl in Blackwork Design

The All-Seeing Eye together with owl and clock personify control, intellect and enlightenment. The key point of this tattoo on the arm is darkness; a forest is a place of something wild and enigmatic.

The Illuminati sleeve tattoo with an owl in blackwork design

The Amazing Illuminati Tattoo Idea of the Pyramid on the Back

The Egyptian reveals a deep meaning in tattoo art. This pyramid with the All-Seeing Eye is chosen by people, who are eager to be the best and take the highest position in society.

The amazing Illuminati tattoo idea of the pyramid on the back

The Illuminati Symbols in the Neotraditional Tattoo

The neotraditional style brings a fresh breath in common tattoo design of the All-Seeing Eye. As a result you get a modern, bright and realistic sketch. The green leaves carry life in this marvelous tattoo on the forearm.

The Illuminati symbols in the neotraditional tattoo

The Heart and Illuminati Tattoo Idea for Girls

This interesting interpretation of the All-Seeing Eye within a heart finds its place on the breast. This famous symbol of light and spirituality is presented as an amulet that protects you from any problems and bad luck.

The heart and Illuminati tattoo idea for girls

The Illuminati Tattoo on the Sleeve

This is not a simple tattoo of the All Seeing Eye – it is a magnificent ornament with a number of intriguing patterns on the sleeve. It stresses on your maturity and inexhaustible vigor.

The Illuminati tattoo on the sleeve

The Unique Illuminati Tattoo of the All-seeing Eye on the Arm

The tattoo with compasses, square and the All-Seeing Eye is addressed to Masonic traditions and denote a willingness to learn and limit oneself. The yellow compasses and square put a noticeable accent on central image of the gray eye.

The unique Illuminati tattoo of the AllSeeing Eye on the arm

The Illuminati Triangle Tattoo on the Chest for Men

This great tattoo presents the All-Seeing Eye in the center of two big triangles and sphere. The highly complicated ornament looks perfect on man’s chest and symbolizes wisdom and spiritual beauty.

The Illuminati triangle tattoo on the chest for men

The Small Illuminati Tattoo Idea on the Arm

The All-Seeing Eye is such a meaningful and prominent symbol that even such small tattoo will not go unnoticed. The fans of minimalism can try this cute pattern of the eye, which illuminates everything around.

The small Illuminati tattoo idea on the arm

The Illuminati Tattoo in Black Work on the Forearm for Girls

This gentle tattoo with the All-Seeing Eye in the triangle looks wonderful on the tender female forearm. The different shades of black ink illustrate a harmonious picture in black work style.

The Illuminati tattoo in black work on the forearm for girls

The Realistic Illuminati Tattoo Idea on the Forearm

This All-Seeing Eye is so realistic that it seems that a man is looking at you. The expressive light beams are one more striking detail, which shows your greatness and influence.

The realistic Illuminati tattoo idea on the forearm

The Cute Illuminati Tattoo Idea in Linework on the Forearm

If you like some complicated and elegant sketches, do not omit this tattoo. Here you will find many geometric elements. The rose instead of pupil brings uniqueness to this beautiful eye presentation.

The cute Illuminati tattoo idea in linework on the forearm

The Skull, Roses and Illuminati Tattoo on the Forearm

The men prefer composition that sometimes looks brutal and aggressive. This combination of skull and the All-Seeing Eye works well in this case, and the roses embellish this dark pattern.

The skull roses and Illuminati tattoo on the forearm

The Sketch of Illuminati Tattoo on the Arm

This tattoo of the eye with eyebrow in the form of the sketch is amazing! The big eye inked with soft black lines looks quite natural and delicate on the arm.

The sketch of Illuminati tattoo on the arm

The Illuminati Evil Eye Tattoo Design on the Arm

The Evil Eye is a controversial symbol of good or evil. Here the eye is decorated with feathers and some unknown signs and images, which induces a desire to unravel it.

The Illuminati Evil Eye tattoo design on the arm

The Awesome Illuminati Tattoo Design on the Hand

The idea to ink the All-Seeing Eye on the hand seems outstanding. Look at this eye within a black spot with a continuation along the finger. The fantastic tattoo, isn’t it?

The awesome Illuminati tattoo design on the hand

The Cool Illuminati Tattoo With a Pyramid on the Arm

The All-Seeing Eye on the top of the pyramid is done in line work style on the arm. The men choose this high-tech option to show their leadership skills and lust for power and control.

The cool Illuminati tattoo with a pyramid on the arm

The Watercolor Illuminati Tattoo Idea on the Back

If you wish to get some positive emotions from your Illuminati tattoo, then try watercolor design. This colorful All-Seeing Eye in the black triangle with bright splashes is for energetic people.

The watercolor Illuminati tattoo idea on the back

The Space Illuminati Tattoo in Watercolor Design on the Arm

Both space and the All-Seeing Eye are inscrutable and enigmatic images. Their union in one tattoo induces interest and delight, especially with shining watercolor technique.

The space Illuminati tattoo in watercolor design on the arm

The Gorgeous Illuminati Tattoo Design on the Forearm

This unusual tattoo of the Evil Eye cannot leave you indifferent. The big black sphere with a piece of the rainbow is complemented with a square, creating an astonishing abstract idea.

The gorgeous Illuminati tattoo design on the forearm

The Illuminati Tattoo Idea on the Neck for Women

The tattooist managed to ink a really mysterious picture of the All-Seeing Eye with lovely patterns inside. The dark tattoo of the eye in triangle looks spectacular on the delicate woman’s neck.

The Illuminati tattoo idea on the neck for women

The Illuminati Tattoo in Dotwork Style on the Forearm

This is a magnificent example of Illuminati tattoo with a deep black basis and interesting design solutions. Here you see a huge rhombus with an eye in the circle and white ornaments around.

The Illuminati tattoo in dotwork style on the forearm

The Dark Buddha Rising Illuminati Tattoo on the Arm

The adherents of Buddhism choose the tattoo with the eye, which embodies Buddha and is called Eye of the World. This black pattern with a crescent above symbolizes strength and wisdom of its owner.

The dark Buddha rising Illuminati tattoo on the arm

The Brutal Illuminati Tattoo Idea on the Forearm for Men

This incredible composition on the forearm includes the All-Seeing Eye, which resembles hourglass with pouring sand. It is depicted in black sun-like shape with a large bowl under the flames. The superb option for men!

The brutal Illuminati tattoo idea on the forearm for men

The Cool Illuminati Tattoo Idea in Korean Style on the Back

The All-Seeing Eye in Korean style looks quite simple. It is located along the spine as a symbol of protection. The eye within light beams creates the fabulous circle similar to Yin Yang design.

The cool Illuminati tattoo idea in Korean style on the back