Sunflower Tattoo Ideas and Meanings

The flowers are the prettiest creations that delight and inspire people, and the sunflower is one of them. This flower with long stem and big yellow petals cannot be confused with anything. Its sun-like appearance evokes bright and positive emotions about sunny, warm days. The tattoo designing is one of the numerous art forms, where sunflowers find their new, memorable interpretations.

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Sunflower Tattoo Meanings

The sunflower is also known as a “happy flower”. It resembles the sun, which is associated with warm, hope and happiness. It is difficult to find more positive symbol among the florets than the sunflower. It left its mark is various cultures:

  • In Christianity the sunflower is a sign of God’s love for his people;
  • In Eastern cultures, the sunflower represents good health, joy, long life and luck. It is regarded as an auspicious symbol;
  • In Native American culture, this flower embodies bounty and harvest. It is a symbol of energy and fertility.
  • In China yellow color signifies happiness, vitality and intelligence and the sunflowers symbolize good luck and a long life;
  • In Dutch culture, the sunflower is considered as a symbol of loyalty and devotion;

In the modern tattoo art, the sunflower image expresses the following meanings:

  • warmth;
  • gratitude;
  • religion;
  • faithfulness;
  • longevity;
  • intelligence;
  • eternal memory;
  • happiness;
  • charm;
  • vitality;
  • grace;
  • femininity;

The size plays a certain role in symbolism: the larger sunflowers usually indicate fidelity, while small patterns – worship. The pair tattoo of two sunflowers is a protective talisman for two people in love. This flower will signify the dedication of men and women for life.

Sunflower Tattoo Designs

There are many alternatives of the sunflower tattoos. Some clients prefer small patterns, while others – large ones. The variety of designs offers colorful, black and gray, black and white or simply black images of this incredible flower. You can experiment and change the common center of the flower into something that is meaningful for you: portrait, quotes or any other creative decisions are welcomed.

The combination of the sunflower with some flowers (e.g. rose, lily, daisy, etc.) or other bright images present very interesting and symbolic options. Thus, the tattoo with sunflower can include:

  • girl’s portrait;
  • mandala;
  • butterfly;
  • geometric elements (triangle, rhombus);
  • crescent;
  • skull etc.

Instead of changing the center, you can change the petals into flames, wings, sharp blades or depict the falling petals. It will bring a special aura to your pattern. The tattoo artist can connect the flowers with each other by making use of vines or tiny birds or petals surrounding the sunflowers. The field or bouquet of sunflowers is one more option that appeals many tattoo fans.

In order to get a unique tattoo, do not mind using trendy, eye-catching styles and techniques, like:

  • minimalistic;
  • dotwork;
  • 3D;
  • oldschool;
  • Celtic;
  • symmetrical tattoo;
  • tribal;
  • outline;
  • traditional style;
  • watercolor;
  • realistic;

Best Sunflower Tattoo on the Hand for Women

The tender sunflower on the lady’s hand looks very elegant. The subdued color of petals does not seem extremely bright that is a big plus for so visible part of the body.

1 The best sunflower tattoo on the hand for women

Feminine Black and Gray Sunflower Tattoo

It is unusual to see the sunflower in black and gray design. This tattoo on the arm produces a slightly pessimistic view. The thin stem, strange leaves complement this idea.

2 The feminine black and gray sunflower tattoo

Black and White Sunflower Tattoo for Girls

This black and white sunflower is located on the forearm, which is a nice place for a female floral tattoo. The strict, symmetrical lines resemble geometric elements in some cases.

3 The black and white sunflower tattoo for girls

Cool Sketch of Sunflower Tattoo with a Girl’s Head

The flowers are favorite decorations for girls. And in this black and gray tattoo on the arm, a woman’s profile is depicted with a small sunflower, which petals begin falling.

4 The cool sketch of sunflower tattoo with a girl's head

Cute Sunflower Tattoos Under the Collarbone

Two colorful sunflowers on both parts of collarbone will impress others for sure. This tattoo is particularly worth attention with such open top during the summer.

5 The cute sunflower tattoos under the collarbone

Little Sunflower Tattoo Near the Inner Elbow

Are you a conservative person, who likes restrained images? Then, pay attention to this little sunflower tattoo. Even without colorful inks, it is beautiful!

6 The little sunflower tattoo near the inner elbow

Pretty Minimalistic Sunflower Tattoo on the Arm

This sunflower in minimalistic style is an unbelievable mix of geometry and monochromism. As a result, you see a wonderful tattoo with some classic flavor.

7 The pretty minimalistic sunflower tattoo on the arm

Realistic Sunflower Tattoo for Ladies

The colorless composition with a sunflower is done in dotwork style on the forearm. The saturation and high contrast make it possible to distinguish the picture from a long distance.

8 The realistic sunflower tattoo for ladies

Red Sunflower Tattoo with Blue Background on the Forearm

This sunflower presents an amazing color transition from red to yellow on its petals. The flower embodies the sun, while blue background – sky.

9 The red sunflower tattoo with blue background on the forearm

Simple Sunflower Tattoo Design

The simplicity is a characteristic feature of this fascinating sunflower on the arm. The black and gray flower still personifies warmth, happiness and charm.

10 The simple sunflower tattoo design

Small Sunflower Tattoo on the Leg

This tiny sunflower tattoo is so sweet! It brings the sunshine, a joy to its wearer. The girls should consider this sunny option, which will emphasize their grace.

11 The small sunflower tattoo on the leg

Sunflower and Daisy in Bouquet Tattoo on the Side

The fantastic design of floral bouquet is depicted in the black and gray tattoo. The coolest thing in this work is woman’s hands that tie this lovely composition in a loop.

12 The sunflower and daisy in bouquet tattoo on the side

The Sunflower and Rose Tattoo in Dotwork Style

The captivating idea to divide the sunflower into two parts is revealed in this tattoo on the forearm. It is inked in dotwork style, which adds richness to the union of sunflower and rose.

13 The sunflower and rose tattoo in dotwork style

Sunflower Arm Tattoo for Women

On the one hand, this sunflower tattoo is quite simple but highly impressive. The extremely thin stem is depicted with vivid yellow petals in the blue background.

14 The sunflower arm tattoo for women

Perfect Sunflower Tattoo on the Shoulder Blade

The sunflower is regarded as a symbol of femininity, and this pattern shows how marvelous it can be interpreted in the tattoo. These two sunflowers on the woman’s body are gorgeous!

15 The perfect sunflower tattoo on the shoulder blade

Traditional Sunflower Tattoo on the Hip

This floral bouquet with sunflower is a superb example of traditional design. The bright, juicy colors leave an unforgettable impression. The location adds piquancy to this tattoo.

16 The sunflower tattoo in traditional style on the hip

Shoulder Sunflower Tattoo with a Mandala

Two positive images of mandalas and sunflower serve as a powerful talisman for its wearer. Besides, they match each other, as the shape of a mandala resembles the flower in some way.

17 The sunflower with a mandala in a black color tattoo on the shoulder

Dotwork Sunflower Outline Tattoo in a Vase

The tattoo in the form of sketch seems unique. Here the small pattern of sunflower in a vase is perfectly presented on the forearm. Do you want this prototype of the picture?

18 The dotwork sunflower outline tattoo in a vase

Sunflower Half-sleeve Tattoo in Mandalas

This fabulous tattoo will take your breath away! The black combination of mandalas, with a sunflower in the center, consists of so many intriguing patterns.

19 The sunflower half-sleeve tattoo in mandalas

Small Sunflower Tattoo for the Boys Behind the Ear

The tattoo behind the ear is a choice of brave people, as it is a painful place to ink. The nice, small sunflower in black and gray coloring shows a great result.

20 The small sunflower tattoo for the boys behind the ear

Sunflower Tattoo with Mandala for Men on the Leg

Here the sacral mandala ornament is located exactly in the center of a big sunflower with long leaves, making one whole with it. This black and gray tattoo strikes at first sight, isn’t it?

21 The sunflower tattoo with mandala for men on the leg

Small Sunflower Tattoo on the Ankle

The cute, colorful sunflower – what can be better for your ankle ornament? It immediately cheers up and reminds of warm, summer days. One more advantage is that it is easy to hide such small tattoo.

22 The small sunflower tattoo on the ankle

Colorless Sunflower Tattoo on Inner Elbow

The idea to depict a half of a sunflower is catching and extraordinary. This blackwork ink is done with the scrupulous approach, so the lines look neat and distinct.

23 The colorless sunflower tattoo on inner elbow

Classic Style Sunflower Tattoo on Foot

The sunflower is a floret of life, thus, the quotation below is very appropriate here. The life-affirming message together with a beautiful flower will stress on your uniqueness.

24 The classic style sunflower tattoo on foot

Minimalistic Sunflower Tattoo on the Ankle for Men

Despite the black and gray coloring, this tattoo looks very natural and realistic. In each petal, the center of a flower, you can see the meticulous technique of minimalism.

25 The minimalistic sunflower tattoo on the ankle for men

Bright Sunflower Tattoo on the Ribs

The tattoo on the ribs is a very personal one. It represents a breathtaking sunflower. The bright orange petals with black center look very stirring.

26 The bright sunflower tattoo on the ribs

Black and Gray Sunflower Tattoo on the Shoulder

The bare female shoulder is an excellent place for such small floral pattern. This sensitive tattoo is aimed at focusing on your femininity and magnetism.

27 The black and gray sunflower tattoo on the shoulder

Sunflower Tattoo Design on the Side

The sunflower, chrysanthemum, peonies make a good company in this seductive blackwork tattoo. The large flowers create an awesome picture on the girl’s side.

28 The sunflower tattoo design on the side

Colorful Sunflower Tattoo on the Thigh for Girls

This girlish tattoo on the thigh is both sexy and intimate. The combination of sunflowers is depicted so naturally, that it seems that you see real flowers on the body.

29 The colorful sunflower tattoo on the thigh for girls

Field of Sunflowers in a Tattoo on the Wrist

The minimalistic tattoo of a piece of our beautiful nature is depicted here. The blue sky, a field of sunflowers and a tree in the background will touch your soul.

30 The field of sunflowers in a tattoo on the wrist

Sunflower Vine Tattoo in the Outline Design on the Hip

This outstanding picture on the hip is for elegant, young ladies, who are eager to ink something thought-provoking. The tattoo of two sunflowers and a number of small florets is a good option.

31 The sunflower vine tattoo in the outline design on the hip

Sunflower with a Butterfly Tattoo on the Forearm

The butterfly with unbelievable sunflower design looks highly creative and unusual. This lovely tattoo embodies freedom, happiness and beauty.

32 The sunflower with a butterfly tattoo on the forearm

Tiny Sunflower Tattoo in a Triangle on the Thigh

The triangle denotes fertility like a sunflower. Both of them signify femininity. So, sunflower and triangle are two meaningful symbols, which perfectly complement each other.

33 The tiny sunflower tattoo in a triangle on the thigh

Traditional Sunflower in Bouquet Tattoo

Do you want to wear a piece of summer? This is possible with such bright bouquet of amazing flowers: sunflower, iris, daffodils and others has a striking look on the wrist.

34 The traditional sunflower in bouquet tattoo

Tribal Sunflower Tattoo with a Crescent for Ladies

The tattoo of crescent moon and sunflower in the form of the sun is like Yin Yang. This mix is special and mysterious itself, but the tribal brings a feeling of freedom.

35 The tribal sunflower tattoo with a crescent for ladies

Unique Sunflower Tattoos on the Leg

It is difficult to imagine something more fabulous than this sunflower option. Here it is illustrated in the tree trunk. Each element like a bee or rope-ladder is a unique detail of the pattern.

36 The unique sunflower tattoos on the leg

Watercolor Sunflower Tattoo on the Forearm for Men

If you desire to get impressive, shiny tattoo of a sunflower, think about watercolor design. The chaotic yellows with orange splashes are the capturing additions to this sunny floret.

37 The watercolor sunflower tattoo on the forearm for men

Sunflower Tattoo for Girls on the Neck

This sunflower is very small that it seems super cute on the girl’s neck. Besides, you can hide it under your hair if necessary, which one more plus to take this splendid flower.

38 The sunflower tattoo for girls on the neck

Sunflower with a Skull Tattoo on the Calf

The life and death are combined in this tattoo though the images of deer skull and a nice sunflower. The contrasting designs always attract a lot of attention!

39 The sunflower with a skull tattoo on the calf

Black and Gray Sunflower Tattoo on the Ankle

The simple sunflower in the black and gray coloring is chosen by the lovers of traditional tattoo images. The fine lines and soft silhouette create the ideal pattern on the ankle.

40 The black and gray sunflower tattoo on the ankle

Idea of Sunflower Tattoo on the Arm

This sunflower does not have expressive, bright colors, but the dotwork technique, which is used to in this tattoo, is marked immediately. The professionalism is in the first place here.

41 The idea of sunflower tattoo on the arm

Perfect Realistic Sunflower Tattoo on the Forearm

The depths of this sunflower, its petals, center design, amazes everyone! The floret looks realistic and some blue splashes only enrich this marvelous ornament.

42 The perfect realistic sunflower tattoo on the forearm

Attractive Sunflower Tattoo Design

The sunflower in the center of this black and gray tattoo is located on the arm. This pattern represents only a small part of nature gifts, surrounded us everywhere.

43 The attractive sunflower tattoo design

Sunflower Tattoo in Oldschool Style on the Hand

How about taking this gorgeous floral tattoo in oldschool style? Is it a brave place for a tattoo? Definitely, yes! But this sunflower composition is worth public attention.

44 The sunflower tattoo in oldschool style on the hand

Ideal Big Sunflower Tattoo on the Back

The sun in the form of sunflower is a common tattoo, but this particular design of linework gives something new. The back transforms into the big canvas with a magnificent sketch.

45 The ideal big sunflower tattoo on the back

Sunflower Tattoo with a Female Skull on the Leg

This terrific tattoo shows that there is an instant between youth and old age. The scaring woman’s skull with a living flower cannot leave indifferent anyone.

46 The sunflower tattoo with a female skull on the leg

Sunflower Tattoo with Falling Petals on the Forearm

The sunflower usually expresses positive notions, such as faithfulness or longevity, but this tattoo goes far beyond the traditional presentation. The flower with falling petals brings sadness and sorrow.

47 The sunflower tattoo with falling petals on the forearm

Simple Sunflower Tattoo on the Forearm

The watercolor design adds especial charm even in the black and gray tattoo. In this case, a simple sunflower with black stem and leaves evokes tenderness and interest.

48 The simple sunflower tattoo on the forearm

Sophisticated Sunflower Tattoo on the Leg

This sunflower tattoo is outstanding! The effect of faded color creates an impression that this is a picture of a flower from an old book. Very original approach!49 The sophisticated sunflower tattoo on the leg

The Best Sunflower Tattoo on the Forearm

Only a very talented tattoo master can perform this remarkable sunflower image. The center of the floret represents a set of white spots, and the colors are so pleasing to the eye!

50 The best sunflower tattoo on the forearm

Three Sunflowers Tattoo for Men on the Leg

The first thing that attracts your mind in this sunflower tattoo is the depiction of the roots. It may symbolize how important the family ties are for the tattoo owner.

51 Three sunflowers tattoo for men on the leg

Female Sunflower Tattoo on the Forearm

The composition of several sunflowers gently occupies the female forearm. Each floret is unique and possesses its own shade of yellow with the captivating center.

52 The female sunflower tattoo on the forearm

Sunflower Tattoo with the Geometric Element on the Hand

Wow! This sunflower in rhombus will surprise your friends. The transition of petals from white into black makes an accent in this pattern. The rhombus points at the wearer’s emotionality.

53 The sunflower tattoo with the geometric element on the hand

Symmetrical Tattoos of Gray Sunflower and Lily

The idea to ink two symmetrical tattoos on both forearms is illustrated here. The gray patterns of sunflower and lily in circles show your romanticism and sensuality.

54 The symmetrical tattoos of gray sunflower and lily

Thin Outline Sunflower Tattoo Design

This sunflower tattoo is done in unexpectedly thin outline design. The nice combination of the sunflower and bee looks natural on the arm, symbolizing persistence, hard work and wisdom.

55 The thin outline sunflower tattoo design

Sternum Sunflower Tattoo for Women

The sternum tattoo is one of the most alluring ones for girls. Take as an example this gorgeous floral ornament with a sunflower in the center and cherry blossom, poppies on both sides.

56 The sternum sunflower tattoo for women

Original Sunflower Tattoo as a Head

This naked person with a sunflower instead of the head is a highly provocative tattoo. This unusual sketch on the elbow conceals a riddle, which you want to unravel.

57 The original sunflower tattoo as a head
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