Tribal Frog Tattoos Designs

  1. The tribal frog tattoo design inked in green color beautifully adorns the wrist. The black outline and the curved lines make this tattoo design look tender. The red eye and lime-green strokes on the frog’s limbs add a little bit originality to the image.1 frog tattoo on hand
  2. This awesome black tribal frog tattoo design on the sleeve stands out among others tattoo designs because of contrast nature. The bold patterns and colorful splatters make this tribal tattoo unique and creative.2 frog tattoo on hand
  3. The fabulous tribal tattoo design performed in green is a cool tattoo choice for women because it looks stylish, girlish and trendy. Rose-shaped red eyes make this motif more adorable. If you are in search of some changes in your life, this design is the best variant, since, in some mythologies, the green frog represents rebirth and renewal.3 frog tattoo on hand
  4. This fancy climbing up tribal frog beautifully embellishes the ankle. The deep black color and the great conjunction of curved and straight lines make this tattoo design remarkable.4 frog tattoo on leg
  5. The ink-black tribal frog tattoo covers up gracefully the female’s foot. Due to the skillful interweaving of geometric entities like stars, curves, circles, triangles, this tattoo design looks quite intricate. For those tattoo-fans, who is looking for something extravagant and out-of-the-box.5 frog tattoo on leg
  6. The awe-inspiring tribal frog tattoo inked in the black-white technique on the ribs adds female’s body saucy look. The beautiful blending of lines and circles makes up a great tattoo design. Each element gives gracefulness and elegance to the image.6 frog tattoo on side
  7. Look at this awesome tribal frog tattoo design inked in deep-black and carved on the hand. What makes this tattoo design spectacular and eye-catchy is the white outline. The fusion of white and black colors reveals the controversial nature of the frog: it’s considered to be a luck bringer and a symbol of greed and avidity.7 frog tattoo on leg
  8. The splendid tribal frog tattoo design made in jet-black color looks very sexy and attractive. A good option for those who give a preference to the swirling and intricate patterns and who are not fancy of multi-colored tattoos.8 frog tattoo on body
  9. This nifty tribal frog tattoo performed in inky black color attracts by its sparkling and enigmatic appearance. The amazing interlacing of black lines creates a sophisticated pattern and precisely outlines the frog figure.9 frog tattoo on hand
  10. This tiny tribal frog tattoo can beautifully adorn your body. This cute design attracts by its dainty and femininity. The swirling bold black lines snaking brilliantly on the skin and the green color on the finishes gives this motif a softer look.10 frog tattoo on hand
  11. This cool tribal frog tattoo made in coal-black astonishes by its detailed and intricate design. The wonderful interconnection of versatile shapes and wavy lines makes this tattoo design look unbelievably amazing. What’s more, this amphibian can perfectly fit your body and become your talisman, since frogs are regarded to be the harbingers of fertility and wealth.11 frog tattoo on hand
  12. This exquisite tribal frog tattoo design carved on the male’s chest stands out among others tattoo designs, owing to the skillful combination of the elements. The fusion of curving thin and thick lines imitate realistic the waves. The interesting conjunction of geometric shapes makes up a lovely tribal frog.12 frog tattoo on chest
  13. This gorgeous tribal frog tattoo inked on the forearm appeals by its aesthetic    beauty. The colorful strokes incorporated harmonically in the design give a little bit freshness and originality to the traditional black color. The slight bold black lines made in a cursive add elegance to the whole outlook.13 frog tattoo on hand
  14. This marvelous tiny tribal frog tattoo covering the ribs gives intimate appeal to the female’s body. The awesome tribal frog performed in vivid green color looks very sexy and saucy, and two circles, imitating the eyes, add a zest to the whole design. If you want to accentuate your femininity this image will be the best option because green frog according to Feng Shui practice is a symbol of motherhood.14 frog tattoo on body
  15. This tribal frog tattoo design stands really out due to its uniqueness and creativity. The striking play of contrasts: the white spirals interweave amazingly with jet-black lines, making an impression as if the frog is embellished with the patterns.15 frog tattoo on hand
  16. The funny bicolor tribal frog tattoo carved on the neck. The cool portraying of the transition of green color into the black one indicates the main feature of this animal-transformation. This design resembles a skeleton owing to the mixture of wavy and arched lines, if you are fed up with regular frog tattoos, this one is definitely what you need.16 frog tattoo on neck
  17. The fantastic tribal frog tattoo covering the hand has an eye-catchy appearance. The amazing shading and the graceful lines form the realistic shaping of the frog, thus making this tattoo extravagant.17 frog tattoo on hand
  18. This off-the-wall tribal frog tattoo design inked on the lower back has a completely creative outlook. This sweet frog with the unblinking gaze and the cute smile will definitely hold an attention. The thick, heavy lines create the frog shape and the white color underlines some details.18 frog tattoo on back
  19. The super tribal frog tattoo carved on the upper back looks very trendy. This lovely small-sized greenish amphibian can brilliantly fit your body and can become your lucky charm, especially if you are a traveler because frogs according to Japanese culture keep people safe and sound during the voyages.19 frog tattoo on neck
  20. The tribal frog tattoo inked in the highlight of the male’s back has a magical and enigmatic appearance. The thick flame-shaped strokes make an impression as if it’s a bonfire, but if you take a close look you can see a frog. The perfect variant for those who are in search of something extraordinary and off-beat.20 frog tattoo on back
  21. The tribal frog tattoo design performed in deep-black color looks horrifyingly awesome. The frog with a serious gaze, without a smile and bulbous bloody eyes, which give a colorful touch to the motif, may not attract the fairer sex, but the men can find this tattoo design absolutely enticing.21 frog tattoo on hand
  22. The dinky tribal frog tattoo made in coal- black color adorns the ankle. To make this tattoo design catchier and more colorful it has been added a dash of green color to the image. The green color is inked randomly and it looks as if someone has sloshed paint accidently.22 frog tattoo on leg
  23. The adorable tribal frog tattoo inked in jet-black looks very tender and elegant. The thin sophisticated lines shape the frog fantastically. This tattoo design enjoys the popularity among the girls, but men can become the bearer of such amazing image as well.23 frog tattoo on skin
  24. If you are looking for something attention-grabbing this tattoo design is definitely what you need. The tribal frog tattoo performed in black-green gamut looks sensational. The ingenious interviewing of these two colors, highlight the dualistic symbolism of this animal: it’s accepted as the lucky charm, a symbol of renewal and new life in the eastern cultures, and the source of depravity and evil in Christianity.  24 frog tattoo on skin
  25. Take a look at this cute tribal frog tattoo inked on the biceps. This loveable enigmatic frog sitting on the tree twig performed in deep black color looks exquisite. The slim, fine lines accurately convey the frog’s image. 25 frog tattoo on hand
  26. If you want to catch woman’s eye this classy tribal frog tattoo sitting amazingly on the neck can easily help you. The fabulous jet black tribal frog with a crown can highlight you fairy-tale –loving nature or outline that you are the very enchanting prince from the Grimm’s tale.26 frog tattoo on neck
  27. The striking tribal frog tattoo covering the foot performed in black ink. The beautiful shading and the black outline make it look lifelike. The diamond-like drops on the frog’s skin give an impression as if the amphibian has come out of the water.27 frog tattoo on leg
  28. The cool tribal frog tattoo placed on the foot looks extremely eccentric and extraordinary. The inky strokes form perfectly an original frog image and it resembles a skeleton. The name and date carved beside the frog indicate on their significance to the bearer. 28 frog tattoo on leg
  29. The dainty tribal frog tattoo inked on the boob has quite sexy and intimate appeal. The nice coal-black frog can superbly outline the beauty of your breast. If you are not a fan of vibrant colors this tattoo design can become your zest.29 frog tattoo on neck
  30. This excellent tribal frog tattoo carved on the leg appeals by its intricate and detailed design. The wonderful interconnection of black swirls and different shapes make up an awe-inspiring image of the frog.30 frog tattoo on leg

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