30+ Jesus Fish Tattoo Designs

    1. A simple pattern here is visible on the wrist. This Jesus fish tattoo represents two arcs, which form the tail of the fish. Despite the outer simplicity, this ink carries a very deep signification – it is about a person, who has put her life into God’s hands.1 Jesus fish tattoo on hand
    2. Usually, Jesus fish designs are monochrome, but this dope ink is colorful and it has an unfavorable denotation. The fish head is dark green and its eyes are open, all the facial expressions speak of mourning and distress, the red color on the tattoo looks like blood stains. Perhaps, this tac speaks about the frustration, and an aspiration to alter life for the better.2 Jesus fish tattoo on hand
    3. In some tails, the followers of Christ were mostly fishermen, so fish tattoos are associated with religious people, who live according to God’s commandments. This volumetric tattoo on the lower arm is the sign of a religious person.3 Jesus fish tattoo on hand
    4. In ancient times, for a person to be a Christian implied to condemn himself to death as Christians were persecuted and exterminated. This monochrome ink on the lower arm is made in a form of a fish with a tail, which portrays the name “Jesus”. The connotation of the pattern is a believer, who has strong faith.4 Jesus fish tattoo on hand
    5. This tribal gorgeous ink is the embellishment of the biceps. Two smoky arcs intersect at two points and the tattoo looks gorgeous. This tattoo denotes a person, who believes in the righteous path.5 Jesus fish tattoo on biceps
    6. Celtic traditions, which have been modified by Christians, are traced in this Jesus fish tattoo on the half sleeve. Such patterns have been employed by rebels as the tool of coordination of revolts. This picture says about the desire to be a Good Samaritan and to help other people.6 Jesus fish tattoo on hand
    7. The biceps is embellished with a tribal Jesus fish tattoo, inside of which there is a Latin cross, in which a horizontal line crosses the vertical one, it symbolizes the crucifixion of Christ. The denotation of this design is a humble man, who has experienced much misery in life, but believes that the Savior won’t leave him in a new trial.7 Jesus fish tattoo on biceps
    8. In the Middle Ages, images of the cross and the fish were applied to people, who have experienced physical pain, this tattoo was intended to alleviate the suffering. A Jesus fish ink is the decoration of the wrist, the black ink reveals the named idea.8 Jesus fish tattoo on hand
    9. Two fish are crossing and they look like the infinity symbol, under the pattern an inscription “Psalm 16:8” is observed. This tac on the wrist discloses the content on the Psalm about the participation of the Lord throughout the life.9 Jesus fish tattoo on hand
    10. This watercolor fish on the lower arm looks very stylish as black thin lines are complemented with blue and pink arcs. The denotation of this picture is that only faith in God helps people to see the best in life and paint the routine existence with bright colors.10 Jesus fish tattoo on hand
    11. This tight tramp stamp tattoo represents a fish, which is merged with a word “Faith”, these two units are inseparable. The denotation is that life and faith are in severable, faith gives people energy to live and it is the source of inspiration.11 Jesus fish tattoo on body
    12. This white tattoo on the wrist portrays an inscription “Love never fails” and the letter “L” is done in the form of the Jesus fish. The connotation of this design is that love for God and love for the neighbor helps us to remain humans, and that love will heal all diseases.12 Jesus fish tattoo on hand
    13. This tribal tight fish tattoo on the ankle looks nice. Probably, this tattoo was done as a reminder of a past sinful life, which a person has varied in a result of his moral regeneration.13 Jesus fish tattoo on hand
    14. Newly, Jesus fish criminal tattoos have emerged as prisoners wore them oftentimes. Despite the committed actions, prisoners expressed through this ornament that they would never betray the purity of their thoughts and intentions. This idea is disclosed in this stunning tattoo on the foot.14 Jesus fish tattoo on hand
    15. This tight tattoo displays a fish, combined with a male name and the phrase “Fishers of Men”. This tattoo was made to perpetuate the memory of a loved one, who had a magnanimous heart.15 Jesus fish tattoo on hand
    16. The shoulder is decorated with a Jesus fish ink, inside of which some letters are visible, the pattern is monochrome. The tattoo denotes a person, who believes in Savior, who repented and chose a life without sin.16 Jesus fish tattoo on back
    17. During the formation of Christianity and Islam, the Jesus fish tattoo was the hallmark of Christians. The black small ink is on the ribs portrays two curves, which are intersected, the curve at the top is parallel to the inscription “Faith”. The denotation of this pattern is a faithful follower of Christianity.17 Jesus fish tattoo on bottom
    18. In some cultures, a Jesus fish tattoo conveyed the spiritual quest of a man on the way to the truth. The lower arm is embellished with this design, instead of curves of the fish, there is a lettering “Keep swimming”, which can be a flawless motto in life. This wonderful tac illustrates the above-named idea.18 Jesus fish tattoo on hand
    19. Oftentimes fish tattoos are applied as a sign of worship to God, people, who wear these tattoos, are deeply religious. Beside the fish there is a name Jesus, so the overall meaning of this tattoo on the foot is Christian denomination – this ink is worn by a believer.19 Jesus fish tattoo on foot
    20. The Jesus fish tattoo is put on the back, the color spectrum of the ink comprises dark tones and the figure looks marvelous. This design spells out the idea of a human, who devoted her life to serving God.20 Jesus fish tattoo on back
    21. Through the centuries, a religious fish tattoo signified moral endurance and strength of a spirit. The inscription on the foot “Lord’s fish” can signify that an individual is the loyal and dedicated servant of the Son of God.21 Jesus fish tattoo on foot
    22. The symbolism of this tribal ink on the wrist is religious as it discloses Palestinian traditions when these tattoos were worn by the most devoted believers. This simple fish demonstrates that the believer is willing to sacrifice his life for the sake of his family.22 Jesus fish tattoo on hand
    23. Here the fish is pierced by three stripes that look like steel blades. Thus, the fish symbolizes faith in God, and the lines here embody obstacles. This tattoo says that the way to the Savior has been tough, but an individual passed it with dignity.23 Jesus fish tattoo on hand
    24. Yeshua is an ancient Hebrew name, which signifies sent by God since He had saved the mankind and set it on the right path. This fish figure with the name on the neck conveys that the owner has realized his mission in the world.24 Jesus fish tattoo on neck
    25. The fish on the lower arm is unusual since the rope is in the form of fish, the design is an alluring decoration. This realistic tac may point that a man is tightly bound by ties of faith with God and feels the connection with the Creator.25 Jesus fish tattoo on hand
    26. This figure on the lower arm represents diverse constituents, which create a holistic picture of the bicycle, the core of this design is the fish, which implies freedom. The overall designation of the ink is freedom in the self-expression.26 Jesus fish tattoo on hand
    27. This tribal Jesus fish is conjoined with the Celtic patterns and here there is a unique fusion of Christian and pagan symbols. This dope tattoo stands for the idea of the expectation of favorable changes.27 Jesus fish tattoo on back
    28. In the Middle Ages, the only way to display the pilgrimage for the people was the applying to the body the tattoo of the Jesus fish. This tight ink is on the hand, inside it the name of the Lord is located and the whole pattern says about the pilgrim.28 Jesus fish tattoo on arm
    29. There is a point of view that a fish tattoo helps a human to find spiritual harmony with himself. A stunning pattern is merged with Roman numerals and it is observed on the chest. This tribal ornament supports the above-named point of view.29 Jesus fish tattoo on body
    30. The fusion of two tattooing techniques: a watercolor style and a tribal style, draws attention. The fish is black and blurry bright colors are added to the major picture. The connotation of the ink on the back is quite obvious – the person expresses love for God.30 Jesus fish tattoo on body
    31. From the fourth century, the cross has become an embodiment of Christians, it denoted the revival. The fish with thin black boundaries and the prevailing blue color incorporates the image of a red cross in the center. This awe-inspiring ink on the hand is the mark of a new path, the liberation from sinful thoughts.31 Jesus fish tattoo on hand
    32. This Jesus fish design is performed in a Polynesian style and the ornament is complemented with two names: “Abram and Elliana”. For many nations, this ornament is the emblem of something pure and light, so this figure on the half sleeve may be a sign of a strong and pure love.32 Jesus fish tattoo on hand
    33. Many people wear religious tattoos as the indication of a selection, the internal struggle, so they always leave memories of a paramount period in life with the help of the tattoo. This purple ink on the foot says that the owner has chosen the only right path in life – the way of Lord Jesus Christ.33 Jesus fish tattoo on foot
    34. The connotation of this absolutely dazzling colorful tattoo on the lower arm consists of the separate denotation of each element: thus, a brown eagle with spread wings is holding a ribbon “Dad” with a flower, below it there are two crossed axes and the tribal Jesus fish. The eagle conveys a potent personality, the weapon says about brute force and hostility, the fish indicates a belief in God. So, this figure could be made in honor of a deceased father, who was a fighter for life and was always a winner.34 Jesus fish tattoo on hand
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