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Who is Illuminati? In Latin, the word “Illuminati” means “enlightened”, which belongs to a secret organization from Western Europe, established in the 18th century. Its major aim was to have the power of society. In 1774 Adam Weishaupt was initiated as a Freemason, who later organized his own organization “The Order of the Illuminati”. It is believed, that the Illuminati controls the social and political sphere of influence and stays behind the power and wealth of the most successful people in the world.

The Illuminati tattoos are covered with weird secrets of the past. The intriguing symbols, images, and inscriptions are associated with confidential societies. Those who are into conspiracy theories firmly believe that the number of members of Illuminati has grown in number and that there are a lot of famous celebrities, politicians and religious figures among them. The Illuminati tattoos may clearly point to the member of an underground sect or be just a catching body ornament without specific meaning. Anyway, the Illuminati tattoos provoke great interest and admiration.

Illuminati Tattoo Meanings

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The All-Seeing Eye is the most recognizable symbol and the most common image of Illuminati tattoos. It was a prevalent sign in various cultures – from ancient Egyptians to Christianity. The All-Seeing Eye is a very popular image that can bring protection, clarity, and omniscience to its owner. However, there is an assumption that Illuminati practices satanic rituals, so the Eye can be associated with negative notions in some cases.
The Eye is interpreted and depicted in different ways:

  • The Eye of Providence is also known as the Eye of God – is usually presented as a realistic eye within a triangle. It symbolizes divine power and all-knowing omniscience.
  • The Third Eye embodies inner wisdom, intuition, clairvoyance, enlightenment and the sixth chakra.
  • The Eye of Horus or the Eye of Ra – looks like a stylized human eye, with the downward stroke under the eye.  It denotes healing, protection or even vengeful wrath.
  • Evil Eye Talisman – can be performed with beautiful colors and swirling designs. It means patience, safety, faith, loyalty and perseverance.

The All-Seeing Eye distinguishes the members of secret Freemason’s Association. The eye symbolizes God, who is watching over us and control everything we do. The eye as a symbol of Freemasons first appeared in 1797; nowadays in tattoo art, it is frequently depicted with other masonic images, such as Compasses, Square and the Holy Book.

Awesome Illuminati Tattoo Designs

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The Illuminati tattoos are mainly black or black and gray, which looks even more powerful and emphasizes the mysterious allure of the symbol. However, you may find some colorful alternatives or watercolor options.
When it comes to Illuminati tattoos, the most popular tattoo styles are the following:

  • line work;
  • neotraditional style;
  • dotwork;
  • 3D and Realism, etc.

So, the Illuminati tattoo is a nice choice to reflect the aesthetic views and beliefs. We hope you will like our collection of the best Illuminati tattoos.

Interesting Illuminati Tattoo Ideas

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Interesting Illuminati Tattoo Ideas 2

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As for the placement of Illuminati tattoos, they work well on any part of the body. Though it has to be mentioned that people often choose to get these tattoos done on the forearm, chest or back. It is also possible to get Illuminati tattoo sleeve if you want to. Since Illuminati prefer to stay anonymous, it makes sense why they wear tattoos on the places that can be hidden under the clothes. However, some people like to show off their tattoos by getting them inked on the neck or on the hand.

The Best Illuminati Tattoos

The Best Illuminati Tattoos 1
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The Best Illuminati Tattoos 3

The Best Illuminati Tattoos 4

The Best Illuminati Tattoos 5

The Best Illuminati Tattoos 6

Perhaps, the reason why Illuminati tattoos are so popular is the mysteries connected to them. Getting such a tattoo will be the way to show others that you are a mysterious person whose inner world is hard to understand. On the other hand, you don’t have to put any meaning into your tattoo. A lot of people get Illuminati tattoos just because they like the design and the way a tattoo looks on their body. Your tattoo and its meaning (if there’s one) totally depend on you.

Cool Tattoos With Illuminati Symbols

Cool Tattoos With Illuminati Symbols 1

Cool Tattoos With Illuminati Symbols 2

Cool Tattoos With Illuminati Symbols 3

Cool Tattoos With Illuminati Symbols 4

Cool Tattoos With Illuminati Symbols 5

Cool Tattoos With Illuminati Symbols 6

Cool Tattoos With Illuminati Symbols 7

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