Infinity Tattoo Ideas and Meanings

There is no beginning and no end in the variety of the infinity tattoo designs. It is a fascinating symbol for body art that offers us a lot of possibilities in designs and combinations. The infinity symbol originates from math. It was a horizontally located number 8 to indicate that the number was not easy to reach.

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Infinity Tattoos Meanings

The infinity symbol is rich in meanings; some are hidden while others are clearly definite. People of different countries, cultures, and religions take an interest in the endless symbol shape. Sure, it is up to each person to decide which connotation the tattoo will have.  Take a look at the most striking meanings:

  • Birth, death, reincarnation, and renewal;
  • Endless possibilities;
  • Everlasting love;
  • Friendship;
  • Family unity;
  • Polyamory;
  • Loneliness;
  • No boundaries;
  • Beauty and purity;
  • Strength;
  • Faith;
  • Freedom;
  • Ying and Yang;
  • Hope;
  • Perfection;
  • Harmony.

Infinity Tattoo Designs

The infinity symbol is inked in many ways and designs. Actually, everything in our life is endless. This idea is used in the infinity tattoos as the mainstream. The designs are unique and depend on what you want to express by means of the infinity tattoo. One of the following fascinating designs can be your next tattoo:

  • Black infinity symbol;
  • Tribal infinity tattoo;
  • Celtic knot;
  • Infinity cross tattoo;
  • Matching concept of the infinity tattoo;
  • Infinity tattoo combinations with heart, anchor, butterfly, feather, birds, etc.;
  • Infinity tattoo with lettering: love, family, friendship;
  • Infinity tattoo with motivational quotes;
  • Infinity tattoo with names;
  • Infinite sign and numerals tattoo;
  • Ouroboros eternity tattoo;
  • Double infinity symbol;
  • White infinity tattoos.

If you are a couple, it is better to go for a matching design or double infinity idea. People, who are more philosophic and religious, choose the loops with the messages of rebirth and reincarnation. Motivational quotes and phrases work well with the infinite sign denoting the endless possibilities in the life. Some people ink the words, such as Family, Love, Hope, Friendship or the names of the close relative to create the fascinating idea. Every other pattern adds to the infinity symbol its connotation, For example, a feather stays for freedom, an arrow- for encouragement and moving forwards, a heart – for love, Ouroboros – eternal cycle of the life, a double infinity – for perfection and the unity of two opposites, etc. The infinity symbol can be inked in any place on your body. The most favorite locations are forearm, wrist, shoulder, neck, finger, and back.

So, you have limitless possibilities to design your own infinity tattoo.

Feeling like you could touch the infinite eternity? The following list represents the coolest infinity tattoo designs out there.

#1. Black Infinity Tattoo on The Back for Girls

1.Black infinity tattoo on the back for girls.

The fascinating symbol of the Universe! The line work is just perfectly united with the floral design. The back location of the infinity tattoo will give you a possibility to show it or to hide.  This one looks sexy!

#2. Black Infinity Tattoo on Foot for Men

2. Black infinity tattoo on foot for men

Here is a harmonic combination of the infinity and heart symbols.  No doubt, that it stands for no ending love.  The curved lines of the tattoo have a striking effect on the foot.

#3. Blackwork Infinity Tattoo on Leg for Boys

3. Blackwork infinity tattoo on leg for boys

An infinity tattoo is a unisex symbol, but the design mentioned above is so brutal and right up for boys. Such cool design will describe your opinion as to endless possibilities in the life.

#4. Celtic Infinity Knot Tattoo for a Family

6. Faith infinity tattoo on the back with a feather

Little symbols of a mother-daughter union are nicely carved on the wrists. The Celtic knot symbolizes connection of family members. Get it as your inspiration for the family tattoo idea!

#5. Colorful Infinity Tattoo on the Wrist with Flowers

7. Female infinity tattoo with initials

So tiny! It`s a preferable design for BBFs to show their friendship. All three colors, green, pink, and purple, are performed in light shades to emphasize the feminine idea and mood.

#6. Faith Infinity Tattoo on the Back With A Feather

6 Colorful Infinity Tattoo on the Wrist with Flowers

It is another design of the infinity tattoo to draw your attention! The tattoo resembles faith and freedom! Looks gorgeous on the back!

#7. Female Infinity Tattoo With Initials


At the first gaze, it seems a simple-looking piece. But the initials and the crown, added to the infinity symbol, carry the deep message to the outer World. The woman is a queen of her life, and she is free in her actions with no boundaries.

#8. Feminine Heart And Infinity Tattoo on Back

8. Feminine heart and infinity tattoo on back

An eye-catching idea! That is a top choice for the feminine as it includes all that is important to her: love, beauty, purity, and life. The unusual font of the quote fills the tattoo with the romantic appeal.

#9. Fine Infinity Tattoo Designs

9. Fine infinity tattoo designs

The loop is transforming into the rose and, as a result, you see a cute display of love or even polyamory. All depends on you! The tattoo is not big, so the wrist is the best place to ink it.

#10. Foreign Phrase Infinity Tattoo Ideas

10. Foreign phrase infinity tattoo ideas

Here is an unusual performance of the infinity symbol by means of the hieroglyphs. The meaning of this phrase is known only to the wearer, but you can choose any after your own heart. If you want to hide the meaning of your tattoo from the common observers, it is a cool option!

#11. Ideal Colorful Infinity Tattoos

11. Ideal colorful infinity tattoos

The Ouroboros is a powerful symbol of two opposites. In China, it was believed that the Universe was created by the Earth and the Heaven. These two are damn cool depicting the Yin and Yang of the couple. You can see the difference in sexes marked by the colors, blue and pink. Just cosmic tattoo!

#12. Infinity Butterfly Tattoo in a Watercolor Style

12. Infinity butterfly tattoo in a watercolor style

Black lines of the infinity symbol and the butterfly stand out against the watercolor background.  The described tattoo idea signifies that we all have to go through different life stages until we reach freedom. Perfect style for girls!

#13. Infinity Cross Tattoo on Forearm

13. Infinity cross tattoo on forearm

If you are a spiritual person, this tattoo will have an overwhelming look on your forearm.  The infinity cross idea speaks about no ending possibilities in the life, infinite strength and honor. Three Japanese hieroglyphs stand for spirit, mind, and body!

#14. Infinity Family Tattoo

14. Infinity family tattoo

Loved this design the most! The family is the most important thing in everyone’s life. It is a beautiful tattoo to show your strong connection with the family. The font is inked cutely as it continues the infinite line.

#15. Infinity Lettering and an Anchor Tattoo

15. Infinity lettering and an anchor tattoo

The infinity symbol includes the names of the close persons. They are tied to the anchor. Of course, close persons can stay strong only if they are together. It looks great!

#16. Infinity Love Tattoo on the Wrist for Ladies

16. Infinity love tattoo on the wrist for ladies

Love, love, love! Every lady dreams of the love that will never stop. The cursive font works well with the infinite sign.

#17. Infinity Ring Tattoo Ideas for Couples

17. Infinity ring tattoo ideas for couples

A ring finger infinity tattoo is a nice choice as a wedding ring for a couple. Such rings can not be taken off and stand for everlasting love.

#18. Infinity Sign Tattoo wth Names on the Shoulder

18. Infinity sign tattoo with names on the shoulder

The linework is perfect! The infinite sign combines the names of daughters, and the floral tree symbolizes family. An awesome choice for mothers!

#19. Infinity Strength Tattoo with an Arrow on the Back

19. Infinity strength tattoo with an arrow on the back

This piece is cute and quite chic! The arrow means that the wearer is always moving forward, the dream catcher is a safeguarding totem, and the feather with birds is a sign of freedom. Very deep stuff, don’t you agree?

#20. Infinity Tattoo with a Feather on the Peacock

20. Infinity tattoo with a feather of the peacock

Wow! Gorgeous! The peacock feather adds a nice touch to the sense of renewal. If you are looking for a really beautiful decoration to your body with the essential sense, this one will be the best option.

#21. Infinity Tattoo with a Green Feather

21. Infinity tattoo with a green feather

The tattoo with the infinity symbol and feather is well placed on the forearm. A nice touch of green makes the ink more vivid. We do all in life in the name of love, and this tattoo does.

#22. Infinity Tattoo with Kids` Names

22. Infinity tattoo with kids` names

A mother loves her kids to infinity and beyond. The minimalistic design in silver, black color looks extra tiny as the mother’s love is.

#23. Infinity Tattoo with Latin Words on the Shoulder

23. Infinity tattoo with Latin words on the shoulder

Here, we have a meaningful tattoo with the deep message to the Universe. Latin words mean that everyone has to go through hardships to the stars. So, move forward to ink your outstanding tattoo!

#24. Infinity Tattoo with Globe and Compass

24. Infinity tattoo with globe and compass

Do you like unique? That’s right for you! The whole World and all chances are opened for an outdoors lovers and travelers.

#25. Large Infinity Tattoo with Nice Animals

25. Large infinity tattoo with nice animals

Do you like unique? That’s right for you! The whole World and all chances are opened for an outdoors lovers and travelers.

#26. Matching Infinity Tattoos for Couples

26. Matching infinity tattoos for couples

Such tattoo idea is a great choice for couples to commemorate their love for each other.  The infinity roses are placed in the same spots on the body, and it symbolizes the unity of the couple.  The coloring gives a touch of sexes.

#27. Minimalistic Hope Infinity Tattoo

27. Minimalistic hope infinity tattoo

Every bird has a hope to fly! An infinity ink like this one is a cute concept to show your hope for the best future.  If you hope so much, you will be granted!

#28. Original Infinity Tattoos of Hands Forming The Sign

28. Original infinity tattoos of hands forming the sign

This original design is not strictly for lovers. Friends can also opt for it to show their limitless friendship. The blue moon serves as a bright background for hands tattooed in silver black.

#29. Ouroboros Eternity Tattoo On Body Side for Boys

29. Ouroboros eternity tattoo on body side for boys

A mystical, and at the same time amazing creature represents an infinite cycle of life and renewal. The artist chose the side location of the tattoo well as it allows demonstrating the structure of the Ouroboros in full. Really cool for boys!

#30. Part Of A Sleeve Infinity Tattoo in Black

30. Part of a sleeve infinity tattoo in black

If you want something more than a small infinite symbol, this composition will satisfy you! The bracelets with floral design and the infinite sign are inked in black, but the variety of patterns makes this piece looking absolutely gorgeous on the sleeve.

#31. Perfect Black and Gray Infinity Tattoo with Heart And Key

31. Perfect black and gray infinity tattoo with heart and key

The intricate details involved in the tattoo make it the top one for the expression of love. The key signs that the wearer’s heart is closed, the infinity symbol and the heart exhibit love. The old school design works well with these symbols and puts the ink in a favorable light.

#32. Simple Sister Infinity Tattoo on Wrist

32. Simple sister infinity tattoo on wrist

The bond between sisters is unbreakable.  Choose the elegant font like on the photo above and you will not need any other decorations.  Such tattoo will keep the bond between sisters forever!

#33. Small Infinity Tattoo

33. Small infinity tattoo

Inking this cute wrist tattoo, you will show your everlasting connection with your friend or any close person. Why not have a small tattoo like this one.

#34. Stay Gold Infinity Tattoo Design

34. Stay gold infinity tattoo design

The design reflects the message from the popular movie «The Outsiders».  Love the simple things and stay a kid everywhere under any circumstances! It`s a pretty choice for the location behind the ear.

#35. Stay Strong Infinity Tattoo with the Feather

35. Stay strong infinity tattoo with the feather

Adding the feather image to the tattoo makes it more soft and tiny.  The concept describes a freedom forever and always. This may also act as an encouragement and motivation, or as a way of staying strong in faith.

#36. Thin Double Infinity Tattoo on the Arm

36. Thin double infinity tattoo on the arm

Amidst its simplicity, the double infinity tattoo holds the deep meaning of having no boundaries and endless possibilities.  Graceful and crossing lines make this tattoo adorable and add the touch of harmony!

#37. Thin Infinity Tattoo on the Body Side with a Quote

37. Thin infinity tattoo on the body side with a quote

The inking looks absolutely beautiful! But what’s its meaning? It symbolizes a tender and fragile beauty of the feminine. Almost unseen coloring gives an extra touch of delicate nature of the women.

#38. To Infinity And Beyond Tattoo for Couples

38. To infinity and beyond tattoo for couples

The lettering «To infinity and beyond» is the best way to sign your love without end! The matching design is very cute where the infinity symbol replaces the part of the lettering. Ink it to immortalize your love!

#39. Tribal Infinity Tattoo with the Name

39. Tribal infinity tattoo with the name

Here is a breathtaking presentation of the infinity symbol swimming in the watercolor waves. The name is harmoniously combined with the infinite sign.  The piece looks cute and indicates a hope for the best future!

#40. Unique Infinity Tattoos With Numerals on the Arm

40. Unique infinity tattoos with numerals on the arm

The numerals hold a deep and special meaning only to you.  But, for sure, it signifies anything that will last forever. The blackwork looks simple, but the combination is unique.

#41. Unisex Infinity Times Infinity Tattoo

41. Unisex infinity times infinity tattoo

The double infinity symbol is a unisex design. We are given innumerable choices and the infinity of time to get perfection in our lives. This variant is plain in design but has something inviting.

#42. White Infinity Tattoo on the Finger For Women

42. White infinity tattoo on the finger for women

The tattoo is unnoticeable due to the white performance and the finger location. Sometimes women ink such concepts to tell about their loneliness and experience. Remind yourself that there is more than a rough path and enjoy every moment!